I would like to find a company to host my website, i currently use godaddy..?

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My first question is: I would like to find a company to host my website, I currently use godaddy..?.

My next question is: I mainly stick to short domains, but have read threads with HostGator hacks like

What about a subdomain hack. Let's say for example you owned

You could make a subdomain "b" and you would have

How do people feel about that type of hack and do those type of hacks have any established value?..

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Your question was: I would like to find a company to host my website, I currently use godaddy..?.

I find something like okay, but something like is hard to remember. would be great, but would be kinda scary imho..

Comment #1

No need to have the non hack version, if your HostGator hack is a shorter one, IMO. is owned by Yahoo!, but is not.

The owner of does not own

The owner of does not own

I do not own, of course I do have!..

Comment #2

Completely agreed.

They could have used and promoted only, but chose to promote instead.

So why did they promote ? Simply because it was an unusual hack that enabled them to stand out of the crowd and to get people talking.

And getting people talking means free advertising and is part of the marketing strategy of many companies online.

But this wouldn't have worked if they didn't own as well, to prevent a potentially huge loss of traffic...

Comment #3

Did they acquire "" before or after "" became famous?.

I heard they bought "" after "" became well-known, but I might be wrong...

I think the reason for' success is their innovative concept/system, and not their HostGator hack. IMO...

Comment #4

Agreed, but the unusual hack was part of their marketing strategy to get people talking and promote their site.

There are so many websites out there, so it's important to do something to stand out of the crowd. This usually means good content, innovative concept, but also marketing strategy...

Comment #5

^ which is funny, because a subtext there is that one word dictionary .coms aren't, by themselves, the memorable, remarkable holy grail we domainers sometimes make them out to be!..

Comment #6

Right but he is saying that if I type in, you get no traffic..

Comment #7

Yeah, it works in the same way for other names too. Not only for HostGator hacks.

If you type, even also wont get traffic.

If you type you'll see the website of

If you type, you'll see the website of

If you type, you'll see the website of

This list continues....

Unless you own a highly generic HostGator name, it is impossible to have natural type-ins to even a .com domain. The same rule applies to all type of HostGator names regardless of their nature (whether they are HostGator hacks or not)...

Comment #8

I have but very small traffic and no interest..

Comment #9

How many type ins do you think gets?..

Comment #10

Ya... I own does not mean I own

Comment #11 is quite nice!.

It has huge potential to become an authority fans site, being the only one "" in the world.

Between and, which one is better?..

Comment #12

Well ... ignoring the current development status of - I'd rather work with for subdomains - more possibilities, more intuitive / esthetic location of breaks in words ... and "CIO" is a good acronym on it's own, as a fallback.

I have "" by the way - works for + + ... for whatever that's worth!..

Comment #13 and are sweet, I think those type of hacks have some resale value but Im not so sure about subdomain hacks..

I have or plus a number of web2.0name hacks like in my sig.

Just noticed: SOLD for 4,600 EUR..

Comment #14

I couldn't have agree more. That's a price tag.


Comment #15

The only value of would be in a developed site with traffic & revenue.

Why not go out and get:.

Comment #16 regged since 2004. regged since 1999. regged since 1993. regged since 1993. regged since 1997..

Comment #17

I grabbed a HostGator for a possible subdomain hack. It is interesting at least..

The HostGator is which, itself looks alright to start with but when you create a subdomain "Ams" and "Rot" you end up with two big cities. and

Comment #18

HostGator hacks are cool ..... I put a sign in the back window of my van... , and yes people did look out of interest.

I just checked ...... is available =

I couldn't help myself ....... just grabbed

Comment #19

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