If I buy a domain name on, how can I use it with my Yahoo! website?

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My first question is: If I buy a domain name on, how can I use it with my Yahoo! website?.

My next question is: Hi Guys, all we in these forums are of some types, in my mind I think in NON CASUAL HostGator /img/avatar4.jpgs in three ways.

1 - Sellers. Main Goal is hold as less as possible and get a profit and a easy push.

2 - Webhosters. We buy domains for Other More... and as a lateral Part of service.

3 - Holder for many years.

I am a mix of webhoster, and social crusade domainer, then I buy normally orgs and some coms, but all are really secondary to the org.

I am the /img/avatar4.jpg of around 900 domains. 500 of them are in special conditions and dont want change for that, and I am the absolute /img/avatar4.jpg of near all of them. I live in Mexico and I am not a little guy in Mexican Markets. Many people dont develop their sites, I ran around 150. For the Specific matter of this post, I had 300 domains susceptible to be in moniker, or to be moved to them.

Well, not much for talk for me.

As you know, Moniker is a consistent Registrar, some say the support have problems, but for me all ok or very minor problems. My Executive is Bari, and always show himself as a very good exec, and I know I have not too much domains with them (60 aprox). Bari rescue 11 of my domains when the Registertfly Debacle, and some of my main domains are with them now, including not nets.

I say before of some types of domainers. Well...

I think Moniker is not For Sellers with Many Domains ( for costs ) but yes for Expensive Domains. Escrow. I do a sell some time ago of a 250 USD domains in escrow. One Dollar was lost in hyperspace, but the rest arrive good to my paypal. As I understand, Godaddy and Enom are the usual Registrars for middle range domains BUYERS. And the sellers Need consider that for a free push.

As a Webhoster, I think Moniker is the second vs The Reseller Club Beats All, and the Dynadot. Reason is the Ultraeasy Mode to Do all , including push and contacts, in dynadot. Reseller club are focused to Resellers, and the chance to modify the dns of our users is good.

But for us, the domainers with many DEVELOPED sites, Moniker Is The best, and my Opinion had some reasons beyond :.

1 - Their Control panel and filter is good.

2 - Their security is excellent..

3 - Them Support Many Extensions (i have with them my only and my only .es ).

4 - Price is Decent with the Namepros Price..

5 - Are The easily CHEAPER asequible .net domains ( fabulous need high quality domains , and dynadot a 500 USD yearly.).

6 - Are a Good business, and nobody hear bad practices About Them..

7 - Free email redirections and HostGator redirections..

8 - Prefundable Accounts.

Good reasons, no ?

But they have a EXCELENT Reason too.... for people Fighting Scams and phisings.

If you check in a whois a Moniker domain, you see a number, example :.

Domain Name: MONIKER.COM.

Registrant [3101]:.

Moniker Online Services.

This 3101 Is Their Number... and you as a Buyer get The number.

Moniker is the ONLY ONE registrar who show THAT number in .com and .net. All the Others do in org and info, but no in coms.

Then, is trivial Fight with fake domains posing as you. You can put an announce : All my sites are with This [3101] number.

Interesting, no ?

And in price, well, if you compare Reseller Club 3000 tab, Dynadot Bulk, and Moniker with namepros Price, you get some interesting numbers. I am ready to show you a excel if want, comparing a sample of 312 Domains I can move in any moment, and Moniker is the Cheapest of the three. Really, is hard thinking as an /img/avatar4.jpg for long time in a better site than Moniker.

You get a good reasonable Price, and without deposits, or Bulk marketing strategy.

But ....

Myself had a problem because for issues of My HostGator monitoring software , I have special reasons to use 20-30 Registrars in any moments. Maybe you had similar "mental groups" and have some of some types/Categories/Tlds in specific Registrars. Checking myself, I found I had around 120 Domains Really important (not all developed), and , making numbers, my numbers say ... MONIKER.

In this moment of my life I begin to move the domains with the goal of the developed stay finally in Moniker. Because the annual 7% of domains, I think in march of next year had around 100 to 150 in Moniker( need check the new prices in some months), but planning to have with them before september more than a dozen with ten years. Peace of mind.

Why not all to moniker ?

Because I am in mexico and have Money Problems. A US citizen can affford without problems all in moniker.

My own strategy had this idea aprox of my 312 changeable domains. (some moving registrars have problems for my specfics).

90-120 In Moniker.

67 - Dynadot (For get the Bulk price and good .net and some promotions ).

Rest - Bouncing in cheaper renewals.

What problems had Moniker for a HostGator /img/avatar4.jpg?.

Really are low. For me, this are the Minus Details they had :.

1 - Dont exist In any place a guide to config Google apps using Moniker ( the dynadot one is a good sample of wahat I think ).

2 - Their custom report, marvelous but last time I checked show init date as the First moniker entrance, no the Created of the domain.

But, 4 things are Decisive for me.

1 - Good Prices ( and some days ago a extra better price when I begin to consolidate , thanks Moniker!).

2 - The com and Net Number Id..

3 - Bari. I Know he is not a thing, but is a very good example as how need be the Professionals Executives..

4 - Peace of Mind.

That are the reasons because I say Moniker is The best for the HostGator Holders.

Thumbs Up Moniker !..

Comments (8)

Your question was: If I buy a domain name on, how can I use it with my Yahoo! website?.

Oops !!!.

Other point to Moniker ! ( and sorry for use thing in the phrase ! )..

Comment #1

Moniker is on the downgrade, since their selloff..

That concerns me as I have transferred all my domains to them over the years and I have 1000's.

Their reps are poor, I have always suported Moniker so imo if I'm thinking this about them, along with others they got problems. I doubt they give a toss now anyway.

I think will start my own registrar, makes the most sense. Been wanting to do for a long time, then I dont have to rely on dicks..

Comment #2

But to start your own registrar is expensive, I think as recently ICANN changes some rules. Will cost at least xx,xxx per year, I suppose...

Comment #3

Let me know if you do Arnie, I'll be your first customer.

Agree completely about Moniker being on the downgrade since the selloff.

As for O.P., for hardcore developers or owners of large websites, there are much better solutions than Moniker hosting. I greatly prefer my DNS Made Easy + Softlayer solution, accessible from any registrar...

Comment #4

This was quite a humerous post considering what you were replying to.

I showed my wife who knows very little about HostGator names and that they can be tasted just so she could view the response from an everyday person's point of view and she was quite shocked. Might want to be careful what you go around claiming to taste in the future..

Comment #5

I think are expensive the hiost they provider, but for now, and the phising protection , look ok for me...

Comment #6

I'm still waiting for a promised response from Monte from their VP of Sales and Client Services, Victor Pitts over issues I've had. That was well over a month ago.

Don't know about you guys, but I don't think that's good customer service...

Comment #7

Yeah, I used to think the world of Moniker until about six months ago when I noticed their customer service really went downhill for me. I would wait days & days, weeks & weeks without response to support issues. I would email, leave voice messages etc and still get no response. I have since started transferring my high value names across to Fabulous and must say that I am more than impressed with them. I think they are better than Moniker ever were, let alone now.

Not only are Fabulous secure but they also have a great HostGator management system which churns out some fantastic data that Moniker doesn't come close to. On top of that I can email them or call them and have a response in a couple of hours at the most rather than weeks with Moniker...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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