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Hey everyone.

I got a brilliant idea for a site the other day, now Im checking into the legality of it..

I already asked in chat if it was legal to write on cash, I already had a good idea that the answer was gona be no... and it was. So, I'm thinking of ways to have a small message on the bill, that's legal..

One of my ideas was to put a sticker on it, that can be removed, but I just want to make sure thats legal first..

If that's not legal, is there any legal way to do this?..

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I think Defacement of currency is only illegal if it renders it unfit for use. See here: Notice the part I've bolded. As long there is no intent to make it unfit, you may be okay. Dont' take my word for it though, check other sources.

Are you thinking something along the lines of Where's George?..

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Yep, 3rd person to ask that.

So, if I order a small stamp and put it at the bottom, in that blank border around the edge, it should be fine?.

Like this:

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You certainly won't be able to alter or deface currency for the purposes of any commercial promotion, or for any reason whatsoever.

Edit: That's in the UK. Apparently it's OK in the USA from what I read...

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The problem I see with a sticker is if someone gums up a dollar vending machine like a soda or snack machine with it. The machine owner might not be too happy with you, and would know how to find you from the website.

The image you just posted could probably be taken as illegal as well. You should probably reduce or increase the size of that example, or make the example in B&W. Most newer software (photoshop), copiers, and scanners now have built in controls that prevent the ability to copy or scan US currency in cooperation with the US Secret Service who controls counterfieting issues.

See here:

Comment #4

Im not reproducing anything, I found that pic on google.

But yeah, I'm thinking a stamp, like those self inking stamps you see at the doctors and stuff. Order a small one, and stamp it on the corner.

Thanks for the info, btw. I sent some rep over..

Comment #5

I have actually seen this setup before it was usually on smaller bills but you could go online and track where the dollar has been and whos hand it has been in. The person who initiated it did it with a rubber stamp with the website on it then you would login with the number of the bill and the stamped number on it and write down who you are and where your located. Although I wouldn't do it myself but I have seen many screwed up bills that still pass through circulation...

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That's the site. I found it a couple years ago...fascinating stuff really. Sorry but your idea has been taken...

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With a little better marketing or some new angle, sometimes a "taken idea" can still be successful. Bill Gates has gotten wealthy not by innovation, but by taking someone else's idea and running with it. Google didn't invent the search engine either, they just started a new one and did it better than those already in the field. Best of luck with the project, cvxdes...

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Do a search for any keywords which might relate like "money tracking" and is #1. Their forums has 1 million posts. The site has been active for over 6 years. They are tracking 90 MILLION bills. Basically it's like saying I am gonna register a new domain tomorrow and become a bigger search engine than Google. Yeah...not gonna happen.

I don't think money tracking is a the next big fortune maker. It's a service...not a product.

Sorry I just think his idea is worthless as a project to start out. He didn't even do any research to see if his idea was original or not.

I am not trying to bash OP..just being realistic with my advice. I would be dishonest if I told him it's a great idea and he should put a ton of energy into it. I also don't think an idea has to be original to succeed but the route to success is a tough road to follow someone on. Money tracking is very niche....too niche to be an imitator. Also wheresgeorge is can't offer anything they don't already offer. You don't even have to stamp the money..just enter the serial number.

Anyways...if you do start this project good luck...

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