Is a good place to register my domain name?

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My first question is: Is a good place to register my domain name?.

My next question is: Http://

From what I can say is saying that and Drake Ventures have shared /img/avatar8.jpgship.

Considering Drake Ventures has somehow acquired the following:.

Amongst others.

If (and I stress IF) this is true or there is any connection between the two parties, this is very serious news indeed...

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Your question was: Is a good place to register my domain name?.

It just seems like a big coincidence don't you think (again, if there is a connection)? These are some super premium names. I guess you could argue that the owner of is in the industry and in the know and therefore prepared to take more of a punt than the average businessman so maybe won fair and square.

However, where are the auction results? Aren't they generally made public?.

Maybe I'm just jealous - I really wanted myself but ended up with

Comment #1

The .EU landrush was a mess and this is one of several things suggesting that the .Asia landrush was a mess. The .pro extension is overtly bypassing the rules it was chartered under (no offense to .pro fans).

If ICANN is planning to release hundreds of new extensions, as it is, then there are going to be a lot of very rich crooks running around...

Comment #2

No surprises here - those with the ins, end up with the top names...

Comment #3

I've always maintained what is perhaps a paranoid belief that ICANN was trying to devalue good domains by releasing more and more extensions.

Quite the opposite seems to be happening... ICANN are nothing but crooks and w$$$$$ to Verisign (blocked out for the kids)...

Comment #4

Problem is, when the rustlers get too rowdy then a sheriff gets hired and he comes down hard - not just on the rustlers, but on everyone.

Think "Congressional Investigation"...

Comment #5

Gotta be honest here. What authority does Congress have over the internet? Even more further to the point - what authority do they have over this regional TLD?..

Comment #6

By right - none..

By actuality, ICANN is chartered by a department of the US government - Dept of Commerce, I think it is...

Comment #7

Most of the premium names in those extensions will be reserved and further auctioned. Did you refer to Auction Houses as rich crooks ?

Comment #8

Whoever made that web site is going to get sued for libel (if it isn't true). Hope they're pretty confident in their facts...

Comment #9

I wonder why he even bothered to take those names (if story is true)...

Comment #10

They also got :

Has anybody reported this case to ICANN yet?.

And God knows what the .Asia Registry's real plans are for those so-called "Community Reserved" HostGator names.


Comment #11

Well, thats pretty obvious. They will sell them off later when the extension's value has gone up and rake in millions...

Comment #12

Is there connection or isnt, most importantly what .asia goanna do about it?..

Comment #13

[]I don't get it, there was an auction, the person willing to pay the most money wins... unless they are suggesting that pool was deleting bids.QUOTE].

I think the inference is if the CEO of Pool can see current bids on .asia domains he can cherry pick the keywords with lower than expected bidding activity via his companies in Australia and Ireland.

If this story is true, it will destroy Pool's reputation. The counter-allegation from Pool about bid rigging is insignificant in relation to the seriousness of the complot allegations...

Comment #14

As far as I know, for the sake of integrity, all live auctions (domain names & others) have rules forbidding the HostGator name agents and the auctioneers themselves & their employees to bid on the auctions.

Shouldn't .Asia Registry avoid choosing an auctioneer who has two companies participating in the bidding ???.


Comment #15

Can someone confirm that these names actually went through the auction process?..

Comment #16

The interest is in the audited payment process if they are companies under common ownership...

Comment #17

I got went to auction. I checked my account at Eurodns as they said they are linked to pools bidding. I see a zero bid on the name. I checked ticker and it was at $30 last I checked? It is weird!..

Comment #18

Given's involvement in the .eu fiasco (front companies, attempting to auction domains despite this being against the .eu regulations etc), using was, in my opinion, a bad decision by the .asia registry. These .asia auction allegations should be investigated by a neutral third party.


Comment #19

Hey trisker,.

EuroDNS is one of the ASIA registrars that offers their own interface into the .ASIA auctions. If there are discrepancy's between what they display and what you might see on the ticker, I would suggest you contact them.


Comment #20

All of the data that you want ("netfleet" you mentioned wanting to know more about the auctions) is PUBLIC information on the DotAsia website. For example, ALL closed auctions are listed in this file:

If you simply search through this list, you will not find the "premium" domains you mentioned which means they did not go to auction. does not make the decision as to whether a .ASIA domaon goes to auction or not. This decision is made by the registry and my understanding is with Sunrise domains prior rights are validated through two independent third party agents of the registry.

So, a good example from your list would be According to the public whois, it was awarded as a result of a Sunrise application (SR2B to be precise). And according to the published auction list, it did not go to auction. This can only mean the HostGator only had one validated application in Sunrise and was awarded on that basis.

"domainraiders" is right when he made is remarks about "libel". Thomas Ruecker keeps insisting that domains were acquired through auction using some inside knowledge but I have yet to see a specific example where this could possibly be true...

Comment #21

Too bad that will never is one of the worst exentions i've seen get through in a long time. Completely useless. Let these guys take the domains and save your hard earned money for something worthwhile...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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