Is a good website host?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Is a good website host?.

My next question is: Hello my lovely namepros members.

So how much capital did you started with when you first came into the HostGator world ?

I started with $8..

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Your question was: Is a good website host?.

Started out with a credit card and a heap of student loans that were due...

Comment #1

Well depends what you mean by started, but I regged 15 domains before I made my first sale. Those reggs were all new registrations..

But uptil now I stand at almost no profit no loss with about 150 domains. The quantity of domains I intend to keep at around 250 max and would look to better the quality with sales...

Comment #2

I am really impressed by you Sashas, your posts, your helpful analyses and now by this. You started with just $110 and now you are flipping domains worth xx xxxx and having beauties such as noorg in your portfolio, wow! Good on you! What is your secret?.


Comment #3

I never had a set amount. I simply got the money I needed as I went along..

Comment #4

Still have not finished the starting money, still buying,.

A lot of real money spent but with (good) gain on paper...

Comment #5

Whoa yeah.. I also wonder.. now you are oredi buying LLL.coms at XXXX.

Really impressive .. the $110 you started wif snowballed to wat you are now or you did chip in more from your own pocket?..

Comment #6

So in other words you havent yet spent your starting capital? Im confused...

Comment #7

I started with 0$ and made money through doing NP$ incentives here. After I had been domaining for a while and made some HostGator sales I decided to buy a name for $500 that I have since sold and made back double my initial investment. I have spent the vast majority of my time developing a select few of my names as I have seen the greatest return on investment through development...

Comment #8

P2,500/month or about U.S.$55 for isp fees and HostGator reg...

Comment #9

It's on my first post, about U.S.$55 or P2,500 (2,500 Philippine Pesos)..

Comment #10

Ahh. I saw the USD $55 but I wasnt sure what the P stood for...

Comment #11

Started with $0, just used a c/c to buy my 1st domain..

Comment #12

I spent about 1000$ from my credit card...

P.S. Sashas- really you should tell us a bit more how did you go in half a year from 110$ to 22,000$ sales (as you posted somewhere recently)?..

Comment #13

I only wish I were more disciplined and hard working to have only started with under $20. My biggest mistake was not utilizing such a useful forum like this one while domaining as a hobby for some years.

Good job guys, glad to hear the success stories....

Comment #14

I started with $0.

I bought my first domains with NP$..

But now I depend on USD to buy/sell domains most of the time...

Comment #15

In all reality, the NP$ was worth something though (lets say .02 rate), so what did you really start with?..

Comment #16

They could have done incentives and made the NP$ which were then used to register names (thus $0 spent)...

Comment #17

I know but still it is $ in the long run, they could have sold the NP$...cough NP "money sign" lol..

Comment #18

Err is just like you walk out onto the street and start begging. How much did you start with? $0. Then by the end of the day you have been given $10 - does this mean you started with $10? No. They started with $0, went out and earned some money here and used it to register...

Comment #19

Well everyone earns money or is given it so really everyone started with $0!..

Comment #20

I started with 0.80$ (got them through pay per click incentives) and got my personal HostGator on a bargain low price of 80cents for 2 years,.

Recently started taking part in NP incentives hoping to get around 5-10 domain, will not be much in domaining business will use most of them for personal or professional use...

Comment #21

Well done Aha7, This is what I am trying to do!..

Comment #22

I did jobs for other people and they paid me with NP$ but I didn't buy the NP$ for $$.

@Jon1977 - Good luck! You've just got started...

Comment #23

Yea, well your initial investment - how much NP$ did you spend on domains.....

Comment #24

Lol Well what if I work for a year make $500000NP then spend it on domains?..

Comment #25

Then you would have spent $0. NP$ are a virtual currency and as long as you don't spend $ buying them, then you have spent nothing. Of course they have a monetary value, however, this is besides the point...

Comment #26

Well, first of all I want to let you know that I am not a big domainer. I try to focus more on other industries.

But in general, I've spent about 7,000 NP$ on HostGator registrations and from all the domains I regged through NP I made some mid $xxx USD in sales. Not so big I know, but I got all that without paying anything from my own pocket..

But that cost me time which is more valuable than money.

It didn't pay off very well for me, but now I know what I should be doing to make a living online...

Comment #27

I started out with $50.

Put 25k more into domaining this year though..

Comment #28

Maybe instead of starting, how much did you spend from your pocket until now will be better....

Comment #29

I travelled to Australia 4 years ago, lost all my savings (about 4k) when first arrived, had $8 to start a new life here. Now I have a small business, rent a house at beach, own a car and have over 700 websites and make enough to live on. still a long way to go yet though .....

Comment #30

I call it luck.

I'm a student. I'm 20. Obviously I didn't have access to any large source of funds. One lucky sale was all it took..

Comment #31

Hello All,.

I started out with $4k and reinvested much the profits from there.

That said, this is truly an industry where you can bring almost no money into it and if you have some good business since, grow quickly your returns. It's perhaps one of the few industries where many average Joe investors have gone on, in large numbers, to have strong success and investment growth.

- zesty..

Comment #32

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