I'm looking for a certain Nutrisystem recipe?

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First question I got is I'm looking for a certain Nutrisystem recipe? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I am now starting my 3rd month on NS, and have lost 20 pounds or so. I was hoping for more, of course, being I want to get rid of this load ASAP, as most..

If you look at my weight graph, it has been kinda steady for several weeks now, and of course that has been a concern. I've heard and read that for us Senior folks (+68), it just doesnt drop off as fast as younger people, due to hormones, etc. Well, I accept that answer for the mostpart..

What brought up my title to this thread was that, my bride placed a large mirror on the wall next to this computer position. I noticed the other day, as I was wearing a T-Shirt that my arms have began to "look old", with wrinkles and hanging skin. I have always had good arms since I worked utility construction for +40 years before going into the office, and arms have always been tight. Now I noticed since I've been on Nutrisystem that they are changing. I vowed many years ago that I had seen my folks and other seniors get this condition, and I said I.


Would ......well, sorry to say,.


Has arrived. This is why I brought up the question, Muscle or Fat. If you look at my measurement graph, you can see a steady decline in my arm size, but too I am starting now to lose in the other areas also. My question is do you think it is Muscle or Fat? I am sure Gordon will give me some great advice. I suspect it will be to start doing some strength arm exercises. Only thing I have here at the house is a rubber tube band or my bodyThe gym is out of the question due to cost.

So....need some advice from you exercise guru's.....cant do P90X due to knees/shoulders, but I think hitting that band afew times a week will help. What do you think?? I've seen that exercise chair on TV that they are hyping, but that is alot of $$$. My tube band and folding chair is pretty close to what they are showing..

So, rap my knuckles here boys...I am ready for a 'talking too'....

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Poly, what is it about your calf obsession. They are going to get stronger as well...

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I might be extrapolating too much based on personal experience, but some of the stuff I have read about calf training also seems to fit in (I know it is controversial, but they seem to respond to volume and if you are walking around fat, that is constant training). For me, I found that lifting while losing, all the other measurements went up. For calves, the measurements actually went up a lot, on calf raises. But if you "deduct" the change in your body mass (and I think you should on a calf raise, other then your foot everying is being lifted!), then I didn't get stronger, actually was able to stay close to same strenght, but lost a few pounds of measured strength..

I could imagine same issue with thighs, but I found I was able to keep pace and get stronger with thighs. but not calves..

Now that I have explained the biomechanics, you and I can publish in Journal of Sports Medecine and get rich!..

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I know what you mean about loose skin. I'm working on getting rid of some myself...tightening up the arms, by lifting weights. Since you have knee issues, (I do too), I would get your self some dumbbells and an adjustable bench. They're relatively inexpensive and don't take up too much room. I work out my arms and chest doing incline bench press and flys and it seems to be helping. As far as cardio, I bought an elliptical's really easy on the knees.

I was able to work up a pretty good sweat doing that at my father-in-laws house this past Thanksgiving...

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Unfortunately, left over skin is part of the price of fat removal. Specialliy around the belly/back since there is no way to really "bulk up" muscles to refil the skin sack there. I won't comment on if it can shrink on it's own. I've heard it both ways and heard of creams, etc. but have no personal experience of that occuring. I did 1 yr comparison photos of loose belly skin with no obvious improvement for me, anyway.

The good news is that in your arms, you can bulk up muscle, hopefully enough to take out some of the loose skin. Without access to a gym, pick up some dumbells, like Rick suggested, and focus on curls for your biceps, and pushups for your triceps (and chest). Maybe one of those doorway gizmos for pull ups to help both biceps and lats in your back. Get heavy enough dumbells to be able to just get in 10 curl reps. Do 3 sets of 10 curls focusing on biceps no more than twice a week. Us older guys do better with longer recovery times.

Focus on different isolated muscle groups on different days. You'll know you're accomplishing something if you're sore for 2 days afterwards. If you're not sore, you're not growing muscle. You will hopefully be pleasantly surprised at how an "old guy" can grow muscle! I'm no body building expert, but this general approach seems to work. See Poly, Sean, and others here..

Good luck!!.


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Hey John,.

I agree with Gordon on most points. The arms and legs you can firm up. That is the nature of men, but you do not need to push it hard. If you injure yourself at this point it could do significant damage. Take it easy, lift a few dumbbells, walk and some cardio..

As far as the loose skin, at your young age you probably will not see the skin go back to place. As you age, the skin looses elasticity. You can try the cocoa butter creams, but honestly it probably will not work..

My final statement is this. Enjoy the new life at a lighter weight. Enjoy the time with your wife and walk with her. This weight loss is not so you can look 20 again, but about being able to truly enjoy your future and doing thing you couldn't at 250 pounds! Just my opinion!..

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Thanks to all that have replied........well, I hadnt noticed that skin wrinkles before starting NS, and really hadnt up until last week. Went to Sports Chalet yesterday and bought a 3 piece set of hand weights @ 3, 5, & 8#'s and started some light lifting. Some are hard on my left shoulder, which is in need of it's third cutting on... sofar they havent fix it, like they did the right... raining here the rest of the week and weekend, so not too much outdoor stuff is planned..

Worked with the weights and the rubber band yesterday afternoon and this morning, so we're hoping for some improvements.......getting old sucks!!..

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Last I checked, getting old still beats the alternative...

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Just do like I did. After losing 150 pounds I had some lose skin, even around my belly area. The trick is to raise your arms like you are showing off your muscles and it pulls that loose mid section skin tight again..

That's my trick, and from the picture below, you have to admit. It works..

After a year and a half the iguana neck is actually going away a bit now too. So the body does recover somewhat. I may not look young, but I sure do feel younger without all the extra weight...

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