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I have an issue and would appreciate a little guidance. TIA.

I have 2 domains reg at Two weeks before they were to expire, NOT ALREADY EXPIRED, they changed the DNS to their parked page.

I didnt renew the 1st one and when the 2nd one came up I went to Dotster a month before expiration and after a month they still didnt have the name. Days ago they parked the 2nd name and needing the site up I had no choice but to renew with them.

Can anyone tell me how they get away with that?.

When I emailed them this is what they sent. Then I replied to them that it has 2 weeks left and they replied,Literally just those words and then they never replied to emails after that.

Can anyone tell me what recourse I have or what we can do to shut them down?.



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Sounds like RF re-incarnated too me..

Could you access the NS during those 2 weeks?.

You tried to transfer to Dotster and iDotz wouldnt release?.

Thanks for any additional info you could supply.



Comment #1

I never even thought to try to change the DNS back to mine. lol.

Due to how Idotz acted with that name I didnt want to do biz with them anymore and started transfer for .vc name with dotster a month before it expired.

Dotster transfer status said in progress but a week would go by and nada and then would status would go back to requesting. Then I saw get auth code on idotz so I got it and gave to dotster via email and heard nothing. Then I tried to enter on Dotsters online form, but idotz wasnt in it. After a month Dotster told me they needed the code and I told them I sent it 3 times. Then Dotster said needed to be online and then when I said there wasnt Idotz in the online form and reminding him that auth code wasnt needed for .vc Idotz parked the name.

I needed the site up so I had no choice but to renew with idotz since they already parked it and dotster couldnt get name after a month. So... I have no idea what the transfer issue was...

Comment #2

There's a portion of their email reply that answered your question: My memory's somewhat hazy, but some country codes do need to be renewed before their expiration dates. Something about their Registry-registrar policies,.

Including registrar transfers.

It's actually an "accepted" practice among domain registrars to put up parking.

Pages for expired domain names. While one can disagree with that, registrars do pay costs to maintain expired domain names with no guarantees they'll be.

Able to secure renewal payments for them.

If you're seeking some kind of recourse, make sure to read your contract first.

Since they spell out your respective responsibilities and limitations. It's up to.

You to decide whether you still want to seek any recourse or "shut 'em down.".

The choice is yours. Good luck making the right one...

Comment #3

The domains WERE NOT expired and had 2 weeks left.

They were parked before the expiration date...

Comment #4

I already said some country codes need to be renewed before expiration.

I'm rather too lazy to read Idotz's contract right now. But if they state they'll.

Do what happened in your case, then it's arguably legal...

Comment #5

Thanks for weighing in Dave.

I talked to Pluto in IM and this is how it played out....

He starts a transfer from iDotz to Dotster with 1 month left before expire. Well within any reasonable timetable.

Back and forth with Dotster trying to get the transfer for the full month without success. Not sure why, communication breakdown on their part over the auth..?.

With 2 weeks still left on the reg, iDotz pulls a RF and switches his NS to their parking... this is a built site, not a MFA or mini... a built site.

Pluto still thinks Dotster is going to pull off the transfer so he doesnt reset the NS... Dotster strings him along, right up to the last day when he re-reg's with iDotz.

IDotz renewal policy From what I can see, they had no right to change his NS.

When he complains, iDotz plays it like the name had expired, which it hadn't, and when Pluto reminds them of this fact, he gets the dreaded "case closed".

IDotz Transfer policy This may have been the transfer problem. (bolded).

I dont think he wants to shut them down, but is confused (as I am also) about what they were pulling and/or if this SOP for them, has anyone else had a similar situation.



Comment #6

CcTLD's are not subject to any ICANN policy, and the ccTLD managers are free to formulate their own rules.

Since the original post does not bother to identify the relevant ccTLD's (and there wouldn't have been a hint of this issue but for the email quoted therein), then there is utterly no way on God's green earth for anyone to make an intelligent response here...

Comment #7

Ok, that would help for sure...doh!.

The exts are dot vc and dot ac and the dot vc is the one he was trying to transfer.



Comment #8

I'll put it this way.

Just as pluto459 can argue Idotz has no right to change the .vc domain's DNS.

Before expiration, Idotz can argue they have every right to do that as long as.

There's no explicit law or policy banning the practice.'s Idotz's services.

To do as they please, isn't it?.

And as Dr. B said, the ccTLD manager can set their own rules. What they say,.

More or less the registrar obeys or possibly risks losing their accreditation for.

That extension.

Meanwhile, pluto459, has the .vc domain name been successfully renewed?.

Are you now able to change it's DNS or still wish to transfer it?..

Comment #9

Thanks guys for all the help..

Seems these strange country code tlds do as they wish.

I had no choice but to renew at idotz, so yes I do have control of the name.

I try not to do biz with places that treat customers as poor as Idotz does and after dotster took a month and still no transfer I had no choice but to stay at idotz...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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