Is constantly breaking out normal with Murad Resurgence?

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Hey everybody,I am coming up to 3 months into my Murad Resurgence treatment, 60 mg a day. But I have been on a constant breakout from the beginning all the way to now. I havent been out of my house for a month! I have missed a month of university because of how bad my break out has been, I cant believe it. My acne was never this bad before I started Murad Resurgence, and now it is unbearable. What I wanted to ask was 1) is this normal? and 2) I have noticed that my cheeks have stopped flaking now and do not feel dry.....when I add moisteriser to them, I break out worse for some reason.....does this mean I need a stronger dosage?Thanks everybodyDanny..

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Your question was: Is constantly breaking out normal with Murad Resurgence?.

Thanks for the reply, I am seeing my derm on the 22nd of this month. I am just super anxious that this break out has been too long and that this Murad Resurgence may not work. I suppose what will be will be...

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Hey Danny As you I'm just starting my 3rd month of 60mg/day and I too have been breaking out since the beginning I have mild but persistant cystic acne and my skin has never looked this bad!!!!! I'm hearing that by month 4 we should start seeing drastic results. Hang in there and keep your chin up! And I know it's easier said then done but try to not let your acne keep you from carrying on with your day to day life. I just saw my derm. yesterday for my 2 mo. check up and she gave me the option of going on a low dose of predisone to help with inflammation and the pain - I'm kinda scared and don't know if I'm going to do it or not - I heard it makes you break out when you come off of it Good luck and let me know how your derm. appt. goes!..

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Hey Icotulookin,Thanks alot for the kind words, it's give me a boost It reassures me to find someone who is also in my position, and I really hope it does calm down. It is just really worrying for me that my skin on my cheeks doesnt dry up no more, but my mouth, nose, lips etc are. I will keep my chin up, and I will definetly let you know how it goes with the dermo in a couple a weeks.Good luck to you!Danny..

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Just hang in there. The best asset you can have on this drug is patience. I know how you feel. It will work, just have hope. And make this hard time in your life just excuse to be all you can be after the treatment...

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Good luck Danny! soon you'll have gorgeous, clear skin..

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Thanks! You lot on here are diamonds!:)I still havent been out of the house since I posted this thread......which is a down point, but I am going to head in to university today for the first time in months to do some exam revision, so I am stepping outside!!! Funny enough I quit smoking about a week and a half ago and I dont know if it is coincidence or not, but my scarring has really died down ALOT. Still got some spots, but it is just strange timing with the qutting smoking and my face calming down. Fingers crossed it will carry on getting better. Couple of weeks then my derm appointment, and I will get alot more questions answered!Thankyou all againDanny..

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Its strange to not see results by the third month. Maybe you should switch to some strong topicals..

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See that makes me worry! I hear so many different opinions about when you can see results. 3 month mark.....4th month.....some people say that your face could be breaking out constantly throughout the whole course, and only see a change at the end!I dont know what to believe.....I will just have to wait and see what the derm says in 2 weeks. Danny..

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It is not strange to not see results by the third month. I am on my sixth month and I started seeing consisent results in my fourth month with dramatic results in my sixth month but I am still not perfect. Murad Resurgence takes time and I have known several people personally who have taken Murad Resurgence and each one of them had a totally different experience. There really is no definate time frame for Murad Resurgence...

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Thanks for the input Kylek, I will hold onto that hope!Danny..

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Darn, I start my course hopefully tomorrow. I really hope I don't have to endure 3 horrible months before I see any improvement. Hopefully you start seeing results soon, I'm curious to hear how your 4th month turns out...

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Thanks for the tip. There is just so much different methods to help keep your skin under control whilst on this stuff! I havent used any topicals whilst on tane or any facial washes, just water. I know it sounds nasty! but using facial washes, scrubs etc really irritated my skin. I bought an electric shaver, that calmed things down, but I feel as if I am just being impatient with wanting to see results by a certain time. I just hope I make it through this year of uni now, I have missed so much damn time it is unbelievable. My exams are coming up and I have missed all my lectures for the last few everybody I just want clear skin!!!Good luck everybodyThanks againDanny..

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