Is alcohol allowed on Nutrisystem plan?

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My food should arrive today and I will be starting Nutrisystem on Monday..

What is the Nutrisystem line on alchohol?.

I am not a lush but do occassionally enjoy a rum and diet coke or a glass of wine, and once in awhile splurge and have a foo foo drink...

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Your question was: Is alcohol allowed on Nutrisystem plan?.

Welcome Sharyn, I've given this advice to other people, and it's worked for me too. It's really a question of whether this is a life change that is important to you and that you're committed to. Which is more important, continuing your old lifestyle, even on a limited basis, or going all the way, at least on a pre-defined time frame and going 100%?..

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I do know that some people still work alcohol into the program. For me, though, I don't want ANYTHING slowing my rate of weight loss down, which alcohol does. Not just the extra calories, but the affect it has on my appetite ! So I completely eliminate it when I need to drop a few pounds (like now!)..


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I am a drinker too, but I started the program about a month ago yesterday, and figured if I was spending all this money I might as well stick to the program as best I can and cut out the alcohol, at least for awhile. My drinking is more social tho. I'm 27 and single, it's what we do! So I have still been goin out with my friends, just not drinking. It was a little weird at first, but now I kind of actually prefer it. Not drinking at summer BBQ's, camping, tailgating, bonfires, etc. is going to be the real struggle. And foo foo drinks are the worst!!!! If you are going to drink stick to the rum and coke, a light beer, or a glass of dry wine...

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For the best weight loss results ~ just say no.

Alcohol is a FAQ..

Comment #4

Thanks for everyone's response..

It will be MUCH harder to give up chocolate than alchohol! LOL..

Comment #5

You don't have to give up chocolate..........NS has tons of chocolate choices that are just as yummy!..

Comment #6

Yeah some of the desserts I would eat even if I wasnt on a diet..

Comment #7

A little different thought here. for me, I want to do this long term and not treat it like a "diet." Last week was my first week and I allowed myself 1 beer on Saturday night just to partake and I still lost 6 lbs. on week 1. I will do the same this weekend- 1 beer or wine on Saturday night & then that's it.

I think if you allow yourself a very small amount, you'll be fine. Just recognize the more you drink, the slower your weight loss might be.


Comment #8

I will reserve my opinion on the Nutrisystem version of "chocolate" until I sample some..

Forgive me if I'm skeptical..

Comment #9

If you are a vodka drinker, you can get organic flavored options that don't require a mixer except for calorie free soda water. Still ahve some calroeis, but not even CLOSE to what a typically "adult bevvie" would have. Also less of a hangover since you aren't overloading on sugary mixers...

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I agree with samuelbs, if you're looking at this as a long-term lifestyle change then there are going to be times when you want to live a little (within reason of course.) I enjoy a beer or cocktail as much as the next person (okay, maybe more..I even have a beer in my bio picture after all ;-) but I've cut way, way back and I do feel much better for it. I have definitely had a few celebratory nights in the last few months (my vacations are all very front-loaded this year) and I'm just more conscious and don't let anything get out of control mainly because that's going to make me want to eat and it WILL affect my weight loss! I only drink ultra light beers, vodka and soda or white wine. I also sometimes just drink soda water with lemon and lime when I go out and just "pretend" it's a cocktail!..

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I am trying to make lifestyle changes. I love to have a glass of wine on an evening. Go out with my beer buddies and we try different beers. I have just a little, but refuse to eliminate alcohol..

I have decided that as I want to make a lifestyle change, my lifestyle includes a glass of wine, or to split a beer with hubby. However, I am limiting how much I have to drink. But not eliminating it entirely. I feel that this way I am working the plan, not the plan working me..

However, different strokes etc. So find what works best for you...

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I have had a couple of scotch and waters in the past few weeks, but I always add two extra glasses of water if I have it and I be sure to exercise. If I want to keep Nutrisystem as a life style, I want to learn to be a little flexable but not go over board. I have passed up a few chances to go out rather than be tempted..


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There are a limited amount of people who diet well, while still including alcohol. The vast majority don't. It is hard enough getting into new good habits, without alcohol there to lead to more off plannedness. And I see VERY BAD results in general, from those who join and there first concern is how to incluide alcohol or have a party coming up or what have you. REally urge you to e very strict at the beginning. Or else, you will be another one post wonder that never gets the diet done and stays fat...

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