I'm trying Nutrisystem again. What are some low point foods that fill you up?

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Quick question... I'm trying Nutrisystem again. What are some low point foods that fill you up? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Morning gang ....

Seems like lifes gotten everybody busy lately. Thats ok Just know that the ZONE will be here for you when you return. Dont forget even tho life gets in the way sometimes .... you still gotta stick to your plans, get your workouts in, eat well and drink all your water!.

So even tho you arent checking in regularly know we are still here supporting you and hip hip hoorahing you *shakes my pom poms* for reaching each tiny little goal!.

So ... c'mon check in with us lets us know how you are doing!..

Comments (40)

That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hi still here. My IT neighbor isnt in I'm least for a little bit!.

I love that commercial too by the way!.

It snowed here too last night...maybe 4 inches...but I here other places are getting hammered! This morning on the news they said that 43 of the 50 states have snow on the ground somewhere! Thats crazy!!.

We havent had alot of snow...but it's been cold here and I'm sooooo ready for spring......

Comment #2

Oh I know I love spring!!!!!! I woke up to a -1 this morning outside I dont know that it's EVER been that cold here .. not even including the wind chill ... it's just crazy and almost slipped and biffed it on the way into to work from the parking lot on a patch of ice ....

Not good.

Anyways sposed to be in a meeting ...shrugs dunno when thats gonna start seems like other things took precedence.

Over it so yeahhhhhhhhh I'm free..

Oh did I mention DS2 got a virus already or spyware infected his puter HUGE like last nite?.

Im so thrilled 17 days he made it 17 days ....

So I had to bring it to the IT hottie to fix..

Comment #3

Hello... no snow here, but cold for our standards... right now it's 36 degrees and not getting any warmer..

Work sucks big time... our sales are way down because of the economy and the construction industry. Bosses are presuring us hard, but what can you do? Anyway, otherwise life is just grand!.

I'm alive, I'm healthy and I'm happy!.

So smile, it's contagious!.

(We are the one and only of the 50 states currently without snow!)..

Comment #4


Ok thats nuff of that.

... I have just been meeting'ed to death.

So perhaps I can do some of my work now ..... waiting on DS to get here for lunch .....

Those meetings have left me sleepy!..

Comment #5

Love it when you shake those pom poms... Make sure you tell DS2 to stay off those certain sites where viruses are known to be.... That is what I was told. I don't know from personal experience, of course....

Happy Hump Day all... Welcome to 2011 Tonya... Nice to see you.....

Mikey, my brother lives in Miami and he loves to rub it in when it is freezing up here and in the 70's there... Doesn't it suck sometimes when work gets in the way of life?.

Alie, hope you made it in safe and sound.... Sounds like you got all the inches you could handle... Good for you.....

Comment #6

Lol yeah I told IT Hottie to try n track where he went.

So I can bust him lol... she hasn't had a chance to look at it but will probably tonite .....

Comment #7

Time to watch the clock lol how you spending YOUR afternoon..

Comment #8

Hi Sarah! Good to see you.

You'll be okay. Just make sure to get your water and workout in..

I'm here! *grabs xtra pom poms* I'll cheer with ya!.

Silly, I meant isn't his coming up too..

Lol @ alien abduction.

Nope, he made his own. I was busy getting ready for work..

Omg I love that commercial!!!.

I'm thinking we got close to 2 feet and more to come tonight. Good thing I have tomorrow off..

Already! Hope IT Hottie finds it..

Better check your back when you get home. You might have pulled something when you jerked form almost falling..

HI Mikey! I know how you feel with work. We can't force poeple to buy stuff..

It is contagious! Smiling right now.

Hey Robby! Happy Hump Day to you!.

I did make it there and back safely. Thank You. Oh yeah... plenty...

Comment #9

Yes already.

Didnt take him long did it and course he didnt touch nothing or go no where.

Oh well I have full faith in ITHottie to clean'er up shes kinda amazing like dat ... not me so much lol.

I got 2 wif bdays this month and a certain special sumone this month too.

Whos present btw is gonna be late..

Comment #10

After the plow shows up and I'm ready to head to work, DH tells me to take his car cause it would be better in the snow. He's still arguing that I shouldn't go in. So I start driving and this is what I see the whole way to work:.

I get to work about 10:30, get a coffee and we go in and set up. Probably opened the doors around 11. This is what the mall looked like:.

Do you see anyone there??? This is at 10:30. The mall opens at 10. There are only about a dozen stores/kiosks open. JCPenny didn't even open..

1 customer in the whole mall. Not to mention that they didn't even have the parking lots plowed where we park the most..

Mall employees are just walking around bored..

Then we get the word that the mall is closing at 1. What a waste. But, thankfully we could go home...

Comment #11

Omg those pics are freeking priceless ... WOW I woulda been peeved too after going in ... glad you made it home tho in 1 piece.

LMAO mhm.

Its coming by pony express..

Comment #12

Boys will be boys... If we had internet when I was a kid, I would probably never leave my room.....

Glad you made it there alive... I was with your DH on this one. Would not of let you leave the house knowing that is probably what the mall was going to look like... You are the queen of dedication.....

Well, I hear that 5:00 whistle about to blow... Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their hump day.... See ya tomorrow.....

Comment #13

Tc roberto.

See you tomorrow oh and get an extra hump in dere for good measures today..

Comment #14

You're right Robby. At least I get paid for my whole scheduled shift.

Drive safe, stay warm!..

Comment #15

Evening ladies and gents... how are we? Looks like the entire nation is covered in snow and ice, me... not so much. But it is getting into the 20's tonight; and well here in Florida, not too any homes have fireplaces (mine doesn't)... so we gotta find other ways to keep warm!.

Was gonna go for a jog tonight but decided against it on account of the temperature. Was gonna do the eliptical but decided against it due to the fact I'm lazy tonight. So, finally decided to uncork a bottle of Merlot and watch "Social Network", sounds like a much better plan, huh?.

OK kiddos, sorry I've been MIA... I promise to get my act together and get back in here! I miss you guys/gals!.

Mikey out...

Comment #16

I want to see that! Let me know how it is!.

I'm going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie myself....

Have a great night folks!..

Comment #17

Will do sweetheart, have a cozy night yourself, stay warm and stay safe!!!!..

Comment #18

Good Morning Zone........

I set the timer on the coffee, so hopefully it will be ready when you get here. I hope I did not make it too strong, you know us non coffee drinker stink at making coffee..

I am really loving working night shift.

4 more weeks to go. Right now I do not know when to eat, sleep, take drugs, Etc, etc, etc. I tried to ride my bike this morning, had dead legs after 20 min, then I had to take those dead legs outside and shovel snow for 30 min..

Did I mention it is 55 days till my get away day for vacation. I order tickets to two baseball games toninght. March 12th, and March 24th, both at Dunedin Florida, the Blue Jays spring training home. One game is the Pirates, the other is versus the Braves. Think I will order tickets to at least 3 more games. I will go see the Pirates, Tigers, and maybe travel to Orlando to see the Braves..

I really miss being around to chat. Heck, I did not even realized it was hump day until reading posts.


The good news, I past the two test to the classes I took on Tuesday. The Bad news, have 48 hours of classes coming up starting a week from Fri. I'm Thrilled.


Ok, I am going to try to get some shut eye (yes I am at work, dont tell the boss), the phones have been silent for all of 5 minutes, so I am taking that as a good omen..


Comment #19

Hey all.

Tim - I hope you get the hang of night shift before you go back to days..

Be careful out there..

I'm still feeling mighty puny and may see if my Doc has an appt this am. DH had this, but not as bad. Still I've been up since 4:40. Worked a bit and now I think the pillows look good. Running to the bathroom does not help in the sleep dept..

Stay warm my friends, see you later!..

Comment #20

Mmmm I bet your decision was a whole lot better then the other 2.

... I had zumba last nite then in my workout sweaty wet hair look I went straight to a motivational speaker seminar for 1.5 hours ... thought it was going to do with the kids in the community, but it didnt really turn out to be that shrugs ... but he was a good speaker then went home had a fishy taco ... YUM btw and went to bed.

Timmy nice job on the coffee ....

Wow you are such a busy boy I dont know how you do it all! I would be a crazy person with your shifts .. heck Im crazy with my shifts as it is.

Awww sweetness feel better man the punys are bad.

Im still coughing but not nearly as bad still swigging the Nyquil at nite hoping it helps me not choke thru the night sleeping in that half sitting up position it's just fabulous.

My mom thinks the new meds are keeping me runnin back n forth to the pot too I mean I swear I must go 20+ times a day in the last month.

And my drinking hasn't increased sooooooo what else could it bed?..

Comment #21

LMAO I love the voodoo hahahah ... great!.

I wish I could be doing nothing.

I miss them 3 and 4 day weekends!..

Comment #22

*slinks in*...I'm back(interrobang)I fell victim to the oldest trick in the bookbelieving my own publicity. You know how you lose weight, get thin and then start to believe for some unfathomable reason that you are a "naturally" skinny person? So you start to eat like a person who can "eat anything"?.

I haven't had the guts to get on the scale yet but after going to NOLA,Christmas, my Dads wedding and my littlest daughter's birthday I am once again faced with a closet of clothes that are too tight..

Beat me flog me, take away my beer....I am whipped...*assumes the position*..

Comment #23

I'll be right there!!.

Don't feel bad. Mine is a different route but sounds like we ended up at the same place..

What NOLA are you speaking of? When I think NOLA I think of New Orleans..

I hate to think you were in the area and didn't let me know.

Hope everyone is managing to stay warm today..

Comment #24

Look you gotta stop beating yourself up and let us do it for you LMAO ... no just kidding ... what you have said tho is TOTALLY true and I think we ALL fall victim to it and that "old" way of thinking ... so my dear welcome back it's good to see you we are all still here struggling to get to our goals or GET BACK to our goals ... youre not alone! by any means... dont hide, let us help ya darling we love ya.

Hey roddyro..

Comment #25

Thanks! I did..

Thanks for the coffee Tim! I needed it. But I think it was a little strong because this is the first time I've sat down since I started my first cup..

I checked my email, logged in here, took Chewie out, shoveled, folded laundry, tidied up, lit candles and now just sat down..

My dad's got his place down there. DH was talking about getting tickets to see them play the red sox in training. technically we could walk to the park from the house but... that won't happen..

Besides... I wasn't invited. lol.

Congrats on the tests! I sure hope you are getting some sleep. Your body is not going to work right if you don't get a schedule down soon..

I wish you would just wake up tomorrow and be fine... just like I wish for Aeri..

Wouldn't that be nice? We've just got a Zone full of sickos..

Yummy! I need to figure out what we are going to have for dinner..

Kinda gettin sick of chicken..

So what was the speaker speaking of? Anything useful?.

Man... I get a day off and all I am doing is working!.

Need to finish up some random things and then clean the bathrooms. Maybe then I can sit and relax and enjoy my "day off"..

Comment #26

Hey Marie... Welcome back... Been there, done that... I think we all have, so don't feel too bad.... No problem with us helping smack you around a little bit. You just need to stop by more oftern.....

First we had a Tonya sighting this week and now Marie... I am starting to tear up a little that the whole gang might be coming back.....

Alie, I saw The Social Network in the theater... Good movie. I enjoyed it a lot. I now have Inception at home to watch. I hear it is good, but hard to follow... I will have to put my concentration hat on to watch it, I guess......

Comment #27

Hey girl! glad to see you! Yeah, don't beat yourself up. It happens..

But you're back! That's great!.

Are you going to stick around?.

Lol @ naturally skinny. I'm pretty sure I won't have that problem. Ever. Even when I was thinner I still didn't feel it..

The boys will be happy to take care of the punishment. *steps aside* You will have to follow Roddy to the dungeon...

Comment #28

You guys are the best. Period. I think I realized how important it is to check in here to stay accountable. I got tired of the food and it started piling up and I found myself eating more and more "regular" and not good- food. I need to learn to do this with real food....I mean nonNutrisystemfood..

I did mean new Orleans- wish I had known, I woulda called you! We stayed down on Carondelete, only there for 3 days but we had a blast- I got a new tattoo of a mercury wing on my ankle as a cover up of an old one so I have a permanent memento of the big easy.

Thank you all so much-It feels good to have hope again!.

Tomorrow morning I get on the scale and change my ticker-..

Comment #29

Well he was a motivational speaker and we all thought it would be something "different" when we got there infact everyone Ive spoken to was like WTH ? he spoke more about if you wanna change your kids you first gotta change YOU and lead by example. said if you do something "different" for 21 days straight ... it becomes a HABIT so he said he brushed his teeth with his "other" hand for 21 days straight and on like the 14th day he just found himself reaching with his left hand ... I dunno but they say it's true.

Passes you a tissue ... it is a joyous occasion huh? we need to get nail back here and stephie and lindsey omg we'd rock this place! have you boys hopping thats for sure.

We'd never give up on you GF ... and being accountable sometimes helps ... first step is def the scale.

You are doing the right thing! we'll hold your hand and cover up the number lol for you..

Comment #30

Hi all. Survived the snow and the commute from hell and bow it is a crystal clear cold as a witches.


Day here..

We did not get the 17 Alie got. We got 12 this time..

WB Marie. I missed tonya yesterday. I missed Linda Lou..

We're gettin the band back together..

Comment #31

Toots your horn.

Jus sayin.

I guess I shouldnt complain to my measley 4-6 I got here.

But we still have sheets of ice covering the streets that is the worst stuff to drive on.

Sposed to start heating up uhm tomorrow so it can snow again saturday? oh goodie lol.

My first day back to work at the bay no less hope it dont get TOO bad I'm out till 3am in the stuff.

Almost time to go home and lemme tell ju summin summin ........... IM SO READY!..

Comment #32

LOL Was there something else in the quote I missed. Those just stood out to me.

That being said. I hope it warms up and the ice melts and you don't have a tough ride home saturday night..

Comment #33

Heh .. Ima girl I'll just take DH's truck and if I slide off the road I'll go 4wheeling thru some fields..

Comment #34

I stop by at least every morning and lemme tell you... by doing that I think of you all all day long and remember that I need to make good choices..

Yep. 21 days to change a habit. It's true. But most training comes with the lead by example thing and it's kind of like love. You can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself..

I kind of agree with the changing how we do things so they will change. But on the other hand... if you aren't doing anything different but they are... how's that work?.

And if your parenting hasn't changed then why are they getting into so much trouble? It's not all on you imo.

Lol, yeah! We would be rockin!.

Glad you are safe. They said we were supposed to get more last night, but didn't. I'm hoping we don't get any more for a while..

You'd better drive super safe! Black ice is the worst! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it holds off till you are home safe from work this weekend...

Comment #35

I've got most of the house cleaned. Just need to clean the other bathroom and the kittie box and I'm done!.

Shower after that and then some online searching for some things for work. After that, it should be time for dinner and then my show is on tonight..

I've got my license renewal all filled out and ready for tomorrow morning. Was going to return the plates to the old car, but I can barely see the old car let alone try and get the plates off. lol So that will have to wait. I've also go tot contact the person for that gift I've been waiting on cause now I'm getting ticked. It's been over a month!..

Comment #36

Yeah I will drive super safe ... he usually makes me take his truck anyways cuz it's a bit heavier then mine ....

So Im headed out to do me a lil zumba then home to pass out Im sure.....

You sure didnt have a nice day off unless course you enjoy cleaning.

The only thing I think I shoulda changed was spanking them MORE Hahahahah ....

Course thats a lil too late now eh? heck DS1 just told me his gf got caught texting him and they took her phone AND grounded her for 30 days.

OH MAN.... these ppl mean business ... when is he gonna get it! they dont want secrets and their daughter doing bad things YET I do think they are a smidge just a smidge overbearing ... almost as bad as my mom was LOL ... the big rebel hit bout 15 1/2 lol for me!..

Comment #37

Well, gang... Time to bolt... Another fun and thrilling Thursday is coming to an end... Fiesta Friday tomorrow and then playoff football weekend.... Yeah!!!!!!..

Comment #38

Wow! I guess so, huh? But how often does she do bad things? I mean, does it work?.

Have fun at Zumba! I'm going to go take a hot shower. DH went to the brewery for a beer so he'll be a little later than usual. Which is fine. Gives me more quiet time..


I got all excited cause I was up shoveling a space to get to the mailbox when the mailman came by. He handed me a box..

And then I read it was for DH..

Have a wonderful evening Robby!..

Comment #39

Yup. I am less than three hours away from the big NOLA. This time tomorrow I will be in it!!.

Yo Timmy. How ya DOin?..

Comment #40

Hey Roddy,.

Going to be a little to busy for the rest of the month. Between working both jobs, and con-ed, do not have any time off. Working this much you would think I could afford some new junk, instead of keep fixing the old junk. (My car, which I love, is 12 years old, and is starting to nickle and dime me to death, trying to get one more year out of it..

How is you job going, still as busy as usual?.


Comment #41

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