Is Godaddy good for Wordpress?

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My question is: Is Godaddy good for Wordpress?.

My 2nd question is: I have a HostGator **** and theres a poker site **** and the **** is the same for both. Now this poker site is'nt one of the really big sites but probaly in the top 10 and growing.

Also I know they're interested cause I'm talking to them and I sent them an offer and they replyed with less than half and I didnt think my origional price was that high.

Anyway I wanted to get some opinions here before I go any further...

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Your question was: Is Godaddy good for Wordpress?.

No it's not the f word lol i'm just disguising the word for privacy..

Comment #1

Please copy and paste here your entire communications (offer/reply) with them thus far ... for best assessment, IMHO.

All the best!.


Comment #2

Ditto, that would be easier for members to figure out and suggest how to make a better negotiation...

Comment #3

I wont post all the emails but it went like this.

I contacted them asking if they were interested in this domain.

They replyed with how much are you looking for.

I say $2500.

They is that negotiable.

I say thats my target price at this point in time.

They repley a few days later with $1000 is as high as we can go.

I say $2000 is as low as I'll go.

They reply with we'll go $1500.

I have'nt replyed yet I'm thinking of say no $2000 in my min price.

Theres also the option of hanging on to it because if they're serious about getting in bingo with is growing they will need this domain.

Partypoker has PartyBingo and just think what the value of would be to Party Poker when they decided to get into bingo..

Comment #4

^ Take the $1,000 a.s.a.p., and your PM replied!.

All the best,.


Comment #5

Thanks man but they've already replyed with a $1500 offer..

Comment #6

Then take 1,500.

In my opinion, bingo isn't really that lucrative of a game, unless you're in florida (that was an old person joke ). I'd even take $250 for any bingo related name, unless it was

Good luck!..

Comment #7

I replyed with $2000 is as low as I'm going.

Also online bingo is bigger than what you think...

Comment #8

Take the $1500 and buy one word .net or .org..

Comment #9

Then obviously more has transpired between the two parties (and clearly farther than they were willing to go at $1,000 as previously stated) since your PM ... accept the $1,500 at this point in time, IMHO.



Comment #10

Thanks for the advice Jeff I'll update the thread later..

Comment #11

If they're starting a bingo site, I might actually hold to the $2,000 offer. I am assuming that the 4 letter word is ca*e. If they are starting a bingo site, this HostGator would almost be a necessity since they probably won't want to use ca*e for their bingo site. Plus, they're a pretty big site, and make 2k in about 20 minutes. It all depends though. If you need the money and you're scared of them retracting their offer, then take the deal.

Just my opinion. Good luck...

Comment #12

Lose a $1500 sale over $500? Doesn't make sense at all -_-..

Comment #13

Smart man if you were that poker site, your a mulit million company would you risk not buying that HostGator now for the sake of $500 I dont think so.

Also if I knew they were getting into the bingo business I'd have another zero on that number.

I kind of made this thread to make sure I was'nt leaving a large chunk of money out there, theres no way I'm taking less than $2000 I think they're getting a pretty good deal. I'm was looking to see if anyones advice was hold on to it or my $2000 was'nt high enough...

Comment #14

Kind of hard to advise properly if all facts aren't known. If ****bingo can make as much money as stated earlier, then that changes everything...

Comment #15

Sorry maybe I should have mentiond that sometimes I take gambling suff for granted because I've been invloved in gambling for a long time...

Comment #16

Its not multi-million dollar company it's a tiny department in the company trying to acquire HostGator names, whose budget may be limited...

Comment #17

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