Im trying to get a domain name from

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Im trying to get a domain name from

My 2nd question is: We have three big HostGator auction events now - Traffic, Snapnames Live, and HostGator Round Table (DRT). We also have the Great Domains auctions every month.

But take a look at the terms and conditions of these auctions and you'll be surprised why so few high quality names are featured there. /img/avatar9.jpg can't sell name for 60 days if name doesn't sell at auction? Wtf. /img/avatar9.jpg has to reduced reserve by 20% if name doesn't sell at auction? Bullshit, I say. Transferring name to crappy registrar of auction house (a la Snapnames), waiting 2 months for payments...what exactly is happening here?.

Do these HostGator auction houses forget that they are dealing with actual domainers? Why are there rules and policies that are so anti-domainer? Enter your best names at these auctions, and forget about cash flow for 2 months. If you do this full time, then good luck feeding yourself (stock up on the Ramen a week in advance).

We need a new HostGator auction that actually has pro domainer policies. No transferring of name to crappy auction. Work out a deal with the registrar...

No 2 month delay in payments. No 20% reserve reduction. No withholding of selling rights for 2 months after auction.

There is a huge niche for such an auction I believe. Anyone care to fill it?..

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Your question was: Im trying to get a domain name from

I vote for that auto-extension thing I keep bringing up for the silent auction part, if there is a silent auction part. Also, I live in Vegas part time... this is going to be fun.

Be glad to help if I can,.


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As a newbie I'm still learning the ins and outs of domaining so my comments are not based on actual experience but just from what I've learned by searching the internet, reading forums etc.

I'll have to agree with this post though, it seems the HostGator auctions are too restrictive and certainly make it difficult for domainers instead of accommodating their customer base.

I've hesitated to list too many with auctions because of these restrictions. I do have a few that I listed with Moniker's live auction (I don't think they will be approved for the auction) but I've hesitated on listing any others...

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This future event is why I left you my phone number in the PM I sent you a while back. since then, I saw another one of your posts about living in Vegas part time so I would certainly like to discuss this with you. as I mentioned earlier, i'm in the early stages on this but I want to allocate more of my time and focus on it after I complete a current film project i'm working on. (mid january I will be done with some current obligations) anyway, I want to plan and prepare a fantastic event well in advance so that is why I mention it now...

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I think that the conditions are fair. Successful auctions are about attracting the buyers, not the sellers. These conditions look like they attract the buyers and if the buyers are there then sellers will jump through hoops to get their names selling there.

If you don't have enough restrictions for the sellers, then you get a flood of overpriced domains (e.g. TDNAM's recent Pro Auctions) and the buyers who spend a lot will consider the auctions a waste of time...

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Just a comment from the peanut gallery here (me just having sold a few on eBay / bought a few on TDNAM and eBay) - and this has nothing to do with Terms & Conditions, which should certainly be the focus of this thread ... but as far as a super nice-looking online platform goes, I've been eyeing - which I believe is run by a domainer (posts as sanatana on DS, not sure if he hangs out anywhere else.) Haven't bought or sold anything there, have a hard time even remembering the KOIOI HostGator name sometimes (!!! and that's coming from me, Mr. Anti-Premium LLLL, LOL) ... so not sure if it's got the right stuff beyond the great eye-candy. But it sure do look nice ... could be some potential there.

Update - sanatana is an NPer too ->

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I'll agree with the part about attracting the right buyers. But you also need to attract the right sellers too. Its a two way street. I know that I won't be listing any of my names at any of the auctions (except maybe the next to next Traffic) because I can't wait 2 months to sell my domain..

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Transferring the name to the auction house registrar is about right as it puts the name into escrow and the auction house has effectively validated that the name really is for sale. Re conditions for selling, sellers can be skittish and mess around. Putting controls into place makes a sale as reasonably reliable as an art auction where the work of art must be physically delivered to the auction house. As for the 2 months....well a little too long would agree......

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ONE Great live auction please, once a year, 100 greatest domains only. Sold under the reputable brand. A small silent auction only for the names that do not sell in the live (auto extended). That could be exciting imo...

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Spade and I have a little something in the works. We have a small layout and a great idea, but we just need to get the thing rolling.....

We know what you all want We will see what we can do to help...

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