GoDaddy review : Advise I pay for GoDaddy?? Is it possible to register or, etc?

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For example, if I were to register or (random examples) would this be seen as squatting? How would this change with development?..

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Normally that's squatting especially if you plan to make revenue from the domains in some form...

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What will the usage of the domains be? Good faith usage= good - bad faith usage =bad.

Jesse, I am surprised at your response, you champion fan sites and you had the opening... or are we all becoming cynical because we all know the real motives?? lol..

Comment #2

Okay - so it is fair to say you wouldn' be able to simply park the domains. What about where you have a page for each of honda's cars and information about the company? Although you're using a TM, it is hardly bad faith?..

Comment #3

Even with the previous examples, usage plays a huge part in determining if the infringement is in good faith or bad faith. Even with the previous examples, it all depends on how you use them. You put up information about a company/product/service and have no ads, links, offers, etc.. this means you bring in no revenue what-so-ever, that is good fatih usage. You are not looking to bring in money and you do it out of the "labor of love". Now, uyou put up information, and have ads, links, adsense, then you are looking to commercially gain from using the domain. Tha is when people tend to lose the domain...

Comment #4

Well I did say "normally" and if he was trying to earn revenue.

And I am way past cynical. Besides..Gooster is outbidding me at snapnames for a couple domains I wanted...forced me to bid pretty damn high...

Comment #5

Lol - realised only too late that a different alias at snap would have been a good idea!..

Comment #6

You turn to the dark side is complete [as only James Earl Jones can say]..

Comment #7

Hehe...actually I prefer to use my name everyone...I can use it to intimidate. A bidding war with me brings the wrath of khan on your head.

I got some domains gonna snap up this month with a windfall of loot I ran into while cuttin the grass. I found the spot where Al Capone buried his underwear and auctioned it for millions. Weird world we live in...

Comment #8

Should I even ask what type of sample you used to confirm his DNA???..

Comment #9

Wouldn't it be TK not TM? As in / - apologies for seeming to be pedantic. The .TK extension I know belongs to a very small group of islands somewhere, with less than 1000 inhabitants as part of that country, yet has to date, over 1.7 million .TK domain name registrations of companies using the extension for TrademarK.

On a slightly different note, let's take the word 'Apple' for example. Certainly if I was to come up with a domain using the word Apple and I was to do a website about computers in any way and making money from this, this would be a clear violation of trademark.

On the other hand, if I was to come up with a domain name using the word 'Apple' and developed a website about the cider industry, this would be perfectly ok and no trademark issue could arise from it from Apple Computers.

It all comes down to fair use of a name and how it is used.

Or, take for example in my signature, you can see the one word, 'Polo, with the India extension. Now certainly if I developed that into a website about chewing mints, I would certainly be in trademark violation, but if I use it as intended for the sport of Polo, the sport of Kings and a sport which is still played in India today, then of course there is not a problem...

Comment #10

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