If Nutrisystem work than a calorie must be a calorie?

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Quick question: If Nutrisystem work than a calorie must be a calorie? Thanks for any answer. Another question... How often do you weigh yourself?.

Does it matter when you consume your water or that you just consume it?.

Whats a good way to get a boost in the weight loss?.

Is it important to comsume all the food in a day or if your full can you not eat some of it?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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All IMO:.

Weight daily, record weekly..

Just drink it any time. Don't fret about it much..

For a short term boost, I'll stop lifting and focus on aerobic. I can drop and gain muscle almost as fast as fat..

Not a good practice for long term. Another "trick" for me is to stick to raw plain veggies (cup of carrots, peppers, etc) with dinner and don't eat at all in the evening before bed. I'll do that the night before a WI. Long term, just follow The Plan and have a good sweaty 45 min. workout (of any type) as close to every day as you can..

I don't know about skipping foods. I do believe that if you're not hungry, to "go with it" and enjoy the extra loss rate, however, I believe it is possible that going too low in calories can slow loss rates, but there is a lot of debate on that issue. Be careful to eat regularly, even if not really hungry to prevent the hungries from catching up and making you overeat. I suppose the best answer is: If in doubt, eat it all. Follow the Plan..


Comment #2


And if it helps, I seem to lose more weight when I'm drinking all Plus more water. I've read theories that even though water 8 8 oz glasses of water isn't *necessary* it does help the body break the fat down to be used as energy. From a biological standpoint it makes a certain degree of sense...but, not sure whether it's the truth or not...

Comment #3

+1 to all above..

Weigh as often as you feel the need, but be accountable by recording it weekly. If you cheat, weigh in so you know where you are..

Eat all the food. There is truth to saying that decreased calorie intake will slow weight loss..

Less data about water, but drinking it can't hurt..

Good luck...

Comment #4

Listen to Gordon for he is wise ......

I feel that you have to lay off of the weight lifting too in order to lose weight really fast. You have to go crazy with the cardio though - at least an hour a day, 4-5 days a week. I don't really think you should do this for more than a few weeks though .... you're going to start looking sickly and kinda pukey. Once you do, get back to lifting some weight and stop worrying about the numbers on the scale..

I drank over 1.5 liters of watered down Crystal Light a day (plus coffee in the mornings) when I was on NS..

You absolutely MUST eat all of your food. It's the key to keeping the fire stoked in your metabolic furnace. Gotta eat every 2-1/2 to 3 hours. If you're not hungry, have a few almonds or an apple. It'll give your body something to do and it won't start the fat-storing process. Trust me on this..

Good Luck..

Comment #5

+1 to above..

I don't weigh myself every day but it's hard to resist. I record my weight weekly..

Drink your water..

Eat your food..

Don't worry about a boost. Slow and steady is the best way to go...

Comment #6

I weigh myself once a week, first thing in the morning right after I go to the bathroom, and just before I shower..

I consume my water throughout the day, sip sip here, big gulp there..

Only way I ever found to boost my weight loss was to donate blood every 8 weeks, I always lost an extra pound the week I donated blood and I never gained it back..

I think it is important to consume all your food every day and to spread it out through out the day as directed. I followed the plan to the letter and it worked for me..

I lost 150 lbs. total, and have kept it off..

Stay strong, stay true, and you'll find the Success Story in you. Just like so many of us...

Comment #7

Gordon and Jonah are on target as always...the proof is in their results. Follow the game plan and the weight loss will come..

For me though, I try to drink my water as early in the day as helps to keep the night time trips to the john down to a minimum, but that's just me...

Comment #8

I weigh myself whenever I feel like it. I used to weigh in daily but I'm a lot more casual about it now since I stick strictly to the program I know it's not going up..

As for speeding it up? Meh it takes as long as it takes. Cardio can't hurt, if nothing else you'll be in better shape..

Drink the water it's good for you..

As for the food, yes eat everything they tell you to. The book list minimum nutritional requirements so I wouldn't advise eating less than that..

Good Luck...

Comment #9

Lots of studies show daily weighing drives diet adherance. Especially if you are a morally weak person like I am..

I do stripped, in AM, after leak and before eating. When I was dieting, used to be a shameless several times a day weigher, also. You totally get a feel for how it changes overnight and all that. But then I'm morally weak...

Comment #10

I used to use the excuse I was too mentally weak to handle the up and down fluctuations of weighing every day, but it's more just learning that your body weight changes daily. I don't weigh every single day, but I weigh at least every other day just to see trends now. I totally agree with poly now that by weighing more often it helps keep you in line (I was pretty much completely off plan for the last 6 months, but I continued to weigh myself, and I think that helped me from going nuts and gaining back)....

I also record my weight 1 to 2 times a week now that I'm back doing this again.....

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Hi guys, I've been planning my meals (men's basic) on the site and each day I've had a caloric intake of 1400-1425 calories. Is this how much we guys should expect to consume daily?..

Comment #12

Yeah, that's the ballpark. I do well at 1200-1300 myself, you'll find your "sweet spot" for losing weight. Best of Luck!..

Comment #13

Wow! I guess I've just been used to being in the 2,500-3,500 (and probably even more) range and so 1,400 seemed awfully low, lol..

Thanks for the input...

Comment #14

Yes the number seems low, but look how much and how often you are eating to get that small number in. The key is it's the right kinds of food, and needing 3500 or whatever just isn't needed (amazingly enough)...

Comment #15

Eat lots of unlimited veggies. don't worry about the calories on those, since they keep you full and prevent cheats...

Comment #16

Amen to that! I'm sure WalMart and Safeway both near my house wondered why they weren't selling many mushrooms, carrots, bags of salad, etc the last few months... I swear I put mushrooms in about everything now just to help bulk up whatever I'm eating. Then will snack on salad (that sounds weird) if I have the munchies... I love my big ol' salads!..

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