GoDaddy reviews : Should I pay for GoDaddy?? Is it Legal to have 2 PayPal accounts?

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I have 2 PayPal accounts, in 2 different countries. Is this legal under PayPal ToS?..

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You are allowed to have 2 paypal account but 1 must be a business acvcount and 1 a personal account. You are not allowed 2 business accounts or 2 personal accounts.

Regarding them being in different countries? Surely you must have lied about your location on 1 of them, this could very well flag as a fraudulent account...

Comment #1

No sensible business would have only one bank account. They can make all the rules they want, but their rules are not law. They may forbid multiple accounts in their TOS but that doesn't make it illegal.

For example, a corporation is a separate individual as far as the law is concerned, so presumably any entities with their own tax ID or SSN should be fine...

Comment #2

Yes, it is allowed according their terms as long as one account is either a business or a premier account and the other one is a personal account. These two accounts can not use the same bank account or credit card.

With the premier account you can use a business name instead your own name. You can also accept credit card payments. But you pay higher commission than a personal account...

Comment #3

I just spotted this thread, and now I'm confused, too. What if the two businesses are unrelated? I already have a Merchant account for my music business (I have a system set up that allows clients to pay deposits through Paypal). I'm still establishing a business identity for the LLC that will be the web/domain business, but I'm assuming I'll need a Paypal account for that, too.

The plan was to have everything be separate - bank accounts, business identity, etc.

It will look a little weird if all of my domain transactions have "Jane Doe - Musician" on them.

Not that I'm planning on using Paypal that much, because I hear Escrow is the way to go. But I have questions concerning that, too, which I'll put in another thread...

Comment #4

It's possible to have homes in more than 1 country. I never lied to them. But I understand it might flag as fraudulent. They don't use the same bank account or credit card. The problem may be that I ordered something via eBay with a card in the other country for delivery to the second home. Now that is always listed as one of my addresses in the other country, and is my main address in the second country.

They're both Premier Verified Merchant Accounts and I usually log into both using the same IP Address. Should I contact PayPal about this or let sleeping dogs ly? I use 1 for my domaining business, and one for personal purchases. But in the case above, the purchase was personal, not domaining related...

Comment #5

I would close one of the two accounts. Sooner or later they will spot you..

Or try to have one personal and one business account, not two of the same type...

Comment #6

Https:// What you need to do is to downgrade one of your premier accounts to a personal account. I have recently done this. Therefore I know it is possible. Watch out for their misleading warning messages. They don't want you to downgrade because they get more fees from premier accounts. They will tell you your account will have a yearly money receiving limit of 1700 GBP.

As long there is a bank account attached to your personal account, there is no limit.

Read here about how to downgrade: How do you downgrade a paypal account?..

Comment #7

This is interesting. I spend time in Switzerland and I live in the USA and am a lifelong US citizen. I have had problems in the past in conducting business online with designers and paying them or should I say trying to pay them with my PayPal account while out of the country.

I am unsure what the answer here is BUT, I would guess that their TOS are set to keep them in compliance with laws. It is true that breaking certain TOS may not be breaking the law and simply enable them to shut your account down. It is also possible that violating their TOS creates legal exposure for the company ( PayPal ) that you are unaware of.


Comment #8

Correct, an individual can not have more than one personal PayPal account.

However, one, regardless of what the policy says / imply, can have multiple business PayPal accounts, assuming they truly are for separate entities - each with it's own unique email address, bank account and/or credit card. To be clear, this may technically be a TOS violation, but it's tolerated / ignored.

In regards to OP's question regarding location. PayPal's enforcement is very strict when it comes to out of country access - it's generally not permitted.

For those who seek to access PayPal from outside the country they signed up from, use a virtual private network (VPN), because otherwise PayPal can and likely will restrict account access...

And when that happens, in some instances, one phone call won't be enough to get the restriction lifted; PayPal is notorious for demanding faxing lots of documentation of one's identity (ie. driver's license / passport) / financial condition (ie. bank statement / credit card), and then "losing" the stuff requiring even more faxing / mailing stuff in.


Comment #9

I got shut off while in Switzerland and had payments denied after I thought they went through. A couple of these had been sent to warriors for sites, ect...when I returned to the USA, I had a complicated situation to correct.

Having learned from that, my later trips I called Paypal and notified them ahead of time exactly what country and city I would be in so they could note my account. I have used my account since then without trouble a few times, not sure if my calls are why or not.


Comment #10

But you can have one personal and one premier or business. See my quote and link on #8 from paypal's website...

Comment #11

A while back paypal suspended our business account just because I logged in from Portugal to verify a payment...

Comment #12

My personal account is linked to my hungarian bank account. Paypal told me that I was not allowed to create a new for my UK bank account or add it to my existing personal account...

Comment #13

I would close one of your accounts if I were you - just to be on the safe side^^..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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