In Nutrisystem programm can I eat normal Lindt chocolate?

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First of all In Nutrisystem programm can I eat normal Lindt chocolate? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... I am new here (this is my first post), so I don't know if this is in the wrong forum..

I have been on Nutrisystem Men's Select plan for about a week now and have tried quite a number of different items, I haven't had anything twice yet. So far, all of the foods I have tried I either like them enough that I would get them regardless of the program, or they are tolerable enough that it doesn't bother me to eat them..

However, there are certain items that I will not ever eat again. I know that I can adjust my auto delivery before it is sent and I can select certain items that I will want and change other items to not be sent at all..

Is there a way to make it that a certain food item will NEVER be sent to me? For a specific example, let's say the Chocolate Chip Scone. I will never eat that again, I don't ever want it to be an option to be sent. How can I make this possible?.

Is there a way to change the frozen dessert treats as well? Like the Ice Cream Sandwich? Again, I never want that sent to me again...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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If you are sent something that you did not order as a substitution for something you did order, just call CS and tell them what you wanted instead of that item. They will send you the item and you don't have to send back the unwanted thing. If you just don't like something you can send it back and get a replacement but you will have to pay the postage...

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You can customize the shelf-stable food and get only those items you want..

As stated above, at the present time, no customization is available for the frozen items..

Call CUSTOMER SERVICE and they can help you with de-selecting any shelf-stable items (like the scone) that you do not want to get again..

I have to say, however, that the scone cut in half and dipped in egg and made into french toast is great! I also make a lovely bread pudding from it.....

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If you want to opt out of all frozen foods call andNutrisystemwill change you tom shelf food only plan..

Weekly I go into my Manage Account, sign back in, Edit, then make changes to my shelve foods, then Save. You can do this up until the day prior to shipment..


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That's a neat idea Pam. I will try that with the Cranberry one I have left..

Michelle, when you do that, does it stop ALL frozen foods? There were some that I thought were pretty good (Like the toasted ham & cheese). I don't normally eat ice cream, and theNutrisystemice cream is (IMO) downright disgusting...

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Yes, if you cancel the SELECT part of the plan, you go to 28 days of shelf-stable food and cancel all of the frozen (Select)...

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I have to say that I myself was almost to the point of nausea after eating my first 2 or 3 scones, but it is so odd...they grew on me and now I find them slightly delicious. When my boys were really little, just starting out on people food I had heard that it can take like 15 times of getting them to try a certain fruit or vegetable before they would like it so I kept on serving the things that they didn't like. I think theNutrisystemfood is a lot like that...give it a couple of times and you start to think it's good..

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The scones are much better it nuked for 10-15 secs..

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I love the cc scone and never thought about that, thanks for the great suggestion Pam!..

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To make the scone or muffin into french toast:.

Cut them into thin halves (or multiple thin rounds for the muffins) and use your Dairy/Protein (egg) with a splash of milk (free food) to dip them in. "Fry" them in a non-stick pan. Any left over egg mixture, I scramble in the pan after the french toast is cooked. Add a little sugar free syrup (I use zero calorie Walden Farms) and your fruit serving on the side (plus a carb if you have over 100 pounds to lose or are a man). Enjoy!..

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I called customer service because I wanted to switch out 5 lunches and 5 dinners (all shelf ready items) for something else and was told that since I was only changing 10 items and it was my first time doing so that I could do what I wanted to with the items and they're going to ship my replacements. So, if you've never exchanged and you only have a few, you don't have to send them back...

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Thankfully my spouse and I have totally different palettes and we can swap some items back and forth..

I'm taking all his "candy bar" type snacks, and he's getting all my ice cream ones...

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I have to say, I looked @ trepidation toward the Apple Strudel Scone. I had it yesterday and found it quite tasty!!!..

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