In a Dukan Diet, what is the "BMR"? and how is it calculated?

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First question I got is In a Dukan Diet, what is the "BMR"? and how is it calculated? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... I love broccoli but am lookin for something new to do with it. All I ever do is cook it in the microwave. It's getting old...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can help you..

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Roast it. I use frozen, spray with olive oil, sprinkle garlic powder, roast 30 minutes at 400...

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I saute it with a little olive oil and chopped garlic and pile it on the Dukan Diet pizzas or chicken patty...

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I like to saute my broccoli in a bit of Stir Fry sauce (a free food), along with some fresh mushrooms (maybe some carrot "sticks" or other veggies) and a protein serving of chicken or shrimp. It's an awesome protein/veggie side dish to my Dukan Diet entree..

Edit: Clarification - I usually save a protein serving from earlier and add it to my dinner. One of my biggest challenges is night-time eating and saving a protein serving for dinner seems to help some...

Comment #4

I like to make broccoli salad with raw broccoli, FF sharp cheese, grated. and mix with FF or low fat honey mustard dressing. It's yummy! You could add a little cooked turkey bacon pieces. I don't think you add enough cheese or bacon to do much harm, but a counselor may advise different...

Comment #5

I steam it with other veggies - like red peppers, onions or mushrooms. Mix with coliflower and fold into cheesy noodles dishes for a great casserole..

For steaming, add chicken boulion or steam in chicken broth - way better than steamed in plain water...

Comment #6

Make a casserole with the broccoli with fat free cream of mushroom soup. Steam the broccoli and let cool. Mix in bowl 1 can F.F. mushroom soup, 1/2 can f. f. milk, some f.f.

Pour into casserole dish, top with bread crumbs is you wish and bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until bubbling. I ended up with 6 servings from mine...

Comment #7

I love using broccoli as my 2 veggie servings for dinner in the creamy dishes like the mac & cheese and the Three Cheese Chicken & Pasta. I also like adding broccoli to the Asian dishes. Broccoli is my favorite veggie!..

Comment #8

Sometimes I just sprinkle some grated parmesan and pepper on it and it tastes pretty good. Or maybe buy a mixed bag of broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots in your frozen food isle and just eat one portion...

Comment #9

Thanks everyone! I'm going to try the roasting idea tonight. These should last me a while...

Comment #10

I am not a veggie lover but this sounds like something I may like, easy to prepare too..

How do you count this on the plan?..

Comment #11

How is the casserole calculated? one serving is one veggie serving?..

Comment #12

It can't be just a veggie serving as it has added protein (milk, cheese) plus whatever else is in the can of mushroom soup and then carbs from the bread crumbs, you would need to figure out all the stats and see whether it is possible to incorporate...

Comment #13

I logged it in my book as: A veggie serving, a dairy (milk), another dairy (cheese), I did not add the bread crumbs because I used so few. When I logged it on the on-line food chart, I added up all the calories for all the items and added it under "add more food to" and clicked on "define food" and listed it as "Veggie casserole" and put it as 35 calories, since I got so many servings out of the dish I made. This is the type of dish that the calories will depend on the brand of soup, cheese and veggie you use...

Comment #14

Something really yummy I've come up with for broccoli and cauliflower is to roast it, then toss it in a mixture of about a tablespoon or so of low cal apricot jam mixed with some soy sauce and red pepper flakes. Sometimes I pop it back in the oven to dry it out a little an make it sticky, but most of the time I just eat it out of the mixing bowl! Yum!..

Comment #15

Oh, this sounds sooo good!!!!! This is going on my plate tomorrow night!!!! Thanks for sharing...

Comment #16

No problem I've actually been meaning to do so for some time. This broccoli thread reminded me. Le me know if you like it! I can eat a whole bag of frozen broccoli myself like this! Oh, and I just leave it in the oven until the tips start getting a little brown. Enjoy!..

Comment #17

Since starting, I've decided broccoli is my new form of potato. I used to take a pre-nuked tater, chop it it and "pan-fry" it in a frying pan with a lil bit of margarine and onions, maybe some garlic, and whatever seasonings I felt like..

I kind of do the same with broccoli. Start with browning onions in some PAM spray, maybe add some Mrs. Dash to the onions, then I had the broc, give it about a minute, give it a stir. Then I pour about a quarter cup of water in the pan, pop on teh lid for about 5, and it's perfectly steamed....then I continue frying a little, and add more Mrs. Dash. It's like broccoli hashbrowns hehe..

Comment #18

I made this tonight, but varied it. My vegetables were already cooked so I re-heated them in a saucepan and instead of Apricot Jam, I have a jar of Orange Marmalade in the fridge and user that with the soy sauce and let it cook down.


Comment #19

Ooh! I bet that was good. That's a good idea to do it in a pan. I might steal that. Glad you liked it!..

Comment #20

I saute some onion, mushroom & garlic. When that is about 1/2 way done I put the broccoli on top, put the lid on, add a little water (few T), cover with a lid & let it steam..

Then I dump the whole thing on top of my salad which is already dressed & sprinkle with a little parm..

Had this for dinner just tonite...YUM!..

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Cook your broccoli, make the split pea soup for lunch, put the soup & broccoli in the blender, add a little LS chicken broth & pulse..

- make sure the lid is on tight & hold it down since everything will be hot.

- has a tendancy to explode in the blender which is why you only pulse it on/off/on/off.

Transfer to a bowl, dollup NF plain yogurt in the center, sprinkle w/parm..

Comment #22

I sprinkle mine with some Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy Herb Mix before nuking it. Quite tasty..

Another I do it is to boil it in some low/no-salt beef boullion along with some regular Mrs. Dash Herb Mix...

Comment #23

I dump Mac and cheese over it..

Also have Hidden valley ranch powder in bottle that I sprinkle over sometimes...

Comment #24

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