I'm back with my Nikon D200!
Hi there, Remember me? I posted the question 'Nikon v Tamron lens' way back in July as I was waiting to order my D200. You were all very kind and gave me lots of advice..

Well, I'm back With my beast of a camera! It arrived a few days before I went on a trip to the outer Hebrides, so I didn't get chance to learn much before going. However, I put it on autofocus and took a considerable amount of photo's which are pretty impressive. Not so good to zoom and crop on that setting but good to view as they are. I have to say, my little Canon PS45 did exceptionally well also. I am now looking forward to the winter for the first time ever as I will have the dull evenings to learn more about the camera instead of working on the garden!My questions on this post are:1) Which tripod would you all recommend for the D200?2) Which macro lens is best?Thanks in anticipation!Chris..

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Here are 2 good ones to consider.

Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Lens Sample Photos.


Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Micro.


Bill,Jr'I kind of like the Earth, it's where I keep all my Stuff.'Website; Lake Wylie, SC..

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1st note some might point you to Thom Hogan's thoughts on tripods and heads.

That advice is, arguably, overkill it is pointless to spend fairly substantial amounts of money on support systems in order to take maximum advantage of lens resolution if technique or circumstances will not allow it to be realized, or if such resolution is simply not going to be meaningful (who pixel-peeps family portraits, for instance?) enough to justify the expenditure..

The Bogen/Manfrotto 3001/3021 lines are perhaps worth a look, if you're looking for a bog-standard no-frills tripod leg set. Carbon fiber equivalents will lighten both the load and your wallet. If you're planning to travel a lot with it but need to pack light and small, you may need to look at 4-section (per leg) CF tripods not cheap, and less stable than 3-section, but will pack up smaller. Gitzo's well-regarded but pricey..

Uniloc offers some designs that are really, really good at positioning your camera at highly unusual angles and positions. Might be interesting if you're shooting flowers..

Head choice should consider type (ex. ball heads make it easy to move in multiple axes at once and difficult to move in only one; a panning base can help. Pan/tilt are useful for precise movement, but not rapid re-acquisition. So forth.)..

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Thanks for your help, though I really need someone to choose for me! I am very new to DSLR and starting on the bottom rung of the ladder. I need a reasonably light, reasonably priced, but obviously manipulative, sturdy tripod. I will use it mostly for macro and portrait. Please give me a couple of choices, I am useless at choosing even a cream cake in a shop!Many thanksChris..

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Thanks for your help, I will look at both.Chris..

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A few other macro lenses to consider:.

Http:// has received rave reviews..

Http:// as a tack, I use this one frequently..

Http:// very sharp lens that I enjpy using.

Http:// have a couple of Tokina lenses, their build quality is second to none..

OUt of any of these and the two other mentioned in another post, it's hard not to pick a good one, all of them will give you excellent results.My humble photo gallery:

Image control:Zoom outZoom 100%Zoom inExpand AllOpen in new window..

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I do not have a macro lens but judging from what I read I would make the Tamron 90mm the first on your shopping list..


Unless you want carbon fibre and an empty wallet look at the Manfrotto range in particular the 190 and the 055 (They also do CF if you realy want to spend the money):.

Http:// a good price for the Pro B. They are local to me and reliable).



The 055 is taller. Which you chose will depend on:.

A) your heightb) how much bending you are prepared to doc) How much weight you are prepared to carry.

Never set out to use the centre column by more than an inch or so. You are essentially balancing a monopod on top of a tripod if you do..

You will need a head. Manfrotto also make good affordable ball heads. Look at the 486RC2 and 488RC2.

Http:// little video to play here).


I use a 486RC2 on my monopod..

A quick release like the RC2 is essential. Each manufacturer has a different one. I have three shoes - one on each camera and another on the tripod foot of my 80-200mm lens..

If you are going to buy a big heavy lenses somewhere down the line a head with adjustable head tension i.e a 3rd knob would be useful. It allows you to adjust and preset the friction on the ball so that it is better able to resist droop using a long lens (but a really good lens should have it it own tripod mounting and give better balance).

Http:// is the cheapest I know and I would not particularly recommend it)..

Chris Elliott.

*Nikon* D Eighty + Fifty - Other equipment in Profile.


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