Im using godaddy as my host and dreamweaver to upload.?

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My first question is: Im using godaddy as my host and dreamweaver to upload.?.

My next question is: What are some of you guys' best hand-regs in your domaining career? By "best" I mean most valuable in a monetary sense, not "" since it has sentimental value to you.

You can include sites you bought and developed or just domains you bought and sold (or are trying to sell).

I'd say for mine:.

Gimpshop(.)com regged, developed, sold for high $xxxx.

Webbattleship(.)com regged, developed, sold for low $xxxx.

Blu-raydiscplayer(.)com regged, parked, sold for low $xxxx.

Of course, being in the business for 4-5 years myself I've had much higher sales, but these are some of the best domains I've sold that I didn't have to purchase from someone else first.

What about you folks?..

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Your question was: Im using godaddy as my host and dreamweaver to upload.?.

Some end user sales from hand reg's.














Comment #1

That one must have been from quiet a while ago or did it slip through the drop net ?

I just got my BEST EVER hand reg last week, I'll tell you what it is in a couple of years when they build them all - or when I decide to develop it which is very likely the way I will go with it. pays to read the news.


Comment #2

It's really hard to say. But I'll give it a try.

I like my name It's long but I know there is going to be a HUGE market for that in about 5-10 more years.

I also like my name, it is one of my fahv's.

And is one of my fahv's too. I just like the way it looks and sounds...

Comment #3

I've always liked this .com -.

Win the championship.

But I also like this .tv -.

You download..

Comment #4

One that I sold later for $1k but cannot disclose.

Otherwise, I love very much, but I love all my 300 + handregs...

Comment #5

I have WakefieldTravel /.com/

Recently regged this pair...

Comment #6

Hard to tell, until now I have only sold one of my handregs to an enduser..

Maybe AmericanOrganicFood dot com will prove to be a good handreg, just got a $1,71 click yesterday..

Comment #7 I regged it in the 90s when there wasn't even typo squatting. The HostGator got a lot of traffic but back then Google wasn't around and I wasn't aware of parking companies (when did they come into play?).

So one year I dropped it. A few years later as I got into domaining full time I realized my error. The HostGator is probably worth $10-20k. It had a big OVT and is a great typo of a very popular site. Oh well.

I guess in recent years my best reg was...ugh...ugh...some pronouncable's which I sold off during the frenzy a few months ago. I am banking of my 5L's now.

Bah...overall I do much better with domains from resale market...

Comment #8

This was my best sale ever and at the time was only the second name I ever had sold. It was from a long time ago before drops were so closely monitored!.


Comment #9

Tough to say, but 2 of my favourite ones are Domainer(dot)tv when nearly every single ccTLD was taken & AsianGirls(dot)tv..

Comment #10

A few hand regs I like...


Comment #11

My best handreg is I made it a india forum.

As well I like my recent hand reg Tax Reducingcom..

Comment #12

Me and peaches017 regged like a hundred's, including ones such as I think there were a few more that I regged and flipped prety fast, but can't really remember right now..

Comment #13

An 8-letter .com regged by hand and sold it for $40k next year...

Comment #14

Wow! That's great, yesonline Could you share the name with us? Of course I understand if you can't, but that is an awesome sale!..

Comment #15

My best was a hand reg .info sold for $1000 a few months later..

Comment #16

You can figure it out at

There is only one 40K sale.

But please do not post it here , thanks...

Comment #17

I see it! Congrats on such a great sale..

Comment #18

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