Is anyone having trouble with godaddy right now, I can't log into my email account.?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Is anyone having trouble with godaddy right now, I can't log into my email account.?.

My 2nd question is: I spend alot of time reading threads in different forums, reading blogs and news sites, and interacting with different people. the goal: to try and learn as much as possible to be a better domainer.

What happens though is that it can get quite depressing. I am happy with "domaining" itself- great fun and I find it a fantastic challenge, and I have met some incredible people- it's just everything else.

Its like everyone is on their own planet, and no one is running the universe...

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Your question was: Is anyone having trouble with godaddy right now, I can't log into my email account.?.

Domaining has it's ups and downs, that for sure. It does get frustrating when a strategy that had been working, begins to show results less and less. I typically will change up my acquisition strategy about every 3-4 months as the market changes, or others catch onto what I'm doing. Thats when it gets frustrating.

Although I have been a little unhappy with NameJet in regards to a HostGator name I am currently in auction for. The way they do business unlike snap generates more bidders, but at the same time creates a breed of "If you want it, I want it" type domainers. Very frustrating.


Comment #1

I would imagine that getting together a few very talented domainers would pay dividends on ROI in this industry. Everyone always talks about the main barriers are startup capital and the time it takes to do research. By pooling resources I think it would greatly improve the ROI that the domainers would see. Along with the simple fact that the group would have more money it would also protect against making bad purchases. While 1 person may get excited and make a bad decision it is unlikely that 3 or 4 experianced domainers are going to make huge mistakes. To a great degree a group would be very benficial when trying to get into the top parking companies because of the ability to combine the portfolio...

Comment #2

It gets depressing when you know how to sift out some nice names, but you lack the programming skills to do it. I have a nice formula, just able to bake one cookie at a time.

Yes Justin, it sucks spending all that time cutting a path through the jungle only to turn around to see some guy eating an ice cream sandwich; thank you doesn't cut it...

Comment #3

Not the selling aspect of it- domains are like anything else with it's peaks and valleys- I am ok there, it is part of the business-.

Its everything connected with domaining- it is almost surreal to sit and watch what is going on around you- how people talk, how things are run, how things arent run..

There is such a general loss of human respect. it's just so sad to see how virtually violent people can get- all over.

Again, there is a lot of good dabbled all over the place, but when you read all the posts, not just the nice ones, or all the blogs- or deal with several forums, or companies.... there is just so much poop on the sidewalk and no one to clean it up...

Comment #4

Ahhhhhhhh, sock puppets, and I watched the whole thing; it was funny, now onto your current dilemma. As hard as it is to deal with certain online personas, imagine if it were reversed. Imagine a world where people unleashed their inner persons out in public, and maintained a politically correct stature while communicating on the internet.

For the first time in history we can actually hear what anonymity has to say; and it doesn't sound like people are happy. There's a lot of misdirected animosity floating around out there...

Comment #5

Heh, you think forums are bad, check out usenet, that has been the real anarchists front line for the past 20 years..

Comment #6

The freedom of anonymity in a virtual reality comes with a price and that price is the realization of the confines of actual reality. It's amazing how much someone can learn about themselves that they never knew existed when they are allowed to proceed uninhibited. Most of us may just see the Internet as an extension of our lives, we do business, communicate with friends, etc... But for a lot of people, the Internet is introducing completely new ideas and self-realizations that may have far-reaching psychological effects.

On the Internet we can say, do or be whoever we want. In the real world, well, sometimes it can be a bit stifling. And it makes perfect sense that people would choose to express their frustration with the real world, via the freedom of the Internet...

But as the real continues to bleed into the virtual, we'll soon find both realities as equally confining. Afterall, we do create our own prisons...

Comment #7

Smash, wow you are really bumming me out.

As cynical as I am, I still see lots of good people out there. There will always be people that get defensive or lash out when someone disagrees with them. There will always be people that act out or get angry because of where they are in their lives.

There are lots of good people that I see on the forums that are not necessarily good domainers.

Like any market worth a damn, buyers are looking for value and sellers are looking for a "reasonable price". Some people stretch their morals.

You actually sent me a PM the other day trying to be helpful on marketing some of my names. You were trying to be helpful.

Be happy with who you are. That's a start...

Comment #8

LMAO - I love the way you put that.

Domaining can be a bit disheartening at times because of the amount of time it requires but overall I love it many I suspect, I'm still hoping for that big sale to help take it to another level !.

Happy so far but a looooong way to go !.

RJ and a group of NPers are doing exactly this - Its a great idea and I'd love to know how it's working out for them.


Comment #9

Oh yeah, try being a .mobi investor!! Constant ridicule, insults, etc. etc. And from people who state they don't like or will never invest in it, but time and time again - keep their ragging a flailing!! We all have opinions and reasons why we pick the names and extensions we do to invest in, but for some reason, I'd say the animinity of posting, brings out the 'how virtually violent people can get' in some. I guess so they can justify their choices moreso to themselves. Someone else's investments, need to be highlighted and trashed for...., self ego I guess.

Domaining is like any other type of business or investing. There will be those that succeed, those that do well, those that are happy at what they've done, and those that..., well should look at the writing on their own walls. Though we'd all like to be in with, and mingle with, those that are super successful, those that are, are not waiting to share their insights and beer toasting with everyone. Just the way it is in life...

Comment #10

Ok- I was trying to not break things down more- I have been on the web long long time- understand the whole "voice without a face" thing-.

I feel like the internet is a city half built- and I know it is always growing and evolving- I am not talking about the obvious-.

And I dont mean to bum people out- I know a lot of awesome people too.

Lets see.....

Ok, you have 2 worlds- the "real" world and the online world- certain parts of the real world has moved into the online world- but it is lacking a certain structure to ensure stability I think. does that make sense?..

Comment #11

If you haven't wanted to quit at least a few times, then either you're ridiculously lucky or not taking enough risks. I've been at that point a few times, but have bounced back every time, and am certainly on a long-term upward trend. Put yourself out there, learn from your mistakes, capitalize on opportunities and read like crazy. No sleep 'til Brooklyn(.com)!..

Comment #12

No no- this isnt about me per say- I am fine- really-.

I guess this is sounding like a depressed suicide note- it's not.

I am talking about how to make change- I am fine-.

The web is getting bigger and bigger, more occupants-.

When you create a town, you need a mayor- when you create a company, you need a ceo- if there is a nation, there is a king, or a president-.

After 14 years on the web, and I dont know who is the president out here :-(..

Comment #13

Why should there be a president ? - It is is is everyones !.

Be happy Queen of Domainland is not a bad place to start !.

Ps - have you been spending too much time lately talking to those socks.


Comment #14

Capitalism is the antidote to entropy; fear not, it will be a wild ride but the 'net will mature.....

Comment #15

Domains are Real Estate on the Web. You own your own house,the house being the HostGator name..Homes are in cities that are in states that are in countries that are in the world...

Home = HostGator name.

City = Type of name ex: finance,food,real estate porn etc.

State = extension.

Country = The internet.

World = Mobi Ha HA ,(just had to throw that in as a mobi investor).

My analogys may seem strange but in any business and yes domaining is a business there are ups and dowms. It all depends on how you play the game.

Regards, Tophatter..

Comment #16

I'm not sure where you're going with this smash, but according to this analogy, and how you want to relate it to domaining, it seems you're in a sense comparing it something like say, real estate selling, as one example, whereby there were early ones who picked up on buying and selling land etc., and as others saw it and jumped in to try and be successful too, that those newer 'realtors', want to see that industry 'led' by someone overall for all the others to look up to for guidance and direction. There is not one leader in any industry that 'leads' the way, but there are various leaders in various industries that through their successes, others strive to emulate. That does not mean those industries each has a 'President or CEO' that oversees or leads the way in that industry. Bill Gates is a 'leader' in software innovation, but that doesn't mean he is 'the leader' of the software industry...

Comment #17

Yes- domaining is exactly like real estate- but, even in real estate, there are laws that have to be abided by, and you deal with companies outside of that initial scope.

I am like a real estate agent, right? but I am not in my own enclosed little world- I have to deal with places to sell- sedo, afternic, places to network- forums, blogs, places to get the real estate- registrars, drop companies, other agents, auctions, places to advertise, etc...

There are a ton of entities and people involved.

Even realtors have NAR..

Comment #18

And like any spawing industry, in the early years there is no oversight, laws, or guidelines of professionalism requirements. Not until the industry becomes 'mainstream' where there are numerous people involved, and much money made, lost and stolen, that the numerous misdeeds/lawlessnesses etc. become vocalized enough, do they come into play. You can bet it was many years before regulations, rules, laws etc. were put into place in the real estate world. And when they do come to domaining, it will not be welcomed by many early domainers, who will then feel restricted compared to now...

Comment #19

The internet has only been in existance for how long?? 10-15 years..

How long did it take for laws and government to be put in place in History??.

I'll tell you what ..I DON'Twant a governing body over my names.Next thing they'll do is tell you how & should put content on your site,what's right & what's wrong..I'm sure in time you will have a governing body in the HostGator name game but be prepaired to get taxed up the A and then you'll say "Remember the good ole days in Domaining""..

Comment #20

I dont mean the govt itself-.

Hawkeye- you said domainers would feel restricted- but wouldnt they also feel protected? you see all the time how they worry about security- wouldnt it help if done right?.

Mind you- I am not looking for the govt to step in- this is just something I was wondering about -.

Yes the internet is young, and we know how long it took govt to be placed in history- why wouldnt we learn from that, and not wait until it was all exploding all over the place, and drastic measures had to be taken? cuz you know at some point, it will happen. this just cant spiral out of control when it is too big too handle. then someone WILL step in and start making crazy rules to bring tthings under control.

Wouldnt it be proactive, to have it set up to prepare for the upcoming years? hasn't that been a mistake in history all along- waiting until you are drowning to get help instead of going in with a life jacket?..

Comment #21

I'm for net neutrality, don't want any laws, don't want any sections; no fences! I see your point about not enjoying certain aspects of the internet, but it's up to the viewer to decide what they look at; and take part in.

By the way, since I'm the king of musicians, there's a good chance I know the King of the internet; us kings are pretty tight!..

Comment #22

Ican tell you are woman... I can feel from the fRagility and delicacy of those posts....

Why do you want somebody to rule the net?? This is good place because rules are less stringent (but there are rules actually) and the best part is that there is not somebody that tells you what to do... also your name " queen of HostGator land" shows your need of an "authority"; maybe to drive you in your decisions? Personally I don t like to have an authority telling me what path to take. The beauty of the net is the fact that you can express your originality and individuality, your artistic side, your dreams and your nightmares..

There is competition of course and like in real life people can be tough and dishonest. This is life after all and we all fight to succed. The internet is the best place to interact with other people with rules that are not written; people organise themself in groups of people with same interests and aim. The so called communities (like here at NP) have rules. And you have to follow it if you want to be part of the community. The net is the best lab for real people democracy...

Comment #23

What I do in these situations is go find another planet in another universe where I know who is running the show. I have been domaining since 1996, and go through phases where I am active and other phases where I just take a break for a year. I guess I do that with everything in life, changing topics to keep the interest and productivity up. I think it is healthy to take a break and refresh yourself by working in a new field. Just don't let go of valuable names when you take a break.


Comment #24

Domaining is like the Wild Wild West. It is a frontier with pioneers, fearless entrepreneurs and few rules. In a few years time it might have all the regularity and regulation of the stockmarket, so enjoy it while it lasts. As for feeling a sense of community, remember that most of the people here are hoping to be overnight millionnaires. Making friends is not at the top of their priority list. Sad but true...

Comment #25 worth xxx,xxx., worth nothing....Guess which one I that's disheartening.....LOL!..

Comment #26

I'm not saying I want someone to rule the net :-).

Actually, if everyone can kinda clear that from their heads for a minute-.

I am not saying there should be someone who tells you what to do and how to do it-.

What I am asking is- at some point, this will happen. there is a whole world happening virtually- it is gonna get run at some point. somebody is gonna step in.

And then, there might not be a time for choice. and this may not happen as far away as we think. I have been online for 14 years- seen alot. I am just wondering if it would be a good idea to have something in before it is put into place for us.

I dont need a break, I am not looking for a web ruler, and I am a woman. but I was nicknamed queen of domainland years ago :-).

And thanks for everyones replies- I really enjoy conversation like this- :-)..

Comment #27

You have an advantage actually beiNg a woman in a mainly male domainers wold..

You can think different, and get some of the names that women find more appealing; for a man probably this is much more difficult ( I always wondered what is in women heads ). This could be a good way to emerge and to find your specialization; HostGator your way, not others and you will succed!.

A hug..

Comment #28

Well you kings and us queens should get together!.

King don- do you really think that there is neutrality now?.

Back when names just dropped any anyone could get them- that was neutral..

Back when common dictionary words werent trying to be trademarked- that was neutral-.

And there are more sections and fences than you can shake a stick at- which forum hates that forum, this group of mobi lovers, that group of biz haters- there are fences up all over the place, dontcha thik?..

Comment #29

I wouldn't call what you describe as a fence. As long as I can enter and leave any place at my discretion, the doorway is neutral. There are places that charge a cover to enter, and that's why most of us guys ended up in this place years ago; but that's another story better told by RJ.

As far as us Kings getting together with you Queens, it's the smart ones like you that end up with all the power; it's safer to hang with a princess..

Comment #30

I have only been ino the internet/domaining for a couple of years , I love being part of the future ....... regging a name is creating the future , buying selling is fun also. I can only imagine running a successful website would be a real buzz..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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