I'm making up an Easter basket for someone on Nutrisystem. Any suggestions?

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My 1st question is: I'm making up an Easter basket for someone on Nutrisystem. Any suggestions? Thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I read post after post from people who are so upset with the scales and not losing weight or even gaining weight and I feel so badly for themthat is very difficult. I have reached goal and was reflecting back on my weigh insI only weighed in once a week (Wednesdays) and in the 48 weeks it took me to lose 55 pounds (yes, slow), I NEVER showed a gain on weigh in day and had very few weeks where a loss did not show uptoward the end, I had more weeks of staying the same but again, NEVER showed a gain. So, I began reflecting back on what I did and thought I would share.

1. I stayed on plan religiouslythough I did go out to eat periodically I got very good at knowing what to orderonly problem was sodium..

2. I weighed at the same time every Wednesday morning (literally, at least within 30 minutes of the time) dressed the same way which was really not dressed at all..

3. I always drank lots of water but for the two days before I weighed in, I really made sure I over drank my water..

4. The day before I weighed in, I would NEVER go out to eat or eat anything that wasn't exactly Nutrisystem..

5. I would choose lower calorie, less dense entrees for my meals the day before I weighed in..

6. Paid more attention to sodium levels also..

7. Ate my dinner and snack relatively early and didn't go to bed really full..

8. I took (and still do) magnesium tablets every dayreally helped me to have more consistent bowel movements..

9. I did not do heavy exercising the day before weigh inI might take a walk but nothing that would really tear muscles and cause them to retain water..

10. The last two nights before my weigh in I would weigh myself before going to bedI knew pretty much how much I lose overnight, minimum, and that would help me to prepare myself mentally if it looked like I wasn't going to lose that weekif I did lose, then it was a happy surprise!.

I know this will sound weird to some of you and some will think I was just "tricking" the scales. I don't really think it was tricking since it worked and I met goal. I just think doing consistently the same thing week after week saved my sanity and kept me from yo-yoing on the scales. That really gave me a boost each week and kept me focusedmaybe this can help even one person! And one other caution: weighing every day can drive you crazy, so if you are one who lives and dies by the scales each day and it totally affects how you feel for the whole day, do yourself a favor and STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALES!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Love this!! I found out very early on that I was going to drive myself crazy if I weighed every single day. I actually have my husband hide the scale for the entire week & on Friday mornings it magically appears. After weigh disappears until the next week!..

Comment #2

Rvdeb Love the inspiration!.

Poker_Queen hiding the scale is genious, and a fun little thing that you and your hubby can share! I'm going to start this with my boyfriend!..

Comment #3

All good tips for weighing in light but I am going to have to just say one thing.....

Exercise is.


I would much rather see someone get out there and get a good workout in the day before a weigh in than that person putting it off because they might retain some water. You are right, I weigh in heavier after a lifting session or a hard run, but I am burnnig calories, building a leaner strong body and getting healthier. That (IMHO) is more important than any weigh in..

Comment #4

I don't like that the meal planner has a spot every day for weigh ins... I think it encourages people to weigh everyday....

BTW - Great post!..

Comment #5

I started out weighing in once a week, then after about 2 months, started weighing in every two or three weeks - - now, I'm lucky to step on the scale once every other month. As long as my clothes fit the way they should (or get a little looser), I'm fine with that. I don't have major concerns about the usual fluctuations of a couple of pounds, either. I do still watch everything else, though...

Comment #6

I agree, but I think the morning after your rest day is a GREAT weigh-in day! You should have at least one rest day each week if you have strenuous workouts on the other days, right? That's when my weight is lowest and that totally motivates me :-)..

Comment #7

Rest days I don't take a ton of - but recovery days - I have a few of those a week. It is all relative...

Comment #8

I understand what you are saying but I never said to put off exercising or skipping or whateveragain, just planning for me. Rest day, recovery day, whatever it's called is a good day to have the day before weigh inthen weigh in day, back to schedule. I agree exercise IS good. I just strategically place it in my schedule to coincide with when I weigh...

Comment #9

You mentioned eating your last meal and dessert earlier. I agree. I know they say as long as you get it all in it doesn't matter the times, but I'm still not buying into that notion! Thanks for the tips....

Comment #10

WONDERFUL post!!!! Thank you so much!! I really like this idea!!..

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