If i buy a domain name from godaddy without a web hosting plan, then what?

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My first question is: If I buy a domain name from godaddy without a web hosting plan, then what?.

My next question is: NameStream contacted me today because it appeared that I had somehow stolen a name of theirs that I had reg'd through godaddy, when in fact I had seen it on a thread here at namepros and immediately reg'd it, gave rep points to whoever provided it, and went on about my business. After realizing that we are both honest domainers, we resolved the situation and I transferred the name to their account because they had in fact reg'd it first, and they are going to refund me the $7.15 it cost to reg at godaddy (promo code OYH3). This sort of thing has happened to me before, except I was the one who got my name taken from my godaddy account and they refunded my money. I called their customer service and they weren't very specific, but informed me that it is some sort of technical error. But it makes me wonder, are in fact these names being stolen somehow??..

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Your question was: If I buy a domain name from godaddy without a web hosting plan, then what?.

That's what godaddy told me, however I find it highly unlikely that this sort of thing could happen to me 2,3 or 4 times in the 2 or so months that I've even known about the HostGator industry...I too am just speculating but at the same time I have become aware that there are many hackers and such out there who have the ability to take anyones domains at any time, and it just makes me wonder.....

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Hi, the name is actually "mainstream" not "namestream" that's me -.

And I regged the HostGator a while before teelamph - but all is fixed. I asked him to make this post to show what has happened at GD/WWD - the HostGator was originally regged at WWD - he has told me he does not work at either so I am very much confused how the HostGator was requested for refund today then instantlt picked up again at GD - eitherway; please PM me with yout paypal address and I will send you your claimed loss.

All proof can be seen on history.

I am still vey pissed about this situation and I blame GD/WWD because when I 1st called about this they said there is nothing they can do so I had to deal with it myself.

This was a very stressful situation...

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This sounds a bit strange. Please provide more reg'd this name through GoDaddy, so it was on the open market, right? Mainstream, which registrar did you use? What is the domain? Etc...

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I reg'd the name at Godaddy on 5/31 and added rep from this thread: is the name, I reg'd that along with a few others...

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I got an email saying the HostGator was refunded as per my request and cancelled - I did not request this! I checked the whois is ans noticed it was registered right after the unrequested drop - I dont know what is going on here eother - my main concern was trying to get GD/WWD to fix the situation - they did not - so I contacted the person on the whois who just picked it up - I am not settled on how they were so aware of the domains just dropped status if they had no knowledge about how they managed to get wwd to refund/cancel the HostGator without my persmission - too fishy; ive sent him the $7.15 as I got refunded that to my WWD - so essentially after all the hassle and me doing some yelling - the HostGator ended up in my GD account at the end of the day - and started the day in my WWD - too messed up this whole situation - I told the person to post here after finding hes a NP member to have this all documented.

As you can see from I regged it on 2008-04-09 and today someone managed to have it refunded and cancelled from my account withou permission - then supposedly the above user without knowledge of it's drop regged it minutes after???? we'll ill have to go with his story for now...i really dont know anymore what to make of this situation

All said and done - crisis averted - and I hope and think this person is honest - still unsettling tho.....

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Like I said....I reg'd the name at Godaddy on 5/31 and added rep from this thread:

I dont know how the person who provided the name saw it was available, but it was on 5/31 for one reason or another so picked it up. It's that simple. The dispute is over with even though we are both confused over the error godaddy made...they said it was a technical thing. I'm 19 years old and in college, not some computer hacking crook. I have my refund, end of story...

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Even though this is the end of story, I still have a question: suppose teelamph plays hardball, does not release the domain, what is going to happen to him?..

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That link to DomainTools doesn't show anything. Can you post a screenshot of what DomainTools shows? Also of the refund/canceled emails?..

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Not sure if useful but GD/WWD have an annoying way of letting you know if you just miss a HostGator - they send you a cancellation email. This happens a lot around drop time - there is a fairly significant delay from placing an order to them actually regging the names. I have 'lost' many domains this way. I guess they do not want to write 'By the time we got around to registering those names you paid for they had gone, sorry - here's your money back.' ....

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This is a bit bizzare for two reasons. Domains past 5 days old aren't allowed to be refunded. I worked for Godaddys billing department. Additionally only a supervisor would have the ability to cancel a HostGator registration and even then is something I have almost never seen.

I would recommend getting in touch with a supervisor at Godaddy to get clarification on how this occurred. If a rep made the mistake of canceling a HostGator name, that rep should be fired immediately.


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That's rather harsh, isn't it? I've made my share of mistakes in my ex-registrar.

Life, but I've held on (and been held on) for more than 4 years before I finally.

Moved on due to my business.

Mistakes occur. But not every mistake necessarily requires harsh punishment...

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What if that HostGator had been an active business and there wasn't a happy ending?.

Thats not a mistake a registrar can tolerate from their employee.

What if it was an

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Supervisors nor anyone at GD will help in these cases or provide more info.

I also dont understant how it could have been refunded after 5 days, I can forward the refund/cancellation emails to a chosen mod or admin here (whoever) and also Im sure there are others here with history accounts that can verify - also, GD and WWD verified I was the registrant and coult not explain or provide info on how it was cancelled from my account.

I saw the cancellation email come in (via pop up on msn live messanger) as soon as it came in and I was on it - that meant as soon as it was cancelled the person above managed to reg it - stating he had no knowledge of it being dropped seconds/minutes before - all to fishy!..

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Yeah this does indeed seem to be a strange situation.

What I cant figure out is the massive time difference between the regs.


"as you can see from I regged it on 2008-04-09".


"Like I said....I reg'd the name at Godaddy on 5/31 and added rep from this thread".

Thats over 7 weeks, between the two?.

I presume mainstream that you had recieved confirmation of your registration and had indeed seen the HostGator in your account?.

I for one would not be happy with a situation like this, imagine having constantly go back and check to see that you are still the owner of each of your domains.

You also say Teelamph that this is not the first instance of this happening to you can you furnish us with more details?..

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Could it be someone has a beef with Mainstream and they hacked his account and deleted his domain, then posted on this board, then teeelamph picked it up and thus the problem was created as desired?.

Godaddy maybe just is just giving a standard, generic reply b/c in reality they did not know how it happened and they don't want to be on the hook. You know how these companies operate ...... the less they tell you the better off they are..... it's best to keep it shrouded in mystery if they think they goofed up instead of a paying big judgment, like was awarded. Of course it would be much less, but significant possibly in their in-house lawyers' opinions.

Constant clue-digging and prying sometimes can make a rep slip up and let you know what happened.

Maybe that's far-fetched but..........


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I have been working with Teelamph through multiple transactions (6-8) over a period of time and he is a stand up guy with integrity and a good domainer. He did not request that I write this, I just wanted to make sure it was clear to readers that I trust his honesty and plan to continue to work with him in the future...

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All I'm saying is that not all mistakes, and unintended at that, should warrant.

Necessarily firing that employee. If anything, though, it's up to the registrar if.

They'll tolerate it or not.

Then again, was there indeed a mistake made here to begin with? And who?..

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Point. Was there a mistake is the question? I have made an assumption that there was and based my argument on that.

As a former Godaddy employee I remember how much of a "NoNo" it was to cancel a HostGator name. My issue is with how much harm that cancellation (if even by mistake) could cause a customer...

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You would need to have a paid subscription (and be logged into) HostGator tools for the link to work properly. It is the whois history for the doman...

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I am glad you posted this - I will definitely give Teelamph the benefit of the doubt - he was very forthcoming with returning the HostGator - also at issue is not $7.15 but rather my impression that my whole account was under comprimise - reading the post on the problem with verisign I wonder if this had anything to do with that - but sitll unhappy that Godaddy leaves us domainers out in the cold again!..

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One can certainly feel that way. But if they did everything as contracted on,.

Then that's all there is to it.

I'd look into the possibility of your account having been compromised as one.

Other member suggested, though that's not necessarily Go Daddy's fault...

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I think it is more likely there was an error that allowed him to register it through godaddy, and for some reason after he submitted the order your HostGator got transfered and put into his. I have absolutely no idea how a thing could ever happen, but because it was all within their system we know that there was something in the way he ordered that caused the problem...

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This HostGator was not being kited in any way I don't suppose?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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