Is a good choice for a web domain and or hosting?

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My first question is: Is a good choice for a web domain and or hosting?.

My next question is: ******************** Updated (x3) Information Follows (from the posts; this information might be subjective):.

.CC Fairly stable politically.

.CN is perceived as unstable (Chinese Government Censorship problems).

CO.UK is perceived as pretty stable.

.DE is perceived as pretty stable.

.IN for India, stable.

.LA Laos is high risk, has taken back single letter domains from /img/avatar4.jpgs(marketed as Los Angeles).

.TV Very stable, there may be concerns about flutuating premium prices.

.US has censorship problems (for certain type of domains).

.WS Fairly stable politically.


Original Post:.

Besides the search engine considerations and the history of TLD's, does the stability of Governments influence the value of Top Level Domains (TLDs)?.

Just so I don't name any tlds in my question, say for example the Government of the Republic of X. So the TLD is .RX, and the Governing dictator decides to let people outside their government register domains with the RX extension. But, a new dictator takes over the next turn at governing the Republic of X, and decides to raise the fees or take back their domains.

People that have already invested a considerable amount of money in developing their RX HostGator name will inevitably lose their money or have to struggle to find a new HostGator name for their business.

Is this something that can happen? What extensions TLDs are at risk?.

Is it wise to invest money and time in developing some of these TLDs?.


Comments (11)

Your question was: Is a good choice for a web domain and or hosting?.

I have that feeling country specific TLD's (smaller countries) are a very unstable investment incase situations like the ones above do occur...

Comment #1

Only invest what you can afford to lose, especially true for small countries TLDs.

Or just stick with the more established ccTLDs, and .de comes to mind...

Comment #2

Every TLD has risks. Some are more stable than others though.

.la is a good example of a domaining experience turned sour for some.

I would avoid .cn as well (the Chinese government is a 'champion' of Internet censorship).

.us is not without censorship either, try to register a name that contains one of the so-called 7 dirty words and your name could be frozen forever......

Comment #3

I've updated some information at the top of this post based on your posts here. Thanks. Anybody know about stability of .WS, .TV, and .CC?..

Comment #4

.ws .cc are fairly stable, just look out for the fluctuating .tv premium prices...

Comment #5

.TV is definitely one of the most stable extensions in the world. It's managed and operated by Verisign, just like .com. And Tuvalu is very stable politically, as it's a democracy and it's head of state is the Queen of England. That's why so many big corporations and organizations are using .tv now.

.CC is very stable too, as the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are an Australian territory.

.WS is the ccTLD of Samoa, therefore fairly stable too.

No risk to register any of these 3 extensions from a political point of view...

Comment #6

It's not just the stability of the government but whether or not that government has outsourced their registry's operations to a stable country, like .tv for example. If it's run in the US, UK, or a stable government there is usually allot more stability and success with the is based in the US and .tm in in the US, etc... If it's handled on an island with 15 total inhabitants and only 3 connected to the internet well, it's anyone's guess the outcome...

Comment #7

Where ever the ccTLD is adminstered from because of the sovereign nature of the beast, the political situation in the country still has some bearing. Do you think Verisign would be comfortable is they were running Venezuala's extension right now...

Comment #8

[QUOTE=michaeldotcom] Some may think that due to the Verisign link it is not bulletproof by any means.

Verisign are oblidged to follow USA laws, which unlike popular belief ;-) , are not world laws.

One good example of this is the USA non-trade list and it's affect on HostGator registrations...

Comment #9

Nothing is absolutely perfect in this world. I was just saying that extensions managed and operated by Verisign like .com and .tv are amongst the most stable in the world, much more so than many ccTLDs.

But if you don't like the way Verisign manages them, feel free to transfer your most valuable .com and .tv domains to my account...

Comment #10

I think cn is more stable(because the chinese government' protect)..

Do you thingk so?.

Nothing is absolutely perfect in this world..

Yes,we love perfect..

But that need a long time to change...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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