If I delete my account with, will they keep my domain name?

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My first question is: If I delete my account with, will they keep my domain name?.

My next question is: Subscription Fee!, is now starting to charge $24.95 a month for their service.

I use it all the time, and will gladly pay $24.95 a month, but they do not have a paypal option.

What's your opinion.

I'm not big on give an online site my credit card info...

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Your question was: If I delete my account with, will they keep my domain name?.

But, they give excellent keyword rankings for msn, google and alta vista..

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I used to use it all the time until they became so inconsistent about posting names. They have a cheek charging that if they still have these problems....

Comment #2

Agreed- I can't justify that cost taking into consideration the track record shown...

Comment #3

It went out of Beta, so I figure that's why it's $24.95 a month now. Will it be more consistant? I would think so...

Is it worth it? That's up to you to decide...

Comment #4

What other options have you used that even comes close to what premiumdrops offers?..

Comment #5



JustDropped ? (havent used them last months).

Hmm, maybe EstiBot.

I'm sure there are some more ... and some sleeping (=site running but not active marketing).


Comment #6

Using their supervises since their start and must say it is worth the fee they are now collecting. I'm sure, it is not easy task to keep service like this without any monetization option...

Comment #7

Some of those are pretty good. Estibot rocks for HostGator appraisals, but I still think Premium Drops is by far the best for expired domains. I checked some names that dropped today in premiumdrops, but none of them were showing in namespell or alldrops...

Comment #8

Hey Guys,.

I'm the guy who created PremiumDrops. The purpose of this post is to explain the reason for the previous PD track record and to address concerns you may have related to future service consistencies. Sorry about the length of the response.

PD has had an on/off track record during BETA stages because it's actually a complex site. Since almost the start, I've had 12 owned servers, 1 rack, 100mbit pipe and several hundred IPs. The service heavily relies on third party data (google, msn, snapnames, pool, namejet, etc) and these data sources are constantly changing and tweaking their output formats, so the scanners need to be constantly adjusted to work with these changes, this is time consuming.

With a system of such complexity (DB servers, web servers, caching servers and scanning servers), and the tens of millions of domains analyzed, and billions of metrics stored, problems are inevitable, especially during BETA which it was in for 2 years.

Since the site didnt generate any money, I had no immediate incentive to constantly monitor and improve it and I was extremely busy with another non-domain project. Its a poor excuse, I know. I kept on pushing the updates every month and eventually it caught up with me.

My Level 3 contract expired last month, and I was given an option of either shutting down PD or renewing the contract. I figured that if the site breaks even in terms of the fees, I can renew the contract, hence the major repairs and monthly fee.

Figuring out the monthly price was tough. I wanted to offer a good deal, but at the same time I wanted to make sure that it wasnt so cheap that everyone would use it. If too many people use it, the data becomes useless. Its priced well under the competitors and provides many more features.

I also strongly believe that charging for it actually makes the data more valuable, primarily because it limits the amount of people that have access to it.

The new PD is truly feature packed, and thats just the start. I have a list of at least 30 features Id like to add in but Im waiting to make sure the site takes off first.

Additionally, since the site generates revenue, there is now a NEED to monitor it and ensure that everything works perfectly (cant stand chargebacks!). There is also a need to stay ahead of the competition, hence the future updates. All these things are taken care of (site experienced no outages or down time since switch and all lists are 100% functional).

For those who have purchased from me in the past (Domain Research Tool), you know that my customer support, updates and response time for paying customers are top notch.

Hopefully this will clear things up as far as the poor track record during beta stage and the direction the site is heading.

If you guys have any questions, problems or issues feel free to contact me via PM or e-mail.


Luc Lezon.

Update: PayPal payment option has been added...

Comment #9

Hard to make money on a free service. Especially when it comes to webmasters who rarely click on ads. Good luck with the conversions Luc..

Comment #10


You're exactly right. A bunch of the free members said that instead of making it paid I should just put a bunch of ads on there.

First, that's not my way. I couldn't stand to see my site infested with ads and have users clicking their way through it to find what they're looking for.

Second, domainers rarely click on paid links. So it wouldn't make any money...

Comment #11

Hi, Ill just say that it's a great service and for many smart domainers, very worth the price...

Perhaps you have a market providing these lists to other HostGator companies and sites, instead of the individual domainer. Perhaps you did this before but you could set it up as a service to them, and/or their members...

Comment #12

It's a great set of tools for the serious domainer. Look at it this way: If you make just one $300 sale per year thanks to Premiumdrops, it's earned the monthly fee. With that set of power tools, shouldn't be hard to achieve.

I have just started experimenting with the HostGator Research Tool and I am really impressed (I just wish they had a Mac version...). Planning to use that to keep track of my own domains.

I know exactly how hard it is to maintain a site with resource intensive tools for domainers and webmasters. It's expensive to do, and sufficient advertising/affiliate income is hard to come by. That's also the reason I made the Estibot bulk tools subscription based. It just doesn't make sense to run a website that loses money each month.

Many domainers think nothing of regging 3 regfee names (with no guarantee of market value) each month, but balk at paying a very reasonable $24.95 monthly fee for a truly useful set of tools that can actually make them money...

Comment #13

Hi Luc,.

Are all the tools on your web site still working? I signed up for the monthly membership but it looks like the "Domain Monitoring" is not functional.



Comment #14

Is this the end for AllDrops ?

" is taking a break. Thanks to all of the regular users that have helped the site in the past. I am not sure if/when we will return; I am very busy with several other endeavors."..

Comment #15

Also, the emails I sent to your support address bounced. If you get this let me know. Thanks..

Comment #16


Best wishes on your endeavours. We know how hard it can be to maintain such a complex system.

Warm Regards,.


Comment #17

They have been down for a while, that was one of my favorites...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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