Is Danica from ahead of any of you NASCAR guys when she was in 8th place?

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My first question is: Is Danica from ahead of any of you NASCAR guys when she was in 8th place?.

My next question is: was regged back in 1994 by Mr.Nissan, he ran a couple of associated businesses with it, he still does..

Nissan decided they wanted and they have bullied this guy for 10 years. Read the Full & Shocking Story..

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Your question was: Is Danica from ahead of any of you NASCAR guys when she was in 8th place?.

Glad to see he got to keep his domain!!!!..

Comment #1

The funny thing is someone is cybersquatting on

Comment #2

I'm going to have a baby next year, just keep waiting, I believe my son or daughter will become a good lawyer before 25 years old and finally helps Nissan to settle this case by paying a lot of $...

Comment #3

Did they not offer him a few million but he rejected?>..

Comment #4

Not as far as I know.

Nissan were too dumb and it's gone too far.

He would probably be scared something was a trick now Story..

Comment #5

Thanks for sharing arnie.

I hope mr nissan keeps his name as he reg'd it first and obviously has rights on this name.

From now on I will never have a nissan in my life... NOT..

Comment #6

Why not call him Nissan as a first name then Mr Nissan could transfer the HostGator to him if it looked a bit dodgy.

Infact, why not call him, Nissan Microsoft Ebay Google YourSurname Then he could really have some fun in the HostGator business...

Comment #7

Nah, call him 'IDN' then he'll be 'misunderstood' his whole life..

Comment #8

We should all put that link in all kinds of websites and get that guy as much recognition and publication as he can get. At the same time, boycott NMC...

Comment #9

Nissancomputer is different, Nissan is more of a car manufacturing, nissancomputer IMHO is perfectly valid...

Comment #10


Lots of tidbits there that might give folks a better picture.

And unless I missed something, I don't see any application by Nissan for any.

Computer products save maybe consumer electronics products like audio and.

Video players...

Comment #11

Hmm... all of this makes me think I should create a car company named Microsoft...

Comment #12

And his Adsense block at the top is showing ads for....Nissan Motor Cars!!..

Comment #13

Wow, i've never owned a Nissan but now I will consciously avoid buying one. What a bunch of asshole thugs...

Comment #14

Thats a no no,.

This is outrageous though: quote from the site: " Nissan Motor is attempting to obtain a Federal Trademark Registration for computers"..

Comment #15

Until now.

If own the "Nissan?????.com" & "?????" HostGator name? Is it legal?.

Any ideas?.


Comment #16


They spent around $2,900,000 (2.9 million dollars) to defend this case?.


Comment #17

Well, thats about 50 of us that will never buy a nissan lol, thats cost them a million $ straight away..

Comment #18

Nissan is associated so much with cars to ppl outside of japan. japanese see nissan manufacturing everything. like samsung..

Comment #19

I heard about this case a long time ago.. Absolutely disgusting that this would even be allowed to proceed when the current owner clearly registered the HostGator in good faith AND is using it in good faith.

Really shows how much BS large corporations can and do get away with. If the converse were true and was owned by the car company, I wonder if Mr. Uzi would even get 2 minutes of a judges time. Probably not.

The ironic thing is that I'm 99% sure if Nissan would have offered him a few mill in the first place instead of playing hardball, they probably wouldn't be in the situation they're in right now. If it were my name, I'd tell Nissan to go to hell, regardless of any future offer. And no, I will not be buying a Nissan in the future. Overpriced crap in Canada..

Comment #20

Considering this had been going on for about ten years at the time and NMC had been trying to make it as expensive as they possibly could, I'm not surprised by that number.

The guy probably would have accepted less than half that amount for the domain, though...

Comment #21

Why Nissan Motor Cars to buy?.

But a high price..

But indeed this is a value name..

Comment #22

Make it fifty-one.

I agree with Reece it's sickening what they tried to get away with.

Mr. Nissan should sell the HostGator to Nissan and take a few million dollars from the car company to give his computer company's website a bit of a makeover...

Comment #23

Nissan knows that if they don't buy it, he can't really sell it to anyone else for that kind of money... and lets face it, his computer company is basically still open to keep his statements in the suit valid. It is a shame that Nissan does not offer him like 1,000,000 and a free car or something, which I think would be a fair offer, not sure what his legal bill is to date... but can't be cheap... nissan goes through, but basically they know if they don't buy it, the name is worthless to anyone else for monetary value...

Comment #24

There are other well financed legitimate potential endusers:.


Agree though that the computer business is a ploy to not lose the name. Still, he's entitled to the name imho he registered it in good faith when he did register it and it's his surname. He doesn't have anything on his website at the moment which infringes on any trademarks Nissan the car company has *yet*...

Comment #25


I wouldn't buy a Nissan in the first place. My choice manufacturers? Chevy, Chevy, and Chevy...

Comment #26

And to try to offset the fact showed a car ad at one point prior to.

Nissan Motors filing suit. It's a shame Mr. Nissan still doesn't seem interested.

To show that tidbit on his site, though that might damage his trying to appear.

As the poor innocent little guy...

Comment #27

Exactly...Nissan believed the HostGator was rightfully theirs and hence didn't offer millions to him. Of course had they known that 10 years later they would still not own the HostGator they may have made him a substantial offer. The problem becomes once you begin this process it's hard to stop, backtrack, and just resolve it.

Also the Japanese culture is different. We have to keep that in mind their "honor" and "pride" might be at stake here. American companies are quick to dole out money to shut people up but I don't believe that's true of the Japanese...

Comment #28

Wow.. I really feel bad for this guy.. however.. I am wondering how much money he has made of just advertising on this particular domain...

Comment #29

I am sure Nissan tried to buy it. While Nissan is certainly pushing this too far, and I will also not buy a car from the Nissan-Renault group, but I sure think they were offered a good sum at one point in time.

And in Nissan's defense, things were different back in those days. I think no UDRP existed, one could even register without any problem...

Comment #30

Agreed... well, only partly. I hate Chevy, I'm a Ford man myself..

Comment #31

Yep.. ford myself too.. except.. I drive a dodge? hows that work..

Comment #32

I agree he is totally entitled to his name, it his name in title more than it is in nissan's. I doubt the matter will ever be resolved...

Comment #33

As far as i'm aware it is already resolved. The guy that bought it has full rights to it, and he fought back the right to advertise on it too! Go him!!..

Comment #34

Shameful....Just shameful.

....a classic misuse of the court & justice system, imo....The American legal system should say to Nissan Motors: 'Enough - You lost - Go away', and refuse to hear any more of this rubbish...

...Just think of the number of worthy cases waiting in line for court time - and can't get a hearing for years - whilst Nissan Motors (and others like them) clogs up the system, having already lost all the way to the Supreme Court...



Comment #35

His own website headline sums up the whole thing pretty well: I don't understand how Nissan can believe they have a leg to stand on. This is 100% bullying. If anything, Mr. Nissan would have a claim against Nissan Motors, he started using the name for business before Nissan cars even existed!..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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