If you're on the Nutrisystem diet, do you have to consume the minimum points?

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Quick question... If you're on the Nutrisystem diet, do you have to consume the minimum points? Thanks for any response. My other question... Http://

So...I was making plans to go the movies, and have dinner out with friends this Friday night, and thought it best to check out Applebees nutrition page. Those under 550 cals, and Weight Watcher entrees seemed like a good place to start my search. I looked at the menu first, to try to see how good I am getting at "guestimating" nutritional facts. I settled on my top 2 choices as 1) Weight Watchers Chipotle Lime Chicken, and 2) Weight Watchers Paradise Chicken..

After review of the facts, my first choice I would classify as POOR!.

At 490 cals, and 12 g fat, I think the fat's too high. But the real shocker was the.

4,990 mg of sodium! WHAAAAT? You'd have to cut me out of my shoes and rings right there at the table! I considered that it was way too big a portion, and if just half was consumed it would make a more sensible dinner of 245 cals, 6g fat, but still...2500 mg sodium??? What do they do, brine the food?! The Paradise chicken is not so bad at 340 cals, 4g fat, but... 2060 sodium?!!! I just can't handle that anymore. Not after eating Nutrisystem for 5 months. Back in the day, it was typical. Just can't do it anymore. I would blow up like a balloon.

No way Jose. So then I was thinking of getting the 7 oz sirloin,(250 cals, and 12g fat, but 860 sodium!) with seasonal veggies, and to replace the potatoes, a plain side salad and bringing my own FF dressing. Low fat, and healthy side choices, right? Not so fast, my fellow peeps. Further investigation shows the veggies to have *another* 260-340 mg sodium on top of the meat, and the house salad *without dressing* to be 230 cals, 15g fat (!) and another 390 sodium. So, I called them to see what the heck is in that thing, and was told "iceberg lettuce, spring mix, tomatoes cucumbers, and croutons." I asked "What's 230 cals and 15 g fat? Two mountains of the croutons?" "Oh, there's some cheese on it too." ( I need to go lie down now.) Ok, so we' d ask for no cheese and croutons, but still...THIS, I believe is why we fail miserably at trying to lose weight on our own, when we *think* we're ordering healthy (grilled chicken/ or lean cut sirloin,.

Veggies, plain salad) we are still banging up the numbers, especially sodium, like crazy. Thank God for nutritional facts having to be listed these days. I honestly think I'm going to tell my friends I'll just meet them at the movies after they go to Applebees, and I eat my trusty Nutrisystem dinner..

Does anyone have any other ideas for decent nutritional food choices out? I can pretty much get the calories and fat right, but this sodium thing seems to have me licked. Sorry for the novelette. Just a bit disappointed...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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I like to play "Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally". Go to the restaurant and ask for your food very specifically. I don't really go by the menu. I choose what I want to eat and ask for it to be prepared to my needs..

I want a grilled chicken breast (or fish or shrimp) with no added oils. Just a spritz of PAM and a pinch of seasoning. Not a shake, a pinch. I will send it back if it is not made to my specs..

I want grilled vegetables the same way. If they are swimming in anything, I will send them back..

I like to go to a salad bar so I can choose my own add-ins and use my own salad dressing..

When they bring bread to the table (at some restaurants), DH is very good about asking the waiter to bring just 1 piece of bread for him so I am not tempted to eat something I can't control..

Now I am very nice when I ask for special food. I explain that I have a "condition" and need special help with getting the food I need...

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Every single time I have eaten out, and I always eat half of the serving and get grilled choices etc, I gained weight. I never go out for food anymore. Its easier just to eat before hand. maybe people will have better advice, but everything eating out is too high of sodium like you said...

Comment #3

Mary- I agree with you. Just can't trust what they're putting into the food in that kitchen. That dang salt shaker has to go. Eat outs will be few and far between for me too, like you said..

Cgbinky- You are rockin it, friend! It's so funny you should reference WHMS; everyone says I *am* Sally because forever I would order things, with extra this, and without any of that, and instead of that substitute this, and just about everything on the side. LOL. But it used to be to make it FATTER food. "Extra bleu cheese,on the side (so I could get even more than they'd put on it) no tomatoes, put in croutons instead" etc. Times have changed for the better, eh?.

I will borrow a page from your playbook, and mention my "dietary restictions" so I don't just look like a royal pain the butt. For some reason I'm always concerned about that..

Sundaybest7- I'm with you too. The other 2 times I ever ate out in a restaurant, while I was fortunate enough not have gained anything, I didn't lose those weeks, at all. One meal. One lousy meal out of 7 days worth of meals, and the sodium would puff me and the scale up to a zero loss. (But the next week was always more fun.).

*sigh* It is what it is...

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Sundaybest7- I'm with you too. The other 2 times I ever ate out in a restaurant, while I was fortunate enough not have gained anything, I didn't lose those weeks, at all. One meal. One lousy meal out of 7 days worth of meals, and the sodium would puff me and the scale up to a zero loss. (But the next week was always more fun.).

*sigh* It is what it is.[/quote].

Yeah exactly :[ go have fun with your friends and make it about seeing them, not getting applebees, maybe even meet up after they eat, I do that all the time :]..

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Wow, great post...very illuminating!! I don't have any ideas for you, but just glad you won't be eating at that salt lick with the other horses!..

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I clipped an article out of a magazine - it lists some best/worst meals to order out; at Applebees the Best are 1. Grilled Dijon Chicken & Portobellos at 450 cals & 16g fat...2. Asiago Peppercorn Steak at 390 cals and 14g fat...3. Grilled Shrimp & Island Rice at 380 cals and 4.5g fat. Sorry they dont list sodium..

Worst: Chili Cheese Nachos at 1680 cals & 107g fat.


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This is why, if high sodium affects you, you have to learn to order special when eating out..

When my husband and I go to Outback, I order the smallest of their steaks and I order it "without butter" (which means "please dont dip my meat in lard before you cook it!"). It saves over half the calories, tastes the exact same (to me), and I don't feel bloated after eating it. (Note:this is NOT an on-planNutrisystemsubstitute)..

As far as sodium goes, if I eat one meal with a high sodium count...I can just add lots of extra water and be fine. But not everyone is like that..

Big props to you for doing your reseach beforehand!..

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This whole discussion fits with my thoughts latelyI can handle extra sodium and just drink lots and lots of water for a couple of days and don't weigh but the hidden things drive me crazy! My husband and I are retired and we RV fulltime. For 3 months we are in AZ and were asked at the park where we are if we would be interested in doing some workampingwe work 12 hours each a week and they pay our site and utilitiesso we said, why not? We ended up working in the small restaurant here on siteactually love doing this and meeting the people, but, the food is something else. Oh, it is ALL very good and well prepared but the first night we were having grilled chicken (menu varies every weekend) I thought yea, something I can eat with the salad bar. That was until I saw the chef pull out the chicken from the fridgeit had been "marinating" all night in some kind of oil and buttery mixtureoh, my! It was grilled after that on a grill to which oil is used to keep it from sticking! I have never been on the "backside" of the restaurant business so I had no idea. Looking at that chicken just kind of turned my stomach and made me realize there must be all kinds of hidden things at restaurants! So, I am even more careful than before about what I order. And, everyone who ordered the gourmet burger raved about how good it was so the first week my husband got one for his mealhe doesn't eat a lot of sodium either and it was so salty he couldn't even eat it!.

P.S. We are grilling chicken at home today and the only add on is low sodium cajun spiceand it will taste just fine!..

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Those Applebee's 550 calorie entrees are interesting. I had dinner there with a friend. And couldn't really believe that a 550 calorie meal started with a 7 ounce sirloin steak. I was expecting the meal to be built around a 4 ounce steak. And then they put stuff on top (shrimp and sauce as I recall) and had potatoes on the side as well as vegetables. It probably wasn't the worst choice on the menu but I'm not 100% convinced it was 550 calories. (Very tasty though!)..

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Just a hint if you do get too puffy from water retention and sodium overload.... squeeze fresh lemon into your water....I noticed it helps with in hours get the toxins out...

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Thanks for reminding me of that. I always forget about lemons, and I love them too..

Well, I did go to a diner with my friends, and the waitress 'assured' me they do not soak chicken breasts in butter, or oil or anything there (?) After asking that the food be made with no added salt, or fats, she said they get requests like that all the time, and would never add to them as they're afraid people could be asking to omit these ingredients because they're allergic. Sooo...I got the grilled chicken sandwich, didn't eat the roll, subbed the coleslaw and FFs for a fruit bowl, ate the lettuce and tomato that was on top of it as a side salad with a FF dressing packet from my purse..

I feel good about the calories and fat content of the meal. Will find out Sunday what damage if any comes from sodium. Until then, water, water, water, water, water. (and lemon.)..

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I assume she meant mg. Sodium is normally counted in milligrams, not grams...

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Thats crazy! I never paid attention to sodium until last year when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I can't believe how much sodium is in so many foods. Its so crazy and unheathy...

Comment #14

Yes, thank you. I did mean milligrams, not grams- my mistake. lol..

*still* waaaay too much for my body, though...

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