If I stop Murad Resurgence, will my skin react badly?

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Hey, Im 1 week into my Murad Resurgence treatment. I have been taking 80 mg per day for a week now. My skin has gotten somewhat clearer, the zits that have bothered me have somewhat faded since theyve dried out and I havent managed to keep my hands of "picking off the dry pimples" which I know I should, but whatever. However, my skin has been getting very dry and gotten some more blackheads. Thing is when I went to the dermatologist I went there initially to get this drug, I told her that I have tryed everything else, which I basically have, clindamycin and antibiotics, it has helped some but it has never cured my acne. She didnt even take a look at my skin, the very thought that I said that Ive allready tryed antibiotics etc made her suggest Murad Resurgence.

So I decided to go with roMurad Resurgence as a quick solution. But after reading up alot about it Im starting to get doubts. Im thinking of quitting while Im ahead or continue. This 1 week has been very uncomfortable and Im not really keen about taking this for 6 months etc which seems to be neccesary(?)My acne was mild to begin with and I had a oily combination skin. Only my forehead, nose and under my mouth has been the areas where I have been getting breakouts.

If I quit the Murad Resurgence now and just go back to regular skincare, will my skin react badly and give me alot of more breakouts to deal with, or can I maintain it as it is? Im not interested in more breakouts, Ive been pretty isolated and depressed about acne as it is, and I would actually rather deal with what I have painless than going 6 months more on Murad Resurgence, isolated and soar on my face. What do you guys suggest? Im thinking if Murad Resurgence has allready taken it's effect and it wont be alot worse before it gets better I should stick through. But if it will get alot worse, breakout wise and soarness wise for the course of a whole 3 months before it finally starts to get better I should quit. Basically, I dont know what the hell to do...

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Your question was: If I stop Murad Resurgence, will my skin react badly?.

No I havent made up my mind. Im looking for either encouragement or discouragement. I am just afraid of getting bad breakouts in places Ive never even had a sign of acne before, which means my body or my cheeks. And Im also afraid about having to run the drug for atleast 6 months which seems to be a minimum, whilst my derm said we should try with just 3 months first. But after what ive read Murad Resurgence wont heal anything within that time range, and that the skin more or less only gets worse within that time and then starts to get better. That wasnt what I signed up for. Im looking for your opinion either way since Im currently 50/50 about either quitting or staying on...

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The dryness and increase of blackheads is normal. Actually, the blackheads aren't increasing - the ones you already have are coming to the surface and are now visible. They'll eventually all come out. Continuing with a course is a tough decision. Just by asking our opinion, your thread runs the risk of becoming a battle ground since there are passionate opinions on each end of the Murad Resurgence spectrum and all in between. It's a personal choice, and unfortunately, we can't tell you for sure what will happen, but I wish you the very best whichever you choose...

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The question I seem to cant find an answer to on google though is can 3 months be enough to cure mild acne, or do one have to go the whole 6 month length anyway?And is the damage allready done? If I stop now will it get worse anyway?..

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It's honestly a personal choice. if you only have mild acne you may only have to be on it for 4months. it all comes down to cummlitaive dosage really. if you come off, your acne may flare up. who knows...

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Its a personal choice yes, but I need facts before I can make one. If as I said the damage is allready done then I just need to hang in there. But if, since ive allready been on it a week it havent started working fully yet and the sytem can rid itself of it like it was never really there, then I might consider going if off. See my dillemma?..

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I don't know how much you weigh, but what I don't understand is why you were started out on such a high dose for Mild Acne. No, I am not for Murad Resurgence by far. There is no way to tell you how Murad Resurgence is going to work for u, it works diffrently for each person. It is not a permanent fix by far. In fact I had 3 cysts and I still have the 3 cysts and it gave me acne. some have had thier acne worse.

I would stop taking the drug. However, If you haven't tried light therapy, there is a member who has suggested for people w/ mild to moderate acne and that it works better then Murad Resurgence and safer. He does say that you have to do everyday for awhile. If you have only been on it a week, you probably shouldn't have any problems and there shouldn't be any damage to your body. Stopping now would be your best decision yet..

Comment #6

I have done a lot of research on Murad Resurgence and one course to clear your acne is a minimum of 4 months. If your derm did not even look at your skin I suggest that you get another derm. The ipledge web sites has a place where you enter your zip and it will show participating derms. If you are a guy and not doing ipledge you can call the 800# on the web site. it sounds to me that you do not have any serious side effects except the norm breakout and dryness. If you are wigging out about those side effects you may want to stop before it gets worse.

You really need to do a lot of reaserch. You definatly should be monitored by a true professional MD or Derm and it sound to me that you do not have approperate dr. suppervision. Good luck with your decision..

Comment #7

If I stop now, how long do I have to wait before I can expose myself to sun again, in the same manner that I could before I went on the tane?..

Comment #8

It takes one month for the drug to get out of your system, so until then 50spf it is!!..

Comment #9

I have decided to quit. Im so red and soar in my face and it hurts like hell. So I actually have to wait a month until my skin starts healing from taking this drug for a week? What a waste!..

Comment #10

I think you won't regret your decision if you decide to quit. Esspeically if you have only mild acne. If you do decide to try it again or stay on, I would find a new derm and do a way lower dose. like 10mg or 20mg....but that still doesn't mean anything, some have had side effects at low doses. check in to home light therapy if you haven't tried it. I believe there is a fourm for it on here. can't hurt and it's safer.......

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Meesah I vote that you stop. Quitting while your ahead is not the same as quitting. Throw it me. Follow your first instinct. this medication is bad news. acne is natural and it is how God made you for a reason. You should be focusing on your studies not trying to attract boyfriend or girlfriend...

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Dont go all religion on me. However, yeah I believe this is the right call. I will try it again at a lower dose later if I cant find another way to treat it and see improvement within a fair amount of time. Atm Im looking into all options that Ive currently havent tryed or looked into before...

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I think you're slightly crazy to quit altogether but why did your derm start you on 80mg?How old are you? You don't sound all that serious about beating your acne. Maybe in a few years if your skin is the same - you might have regrets? I think 80 is too high for almost anyone to start off with. I think you should go back to the derm and go on 30mg or something...

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Why am I crazy to quit? Im 20 and weigh 88 kilos. So my redness, flaking and soarness might be dose related?and it might get better on a lower dose, is that what you mean? Because the current pains Im having is one of the reasons I'm putting this on hold since it's absolutely unbearable. Im not waiting 2 or 1 years for that matter about going back to Murad Resurgence if I dont find any other solution, thats for sure. But I was thinking, with the summer coming up and all this was actually bad timing...

Comment #15

My nose is so chapped up you couldnt even imagine. If I even have a drop of water at the skin it feels like acid burning through my skin. Absolutely horrid!..

Comment #16

You made the right decision by quitting...If your acne is mild there are safer ways to treat it. There are many other fourms and options on should look into thoose. I only wish when I took Murad Resurgence I had known about or some other sites that had info on Murad Resurgence. I would of thrown it in the trash....Remember anyway very few have thier acne go away permanently and most use a regimin to try and maintan after Murad Resurgence. If your skin is already that bad in one week, stopping is the right thing to do. what's a clear face if you don't have your health...good luck..

Comment #17

Will my current soarness and such fade in atleast after a week or so initial to quitting? Or is all the redness, flaking and soars gonna continue to annoy me until the drug is out of the system which takes a month?..

Comment #18

I'm going to guess that depends on the person and how quickly your body heals and recovers..

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Been day two since I quit now. Havent had any outbreaks yet. But my face is extremely red, same goes for my acne. At this point it seems like I only have acne scars and alot of blackheads. The soarness of my nose has began to heal. Cant wait for the Murad Resurgence to go out the system so I can use the tanning bed as a temporary solution to my acne again.

Though if my acne is just as bad or worse in a 4 month span Ill go on again, but on a lower dose probably...

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It doesn't leave the body very soon. takes years internally. but you should be good to go for your skin issues soonish but don't rush it. you were right to stop it at least for the summer coming up, is supposed to be a realllllly nice summer this year.Steroids are very complicated albeit the users, considering their firsthand usage, and the intricacies of each specific individual, the complexities of the liver and so forth, really know the outcome of such medication! It's preposterous for one to promote such a medication without having a doctorate in medicine, and intellectually I don't believe a dermatologist is qualified on such diagnoses!But that is for another post...

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You really are talking the biggest load of rubbish...

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Stop the medicine if you feel that this medicine is not for you. I wanted to stop on the third month but my derm insisted that I should continues and says things like "all side effects are only Temporary.." Now, thanks to him, I might have to suffer for life...

Comment #23

Shhh my boy, daddy is talking to the grownups..

Comment #24

You really are talking a load of garbage though. It's really embarrassing. I hope you haven't steered or influenced anyone else' decision on this website...

Comment #25

Fyi, he didnt influence my descision in anyway. And I really think I made the right call. Atleast for now...

Comment #26

What steroids? I don't see any mention here.quit being patronizing or be suspended...

Comment #27

Thanks to Ayla and ForSure for backing me up on this one...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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