Is Godaddy Mac compatible?

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My question is: Is Godaddy Mac compatible?.

My 2nd question is: 1. If you're interested in a HostGator and say that you wish to purchase it, don't go offline or delay the purchasing process longer than necessary. Nothing is worse than someone asking for your Paypal details then going offline and sending the payment 3 days later.

2. Don't inquire about a HostGator to the seller AFTER it's been clearly stated that the HostGator has already been sold.

3. Don't take obscene amounts of time considering a purchase. Waiting 24 hours and thinking is fine, but don't say "I'll get back to you" and make your buying decision 2 weeks later. By then, the seller will have likely become annoyed and sold the HostGator to someone else.

4. Don't make the buyer pay the Paypal fees. Just state the price, make it higher if necessary. If you price your name at $200 + all fees, everyone will spew venom in your direction.

5. Don't offer ridiculous amounts for domains obviously worth more. If a HostGator is earning $20/month, seriously, don't offer $10 for it. (Most) Sellers aren't stupid.

6. Include the HostGator registrar and expiration in your post. Nobody wants to look it up themselves, you're better off doing the work for your buyers.

7. Don't try to sell your domains at some random crappy reseller registrar. Nobody wants to register at "," nobody wants their $54.99/year pricing, nobody wants to bother transferring out, nobody wants to associate with you if you actually register there.

8. Don't bump your sales thread 70 times. If nobody bought your names in the first 69 bumps, they're not going to buy it on the 70th.

9. Don't reduce your BIN prices just for the sake of reducing them. Reducing your BIN price from $200 to $197 isn't going to do anything except annoy everyone. If you're going to lower the BIN, actually lower it.

10. Don't say "$100 offer received on this domain!" if you haven't actually received an offer. It's scandalous, and yes, we will find out.

Add your own?..

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Your question was: Is Godaddy Mac compatible?.

So true to me and I have experienced it Im the seller btw on this situation..

But fortunately the buyer have gain consciousness and proceed with the sale but only 3 days delay so not a bother for me...

Comment #1

Fantastic tips here!.

I don't think I can even think of anything at this stage to add to it...

Comment #2

Maybe this is why I don't make a lot of sales. If I'm selling a HostGator and the buyer is worried about when he's going to have to pay a $7 renewal fee and can't look it up himself, that's not really the type of buyer I want to be selling to. I can't be getting too much money if the guy is worried about $7.

I like to wait for the ones that just come to you and offer you lots of money for some random HostGator you completely forgot you owned. And considering that I don't have a vast collection of top quality names, it feels damn good when it happens.

Sure it doesn't happen every day, but I doubt the big players waste time with such trivial concerns, so I won't either.

Though I do abide by the forum rules when I make a post of that nature...

Comment #3

Great post Epic.

Proactive - only way to be in this reseller market.


Comment #4

I agree with you about not wanting to deal with such buyers. Too many people want everything super cheap, & all info handed to you. If you can't bother to look something up like an expiration date, I don't want to deal with you as I already know what kind of buyer I'm dealing with.

Also a lot of these issues could be handled by not bothering to sell to other domainers as they tend to be your most frustrating customers...

Comment #5

#9 I'd say is arguable. I've had success multiple times selling in other forums when I've lowered my asking price by just a few dollars. Sometimes - people just want to feel like they are getting a deal.

I agree that if it's a BIN and an obvious glorified 'bump', it's annoying. However, if it's from a fixed price & it's not getting attention, than why not?..

Comment #6

I could say the same to you too. Too many sellers want to sell their HostGator names at ridiculous prices. Not everyone who is here have the knowledge of HostGator names and the process of owning one.

Keep that in mind too..

Comment #7

I'm still fairly new at domaining. But I have been visiting on this planet for quite a long time. And, I've done a lot of different types of sales work. Registrar and renewal time is such basic info that it's almost a basic courtesy. And it makes sense if you're interested in making a sale. Its not like the buyer is asking for a full detailed history of the domain.

Sure if someone is making a purchase it's foolish and negligent for them not to double check all that info anyway. But it is nice to know right away if that HostGator is at some registrar that has only nightmare ratings and reviews.

As for renewal time, if a HostGator is of any real value, then it is irrelevant. But if it's a LOW priced, what the hell - I'll give it a shot type of name, then having to also pay a renewal in a few weeks might make a difference in a buying decision. There are a lot more 5, 10 and 20 dollar sales happening than big dollar sales, and nearly all sales are to other domainers. If there is a decent amount of time left til renewal why not promote that?.

If you're selling a short list of names, it's not that much more typing. Less, in fact, than participating in this thread. And you're not making money on this discussion. Unless of course, you follow the sound advice of the thread starter...

Comment #8

Davenj, you are absolutely right. This attitude, from what I've seen, comes from 2 types - those who are just incredibly lazy and unprofessional. And people whose domains aren't as strong as they'd like you to believe, therefore hide behind these 'take it or leave it' attitudes. They say they don't want to deal with buyers who care? Well, good b/c many buyers who care don't want to deal with them either :-).

It's not the renewal fee that I usually care about (unless the name is really questionable). It's the attitude that I'm 'lucky' to even be able buy their HostGator that I don't like. These are not domains that are going for more than $400 I'm even talking about...meaning they don't have buyers approaching them. Hence, they need to sell it on a board. The attitude is just unnecessary dressing that smart buyers can see through...

Comment #9

Well here is where the difference in opinion sticks out. Who is to say what is a ridiculous price? Who is anyone to say what I or the next person should sell their names for?.

There is a reason why some don't like to deal with forums as everyone wants something for super cheap & some will complain if they can't get a lower price. It is all about nickle & diming someone down to the last drop.

Approaching end users is what many should be doing with their names if they are not going to develop them. So if someone doesn't want to be bothered with the typical rhetoric of forum sales, they are unprofessional or lazy?.

From my experience along with speaking from others, some of us prefer to only buy & sell with certain people. In the case of selling for instance, I don't feel like being bothered with 10 PM's on a $40 name, it isn't worth my time as I have other businesses to run. If someone wants a name great we can talk. If they don't, just say so & move on.

Who has time to waste with the mickey mouse games?..

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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