Is any good?

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My first question is: Is any good?.

My next question is: I have just started to get into geo domains recently and I am curious about a couple of questions have been on my mind. Are .us geo domains are worth anythig and if you find a country .ws will this have any valueAlso which keywords are the most valuable after a city name I would like ten of these. What kid of geo domains would you guys buy meanig beside the whole city,state or country geo HostGator meaning keyword blend like dallashotels or something like that...

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Your question was: Is any good?.

The US's will only be worth money if they are large enough cities, within the US. The WS's will only be worth money if you develop them...

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I found the same country in .ws and in .in which would you choose and the city is roughly in 20k mark shouldn't that cover reg fee..

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If the city is in India, get the .in. If it is not do not get either. 20,000 people is not that much, especially for an alternate extension. If that is the population, only get .com or the specific country's extension that the town is in...

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I suggest getting Geos that aren't available in .com as .info. Your best choice IMO.

This is screwy.. check out the Google ad selection for this thread!

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For Geo HostGator names, the good extension next to .com is .TV IMO...

Comment #5

IMO I'd have to disagree there as you can be specific with a .info such as and the ext would fit yet that would be a little inappropriate for a .tv (again, IMO)...

Comment #6

I did not mean or

I said, the good extension next to is





Comment #7

I would agree with .tv.

These are just 2 good examples of what can be achieved with, and I know there are plenty more great sites on the way...

Comment #8

Nice example I see in action and now understand - a few Qs:. doesnt have many ads.

How does it make money?.

How does it source content?..

Comment #9 is another one that's been around a while.


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Be careful diving to hard into Geos. Cities under 50,000-100,000 probably aren't going to be worth much un-developed outside of dot com or possibly strong ccTLDs.

Your better off buying XXXrestaurants, XXXrealestate, etc. on major city domains than buying non-dot com domains of smaller cities in my opinion...

Comment #11

Once the HostGator is not just a GEO, it lowers the value..

I used to have a bunch of but they got so little traffic, gave up on them.. the names get too long and people don't care about long HostGator names..

If you buy cityname+restaurant/realestate/homes combo, you will still barely break even.. BAD BAD advice.

I don't think MOST people realise how hard it is to develop a GEO name and make it popular.. It is amazingly hard..

Will you go to or to find restaurants in oakland??..

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[QUOTE=iamneo]I used to have a bunch of but they got so little traffic, gave up on them.. the names get too long and people don't care about long HostGator names..If you buy cityname+restaurant/realestate/homes combo, you will still barely break even.. QUOTE].

This is very interesting. Did you just park these domains?.

If you developed, SEO'd then I dont see why the extra "online" would massively impact returns.

But I am a nube, please comment...

Comment #13

Ummm, you were relying on natural traffic? Yes, a straight dot com of the city will get good natural traffic. The others can make great money with a little advertising and promotion. As mentioned above this post, make a site, write content, apply SEO techniques and you should have a great income generator.

The first geo you develop will have a LOT of work associated with it, but once that is done you've got a template for all your other GEO domains. Copy over the template and adjustment information as needed, which means you can get up new GEOs every few days once you've spent a month building your template.

You can now important weather information, movie information, and whatever else really easily these days. Heck, most airline/car rental/hotel companies have affiliate programs and actually help you build it into your website.

I think to many domainers expect results with little work. I've had a lot of success, but I work 40 hours a week at my day job and 50-60 at night/weekends on my portfolio and websites. Unless you started domaining back in the late 90's/early 00's things won't come easy. Put some effort into your GEOs and you'll get good returns...

Comment #14

Developing, rather than just parking seems especially suited to Geos IMO.. seems like a waste otherwise (of course, I have several undeveloped. I'm just lazy! )..

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