Is godaddy hosting monthly or all at once?

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My first question is: Is godaddy hosting monthly or all at once?.

My next question is: As you may already know there are 2 different auction types at sedo.

1. The one that you send to auction when you receive the first bid from a buyer.

2. The one with the approval of Sedo's team and after a deal regarding the quality and the reserve price they put on schedule for auction.

The 2nd auction type is the one you see at sedo's homepage at the column "featured auctions" at the very top with the bold characters.

Now I wanted to sell so I contact Sedo's team, they approved the quality of the name, suggested a 4999 Euro reserve price (i suggested a bit higher) but I agreed with the 5K because I make some other investments and this would help.

The auction was scheduled on 22nd (yesterday).

When the auction started I saw at the homepage the names :.

But nowhere the

You must search for it at the page of the "more" link located at the bottom of featured auctions table What type of promotion is this from Sedo for an auction they want to call it premium ?

Question No1 : Why do they schedule a premium auction to collide with other premium auctions, they should put it one week later for example to give all the names the proper exposure.

Question No2 : They put for a Reserve price range: 200,000 - 499,999 EUR.

Usually the biggest price is the reserved price so in USD we have a price range of : 315,278.36 - 788,159.18 that I don't find very realistic for this name, however Sedo agreed with the price and put at featured spot an auction with VERY HIGH expectations. I'm not sure if this will break the reserve limit.

Question No 3 : The auction of and rest of the featured names I mentioned above end the same time so it will not get even the countdown promotion the simple auctions get Niiiiiice work Sedo.

Just received Sedo's reply for this issue :.

Your HostGator has been accepted into May Premium Auction. These auctions are marketed by Sedo in a variety of ways.Domains that are of exceptional value may be placed into the Featured Auctions section of our homepage prior to the end of the auction. The domains you mention,,, and, are such domains. These domains would be of higher value than as they contain real words.The decision to place domains in the Featured Auctions section of our website, aside from the auction ending time, is at the sole discretion of our professional brokers. The decisions made are final. Unfortunately, the HostGator was not selected.

Also really bother me the evaluation of

I thought the brokers in Sedo are well informed about the HostGator names.

This price is extremely high.

I found (in Sedo) better for less than 200,000-500,000 Euro..

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Your question was: Is godaddy hosting monthly or all at once?.

No offense intended but QWA isn't in the same league as or ( sold for $7M awhile back).

Sedo is a business afterall and it's perfectly understandable that they will do their best to first promote the domains they will make the most money off...

Comment #1

No offense taken Reece.

I didn't ask to remove WON for

I just said what's the purpose of scheduling ? .

They could push back QWA to clear WON and then put it on.

That way they could offer a decent exposure for the domain.

I waited about 7-10 days to start the auction but didn't get what I hoped from Sedo.

The featured auctions table didn't have any bold entry before 2 days for example.

It's totally understandable to try earn more from other names that doesn't mean other featured auctions should be buried.

As for the reserve of WON or (which looks to me like a type of diamonds, at least at google the first entry is about Diamante Poems).

I think I could wait to see how these auctions will close.

It's the first time that I hope the HostGator to close BELOW the reserve price so that I can take it elsewhere.

I prefer your BQB site than Sedo now..

Comment #2

I don't speak Spanish, but I do speak French which is often quite similar and I believe is in Spanish.

The one ironic thing about Sedo is the fact they openly advertise having 11.5 million domains listed. That's 11.5 MILLION COMPETITORS FOR EACH AND EVERY NAME...

I definitely agree with you but the harsh reality is that there's so many LLL.coms listed on Sedo that if they started making it desirable to put them in auctions it'd probably end up being just as flooded and undesirable as it is now...

Comment #3

All the's in Sedo are not in featured auctions but with the known offer-counteroffer model.

If someone wants to put the HostGator in featured auction then he starts a deal with their brokerage dept..

Usually he asks for a big reserved but they suggest a lower price because they want to make the auction viable for them.

If you agree to all these, the HostGator is scheduled for auction.

Now what's the benefit of a featured auction if it's not promoted from sedo at all ? .

+ nothing. it's buried at the auctions page together with other normal auctions.

- you agree for a reserved price from the start, no ability to negotiate of course.

- this reserved price is according to their opinion.

- you still pay the same money as other featured auctions you can see at homepage..

Comment #4

The point isn't to get at the top of that premiums box at Sedo, it is to get on (which you did). When your auction is close to ending you'll get near the top of the box, but obviously they're going to reserve those few permanent slots that aren't based on time left for the best of the best.

From what you're saying it sounds like you never heard of, which Sedo promotes pretty heavily and gets solid attendance from some pretty deep pockets...

Comment #5

I think you're right, there is no point for this.

Will not put my other at Sedo.

I knew about GD what I didn't know is that the 3 bold lines at featured table is for the "best of the best".

I saw many times auctions for $100 - $500 there and I assumed (incorrectly) that they are for all featured auctions.

Greatdomains have rotating HostGator listing to their page.

The auction ends the same time as all the other featured auctions like for example because opened the same minute with them...

Comment #6

A lot of people argue that Sedo should stagger the start times so that everything doesn't end at the exact same time making it easier for buyers to give their attention to more than just a few domains at the end. I would have to agree with that to an extent, but I don't believe it is a huge deal because chances are one person is not bidding on 3+ $xx,xxx domains at the same time...

Comment #7

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