If I join Nutrisystem how does it work...specifically...?

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Quick question: If I join Nutrisystem how does it work...specifically...? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... What are your suggestions to help me self motivate?.

For example. I want to get up before work and ride my bike, but I rarely do. Even though I set my alarm, my lazy ass just hits the snooze button. I work for myself, so I can hit that button as much as I want..

So what do you guys do to get your lazy asses out of bed?..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Try working out during the day or the evening. Evening workouts can be great since it fills peak cheating hours..

For getting up, set your alarm clock so it is your phone and is far from you. Then make it part of your morning ritual to go out and get a cup of coffee to start the day..

Just some thoughts..

Can't stand AM workouts.....

Comment #2

I think he's suggesting if your cell phone has an alarm clock function to set it as another alarm clock and to keep your phone away from your bed so you have to get up to turn it off...

Comment #3

If you have a coffee maker with a timer you might want to try fixing a pot of coffee to brew at 6:00am or whatever time. Having fresh brewed coffee hit my nose, even decaf, still works for me...

Comment #4

I have this..

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock. Not only is this thing loud enough to wake the dead, but the vibrating pod you place under your mattress shakes the bed. The first time it went off I thought it was world war 3. It makes quite an impact, in fact I'm now trained to wake up minutes before it goes off so I can silence it before the Bomb explodes...

Comment #5

Extreme arrogance and vanity helps me get up and get going (no surprises there I'm sure!). I get up at 4:50am and very rarely hit the "snooze" bar. I have to just admit to y'all that I take great pleasure/pride in knowing that I'm a bad-mamma-jamma getting more accomplished by 9am than most do all day. The people I work with think I'm crazy ... freinds and family think I've a screw lose too. But hey ...

That felt good to get out into the open ......

Oh we also have the coffee pot on a timer so the coffee's ready before I am. I usually have to do this only 2-3 times/week as I like to work out on the weekends w/o any time constraints .... always a good time to get in a little more ab/bicep/shoulder work before hitting the pool, ya know?!.

Get your feet out of bed and on the ground. Stand up after that alarm goes off and tell yourself that you're a MAN! You're not some wimp-a$$-p*ssy that goes back to sleep. Why go back to sleep? What are you going to accomplish there?? Nothing..

Get to bed at a resonable hour and get going .... tomorrow moring. It's only hard the first week or two (just like NS!)..

Comment #6

Sean, your advice is making me laugh my a$$ off! But I'm gonna try it tomorrow..

This morning I did work out, but I hit the snoozebar for an hour until it was by the time I worked out, ate breakfast, showered, dressed, and got to work, it was 8:40. So tomorrow, no more wimpy-a$$-p*ssy cr@p. The snooze bar must die...

Comment #7

I have a torchire lamp in the room with a 24-hr timer set to turn on when I want to wake up (+ an ordinary alarm clock set 10 minutes afterward, as a back-up). It's friendlier to wake up to & there's no snooze option, so if I want to go back to bed, I have to get up, walk over, & reset the timer...

Comment #8

This morning the clock went of (as per usual) but today I thought about getting up and lifting weights. And then I hit the snooze button and went back to sleep. But at least I thought about it. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day..

Edit: I might add - I ain't missed a day of exercise yet since getting with the program..

This is in and of itself worth getting another bear...

Comment #9

Agree with the other postersI look in a full length mirror. And still today what I see absolutely pisses me off..

Flabby, still overweight just a bag of crap that is 44#'s lighter than when I started..

That's my self-talk.....I consider myself to have "gotten a good start", nothing more..

But that's not really the whole answer to your question. The way I meet my commitments to myself is this:.

1. I start small. No one can "solve world hunger tomorrow"it's too big to wrap your mind around. Everyone could donate 1.00 to a food fund for Africa today. Start small on the goal/intentions..

2. I take the first step. I don't set out in the evenings "to walk 5 miles". I start out (in my own mind) to.

Put my shoes on and walk out onto the driveway to start my walk.

I've missed 10 days of walking in the past 6 months..

3. I plan realistically. Hey, I work hardoften 10+ hours per day. I'm not going to get up at 5am to exercise. So I PLANNED to walk in the evenings. Just makes more sense in my schedule.

4. Assess.


This is big in my self-talk. If I had a "90% day" then it was a 90% daynot a 100% day. If I had the gas to go 2.5 miles but turned around after 2 miles for no good reason, then I admit to myself that I was loafing a bit and could have (and.


Have) done better. I look in the mirror and don't applaud myself for 44 lbs droppedI critically note that I'm still overweight and flabby. Walking and situps still needed.

That's how I do it. Not sure that would work for all guys but there ya go..

Simple, limited, possible, realistic, honest..

It's my job to do it..

Good luck!.


Comment #10

We are trying for kids. That is my self motivation. I realize there is no guarantees in life and I could have a truck hit me today on the way home... But I refuse to put my wife in a position to explain to my kids why daddy died because he couldn't put the pizza down. That he actively chose to eat taco bell instead of be there to watch them graduate or get married..

Comment #11

Besides the coffee, get all your stuff ready before you go to sleep - the clothes you will work out in, your work clothes, the food you will eat, etc..

Then it's up and out the door without thinking - it's one less thing to keep you hitting snooze...and maybe you can get 15 more minutes of sleep even tho you go to bed 15 minutes later or so.....

Comment #12

I would never consistantly get up early enough to do it before work or have the moxy to go after work, so I do the gym at lunch time..

Find a pattern that works for you and stick with it!.


Comment #13

My alarm clock went off at 5:50 this morning, I really really wanted to hit the snooze and go back to sleep until 6:30, but instead, I got up and ran. While it sucked to begin with, once I was done I felt really good about myself. That is self motivation for me. Even though it might suck to start, once I am actually doing it or get done with it I feel much better...

Comment #14

Getting the habit of getting up is a big part of it. There's loads of articles out there on it, basically it's easier to get up an hour earlier if you do it every day. So if you want to get up at 5am do it every day, including Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise the weekend lie ins feck up your sleep cycle and then Monday it's impossible to get out of bed. If you do it consistently then after a few days your body will be ready for it and you'll be half awake before the alarm goes off..

For technology I'd recommend checking out the Sleep Cycle app on an iPhone if you have one. This monitors your sleep and wakes you when you're in a light sleep. More about it at.


Sounds weird at first but waking up from a deep sleep leaves me wrecked for hours where if I wake up 30 mins earlier from a light sleep then I'm good to go..

You still need motivation to get on the bike after you get up, but at least getting up can be easier...

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