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First question I have is If I got a job at Nutrisystem....? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. Hi all. Just wondering how everybody picked/figured out their goal weight. I used a BMI calculator and just kinda picked something on the higher end of normal for my height (something I thought was achievable), but there's really quite a range. For example, a woman's normal BMI should be between 18.5 and 24.9, which (for my height at 5'7") would make my weight range between 121 and 153 pounds.

So how did you figure out what your personal ideal weight would be? Did you do what I did and just pick a number? Did you have a doctor suggest something? Did you pick a number and adjust it as you got closer, depending on whether you thought you needed to lose more or not?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I just went with the weight I was comfy at 5 years ago. Whether I will be able to get there or not is yet to be seen lol..

Comment #2

I used the BMI as a guide. Mostly I chose a weight that I knew I would feel good about. A weight that for my height and body type would look good and be able to fit into clothes easily...

Comment #3

I used the BMI as a guide; I'll make a decision when I get there if I need to refine the goal...

Comment #4

I'm 5'2" and weighed between 107 and 112 my entire adult life until I my first pregnancy when I was 31. I'm no longer a spring chicken and don't expect to see 107 ever again, but I think under 120 is reasonable for me, so I chose 119 as my goal weight...

Comment #5

I picked a weight that I haven't seen in decades, but will have fun attempting to reach. If I get close, it will be good enough. My primary goal, however, is a body fat % target, not a scale weight. But, there isn't an option for that within theNutrisystembear community. If I reach my body fat goal, I don't care if I actually weigh more because it will be composed of lean muscle, not fat, and I will be tight with muscle definition...

Comment #6

Perfectly said! I'm more concerned with how I look and feel, and about my health, than the number on the scale. But even so, I would like some more of those bears, lol!.

I think I'll probably do what Midnights doing - adjust as I get closer, depending on how I feel and look when I get there...

Comment #7

I used the target range from this calculator to help set an initial goal..


However, I really used how I looked and felt and what calorie intake (& deficit thru activity) I could honestly maintain for the long haul to make a final determination. I'm in the "healthy" range and maintaining..


Comment #8

Most of the websites (like the one posted above) listed my healthy weight range from 115 to 150. I figured that the middle was good place to be and it would be an even 100 lbs. I will adjust if I need based upon how I feel once I get closer. Right now, I cannot even fathom that weight - I think it would be junior high since I weighed 130 lbs...

Comment #9

I used Self Magazines healthy weight calculator:.


What it told me happened to be right in line with what my doctor told me. I also know that was the weight I was happy at 5 years ago. However, I don't expect to get down that low because I'm going to be so much more active...

Comment #10

Jeepers that was both odd and cool, I filled that out and it came up with the same value as my current goal. Which was what I weighed 30 years ago and felt that was my lowest comfortable weight...

Comment #11

That was really cool! My goal is only 5 pounds off, lol!..

Comment #12

I chose my weight based on where I was in my best shape a few years ago. Weight is really funny! Just four years ago I was 150 lbs at 5' 4" tall. My jeans were about a size 8 but my skirts were a 4 - 6 and my tops were size 2. No one would have guessed I weighed that much. My goal at the time was to lose a bit more to get my bottom half a bit more toned, and smaller so even things out, but life happened. I figured that was a 10 lb difference, so I chose my weight based on that...

Comment #13

I just tried that calculator and it came up with 139.2 - too high for me to set as goal weight. I would be happy if that is the highest number I ever see again...

Comment #14

I figured befor my 1st child I was 113lbs When I startedNutrisystemI was 168lbs. I feel 113 was too skinny for me, but 128lbs would be a nice round number and I feel I can obtain it in 6 months or less. 5'6, 125lbs, just sounds really good to me...

Comment #15

I just took it and got 128 as my happy weight..

I originally had 135 as my goal, but put it down to 130 to get to a BMI of 22, which is right in the middle..

I'll see how I feel at 135 if I want to get down to 130 or less. It's hard for me to maintain, so I want to find a healthy weight that I can stay at for good...

Comment #16

In the beginning I just pulled a number outta my a$$..

As I lost I realized I didnt really need a number...just a mirror and new clothes...

Comment #17

The survey says my happy weight is 127. I'm pretty sure I havn't weight that in a LONG LONG time, and thats WAY below where I think I should be. I have been at 150 and was a happy size 8-10. I would like to get to 140 eventually, or more around a size 6-8. But I do not feel that I need to get to 127, thats like a size 2-4. I have hips and I kinda like them!..

Comment #18

I just did it and my happy weight 97.1. That's too high. I would like 85-90. Interesting..

I am only 4'7..

Comment #19

THERE you are!!.


My favorite fun sized girl!..

Comment #20

{{{Hugs}} to you also and Happy New year.


Comment #21

OMG, I thought you were joking until I saw the 4'7"! Phew!..

Comment #22

Thank You for this website. It calculated more accurately than most (probably because of the more indepth questions). It gave me a true goal I can achieve. I start on Sunday with Nutrisystem - wish me luck!..

Comment #23

In my twenties, was between 78-83lbs. My higest was 105. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think 3 digit numbers would happen. Turning 40 is when my weight challenges began really around 42yrs. old. So, those under 40 very important to move more and eat less make healthy food chocies...

Comment #24

Really, this is the best and easiest diet I've been on. I've been on a lot of them! I'm an RN and a "diet expert", LOL! Learned great portion control and the importance of bulking up with veggies. I'm about to turn 58 next month and I still lost at a very reasonable rate. No luck at all involved to it. The plan really works and it's maintainable with your own foods when you get to your goal. If you've ever heard "The difference between try and triumph - is a little umph." That's what it takes - just a little "umph"!.

It's very doable!.


Comment #25

I picked an amount 50 lbs lower than I was the day I decided it was time to lose some weight. I.

Could have.

Picked 100 lbs, but I know if I saw a number that big, it would be too far away for me to even consider it in the realm of possibility...

Comment #26

Very wise! Doing it in increments! You get many more victories that way...

Comment #27

And many more rewards, right?.

One bear at a time .....

Comment #28

I picked a number that put me at the high end of a "normal" bmi. I haven't seen that number since before I had my first baby 23 years ago...

Comment #29

As you can see in my signature I have changed my goal a few times and I'm considering changing it once more. I first choose 155 because that was a number that seemed reachable. I changed that to 145 so that I would be in the healthy BMI range. I then lowered it to 135 when I saw theNutrisystemwas working and I thought why not go a few pounds lower into the healthy range. A few weeks ago I was told byNutrisystem( I called) and the bone size calculators (on line) that I am small boned.

And should be at around 125. I am doing a lot of exercise and I think I'm building muscle so I will need to see as I get closer...

Comment #30

I chose my goal based on past diets and where I felt comfortable not what doctors or science says what I should be for my height. If I were to get down to what "they" say I shoukd be I will be too skinny for me.I have been there and couldn't maintain it plus I didn't look healthy. I have seen people lose too much and not only do they not look healthy but they have lost their curves and I love my curves, just want fewer of them...

Comment #31

Ummm....I think that was what I weighed at birth!..

Comment #32

I picked 125 as a goal because I am a comfortable size 4 and feel pretty good there (I am about 5'4"). I've been able to maintain this weight for quite a while, within a couple of pounds. My weight is decreasing right now, as I increase my running mileage. I wouldn't mind going below 120, but will see what happens. I do find the long distance running I am doing to be easier now that I am a bit below my goal..

My "happy weight" on the Self Magazine site is 133, which is a little high for me right now...

Comment #33

Thanks everybody for the input and suggestions! ... I love NS...

Comment #34

Mine is right on target with my goal.. I don't have kids but wonder why if you have them you get to add 5 more lbs? LOL..

Comment #35

My goal weight is closer to 23 on the BMI scale. Once I reach that weight/BMI, I will re-evalute. I will probably attempt to lose a few more pounds, though just to give myself some room to 'fluctuate'..

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