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Is image stabilisation either built in or in the lens better for the beginner when purchasing a new SLR?.

I have a budget around $1400 (max.) however prefer not to go over $1200 australian dollars. I am after SLR in which I can take a range of photos and honestly will not find myself upgrading in the near future. regarding new lenses etc. I have been seriously considering the Sony Alpha A100 kit as it gets a good review, seems fairly versatile in which I can set it up to point and shoot for the missus or adjust settings etc. and learn to use it properly. It has IS built in rather than having to get a lens etc.

However I also like the Canon brand like the 30D but it has no IS built in and just comes with a standard lens. If I buy the 30D and then go and buy a good IS lens it places me well over my budget..

Being beginners probably prone to shaking a little when taking photos would buying the Sony be my best option?.

I have also looked at the Pentax but there kit lens do not seem to get a good rating either. Buying a good lens once again puts me over my budget.Any thoughts???..

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Image stabilization helps out pretty much only when you begin to use slower shutter speeds, usually anything slower than 1/60 (or equivalent depending on zoom amount). Above that and you will see no difference with IS on or off.Fuji Film S9100s9100/s9600 Flickr Group:

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The Sony would be fine, also the Pentax K100D / K100D super, both have in-body image stabilisation. It will work with any lens that fits the camera. As you have realised, if you get Nikon / Canon you have to pay extra for every lens with IS in it. Fans fo these systems will tell you that it works better, and maybe it does, but it costs a lot more. On your budget I'd go for the Sony or Pentax..

I find I can hand-hold pictures at about 2 stops slower shutter speed than I would normally use. It even helps with fast shutter speeds and a telephoto lens when panning (moving the camera to follow a moving target, like a bird in flight). Even at 1/500 sec (normally considered fast enough to freeze motion) I got a higher proprtion of sharp shots with IS switched on..

Best wishesMike..

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The E510 with two lens kit would be in budget and it has in camera stabilization and the kit lenses are rated excellent.A member of the rabble in good standing...

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LM1 wrote:.

The E510 with two lens kit would be in budget and it has in camerastabilization and the kit lenses are rated excellent.A member of the rabble in good standing..

Yes - I'd forgotten that. So there are three to choose from in your price range (Sony, Pentax, Olympus)..

Best wishesMike..

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I am leaning towards the Sony but having a look at the Pentax.

Decisions Descisions..

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Go over to the Panasonic forum, ask a few older members... look up Godfrey as an example, no he is not old, just wise.

Do not expect to get a full accounting on truth from this hread.. many have fan cameras.. your budget sounds OK for one great camera with in lens stabilization.... maybe a few more.. The Fz series is way below, but for a DSLR, well, I might add the L1 at about $1000 is about the best bang for a dollar you can get..

Not only will you not be a small fry in a big pond.. ie... Nikon or Canon... you can be on the Leica lists ( as the lend is Leica) , the panny lists and Oly as well. Now, for the record, Canon makes one heck of a camera and so does Nikon, no way can they give you the same adventure for the same money. Many times I wonder why I didn't buy either ..

If I had to do it over.. go back in time knowing what I know now, I would still buy the L1..

I have owned Yashica SLR, Canon SLR, Canon SLR's , and all were greatI did not own the top of the line, but with the L1 I feel I have a camera that does so much and is fun to own and has many admirers/ detractors ( who do not know much I think ) .. not all pro's.. but great friends are waiting to welcome you into the "club" should you join. I have found the 4-3rds and Panny members to be about the best out there. Most any one of the regulars will answer your questions and give guidance, not be rude and be a positive influence. Not that other forums are not, it just seems that way to me.More like Mac owners do, or like a foursome in golf..

Before you buy, go on this Pana forum, ask for Bill or Godfrey.... go in othe forums and ask in the Pansonic DSLR forum.... people from all over the world have some great ideas on this camera. It was not really reviewed after the firmware update.... and that kit lens is just awesome. Second choice for me today would be the Oly 510 or Pentax K10 for this budget.

TomYorba Linda, California..

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