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All, I apologize in advance for this being so long, but it's really just the tip of an awfully big ipower's a short, minor version of some issues I need help with. Thanks in advance.

I've had a nightmare year of terrible service with iPowerWeb. I've also got a few hundred domains registered through them. Now that many are at or nearing the expiration date, I'm trying to transfer them all away from iPower. Sounds simple enough, yes?.

The first problem is that ipower can't, or won't, send me an accurate list of domains I've got registered to them. I've asked six times in the last couple of weeks, and all I get are excuses from their head of billing. I finally got a simple list of exactly 500 domains from them last week...bare names with no expiration dates. The problem is that their list is 70 - 80 domains different than my own list. Their list contains domains that aren't mine and/or that I registered at wild west when ipower didn't have it together enough to register them after a day or two...but that they still charged me for and list as registered through them (whois shows they aren't).

The problem I've got now, is that I've got domains expiring that I may want to keep, but I have no way of getting to them. Last April, knowing I wanted to let some domains expire, but also renew some, I wrote to ipower and asked them to not auto-renew any of my domains. They acknowledged that they wouldn't. However, on June 5, they renewed around 11 domains, which I didn't want. I wrote and told them to please not renew anymore...they sent me a form letter, and then another saying they would "cancel" or not auto-renew my domains. Of course, the next day, six more domains renewed..or at least they charged me for them.

I didn't think of this till just recenlty, but the twist in this is that I don't know if the domains they "renewed" were even theirs to renew...since they don't seem to have an accurate list. I'm now going through the domains they renewed without permission...and charged my card without permission, to see if they are even the registrar for them...or if I even own them.

Additionally, now that they again have "cancelled" my auto-renew, they are telling me I'm now not able to get to my own domains in order to unlock, change the DNS or anything...that only domains with auto-renew can be in their system and accessible by customers (it's called the CLS or central login system, where all domains per /img/avatar9.jpg are grouped together). Which brings me back to getting a list, so I can at least tell them which domains to unlock for tfr...because they want me to tell them which domains to unlock, but they can't or won't give me their official list to use, check or whatever.

To make matters worse (and more confusing), I'm afraid some of the domains I tried to transfer from ipower, who claimed to be the registrar, were actually registered through another registrar. Since I'm also transferring domains from the other registrar (quite easily), I didn't even think to check if the domain names I thought were being transferred from ipower were being transferred from the other registrar (a tfr request doesn't care who the registrar is, it just sends the e-mail to the whois address on record). It's all very confusing, I know, but the bottom line is that ipower can't or won't give me a list of what they show as my domains registered through them....and thus, that I've been charged for....maybe when I didn't even register them through ipower.

There's so much more, but I'll make it short. No one in management will explain what's going on to me or or answer e-mail...except for the mail from ipower's billing department that just stalls or claims excuses for not getting a list to me...Here's the last e-mail from their head of billing two days ago:.

"Attached is a partial list of domain names/expiration dates (I have also included where they are pointing). Keep in mind that with the amount of domain names this does take a good bit of time, and we have to balance the work we are doing on this with other customer issues. I am hoping to have a more detailed list within 24 to 48 hours.".


Raynelle Sibel.


Of course there was no "partial list" of my domains attached. And today is the second full day since she wrote it would take 24-48 hours to make a list of my domains I registered through them! So it's going on 10 days now, and no way to check what is way to check what they may have erroneously billed me for...and they use having to provide customer service to others as the reason they can't provide basic customer service to me! I just don't understand.

The legal questions:.

1. Isn't it a reasonable for a customer to expect a registrar to know what domains are registered through them and be able to account for them?.

2. How can I force them to list the domains they say I've registered through them...and the domains they have charged me for, as there are many they say they registered for me (and charged me) that weren't through them (for example they say was registered for me, but someone else registered it before they did for me...but they still show that they did registered ot...and charged me...the same with many other domains....either not mine or registsered through someone else..of course whois shows differently than ipower's records).

3. How can I make them account for bogus reg fees, or force them to prove the fees were refunded or charged back?.

4. How can I make them give me access to my domains so I can transfer the ones I want before they expire?.

More questions, but I've gone on long get the idea.

Can anyone help out (besides telling me how stupid I was for using ipower in the first place)?.


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Another day has passed, still no list or communication from ipower despite leaving phone messages to them....Did receive an auto-sent "Rate our Customer Service" form. Quite funny...

Comment #1

If I am understanding there is no login control panel that shows you all of your domain names registered with them? If their is no control panel you can access to unlock etc... then you are kinda at their mercy in helping you transfer them out.

If you put the auto renew back on then can you access them? maybe put it back on and get in and transfer them out quick?.

Are they all unlocked status with your information on the whois? maybe just transfer them out then?.

Cancel the credit card to stop them from charging? maybe request a new number from your credit card company?.

As far as any credits given you should be able to view these in your bank or credit card statement. For future reference if you do not have your own control panel to manage your own domain names go somewhere else that does enom, moniker, namecheap, namepros, godaddy etc... the few bucks you save elsewhere turn into headaches and never register with your hosting company unless they do provide you your own control panel to manage the domains yourself. Wish I could help more but it sounds like you need to call or email them and if there is no control panel you can access not much you can doSounds like a little fault is your own, if you own that many domains you should really know what is going on with them. Use free domain monitor to track your domains from now on or a simple excel sheet with domain name, registar, expiration on it, plenty of other software online free and paid as well to use for domain management, good luck in getting it figured out with them, hopefully they work it out with you...

Comment #2

Thanks for the comments.

There is a panel, but my domains are no longer listed there. It seems they can only be listed if placed on auto-renew...and they won't do that because I requested my domains not be auto-renewed. They told me this after removing them from the panel.

I would like to quickly tfr all the domains out, except that many don't expire for a while, and I don't want to chunk down $2000 at one shot when I've already paid for them for a while longer.

LIke you mentioned, I think one way to try things is to have them unlock everything of mine they have...or at least go by my list a month at a time.

And, yes, I do have my own list. That's part of the frustration...I've sent it to them, and they still include the domains not mine in my account.

Over a year ago, ipower was my first registrar for websites, which I think they do a good job on. As someone new to the domain game then, I just naturally used them. And like a newbie with a few bucks, I stupidly bought anything that moved. So I wound up with a few hundred domains in a few months, with maybe 100 I later discovered that were okay, before I started having problems with ipower and switched to a new registrar with a great control panel and complete domain accountability and management (and have TFR'd some of the ipower domains into...before they delisted them in their control panel).

Other than the transfer status problem nd what they've apparently already renewed, the 79 (or however many) domains they erroneously show are a problem...especially if they are charging me for renewals when I don't own them...and don't know when they think they expire since they won't provide a list with the info (it doesn't matter what whois says...they don't seem to go by that or they wouldn't say the extra domains are mine). My credit card on file with them expires this month, but you're right, I should cancel it now. With luck that will cause no trouble for several websites I have with them.

Thanks again for your thoughts. Still two questions: Am I wrong to expect a registrar to be able to maintain an accurate list of domains purchased by customers? Is it unreasonable of me to expect a registrar to be able to send me an accurate list of my domains registered through them...and do so in less than the 10 days it's now been?..

Comment #3

Try getting your new registrar to assist you. If they are a good registrar like Moniker you might get some assistance in the transfer. Especially if it's a few hundred names...

Comment #4

Labrocca is right try go daddy if possible, If I'm not mistaking your resell price is higher with go daddy but other than that, thats all we can do for you in this situation and I hope everything turns out okay..

Comment #5

Thanks...I'm with wild west, and they have been helpful.

Ipower just sent me a list...How about that! It identifies scores of mistaken registrations, as well as what they have through tucows. Will now check it all against mine and see how it looks.

Then, hopefully, it's a just a matter of telling ipower what to unlock and when...

Thanks again for your comments...

Comment #6

Gee, that's really strange - because the Greek version of Bret Maverick on this board has nothing but GLOWING praise for iPower!.

(Sorry, had to go there.)..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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