Is Godaddy compatible with Wordpress?

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My question is: Is Godaddy compatible with Wordpress?.

My 2nd question is: Ok. So this morning I woke up and my dad told me I had recieved a letter. The letter was from a company acting on behalf of a UK establishment. At this time I do not wish to disclose names.

The letter said that the establishment they were acting on behalf of would like to purchase a HostGator name from me. The HostGator name was registered last year and has no copyright infringement.

The offer was for 10,000 ($20,000). My mobile has had two calls from a private number this morning. I don't answer private calls but I know it is them. I thought I'd come on here first and seek some adivce what to do.

The HostGator I bought cost me 3 a little over a year ago and they are offering 10,000. Please give me advice on what you would do if you were in my shoes. Should I make a counter offer for example. They seem really interested. Anyway as I said, all advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED.


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Your question was: Is Godaddy compatible with Wordpress?.

Just take the offer. Don't blow it by being greedy. That is a mistake for many domainers. Do you see any other $20K offers coming along?..

Comment #1

If it's legitimate take the money and go on holiday for two weeks with your parents..

Comment #2

Every now and then in life, an opportunity comes along that is just so perfect, in every way.

The skill is in recognising when that happens. This is one of those times, I would think.

The name you regged for 3 GBP would seem to fit this potential buyer's need perfectly - and, they have priced their offer at a level which suggests to me that they have done their homework - and, they have made a judgement as to what they are prepared to pay. And, it's generous.

You could counter offer, of course. If they had offered, say, 1500 GBP, I would advise a counter offer. But, they have offered 10,000.

Timing is everything in life, and business. They are hot now. They may go cold - or, find another solution. And that can happen very fast. And, their offer is excellent.

I would respond quickly now - and politely.....And, accept their offer immediately, no haggling.

You've hit the jackpot - a 3333 % ROI in one year.

Take it.


Comment #3

Thanks all for your advice. I am going to accept and call them now...

Comment #4

I wouldn't even hesitate to sell it.

From 3 GBP to 10,000 GBP within a year...I am

Comment #5

Good stuff...

Please report back in this thread after the deal is done?.

I'd be interested to hear that it becomes a done deal....

Good luck...

PS...make sure that you use for the deal....Just to be secure in the transaction.


Comment #6

Sounds like a scam? Why would they not just send you an email ... rather than a letter ... be very careful...

Comment #7

Its often the way the Brits do things, Billy....They can be a bit formal sometimes.

If he uses, he'll be okay.


Comment #8

If they came out of the blue and offered you $10,000 than what do you think they're willing to pay. They obvisouly want the HostGator and theres a good chance they're willing to pay more counted with 15 or 20 and then you'll probaly end up settling in the middle.

And depending on the HostGator and the buisness you could counted with a really high number.

But that just my thoughts why jump on the first offer..

Comment #9

Without knowing the domain, and the company trying to buy, this is all guesswork, really. Before replying, I'd try a little bit of google research, to see if the niche regarding this HostGator has seen some unusual announcement or change, or a new product release date, that sort of thing...

Comment #10

SELL. I know another domainer who was offered $22,000 USD by Nike for a domain. He asked for $30,000 and they changed their marketing scheme and cancelled their offer.

You live with your parents, You made over 3000%, stop posting, start selling...

Comment #11

Wow, this sounds like a great opportunity to invest in your future, congratulations. Just don't go spend it all in one placeCan't wait to hear how this ends up...

Comment #12

Do you have good experience talking business on the phone?.

If not, think about how communication would run..

Write them down before you call them..

If they ask you something that you don't know or not comfortable with, do not rush to answer. Just tell them you'll get back to them...

Comment #13

Really looking forward to see if this goes through...

Comment #14

Ouch... he could've bought a very nice car/etc with $22,000...

Comment #15

Make sure you use escrow(as advised earlier). THis advice is slightly underrated......

Comment #16

Use for the entire transaction. Proceed any other way, and you risk becoming a victim of a scam.

Here's a credible article about what can happen to even the best and brightest of us:

Best of luck to you...

Comment #17

I read on another forum where a HostGator was sold for a large amount of money and the seller used a solicitor as opposed to escrow services.

If you were to do this, then I would suggest that you ask the buyer to pay your fees.

Good luck with the sale...

Comment #18

Sorry for the delay of reply I was analyzing what you have said in your first post but:.

I was thinking?.

3 for 10,000 ($20,000).

Looks like too good to be true to me.

"show me the money" as they say.. can they do 50% wire transfer first? in that case I will believe them..

Comment #19

I think you literally hit the jackpot. Chances are you could have negotiated it higher but thats a risk, such a huge return is already good enough, dont get greedy because if you lose this another offer may never come along...

Comment #20

DON'T SELL! DON'T SELL! Call them and counter at 30 GBP and see if they budge. No HARM in not countering! In fact, I'll act on your behalf for 15% commission of any price increase I get you (on top of your 10k GBP)..

Comment #21

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