If i buy a godaddy domain name if it as simple as inserting the html text and thats all?

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My first question is: If I buy a godaddy domain name if it as simple as inserting the html text and thats all?.

My next question is: Every day, when I scan through the lists of domains people are buying and selling, I notice some that I feel funny about on principle.

For example, names of killers, or even domains with the words kill, or murder in them. A month or so ago, there was a flurry of activity around the name of that man who had his family locked up in the basement. I don't know, feels like bad karma to me, even if the sites do pull in traffic.

Do these kinds of names bother you, or is it about giving the people what they want?..

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Your question was: If I buy a godaddy domain name if it as simple as inserting the html text and thats all?.

I don't care to hear about other peoples morals, one example is a few months ago someone posted the HostGator (or something like that). A bunch of people got all high and mighty about the HostGator name and how he should have never registered it on principle. Well good for you and your morals, now shut up about them. There's absolutely NO REASON has to be a pro-pedophile site...

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Recently I wrote a letter to Network Solutions about their sale of I felt NSI should have taken the higher road when that sale occurred. Donating their profits from it to a tolerance organization.

Just my opinion...

Comment #2

First of all, you need to relax a bit, especially with the "shut up" comments. This is a forum and everyone is free to express their views.

Second of all, your example is not pertinent exactly because of what you said, it could be used for good in a roundabout way.

But how could registering the name of murder victim and setting up a parking page benefit anyone? Kudos to you for being proactive about it...

Comment #3

Regardless. Most of the names will pull in traffic thus creating profit for some one. Morals,obligations as some might say etc.. It doesn't matter. People profit off of everything.

For profit, nothing matters. Done..

Comment #4

Depends on the nature of the misfortune... Delta going bankrupt was a huge misfortune for many, but that would be a mighty different ethical standard than the name of a child molester, etc.


Comment #5

Regged so it would not fall into the hands of someone who would use it for the wrong purpose. Had two uncles who were POW's under the Nazi regime.

Now, I will give it to an organization that retires these domains. I don't think this name should have even been available.

Similarly, I regged (New Jersey State Police), my first department, so that no one would take it and exploit it. Will never profit from it.

As soon as they realize the administration division was asleep at the switch and should have registered it, I will just transfer it to them.

This post is not to tout me at all but to point out that we all have n obligation to secure HostGator names that could be used with bad intent.


Comment #6

I'm not saying we should ban names or censor anything people want to put on them. As you said, an anti-site could make use of a name that is troublesome to most. I also don't object to sites that have information about serial killers.

I guess it goes to intent - just like when someone regs a trademarked or actor's name for the purpose of extortion.

What I'm more curious about is where people draw the line. Is the word Murder or killer, in a HostGator enough to turn you off? What about celebs that get in trouble. Tatum O'Neal just got busted - how many people are looking for HostGator names that suit that news story as we speak?..

Comment #7

I didn't tell anyone specifically to shut up, so you need to relax a bit. And even if I did, as you said yourself everyone is free to express their views. Well, it depends on how high profile it is I guess. I'm sure or benefitted someone. Maybe it's sleazy, but this is a pretty sleazy business. I have a hard time believing anyone here wouldn't have jumped to reg those names, morals or not.

Edit: i'll also point out that even those aren't necessarily regged in bad faith. For all we know the HostGator was donated to them, is parked and i'd guess it gets a good deal of type-ins, but at least it's not a pro-OJ site glamorizing the murders.

Anyways, to answer the original question in this thread, there isn't any name that I wouldn't register on principle. In fact, i'd argue that everyone should reg names that they find offensive or immoral, simply to keep them out of the hands of the people who would do bad things with them. I'm sure there are some hate groups that would love the HostGator , so we can be thankful at least that it's parked rather than developed as a hate site...

Comment #8

Everyone is free to express their views... politely. This is sometimes seen as a sleazy business because so many people don't have a line that they aren't willing to cross to make a buck, but that doesn't excuse it. People profit off of drugs and prostitution, I guess that makes it ok to slang crack and pimp hos. Heck, why stop there when you can sell children into slavery and traffic humans? A buck is a buck, right?.

To answer the other part of the question, I wouldn't have a problem buying a name with kill, murder, etc. in it, but I just couldn't bring myself to register the name of a murder victim or missing/abused child because I could just imagine how that would make the victim's family feel...

Comment #9

I can see certain ethics involved with profiting off someone else's misfortune. If I were to set up a website named "," parked it and received ad revenue I'd feel like I was taking blood money by pocketing it.

Additionally, I can't register a name if I believe it represents something that is immoral (abortion, ethnic cleansing, murder, child abuse, etc.) Allan hit it right on the head...

Comment #10

Thats where it plays in. Some people would say that abortion is not wrong at all. In some countries having a slave is still deemed "ok"...

Comment #11

I've come across typos for charities and NFP's which I know from various tests would receive heaps of traffic. So, instead of regging them, I email the relevant organisation to let them know it should be registered as they are losing traffic & potential supporters.

Unfortunately usually my emails are ignored & the typo left unregged. I guess some people don't really understand......

Comment #12

I agree with .jd. Ethics aand business are related, but they are different things. Domainers get all "ethical" when you have a name that is controversial to say the least. If it's legal, then why can't they reg those types of names? If it's legal, you are entitled to do it if you choose to. Its clouded objectivity in my eyes. I really dislike it.

As long as the name is not OVERLY disgusting, then I really won't judge it specially(lets say in the appraisal section of NP)...

Comment #13

If sounds like it's encouraging or making light of rape, child molestation, Violence against women, then I find it completely immoral and totally reprehensible for anyone to make profit from it...

Comment #14

About drinking, smoking, sex, those are the things we don't do as christians...

Comment #15

Right. If someone else can sleep at night knowing that they are profiting from abortion, that's their prerogative. If someone else deems slavery as OK, same with them. They are (and should be!) free to do so. If they want to profit off of these things, they live with that on their conscience. Ehh, sorry - I do all of the above, and I'm a proud Christian.

Drinking - absolutely - I love scotch.

Smoking - I have a great collection of cigars.

Sex - I try every night.

I go to church every Sunday, and love it...

Comment #16

There are a lot of things that are legal but completely immoral. I don't think it is wise to let the law guide your morals though. There is a vast difference between something you should be "allowed" to do and something that you "should" do. It is legal to be an adulterer, but does that make it right? It is legal to register domains of murder victims, but does that make it right?.

Obviously everyone has their own set of morals and is entitled to their beliefs, just saying where I stand...

Comment #17

GOod point. I actually agree with you, and thats why I said " long as it's not OVERLY disgusting"...

Comment #18

It depends on who you are and what you define as morale and where your definition of morales comes from. For instance I don't mess with any Adult/Porno names, gang/violence names, pro drug names ect... Now somebody else may not want to deal in murder names but see no problem at all with porno names. Here's a quick funny story about the battle of good & evil in a moment of morale domaining weakness or, lost opportunity?.

Awhile back I was on youtube and I noticed that an older gentlemen perhaps in his 70's was making video blogs. Right around that time he had made it to the front page and was getting millions of hits. OF COURSE..I went to see if the name was available in my attempt to think link a domainer. YES! it was available, Now in a moment of weakness inside the battle of morality / profits / who cares / I'm a domainer / that's not right / what's wrong with that? / I might get in trouble / Man, I need money/ ect..ect... I did not register it, well I went back about 5-10 minutes later and it was gone.

A couple of days go bye, I see the now Famous (#1 on youtube at the time) Old video blogger saying in a very long, angry and dramatic video "Some f***ing Scum bastard *&&%#$%^& low life son of a bi*** ect.. registered my name and I had wanted to make a website, please do not go to that site, it should be taken down ect.. ect.. along the lines like this and had a whole lot of support behind him.

I kinda laughed at the whole thing but I always wondered what kind of rev it made.

I think somebody from the uk got it, maybe they are a member here?..

Comment #19

Im talking about being born again christian (John 3:3) to be specific..

Comment #20

For me I avoid all the obviously bad ones (killers, nazis etc). Heck, I'm moving away from sites that sell boring products, I don't want them to fill up my day! there's so much to reg out there I can't see why you'd want to go some might be good at doing anti bad guy sites. for my money i'd rather go towards things I enjoy reading more about, I get too involved.

The biggest worry for me is all the health names - and the like. as the first/only place people go for info, I don't want to be helping fill the web with parked, duplicate, SEO charged + shoddy sites. I keep visualizing the poor sick guy searching through all that crud when I see them.

I've got some health names, but they're all to develop sites I personally know sufferers for, sort of a mission to get some good info out there...

Comment #21

Well, some laws are based on some morals, right?.

Many if not everyone practically know where they stand. That's just about it.

Mileage varies...

Comment #22

Absolutely, there are tons of laws that have a foundation in morality. I was just saying it shouldn't necessarily work the other way around. If you follow the letter of the law to determine your morals, abortion is moral, adultery is moral, the death penalty is moral, etc. I'm not taking a stance on these hot button issues because they are off topic, just saying that it is ok for morals to determine law, but not always the other way around...

Comment #23

Well, it's also not always ok for morals to determine law, don't you think? Lots.

Of samples out there.

If anything, this thread can allow people to state their position on this topic..

It's fine if one finds it moral or not, as long as we can agree to respect them.


Who was it that said something like I don't have to agree with your belief, but.

I will defend your right to it? Or something like that.....

Comment #24

If they don't want them you can always pm them to me.

I tend to base my morals on whether somebody else will suffer as a direct consequence, if not, I'd probably reg it. If somebody has suffered, and me making a profit from it isn't going to further their grief, I have no problem with that...

Comment #25

That's maybe the real question here: will registering that HostGator name "harm".


It so happens that people do stuff others don't like every other day. But lines.

Can be somewhat drawn if it can be shown to possibly cause harm.

They're getting fuzzy, though.....

Comment #26

I have and I developed it into an anti-child porn info site...

Comment #27

Very good point! I agree with the whole "if someone's not getting hurt or negatively affected by it directly, then I don't mind" argument. i've heard people telling me here to donate my name to redcross or something. i'm like "go f yourself!". i'm keeping my name, and it's not killing or hurting anybody...

Comment #28

Honestly. This is how I judge a domain. If I kept a public list of all my domains on my desk for my family to see, mother, father, grandma, little sisters, wife etc. Would I be ashamed on any of the names on there.

Put it this way if I would feel the need to explain myself to someone to try to justify a name I bought then I wouldn't buy it....

As far as these subjects:.

Sex: in the proper context sex is a gift from God, the bible says so, no problems there.

Beer: I would never promote or joke about drunk driving, etc but alcohol in responsible hands is fine..

Smoking: as I tell people "Smoking won't send you to hell, it will just make you smell like you've been there".

Off limit subjects, child porno, child abuse, promote illegal drugs, any type of murder...

Comment #29

And here I was thinking it was just .mobi that I wouldn't buy on principle.....

Comment #30

LOL, that's just self-interest there fonz.

On a serious note, I couldn't believe when I found out how huge the searches were for trying-to-get-around-it words that could describe pics of young kids. really freaked me out when I realized words like young nudist this and lolita that were bigger than searches for ipods and myspace and stuff..

Comment #31

This is an interesting point. Smart or not, people believe what they read on the internet and they're not going to stop and say, I wonder if a doctor wrote this material?..

Comment #32

Well,'d just love then...

This just happens to be one of my more popular sites that was designed to get information in the hands of date rape victims 24/7. It's a pretty good feeling knowing something you've made just might help someone. It just as easily could of been a mobile "how to guide" for the sleazy, so totally depends upon who's hands it gets in...

Comment #33

As I am a Christian I stick away from anything to do with pornography/adult material, gambling etc. no matter what the potential profit. Some may call me stupid if I pass up a HostGator I know could be flipped for big dollars but I'd rather be able to sleep at night then have money in the bank..

Comment #34

I wouldnt reg. some nasty or foul word, adult site or anything that could be trade mark infringment. I rather make money without guilt...

Comment #35

I have no moral dillema's about ownership of any HostGator name. Usage however might be something different. I wouldn't own a site that contained something I don't agree with. But I do feel that you can take any bad name and use it for a good purpose. So if you go to church and the minister uses the term pornography or gambling he is wrong or immoral? There is no reason NOT to own a HostGator name with associated terms imho. There is a line between committing sin and discussing it...

Comment #36

True, I should have elaborated more. I would actually love to own some to redirect to organisations etc I support that help people get out of gambling, addiction, pornography etc. I would not however use these name to make money out of or develop the way most people would...

Comment #37

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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