Is a good domain provider?

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My first question is: Is a good domain provider?.

My next question is: I'm pretty upset over this, but it could.

Be my fault, as far as the renewal goes.

I understand that, however - things don't add.

Up right, and I'm not totally comprehending how this.

Process truly works.

I have/had a .ca HostGator that expired on May 22nd.

I received the "Domain will be canceled if not renewed.

Within 30 days" letter..

I put it off and put it off until finally on June 20th 10:30 pm PST.

I renewed it.

I received a refund about an hour later, telling me the HostGator was canceled.

On June 20th 12:05 am EST.

So naturally I'm fuming at this point. So I email CIRA and.

Ask them why it was canceled early. They said it wasn't..

But when I do the math, it was!.

So I called them and spoke with someone and he told me,.

That because May has 31 days, the HostGator was canceled.

One day BEFORE the expiry date listed in the whois!!!.

I'm like, what???.

So he transfers me to a supervisor who tries to convince me.

That it doesn't matter what the deletion date shows, if the month.

Has 31 days in it..

So I asked him if he could direct me to the TOS that indicates.

If the month before your HostGator expires has 31 days, CIRA will cancel.

It one day earlier than the whois shows..

He said they don't have that anywhere, and that I should have.

Known that it would go one day early. I asked him if he thinks about.

How many days are in the month prior, on a daily basis.....

Ok, so maybe I should have known that, but since I've never.

Encountered this issue, why would I know that?.

Is it common knowledge?.

So...after I get off the phone, I login to the backorder system and.

Place a backorder on my domain. Only to find the first bid was already.

Placed on June 20, 2008 11:12:39am.EST.

Is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing??.

The bid was on it before it "officially" expired..

Which according to CIRA was June 21, 2008 12:05am.EST.

Am I wrong in assuming I was RIGHT and they did delete it a day early?.

Do I have a leg to stand on here, or am I wrong?.

The proof is in the it not?.

Any help or advice is greatly welcomed..

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Your question was: Is a good domain provider?.

Hmmm, interesting. I've never understood why people don't renew domains by the renewal date if they want to keep them, but I know that really isn't relevant for the purpose of this post.

My guess is the different websites do timestamps from different timezones? Which registrar and which backorder service?.

If a month has 31 days, their system should take that into account when providing you with an expiration date...

Comment #1

I don't know whether the registry counts the current day (in this case, May 22nd) in the 30 day period. If it does, then it's not really a matter of being cancelled a day early as he explained to you, but rather that June 20th was simply the 30th day. If May only had 30 days instead of 31, then June 21st would have been the 30th day, instead. Didn't you say that CIRA said it was cancelled on June 20, 2008 at 12:05am? Yes, you expected it to expire on June 21st, but if that was really what happened, then you would have gotten to it before it expired. Am I making sense?..

Comment #2

Sorry to hear this. I hope you get your name back.

I felt like godaddy did this to me in that they did not leave the names in my account for a few days after the expiration. Some would sit there for quite a while and others would be removed quickly. This cost me a couple of great names while I was sick and thaught I had more time to renew. Never have I had one removed even close to the actual exp date let alone before.

Namenut I would hope you could find a better way to adress a well respected NPs member. Maybe even a bit more compassionate...

Comment #3

Alot of companies do this so get your names renewed quickly remember theres good money in domains and you cant honestly tell me an employee whos on a poor salary of any registra doesnt sit there looking at renewals to tell a friend outside who registers or puts a backorder on any good names that are about to drop etc.

Its happened to me and I am usually very quick but alas ive been extremely ill so I missed a few.


Comment #4

My thoughts exactly, how are people to know this.

2 years and I still wasn't aware this is how it worked! Your making perfect sense, and that's what I thought as well,.

That I would get to it with still a day remaining...

Comment #5

When I receive these notices it not only says the HostGator will be cancelled in 30 days it also says that date and time it will be cancelled. does your notice say this?..

Comment #6

Thank you.

With Godaddy, I find the .com's are 30 days but any other TLD.

Seems to be less....

I don't wait more than 10 days past expiry on the others.

I just have to learn to transfer the funds sooner, I always wait.

Till the last moment....but I always thought I knew when the last.

Moment was..

Comment #7

Have you used Pratnik (namepros member) he has his own registrar and ive noticed 40 days+ on some extensions before they get deleted. Good service too.

Anyways I wish you luck and I hope you manage to get your name back.


Comment #8

30 days notice is 30 days no matter how you slice it! The problem as I see it is that they only told you there was 30 days before it expired and didn't give a date ie "This HostGator will expire in 30 days on June 20,2008 at 12:05am". This would have been the best way to communicate this info to you, but in the end the onus to renew is on you and they at least sent you a reminder. The unfortunate thing is you let it slide, this is a lesson to all of us to renew sooner rather than later..

Don't get me wrong, I feel for you and can see where you are coming from but we should all learn from your experience...

Comment #9

Ok I can see the 30/31 day thing being a real nuisance, but having the initial bid made prior to the official expiry is absolutely ludicrous.

Good luck with getting your HostGator back...

Comment #10

Thanks Len, that's partly the reason for posting.

This, I'm sure there are others like me who never.

Even thought about the 31 day's in a month impact.

On the expiry dates.

I don't want to see this happen to someone else,.

It's a mistake I could have prevented....had I known about it!.

It's the early TBR that gets me...

Comment #11

Ok, here's the update.

I was the highest bidder in the TBR.

But before they re-registered for me....

Another company took it..

Looks like some lawyer got it!.

So I've lost it!.

I feel like I just had a tooth yanked out.

Big lesson learned for me this week,.

As that was one of my first .ca's - meant for future.

Development. (similar business to what I work in).

I can see there is still so much I need to learn,.

Hopefully by posting this, it'll prevent someone.

Else from losing theirs.

Always Always check the expiry dates and don't wait till the last minute!.

Thanks everyone for your posts,.

I'm gonna go sulk now!.

[slaps self hard].

[really hard]!..

Comment #12

Huh? Maybe dotasia is not originally thieves. Perhaps, it is the Canada playbook they are working from. You got hosed, Jack!.


I would hope you could find a better way to adress a well respected NPs member. Maybe even a bit more compassionate.

If you found something irreverent, towards a member, in that post then YOU need to find a new hobby and it should not be interpreting posted messages because, apparently, you are not too good at it.


Comment #13

You're pretty helpless if you're dealing with "inside-job" thieves..

Comment #14

And you did not renew..end of story imho.

Why are you crying? It's not spilt milk. It's milk you let sit around and turn to mold. You had the option and plenty of time to renew. You should be kicking yourself in the ass for delaying the renewal. If the HostGator was important you wouldn't even have let it expire. Most registars upon expire (but before deletion) take over DNS and point it to their own designated pages (parking or advertising themselves).

Just seems odd you now say this HostGator was important to you but you waited till the very last possible day to attempt to renew.

Would you mind sharing the HostGator now btw since it is lost?..

Comment #15

This expiration thing that happend to this guy is rotten and there seems to be a lot of posts about inside people, internal people bidding in auctions etc.

I have to assume that this just didn't begin last week. And it does not appear as if anything is going to happen to these registars either.

Getting the shoeshine put on you by the inside people...that is bush league.


Comment #16

I admitted in the first post it was my fault,.

It was the 30/31 day crap, and different expiry.

Date that got me..

I would have renewed sooner, had payments been made when.

They were supposed to be.

I'm not lucky enough to have a pot of cash sitting around!.

The HostGator was important, it was one of my first..

One that I was just holding until the development.

I had in mind came about.

Not crying over spilled milk, I'm crying over my own stupidity!.

I understand I shouldn't have waited.....

I was not aware of that 31 days in a previous month stuff..

And couldn't find it in the information I was given regarding renewals.

I thought I was safe, I was wrong!.

Only one I have to blame is myself...

Lesson learned!..

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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