Is a Good Web Host Provider?

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My first question is: Is a Good Web Host Provider?.

My next question is: Well... In the past year I make a very good software to manage my own domains in Visual Basic, but was damaged and I made the attempt of do it in PHP this time.

Is nearly done.

I had around 800 domains and my software is very very quickly, and use it for import A HostGator list of Other User I know here and WHT and import 2500 domains of him in less than five Minutes. (use around an hour in autofetch all the dates , nameserver and registrar info ).

My software already have :.

* Support for fetch com net info cc org mobi and tv.

* Medium Supports : usa and biz.

Will be distributable source ?

No. My Server Host the script , in the style of

What I can fetch ?

Expires, creation updated date, nameservers, registrar (tested more than 300 ).

In what stage I am now in development?.

I need other USERS point of view in Filters, general use, speed, quickness and stats.

My software is focused to Domainers who want To control the expirations date and status of domains, without passwords, in a Reputable third Part Provider ( Me ), I am not focused to HostGator sellers, but have a good ideas in that place.

What I do ?

*Quick filter access focused for portfolios around 200 , but tested with +2500 examples..

*Manual Fetch Data for the supported TLDs and filter in a way more quickly than any other software , allowing you to do a quick view of the whole process / expiration date than any software I know.

What I no do yet ...

I need some Medium / Major points and I assume will be released in less than a month :.

* Enchanced Category magnament (desactivated but near ready).

* At the moment the Edit HostGator functions need a boost.

* Support for manual Edit for more tld, NO AUTOFETCH.

Why I make my own software ?

Because With Existent online software have not my needs..

I find that : - nice and free, but not 100% suitable for my needs , because not autofetc and have no powerful filters.

- - I Try and only import 25 first in directi. I dont want to give my Credentials, and need check Too WANTED domains, not only OWNED. - Never function for me... Too basic. - with cost.

Wordpress blog I not need Wordpress. - Good ideas, but Slow, Bad Stats, and Too much Screens for me, and not filters.

What I am seeking now ?

10-25+ people with Around 20-200 Domains and the will for say your beliefs. I think have a Good solution NOW, mainly COM NET ORG AND INFO.

Interest ? Pm me or answer thread =)..

Comments (5)

Your question was: Is a Good Web Host Provider?.

Hi =P.

The stats For me not show the coms .. not show % , etc.. I know you are the Owner and is a Good software, but I need other things.

Too much screens is, for update my recently renewed/ transfered domains, I need enter, update, and go back to first Screen. If is only one is not bad et all, but yes for more than a few...

Comment #1


No problem wish you luck with your page. Have already seen lot of people tried doing that, but most of them gave up.

Points you have done:.

- stats not showing .com / known problem after update, working on that.

- missing stats like % ... thats not really a problem, and are going to be implemented later.

- speed ... yes, but you dont add everyday 200 domains to your portfolio ? Or do you have 6000 domains ?

- Maybe you have seen it's only an 0.4 beta version. So in final release that will happen automatically. I know ... I know ... gave you idea for your page, but wish you luck..

Comment #2

Well. My Solution works NOW in stats, not to be implemented.

I do experiments with 8000 Domains, and only is relatively Slow, with the first load. Later is very quickly, and is not fully optimized yet.

The filter Allow me to do a sub query, and simplify with thousand of domains. You are focused in 25 at a glance, and Me in A thousand in a glance....and subqueries for refine.

I know I not Throw the towel, because in near future, I need Use that. Simply.

In Few words, I have 800 domains registered for many years, and my focus is not the One Year Seller who seek a good sell in the first year.

I am focused to HOLDER, not SELLER...

Comment #3

Just short info, stats are corrected now. Should work for .com now too.



Comment #4

Thanks.Anyway my beta is going well and probably launch a more wide Beta wednesday...

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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