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Is a trademark?? I have checked and they have only trademarked "discovery channel" and a couple of others but not "discovery tv".

What are your thoughts??..

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Personally I do not see an issue, but if they feel that is infringing, they would be able to sue for it, and possibly win. There may be no trademark of "Discovery TV" but they may feel that it is too close to their own trademark. If you do develop it, make sure that is is not similar in any nature to the Discovery Channel...

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Your thread raises a very interesting question. Discovery is a generic word. But, Discovery Channel (also would have obvious interest in protecting their mark and might challenge a Discovery.TV site ... assuming that viewers might confuse that site with their Discovery television programming.

On the other hand, they could have acquired the .TV (which they should have), but it appears they did not. Plus the other extensions are owned by a variety of different people. I believe there is a reasonable chance Discovery.TV can be developed without problems as long as no attempt is made to be too similar to the Discovery Channel programming and content focus...

Comment #2

Fter a quick look YES there is several trademarks on Discovery and even one for Discovery TV

Comment #3

Hmm, like TT said, there are registered TM's about it, so it'd be wise not to name the domain as such..

Comment #4

If you ever need to ask this question again, go on the following basis:.

You know about the discovery channel, you know theres potential here for a law suit, don't do it...

Comment #5

You really the UDRP would give to the TV channel. ITS A GENERIC WORD! .TV is a cctld , no matter how much a company insists it stands for Television. A generic word registered in a cctld... how in the world does this warrant a lawsuit...

Comment #6

This isn't brain surgery. On these names just ask yourself if you are regging the name to take advantage of the famous trademark? If the answer is/was yes then that's squatting and "bad faith". That said, most of the bigger name holders appear to have made their fortunes on "bad faith".

Now if you throw up (literally) a site on your discovery of Tuvalu, then you're probably fine...

Comment #7

Its most likely if they own the domain I would just leave the domain because they might want to have it...

Comment #8

Changed my opinion. ''Discovery'' is just a word, put a text somewhere you don't have anything to do witht hem and you should be fine...

Comment #9

I highly doubt this would be a TM issue...

Comment #10

Thanks everyone. there is a charity located at so I might be ok!.

Merry xmas..

Comment #11

Unless they invented the word they have no control over it whatsoever.

Its a good domain to go up to them and try and sell without having to worry about them taking it off you.

The same goes with Fox...

Comment #12

Apple is just a word.

Champion is just a word.

Cheer is just a word.

Windows is just a word.

So what does that really mean?????.

Come on people, read some threads here, there is much more than "just" the word, there is much much more behind it than a "word".......

Comment #13

If there is no TradeMark on "",that name in full, then you are ok.Discovery channel can not take that from Keep it,if anyone wants to take you to court,LET`EM!!!!!!! You will win! Nice name,Good Luck..

Comment #14

You are shouldn't tell trademark law if you don't know it.... discovery and TV IF he makes it into a multimedia site with animals will get in trouble....... the UDRP even tho it's really tivalu says it's still marketed as .televison. however if he markets perfume he'll probably be OK.

Look what they did to ... took it from them in the udrp case...

Comment #15

I think a site about discovering Tuvalu would be a nice addition to the internet.......

Comment #16

I agree with Jeff 100%... I'm hust to nice to come right out and say it...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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