Installing SMF On GoDaddy?

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My first question is: Installing SMF On GoDaddy?.

My next question is: I have been waiting on a name I should clearly have won in the new afternic expired auctions around 4 days ago, or for any contact regarding it.

I know they won it- I have seen the whois update. I know I was the only bidder, I have screenshot evidence of that too.

They already emailed me last week about and how that auction was 'listed in error' (hmmm). They obviously knew that they could get embarrassed over the accidental listing of an expiring name publically as they offered a free appraisal and a year membership to apologise (thanks though!). With this other name I will not be bought off so easily.

I have emailed them about this name (another name, the one I won) twice now, and got no response. I think they are trying to dream up an excuse to keep it, as it holds more value than the $60 bid I won it with, either that or they are parking it for as long as possible themselves.

I am putting a public offer to afternic to contact me with details of how to get this name from them, as I fairly won it through their site. If they try and pull shenanighans on this one, I have full records and screenshots to prove everything I am saying, and I will not only go public in the forums with more details, I will contact Tucows and Icann as well.

Reply to me please...

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Your question was: Installing SMF On GoDaddy?.

Thanks Reece, I emailed Peter Lamson on 23rd of this month. No response received...

Comment #1

Hi Chris,.

I take it this was a Tucows listed domain? I am pretty sure All tucows domains were removed from auction or listing before any ended due to lising mistakes that were made. (That's what they told me) and most if not all should be relisted by now. Did you check to see if the HostGator was relisted?.

Was the HostGator In Auction or did you have a Pre-Order bid?.

Just wondering. Feel free to PM if you would like...

Comment #2


I never received any email from you. I always respond to customer notes. If you prefer phone over email my direct dial is 781 839 2812. My email is.

There is nothing unethical taking place with Tucows Expiry Auctions. As a part of our launch of 100,000+ names from Tucows, PlayGolf was erroneously listed when it should not have been.

I personally sent an apology email to all bidders on this name. We strive to be perfect, however in this case we made an error with PlayGolf (the error was ours, not tucows). In no way did we profit from listing and then removing PlayGolf from available inventory.

With respect to the issue you are referring to in your post, I am happy to help.

Can you tell me what the HostGator name is?.

Many thanks,.


Comment #3

Hi Pete,.

Surely you must be able to offer some sort of compensation to any bidders in this situation?.

If I list an item on ebay I'm obliged to send it, whatever price it goes for, what gives afternic the right to cancel any HostGator at auction they so wish? It seems very unethical to me; If you list a name, you're going to have to sell. Surely domains should be checked before listing?..

Comment #4

Its funny if you the buyer had made a bid and won, could you weasel your way out with an apology, don't think so.... should work both ways, I signed up and wasted $20 for a membership at afternic, which I will not be renewing...

Comment #5


Afternic does not cancel any auction we "so wish". Doing so in fact requires expense on our part and as is certainly evident from this thread is a sub optimal customer experience.

In this instance, we made a mistake, plain and simple. A mistake for which I have apologized.

We erroneously listed a name that was never ours to list in the first place. In the process of uploading 100,000+ initial names from the Tucows inventory, was inadvertently included. It should never have been included. To your point, yes, domains are checked. In this case - while checking an extremely high volume of names, one name was missed (this high volume will only incur at the lauch of our partnership - going forward the daily volumes are fully manageable. Also, the operational error that allowed to be listed has been corrected).

To complete your eBay analogy, it would be as if I listed a car for sale that I did not own. Once the error was realized, I would need to stop the auction immediately.

NameMedia cannot sell something we do not own, or or are not contracted to sell on behalf of the owner.

No customer lost money on

For their inconvenience, I extended all impacted bidder's memberships by one year, and have provided them with a free HostGator appraisal.

Thanks for your post -.

Pete Lamson.

Onlinedomains00:. never made it to auction - we caught the error before the auction began as it was still in the Pre-Order period. This means that no money was received as a result of this error.

Best of luck in the future,.


Comment #6

Before this thread turns heated, here's a gentle warning:.

Keep it professional, in true NamePros manner.

If you make statements, stick to facts and refrain from accusations that cannot be proven, just to stir the pot..

If you have an opinion, present it professionally. No mud slinging, please.

Granted, some procedures cast a very doubtful light on providers, i'm sure however, that Afternic will take the opportunity to address all professional issues that are being brought forward.

Thanks guys!.


Comment #7

There is something VERY unethical taking place with Tucows Expiry Auctions.

Tucows essentially tastes all expired Tucows-registered domains by parking them when they expire, then keeps the cream of the crop to the tune of 6000 to 8000 domains a month without ever sending them to auction.

If that's not the most UNETHICAL, UNFAIR, ANTI-COMPETITVE thing for a Registrar to do, then please tell me what is?.

Next time you bid in one of these auctions, understand that you're bidding on the crap that Tucows didn't want.

Additional details are here:

I'd love to hear your response or Tucows...

Comment #8

I have liased with Peter Lamson via pm and am happy that this instance was a one-off where the problem was due to poor communication from a new auction format, and not due to any corruption at afternic. Obviously I would have still liked the name but I guess it is one of those things.

As for tucows, and the issue of registrars skimming the best expiring names, I would gladly assist anyone wishing to make an appeal to Icann to try and bring a halt to this clearly unfair practice... it just needs people to group together and maybe we might see some of the better names reach the bottom feeders too...

Comment #9

The agreement that governs Registrars is up for public review and comment until August 4th. I posted my thoughts yesterday:

All you have to do to let ICANN know that this unethical business needs to stop is to send an email to this address: raa-.

If enough of us express our outrage at this garbage, ICANN just might change a few words in that agreement.

Why should we be bidding on second-rate crap while Tucows tastes the best names and keeps them for themselves?.

And if this is the kind of partner that Afternic is comfortable with that says a lot about how they view their customers.


Comment #10

Yaynames, I have myself sent an email detailing my own feelings and citing your own email.

I HEAVILY suggest that every domainer here do the same, it took less than two minutes and could have a profound effect on the industry becoming considerably fairer for the little guys.

C'mon folks- get that email in!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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