I would like to do Nutrisystem, can you help?

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First question I got is I would like to do Nutrisystem, can you help? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Hi there - starting a new thread here with a couple of friends from another board. We started out as newbies together all around the same time and have stuck together and supported eachother. But we are newbies no more, so we are moving from the Newbie forum to this one to continue our trek to better health and smaller jeans!.

Anyone is welcome!.

Debbie - hope you found us! 8 lbs lost! Phenomenal! Are you happier this week with your loss? I think 2 lbs in a week is wonderful!.

Sheila! Hit the 10 lb loss mark! I'm so very very happy for you!! I just knew you'd get there this week! What's your secret? LOL I know what I did wrong this week - we had so many activities this weekend and I had a couple glasses of wine and a couple helpings of brown rice. But back on track again and going strong! I'm still motivated!.

JT - how are things going? Are your parents still on board with their changes? I think with all the weight you've lost we need to see a new pic of you on your page!.

I hope everyone is still around! I think we've found a new home!!.

Have a great evening everyone!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Sheila! You found me!.

Waiting on Debbie and JT, hmmmmm..

I left them both messages on their boards, hopefully they'll wander over!.

Just got back from a marathon walk again. Walked the hills in our neighborhood for an hour. I think my husband has made my exercise his personal mission. LOL.

Do you think the name of the thread is OK? At least for now? I knew if we didn't come up with something soon it would never get done, but I am SOOOO not creative. Anyway, we can change it later if everyone wants..

I just love the red bear on your page! I'm so jealous! Seriously, keep up the good work!.

Hope you have a great evening, you skinny thing you!..

Comment #2

Hey Katie and Sheila! I found you...i think the name is good..

Congrats to both o the weight loss! WTG Sheila on hitting 10 lbs.

I just got done working and going to watch some tv...i will see you in the morning..

Comment #3

Good morning!.

Going to make water water water my priority of the day - I've been only drinking 6-7 glasses/day, going to try to up that to 8-10 on a regular basis. I'm sure that should help me lose more..

Had the scrambled eggs with cheese this morning - it wasn't bad, but I did add red pepper flakes to spice it up a bit..

Debbie, are you allowed to work whatever hours you want at home? I would love it. I have to be dedicated to the phones for specific hours of the day..

Have a great day!..

Comment #4

Hey Katie! I work 4 10 hour days for the past year...i have Friday's off...i work crummy hours...10am-9pm to help out our Ca location...i'm o the phone taking orders ALL day..except during my breaks....they know when i'm working and when i'm not. Ive been with the company 15 yrs...the last 4 yrs from home..

Comment #5

Ah, so yours is like mine. I work 7-4:30 every day but Wed, and I work 8 -11:30 on Wed. I'm pretty much stuck to the phone all day too. That and e-mail are pretty much my world! LOL But it is great to work from home. Been doing that for just over 6 years now and I don't know if I could go back to a regular office. I'd miss my dog..

Comment #6

LOL my cats love having me home all day! Saves a lot of gas money and clothes...if my customers only knew i'm sitting in jammies while I work..

Comment #7

Okay, now I'm jealous. I sit in a cubicle with three other people and the big room full of cubicles that we are in has no windows....BLAHHHHHH!.

I would LOVE to work from home, but I think it would be hard to get the work done unless it was like yours Debbie, where they know when you aren't doing your job! I guess I should at least be happy that I work M-F with all the major holidays and some not so major holidays off!..

Comment #8

Hey Sheila! Hey Debbie! We're still missing JT!.

Just got back from a 2 mile walk (I drove it this afternoon and got the exact mileage). We have 2 routes we take, our long route is 3 miles, takes us about an hour, and a short route, which is just barely under 2 miles (I round up.


I found, for me, the biggest problem with working from home was walking away. The work was always THERE, in my house, and I knew it had to be done, so I would work 50 hours a week sometimes. Finally my husband said something had to change, so now I turn off the phone and sign off my e-mail at the same time every day. I also don't go back into my office after I've signed out for the day. I still occasionally have to do overtime, but I don't do it by choice anymore, only when it has to be done..

When you say "seasonal campsite", do you mean you have a camper you take out there, or is there a cabin? Do you guys like to fish a lot? We rented a cabin on Gull Lake 2 summers ago in Minnesota, it was so wonderful. But that's about as rough as I will 'rough it'..

I joined the walking forum today. I'm looking for anything and everything that could possibly keep me motivated to exercise. You know, I just don't miss it when I don't do it. I wish I did, but I don't. So it's a struggle sometimes, but I'm doing it. I really want to look decent in shorts again someday!.

I got all my water in today and stayed completely on plan. My goal is to get my 10 lb bear! I want my bear!!!!!!.

Hope you guys have a wonderful evening!!..

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Good morning! Katie, you seem to be doing pretty well with the walking. I looked at joining the walking group too, but am afraid I won't follow through. I am really struggling with getting myself to exercise every day. I know that it will help me keep losing, and maybe faster, but I can't get motivated! I have not walked for the past two days...I think one problem is that I am not a morning exerciser, so by evening, there is always a reason not to do it....Maybe I SHOULD join the group-if I feel guilty for letting people down then I will be more likely to do it!!! ARGGGHHHHHH.....

Our seasonal campsite: We have a trailer that we keep on the site. The campground is pretty small and quiet. Several of the people we have talked to have been coming there for YEARS...This is our first year for a seasonal site, and we haven't spent any camping time there yet, so I don't know how it will go. Otis has never been in the trailer. Last year we only went camping once, and it was for a week, so we put him in a kennel. I am a bit worried about how he will do because he is somewhat skittish.

Anyway, gotta go get ready for work..

Have a great day!..

Comment #10

Good morning Sheila!.

You know I joined the walking group for just that reason - I felt like if maybe I joined the group I'd feel guilty every night if I didn't do it. I guess it's just another way of forcing myself to do something I don't want to actually do.

Again, if it weren't for that 10 lb's mine this week! I can feel it! LOL.

It does sound nice to have a nice quiet spot to get away from it all. It sounds so relaxing! I'm sure Otis will be fine. Isn't it funny with dogs, the bigger they are, the bigger babies they seem to be. We have this little bitty dog that lives behind us, her name is Skittles she probably only weighs about 3 lbs, and I don't know what breed she is but she is ferocious! Very aggressive and barky, she growls a lot. She charges at the fence when Sophie (my 85 lb lap dog) is out there and Sophie will freak out! It's hysterical!.

Work is kicking my butt today, gotta get back to the phone..

Hey Debbie, guess what? It's 85 here today! It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy to be able to go outside and sit with a good book or magazine again!.

Have a great day all!!!..

Comment #11

Hi Katie and Sheila!.

Enjoy that weather Katie.

I forget where it is you live.

Work is busy for e as well is my Friday.

Sheila, WTG with the walking! I need to get started with that..

Comment #12

Good Evening! I hope you all had a great day! The weather is improving here and is supposed to be up to 85 by Sunday! I can't WAIT!.

So we did it...We have had our eye on a trailer that has ALOT more room than the one we have, but were undecided on the price they gave us. Eric checked out some other dealers and brands, and we found that for the quality, and all the extras, it is actually a great deal. So this afternoon, we did the application for financing....Oh no, more DEBT! We aren't even sure if this trailer will fit on the campsite we have, or if they have a bigger site available that will accomodate it! But I am very excited to have so much more space. It even comes with a flat screen TV! Not that we watch much when we are camping, but it does rain once in awhile, and when you're stuck in a camper you have to have something to do!!! Oh yeah, Katie, I don't fish but Eric does. Trout season just opened last weekend in the county we used to live in, and he went up to fish with a friend. Wasn't too happy to only catch two fish, but he doesn't keep them anyway so he got over it!.

Anyway, what's new and exciting in your states?..

Comment #13

Hi ladies!.

Debbie - I'm in the flatlands - Nebraska. Your weekend starts now! Hope you have a great one!.

Sheila - Congratulations! It sounds wonderful! Can you post some pics of your new 'home away from home'? You'll have to let us know how Otis does! If he gets antsy, just put him in front of the flatscreen! LOL.

It is such a beautiful night. But now they say it's going to be in the 40's on Saturday here. YUCK! I want it to stay warm! Of course, ask me again in a few months when it's 100 degrees with 90% humidity, I'll be yelling, I can't wait for the snow! LOL.

Well, got all my water in, and walked 3 miles. Had to go to a debate banquet tonight for my daughter, so I had a hamburger (VERY off plan) and a salad, but I skipped all deserts and had no fries or onion rings (but DARN they looked good), so hopefully not too much damage done..

Lets keep at this ladies! We all deserve our 5 lb bears and Sheila I'm counting on you to get that 10 lb bear!!!..

Comment #14

Good morning!.

I'm so happy it's Friday I could spit nickles! LOL.

Loads of work and errands today, but hope to get those done early and then have time to sit in the beautiful weather and read again, before the storms hit. It's going to be really warm again today and they're predicting some pretty good storms this evening - gotta love the midwest!.

Goal is 100% on plan today, walk this afternoon if we can do it early enough to avoid the storms and water water water...

Sheila - have a great time in your new camper! Hope the weather is perfect for you!.

Debbie - have a wonderful weekend! Do you have any fun plans??..

Comment #15

Good Morning! I hope everyone's weekend is starting out nice. It is supposed to be about 85 here both days! YAY, finally some warm weather!.

We are not getting the new trailer till next Friday, so we aren't camping this weekend. We figured since we are trading in the one we already have, it would be pointless to haul a bunch of stuff there, just to turn around and bring it back. We will probably go get it (the old one) sometime this weekend and just park it in the driveway till trade-in day so we can get it all cleaned out! It is pretty exciting, kind of like moving! I will take some pictures when we get it set up on the site and hopefully I can figure out how to add them here or to my page....So instead of camping this weekend, we are going to finish up some small projects around the house. Hopefully we can get a bunch of things done so we can enjoy more weekends away! We also go to Ocean City MD for bike week in September every year and stay at a campground in Fenwick Island, DE, so I am looking forward to that!.

Anyway, have a great day and I will check in later!..

Comment #16

Good morning Sheila! That does sound exciting! And to think I was all happy because my husband promised to fix the upstairs toilet today! LOL Enjoy your wonderful weather, it's supposed to be cold and damp here all weekend, a real let down after the beautiful week we had..

Sound like you have a lot planned for the summer too. We are planning a big family reunion in Colorado Springs at Pike's Peak end of July. I haven't seen a couple of my sisters in about 2 years, so I'm really looking forward to it. Plus it's my mother's 80th birthday, so it should be a fun celebration if everyone can make it..

Well, it seems it's down to just you and I. I know Debbie is very involved with her other group, and that's great for her. And JT, well, he's just MIA I guess. I'm still in if you are! Maybe some others will wander in and join us at some point..

I've been trying to post on that walking forum, but that's a really big group of ladies who have been together, apparently, for quite a while. I'm basically ignored comletely, but I still post and record my miles. When the groups get too big I tend to just get lost in the crowd.

At any rate, weigh in is Tues, and for some reason I'm not feeling great about this week. I've been pretty good - I usually have 1 meal off per week for one reason or another, but I know I need to do better with my water. Didn't walk last night due to lots of other stuff going on, but will get out there today, rain or shine! (looks like probably rain.


Hope you have a great day!..

Comment #17

Hey Katie (and whoever else wanders in!)! We had a semi productive day today. We got a couple of things finished, went to a greenhouse to check out plants, and went grocery shopping! And we both took a nap! (I was up at 3:00am and couldn't go back to sleep, so it has been a long day....

). Anyway, there are many more items on the to-do list, but there's always tomorrow!.

I am not going anywhere, Katie, so you will always have at least me to respond! I think now that I am not so new to this, and it is not quite such a novelty to read all the comments, I spend less time logged in, but I still check in a couple of times a day. I am disappointed that my weight is not coming off faster, but I am still committed to doing this for the long haul (Try, FOREVER!). I know the main reason it is going so slowly is my lack of commitment to regular vigorous exercise, but I just can't seem to get the lead out! And my husband is not much for walking, so I don't have any help there! Oh well, even if it takes a year, I will do this. I am so tired of the yo-yo. I was just reading the thread that asked when do people get rid of their fat clothes. Well, this time, my clothes are just now beginning to get loose, but when they are really too big to wear, they are out of here! I have always had a size range of 3 or 4 sizes and I do NOT want to do it anymore! I also notice that when I get bigger, I seem to lose my sense of fashion even though all around me are bigger women with nice clothes! Maybe it's just because I feel so uncomfortable in everything I put on! Sooooo, this will have to be the last time!.

Have a great evening......

Comment #18

Good morning Sheila!.

Glad you got so much done yesterday! That always feels so good. And aren't afternoon naps just the BEST?.

Speaking of fat clothes..My closet has a range from size 4 (my absolute smallest, years ago) to size 12, which at one time were VERY tight but I refused to buy bigger! I've always kept them, and just moved up and down the racks as my weight fluctuated. Maybe that's my problem? I always knew if my fat clothes were there, I could get them. Maybe if, when I move back down the rack sizes, I got rid of the bigger sizes, it would help me be more aware? No safety net. If I gained again, I would be forced to go out and actually shop for fat clothes again, which is just awful when you're five-feet-nothing and everything that fits around the middle and the thighs is so long it's like they were built for the jolly green giant. Definitely would be incentive not to gain it all back again..

I am a slow loser as well. I have been trying to do the exercise thing, but I don't enjoy it. I'm just so lazy. Every day it's just forcing myself. But apparently without the exercise my diet could be limited to a pretzel and water daily ONLY and still not lose weight, so I'll do it. But I'll still complain about it..

My mood is very low probably because of the change in weather. Going to do laundry all day and clean bathrooms and prepare for the week, fun fun fun..

Glad you're still here with me! You've been a great support buddy...

Comment #19

Happy Monday! (Well, maybe not really since I have to go to work today.

). I am hoping the week goes fast; I want to get to Friday to get the new trailer! Missed the 7 day forecast, I hope the weather is ok for next weekend! Oh well, we will probably go anyway!.

I am not really looking forward to weigh in tomorrow...I know I haven't gained weight because I weigh myself almost every day (really need to stop that...), but I don't think I lost much either. I am exactly the same as you describe yourself, Katie, lazy! I am very good with the food but HORRIBLE with the exercise. And I just know I will have a big loss if I just get moving, but it still doesn't motivate me....Hmmm, I guess I will have to figure out how bad I want to meet my goal. It is less than 3 months away and more than 30 lbs....(can you tell I am feeling negative today?!!!).

Have a great day! I'll check in this evening......

Comment #20

Good Morning Katie and Sheila! Sorry I haven't been around much. Hope you both had a great weekend..

Sheila, I don't exercise either..i just ordered a walking dvd...maybe that will get me going.

Anyway....i weighed in and am down 10 lbs.

Feel like going outside and screaming.

Hope you both have a great week!..

Comment #21

Good morning ladies!.

This is my first chance to check in this morning - it has been so busy!.

Debbie - Congratulations! 10 lbs is fabulous! Keep it going! I've done the walking tape that came with my first shipment of food. It's pretty good, and I built up a good sweat. I was really out of shape (well, still am really) and by the time the 30 minute walk was done that was it for the day for me. Now I can brisk walk for about an hour, with hills and stuff, so it isn't hard to start seeing improvment quickly. Good luck!.

Sheila - I'm not optimistic about tomorrow either - no 10 lb bear for me this time AGAIN! I'm exercising, I'm staying on plan and I'm drinking water, I'm just a slooooooooooow loser I guess. I weigh every day too. Sometimes twice a day LOL! But I just can't wait a whole week without knowing, it would drive me nuts. I need some kind of validation that I'm doing things right..

Yea! New trailer! Can't wait to see pictures! We're still getting nothing but rain and sleet - can you believe it?? April and sleet? I will send good weather wishes your way.

Hope you both have a wonderful week!..

Comment #22

YAY Debbie!!!! You rock!!! I hope you get your 10 lb bear in your next order!!!.

I secretly (not anymore!) hope to lose the second 10 lbs before my next auto delivery, but if I don't get my a** moving, it will never happen!!! Oh well, I could be where I was when I started this, or worse yet, heavier!.

Keep up the good work....

I am very excited about the trailer! It was 90 degrees here yesterday. We brought home the old trailer and cleaned it out and washed everything. We already have all the dishes, pots & pans, towels etc. This evening I went shopping for the OTHER essentials (cleaning supplies, condiments, canned foods, coffee & filters etc) that we can leave there. Man, it was like outfitting a house! This is getting expensive! But once it is set up, boy will it be relaxing....We also made our reservations for OC bike week today, so now I have something to look forward to!.

Katie, I am keeping my fingers crossed for us for tomorrow! I will check in first thing in the morning and let you know....good luck...

Comment #23


I lost 1.4 lbs this week! I don't know how I did it, hardly exercised at all. Yesterday morning when I got on the scale (I know, but couldn't help it....

), I thought it was going to be about .2 lbs. I am very happy about that loss!!!.

Have a great day, and I will check in later.....

Comment #24

Yea Sheila! Congratulations!! You are doing so well!.

No 10# bear for me. Lost 1.5 this week. I just keep crawling along. Exercise doesn't seem to make a bit of difference for me. I'm a bit discouraged, but I'll keep going. I guess 1.5 is better than nothing, right? I mean, the scale could have just kept going the other way and then I'd REALLY be upset, right?.

It's sunny today, but still cool. But with the sun out, hopefully my mood will improve!.

Back to work - will check in later...

Comment #25

Hi everyone! When did you guys start NS? I have always read the postings but never realy sent a message until a couple of days ago to find out why I was so exhausted. Turns out I was not eating enough protein. Anyway, I started the end of Feb. and still do not have anyNutrisystemfriends - guess I'm kind of shy for my years. Since your posting was that you aren't newbies any longer I thought I might check it out because I can't say I'm a newbie any longer either. I'm in Phoenix AZ by the way - in the 80's and 90's already this year.

Later, Dorothy..

Comment #26

Katie you did great.

Keep up the good work!.

Welcome Dorothy! I started 3/23/09..

Comment #27

Debbie - Thanks. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you guys support.

You keep me motivated and keep me accountable. Thank you!.

Dorothy - Welcome! I started 3-21-09. Yes, we're a group that's kind of in-between, we're not newbies anymore, but we're not old pros at this yet either! We're glad you're here. I have a sister and BIL and 2 nieces in the Flagstaff area. We visit AZ whenever we can..

Have a wonderful day ladies!..

Comment #28

Just checking in here before we leave for the evening. We have a track meet for my youngest across town. I will be doing my walking there, between her events. Then probably out to dinner (I will stay on plan!) and home late..

Weather is warmer, today, almost 70, but the breeze is cool. I don't mind it so much because at least the sun is out today. I get sad when it's gray too many days in a row..

Have a lovely evening - will probably not check in again until tomorrow...

Comment #29

YAY Katie! Good for you on the weight loss!.

You were anticipating a bad weigh-in and it didn't happen! I am proud of you for sticking to your exercise even if you don't want to! I wish I was that good! I did walk this morning on break, but it was only 15 mins and not very strenuous....

Welcome Dorothy! I think I "lurked" for a few weeks before my first post! I felt weird cutting into an ongoing conversation, but you are most welcome to join us! Congrats on your weight loss so far!!!.

I have never been to AZ except to drive through from TX on the way home to CA. I stayed in a hotel in Phoenix!.

WHERE IS JT????!!!! I hope wherever he is, he is still staying motivated! He was doing great and then just disappeared!.

It is 85 degrees here right now but tomorrow is supposed to be about 68 and rain showers.

....I guess it is SPRING after all!.

Okay, gotta go...Have a great evening!..

Comment #30

Good morning my friends!.

Funny story: So, my youngest is a runner, just like her dad. She was blessed with her father's very long legs and she ran cross-country for the first time for her middle school in the fall, and did pretty well. So, when she tried out for the track team this spring, naturally, the coach put her in middle distance, which is where she belongs, but all of her friends are sprinters, so this makes her mad because she can't 'hang out' with them at track practice because the distance runners and sprinters train differently. Anywhooo, she's been doing really really really badly. And she's been asking to quit. Which we don't let her do (you start something, you finish it, end of story).

I don't just mean last, I mean laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast. By a lot. It was painful to watch. So last night, before her race (400 again) my husband says to her, "put a little more effort into this race, will ya? I know you can do better." Well, she being a teenager says, "What'll you give me if I do?" Right there, he SHOULD have said 'Nothing, just do your best', but instead, he says "What do you want?" She says "If I win, you buy me a laptop." Well, she has come in nothing but bottom 3 in ALL races so far this season, so of course he thinks he's pretty safe. So he says, "Sure, you win the race, you get a laptop." Guess what, big surprise.

And by a LOT. We're all just sitting in the stands with our mouths open like, "What the heck just happened there?" First thing out of her mouth after the race? "When are we going shopping?" I say to her, "What happened? Where did that come from?" Her response? "This time I had MOTIVATION!" Thank God he didn't promise her a car or anything!.

I'm feeling so much better about things today. My jeans are looser, the scales are going down. I can move around easier. I'm starting to exercise more, which is improving my mood. I don't get winded when I walk up the stairs anymore. This is MY motivation!.

I checked JT's page. It doesn't seem like he's signed in since about 4-19. I'm sure he's still doing great, but it would be wonderful if he would check in and let us know how he's doing. Hopefully he'll wander back around..

Hope you all have a great day! I'll check in later...

Comment #31

Thanks ladies! I just rec'd my food for month 3! Since I still have the 2 weeks free food to go through I have not opened it, but find that I still get excited - it's like rec'g a gift! I turn 50 on Sunday so not sure if I'll be able to make it through without cheating...ugghhh but I have my fingers crossed that I'll be good. What kind of exercise do ya'll do? I never even watched the exercise video that came with the plan - have you guys watched it and if so what did you think? Do you use it? Sorry for rambling and thanks for the replies they are much appreciated! Have a great day!..

Comment #32

Good Morning Dorothy! I like the walking video. It works up a nice sweat, especially if you're new to exercise like I am. I think it's good and I recommend it. I think that Sheila has also bought more of those Leslie walking videos, so maybe she can tell you more? Walking is perfect for me because it's low impact (bad back) and convenient. Can do it at home or outside, and on my schedule..

Happy Birthday!!! When I know I'm going out, it works best for me if I plan ahead, what I'm going to eat and when, and then stick to it. We went out to dinner last night and before we went I looked up the restaurant online, looked at the menu and decided what to have (had some grilled talapia with steamed veggies, it was very good!) and I stuck with that while everyone around me had their fries and burgers. Good luck!.

Yes, getting that next box of food is a bit like Christmas isn't it? LOL!..

Comment #33

Good evening! I hope you are having a great week! I am getting excited about picking up the new trailer on Friday, but the weather forecast keeps getting worse...first it was nice, then it was slight chance of thunderstorms, now it looks like a pretty good chance for showers just at the time we will be trying to get it in position at our campsite....

Maybe it will hold least it is supposed to be 76 degrees! I just have to keep thinking positive! In the meantime, my work week is going sooooo slow and I am still trying to get everything together for the weekend! (Geez, I just read some comments in another thread about how people are sounding negative today. Maybe I should start a negativity thread!!.


Anyway, happy early birthday Dorothy! I have mixed feelings about going off the plan on special occasions. On one hand I say go for it, but on the other hand, isn't that how we all got here?! I know intellectually exactly what I am supposed to do to lose weight, maintain good health, etc, but before I started NS, I was feeling very out of control. This felt like a last resort and I am really afraid to eat off of the plan because recently it has been so easy for me to revert 100% back to the bad eating. If you feel comfortable, go for it. And by the way, I do a few things that are not on plan, like have a few beers once in awhile, I am just afraid to eat "normal" food because I won't want to stop....

I do have a 5 dvd set of Leslie Sansone walking programs. I think they give you a workout, but lately I haven't been very good about exercising, so haven't been doing them. You should try the one that came with your food! I felt like time went pretty fast when I was doing it and got sweaty. I also have some VHS (.

) tapes of P90, Slim in 6, etc. You can find info about those programs on They REALLY work!.

Katie, your husband is SO GULLIBLE!!!!.

(please take no offense!!!) When I was reading your story, I thought right away that your daughter has been sandbagging her races because she doesn't want to be on the team. She sounds like she can win them all with her long legs!!! She is better than she let on, isn't she? Smart girl!.

Okay, I better go...see ya soon.....

Comment #34

Sheila - I am sending nothing but good weather wishes your way! Hopefully it'll at least be dry for you on trailer pick up day! My husband flew out to Philadelphia this morning on business. He is at a baseball game right now, the Phillies and somebody (Nationals??? I don't know, I can't remember and I don't really like baseball.

) Anyway, when he said he had to go to PA this week, I thought of you.

I'm afraid I have to agree with you about the 'special day eating' - I guess with me I'm just afraid that it will snowball. Plus every time I DO resist temptation, it's such a great feeling of success. I just hate being a slave to food..

No offense taken! I wasn't there when the deal was struck, I was standing close by talking with a girlfriend, but I did see them shake hands on the deal. When I asked what that was all about (daughter had gone to line up for her race) and he told me, I said, "What the HECK were you thinking???" If I had been there, it would have been stopped before it started. It's interesting, he would NEVER let my son get away with something like that, he would've just told him to get the lead out and quit complaining, but when it comes to his baby, different story. He's way too easy on her. But he'll deny it. Yes, I think my husband got played like a fiddle on that one.

Anyway, walked 2.5 miles today, so I feel pretty good about that. Food was 100%, but short on water (again). Oh well, tomorrow is another day!.

Goodnight all!..

Comment #35

Whew! I got up this morning thinking maybe I opened mouth, inserted foot, which I occasionally do! I really shouldn't presume to know your family, since I only know them from what you talk about! Glad you aren't mad, cause I don't know what I would do without your support!.

So today is my "Friday" and I am SOOO happy! I am really hoping the day flies by so tomorrow comes faster! I still have a couple of things to pick up at the store and some things to pack up, but for the most part I am ready to get there and set up our "vacation home"!.

Now if the weather will just cooperate.....And on that note, I am going to go watch the news so I don't miss the forecast....

Have a great day and I'll check in later!..

Comment #36

Good Morning Katie and Sheila! Today is my Friday also.

I am supposed to get my shipment of food tomorrow ...hoping it arrives on time because I only have 1 more day of food.

The weather has been really nice here..high today will be 83.

I got the Leslie Sansone walking dvd the other day but haven't used it yet lol I'll start that tomorrow.

Hope you both have a great day..

Comment #37

Hi All!.

Sheila, even if the weather doesn't hold the entire time it will still be nice to get away for a while and the smell of rain is always to nice. I'm sure you will all have a great time and the weather, I hope, will cooperate..

Everyone I wanted to say thank you for your insight into eating on out. I'm thinking maybe I'll just do something special at home so that I can avoid the temptation and then just have a glass of wine or two as a treat. Reasoning is I think you are all correct that once you cheat it gets easier the next time. Thanks again for the advice..

Take care all and I'll need to check out the walking video. Have a nice day!..

Comment #38

Sheila: I could never be mad at you! LOL I'm hoping your weather holds out as well, not just for your sake, but so that my DH's flight isn't delayed! Have a wonderful "Friday", I took 1/2 day of vacation tomorrow since my kids are out of school for one reason or another..Hope you have a wonderful time with your new trailer!!!.

Debbie: Happy "Friday" to you too!.

I just went in a little while ago and changed up my next shipment a little bit. Last time I ordered a whole bunch of some stuff that I really liked, and now I'm kind of sick of it! So I changed things up again. My shipment goes out next week. Weather still dreary and overcast and even foggy here! Upper 60's today - enjoy your sunshine!.

Dorothy: Whatever you wind up doing, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. MMMMMMMM, red wine. Don't get me started, I miss that on this diet more than anything else. According to what I've read, a glass of red wine is about 80-100 calories, so that's not much, right???.

..Let us know what you think of that walking video..

We have ANOTHER track meet this evening. I think I spend 3/4 of my life just sitting on bleachers!!..

Comment #39

Hello ladies :}.

Yeah, I'm still kicking ... and still dropping :}.

My mom and dad are still trying, but they have some old habits that are proving tough to break. My sissy is inspired but hasn't made the jump just yet. She was down for a visit this past weekend and I showed her all the calorie and nutrient tracking I've been doing and explained my excercise routine. She is definitely impressed with the changes she see's in me ... I am actually down to size 32 pants already!! Still have some love handles and some extra around the belly, but 10 more pounds should definitely do the trick :}.

So how has everyone been doing? I will have to read all the posts and get caught up :}.

Home sick today (blech) nasty head cold :{..

Comment #40

YAY JT! Welcome back!.

I am happy to see and hear about your success!!! I am sure you are a great influence on your family...Hope you're feeling better soon, spring colds suck.


Hey Debbie! I wish it was 83 degrees here! It is in the low 60's now and supposed to be in the mid 70's tomorrow. The forecast seems to change every 5 minutes! Now the showers/thunderstorms are sounding more scattered...I hope so. You are right Dorothy, the sound and the smell of rain are nice, and our campsite is surrounded by woods, so it will be just fine. Plus there's an awning, so if it's not pouring, we can still sit outside if we want to! We're going next weekend too, so I can just hope for a sunny weekend for then....

Debbie, what plan are you on? Don't you get the free weeks of food? I have extra because of the free weeks and haven't delayed my auto delivery. They keep giving me beef stew for free week dinners and I can't bring myself to try it. I have four of them! Pretty soon my pantry won't fit all of the food due to the extra weeks!!! I did the same thing you did, Katie, and ordered multiples of the ones I liked the best but now I am sort of burned out on eating the same thing every few days. I haven't played with my order much yet this month, but I think I am going to make some changes. My delivery ships on 05/11/09. I have been thinking about stopping after the third delivery and trying this on my own but am scared!!!! I haven't gone to the websites they recommend, maybe I should check it out....This is just so easy, I am spoiled!!! And since I'm not a very picky eater, I don't have alot of the issues I have been reading about.

ANYWHOOOOOO.....gotta go pack a few more things! I will check in in the morning before we go! Have a great evening.....

Comment #41

Hey Sheila ... Don't be scared. I have been off theNutrisystemfoods for three + weeks now and have lost another 18 pounds without them. I basically took everything I learned from theNutrisystemplan (and all the books I read) and simply put them into practice. You should see me at the grocery store.

Checking all the labels and loading up on fruits and veggies. There are also a wide variety of "prepackaged" dinners at the store that are very comparable in calorie and nutrient count to theNutrisystemmeals. Not sure if you have a Safeway where you live, but one of my favorite brand names is "Eating Right" ... it's a safeway brand and they typically have the dinners on sale 5 for $10. Another good brand to look for is "Healthy Choice" ... their fudge ice cream bars are da bomb!! For breakfast everyday I've been having a shake recipie that was in my bowflex owners manual (quite tasty) and either a bowl of shredded wheat, or Kashi Go Lean cereal, or an orowheat double fiber english muffin with 0 cal cinnamon and sugar mixture on top (I have a sweet tooth.

) My snacks are the same as they were on NS: 1 serving FF lunch meat and an orange or apple ... still drinking water and excercising like crazy..

Anyway, the important thing is that we stay on plan ... don't do anything you're not comfortable with and stick with theNutrisystemfoods for as long as you need to ... judging from all the tickers, we are all doing really great!!!..

Comment #42


It's so great you're back! By the looks of your ticker you're still doing everything right! Only about 11 lbs from goal, that's fantastic!.

You're going to have to educate us all on what to do once we stop ordering theNutrisystemfood. I just don't know what the 'rules' are? I know it's not just calories, altho, we're supposed to stay around 1200 right? But isn't there rules about protein and fat and carbs and blah blah blah? I know I can't stay on theNutrisystemfood forever, but it's such a nice safety net to have it there, all handy and ready to eat..

Sheila - have a wonderful weekend with your new trailer! I hope the weather is good for you. Someday we should all get together and swap out food, I can't stand the bars for lunch, and that's what they keep sending me for my free weeks..blech..

Meeting a girlfriend for lunch today. Going to eat myNutrisystementree here before I go, then just have a salad and water water water at the restaurant. Tonight is my sons track meet across town (more bleachers!)..

Have a lovely weekend all!..

Comment #43

Hi All! I'm not scared about figuring out what foods I am supposed to eat and counting calories etc. I am scared that it won't be long before I am back to eating the bad stuff because I get tired of the planning and figuring and preparing. I know I can't stay on packaged food forever, but it feels safe for now! I do better with controlled, structured plans! I was counting calories before I startedNutrisystemand was staying around 1200/day, but it got old very quickly trying to figure which combinations were appetizing and staying in that range! I think with all the veggie & fruit add-ins (which I don't mind, I have always loved a variety of both), I will find it easier when I am ready this time, but that is just not right now!!!.

Katie, enjoy all your track meets! Maybe you should start RUNNING those bleachers while they run the track!.

Ha, wouldn't that be fun.....

The weather here is overcast and mild, scattered showers. Tomorrow is supposed to be okay. We are about to leave to go get the trailer! Have a good weekend..,..

Comment #44

1200 cals seems low to me..

I am a much bigger fella and my BMR is around 2100 cals with background activities and digestion bumping that number to about 3000. I have consistently averaged eating 1800 per day and have burned an extra 800 through a combination of aerobic (30 min) and strength (30 min) each day. That brings my daily deficit to about 2000 per day which is equivalent or about 0.57 pounds per day or 4 pounds per week..

Haha ... had my annual physical today and brought all my weight loss/nutrient charts and graphs to get the doctors opinion on what I was doing. I wanted to see if he thought I was losing too fast (30 pounds in one month!!) First, my blood pressure was 106/65 (it usually is about 130/80). He looked over my stuff and said that it looked great ... he even told me to not stop what I was doing until I dropped down somewhere between 200 and 210!! I haven't weighed 210 since I was a skinny little eighth grader!!..

Comment #45

Good Morning Katie, Sheila and JT.

Nice to see you back here JT...great job on the weight loss.

Sheila...I'm on the Flex free food with that. I happen to like the beef stew..i add some spices.

Katie...I went out to dinner last night for the first time since I started...i had blackened Mahi Mahi, salad, steamed veggies and a diet pepsi. I sat there and watched my friend drink her Margarita (my fav drink) and it really wasn't bad at all.

Hope you all have a great weekend..

Comment #46

Good morning all!.

Just stopping in briefly - another busy weekend!.

Debbie - it always feels so good when we resist temptation, doesn't it? I feel like I have more control now. We ate out lunch and dinner yesterday. I stayed on plan except for one piece of pizza at dinner. But then we walked 5 miles !!! I'm sore today, but it feels good..

Weather looks lovely today! Lots of running around - will check back in later!.

Everybody drink your water!!..

Comment #47

Hey, how'd we get all the way to page 5?!.

That is unacceptable! Anyway, I hope everyone is okay....I had a pretty good weekend aside from the rain. Saturday was overcast but didn't rain till after we went to bed! It is STILL raining here. I am about waterlogged now....

I did pretty good with my food, except for the beer and a spoonful of Eric's baked beans (couldn't help it, he makes the best ones I ever had!). I was down about a lb when I weighed myself this morning, but of course tomorrow is weigh in and you know how that goes!.

Katie, Otis did really well except for one slip going up the trailer steps! Of course he stuck to me like glue all weekend....I didn't take any pictures, but we're going again this weekend, so maybe then....

Debbie, I think you made me brave with your comment about the beef stew. I also don't like the mac N cheese with beef (pellets), but that's what I had for dinner tonight (embellished...) and it was pretty good! I don't think I could have passed on a margarita like you...I LOVE them!.

Still not exercising much. Gotta change that. Last week was just really busy. (I know, that's an excuse!). Maybe I'll go get on the treadmill for awhile...See ya later...

Comment #48

Sheila! Welcome home! Glad you had fun! Sounds like you did really well staying on plan as well, good for you!.

I have been watching the thread, but it's been extremely quiet. I've been posting on my walking thread to get my fix, but I'm so glad you're back!.

Work was heinous today, so I had a glass of wine, but I'm still within calorie range. I had no exercise yesterday due to not feeling well. Felt horrid all day. Today I'm just lazy.

Tomorrow is a new day, back to my walking, no excuses!.

I'm pretty certain my weigh in is going to be disappointing tomorrow. If I can just be even 1/2 lb lower I think I'll be happy..

Have a wonderful evening...

Comment #49

Yay, 1.4 more lbs! I am still bummed because it is slow, but I know it's the best way and at least it's going down. I would like to get to the 15 lb mark by next week...I think I will definitely have to exercise for that to happen. And maybe eat more protein...We'll see....

I'll check back in later! Have a great day, & I hope you are feeling better!..

Comment #50

Gained 1/2 lb. So upset I cried all morning. Went over my food logs. Can't figure out the problem. Could TOM be part of it? It wasn't last month. Need to regroup..

Truely happy for both of you tho, just wallowing in self-pity right now. Sorry..

Check in later...

Comment #51

Hi don't know me but I read your post and I wanted to tell you...chin up...there will be days that your weight can fluctuate up to 4 lbs..if you are a daily it once a week....or once a month (if you are strong). Maybe your sodium was higher yesterday..a 1/2 lb is nothing..honest..thats one good ... do not be depressed..think of all your hard work and keep at your body start th shrink....don't rely on that stupid scale all the up..head up high..put a smile on that face and keep losing! Great job so far!!!!.

Back to your regular schedule! LOL..

Comment #52

Katie, I agree with what Rose said. I'm sure that is bound to happen with all of us.

Just look at how good you have done so far..

Comment #53

Exactly..I can gain 5lbs over night just from too much answer? HIDE THE SCALE for a few weeks..keep with the plan and move your hiney....

Comment #54

Thank you Rose and Debbie. My pity party is officially over. I needed a good talking to. Off to walk now, will check in again in a few. I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #55

Ahhhh. Walked 4 miles. I do feel better. I didn't binge or cheat today. I didn't eat my disappointment.

I really do have to stop looking at the scale so much. It's just always been a habit. I weigh daily (OK, twice a day), but today was my official weigh-in and I was just SO disappointed. I really wanted that 10 lbs to be officially gone. I've decided to just work harder. No more glass of wine 1 day a week.

My body just is very reluctant to let go of this fat, but I'm determined!.

It was kind of funny tho. After I weighed myself I crawled back into bed and started crying (big baby, I know), but my husband came up to say goodbye before he left for work. He said lots of nice things and was very supportive, but when he turned to leave he said, "Now honey, do I need to hide all the junk food in the house before I go?" Yes, I do have a habit of eating my way through emotional times, but not today. I stayed 100% and am very pleased with myself for that at least..

Rose - thank you so much for your support. Everything you said was absolutely true and correct. I am officially putting the scale away until next Tuesday (this is going to be VERY hard for me! LOL).

Debbie - Another pound gone! Fabulous! See, skipping on that margarita just got a little easier, didn't it??.

Sheila - I find it so impressive that you went to your trailer and had a completely different routine, but you completely stayed on plan and kept losing! You give me so much hope!.

Have a wonderful evening. I promise no more self pity!.

PS. I did NOT change my ticker to reflect the 1/2 lb. gain. I refuse to do it. I won't go backwards. Will just keep looking forward. Hope everyone is ok with that..

Comment #56

Oh Katie! Stay positive! You are doing GREAT and I'm sure that was just a fluke...I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday to be supportive..

(Came home from work with a headache and just vegged on the couch for the evening). WE CAN DO THIS! I just have to keep understanding that this is always going to be my struggle and I have to keep working at it...I think you are doing better than I am where exercise is concerned. I just can't get moving. I am sticking to the food pretty closely but that's because I think if I eat a regular meal I will just go back to eating whatever I want. I am just not ready to take that risk yet. I think maybe once I hit the 20 lb mark I will try it.

Of course, Eric still eats out, with a friend or alone for lunch if he's running errands, but I haven't. I would really love a cheeseburger sub right now!!!.

Debbie, You lost more too! Congrats....

I really was happy with my loss, but when I say bummed it's because I used to lose much faster. And when I see people posting that they lost 15 lbs in 2 or 3 weeks, it's just discouraging to know that I can't do that anymore. However, I am "in it to win it"! Yesterday I wore a pair of pants to work that I couldn't wear 7 weeks ago, so I am beginning to see the improvements! Those small things are enough to keep me going..

Gotta go get ready for work...Have a great day!..

Comment #57

Hey Sheila!.

I was a bit blue yesterday morning, but I snapped out of it. We all need to just vegg on the couch now and then.

I don't know where this sudden motivation to exercise has come from. My husband is pushing me quite a bit, but we also have a family reunion coming up in July that I'd like to be in shape for. Hubby and I went for a 5 mile walk tonight around the lake by our house. It was nice, but really crowded. It's beautiful here today everybody is out and about. I have a feeling I'm gonna be sore tomorrow..

How fun to be getting into your smaller clothes! Doesn't that feel terrific??? Every once in a while I'll try to pull on these really cute jean capris that I have that are a size 3. I hope someday to be able to just get them over my backside, but for now I can only get them about mid-thigh. But those pants are my goal!!.

Have a great evening, going to go get some more water...

Comment #58

Good morning ladies and JT if you're still out there!.

I thought I was going to be sore this morning after such a long walk yesterday, but I'm not. I feel really good! Exercise always makes me so hungry though and I was just starving when I woke up, but theNutrisystemblueberry muffins have taken the edge off. They're really yummy with coffee.

Long day at work today, not looking forward to it. Just 2 days til the weekend!.

I don't think I mentioned on this board that my daughter came home from college on Tuesday for the summer. She's going to pound the pavement all day to look for a job. Since the recession is easing I'm hoping she'll find one quickly. I know she has an interview today at a clothing store, but I'm not sure it's going to give her enough hours to justify the gas to get her there and back every day. Wish her luck!.

Hope you all have a great day! Drink your water!..

Comment #59

Hey Katie! I nuke the blueberry muffins then spray a drop of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter on them...goes great with coffee.

Let us know how your daughter does. How old is she? Mine is 21..

Comment #60

Hey Debbie! You know, people have really been talking up that ICBINB - is that a 'free food'?? I'm gonna have to get some..

My bundle of joy is 19. Does yours still live at home? First thing she said when she got home, "Here's my laundry. I'm too old for a curfew now." Hmmmm, may be a long summer....

Comment #61

Good evening!.

It has FINALLY stopped raining (for at least the next 12 hrs!) so I decided to mow the grass and clean up all the "helicopters" that fall out of the maple tree. Took a couple of hours, but the yard looks much better now!!!.

Last night Eric and I went to the campsite. We had ordered a load of stone to be delivered so we could make everything level and clean up a couple of areas. We shovelled stones for about 4 hours before it started to rain! I was surprised when I got up this morning that I wasn't sore....Anyway, today I was sitting at my desk and I felt a small tickle on top of my head. I felt it and there was a small lump. I asked my cubie mate to check my head, and sure enough, a TICK!!!! I was soo freaked out, we were trying to find tweezers, a match etc, and then another co-worker says "I can get it out. You just need fingernails".

Ohhhhhhhh, did I ever want to go home, undress, check my whole body with a magnifying glass and take a Looooooonnnnnggg hot shower!.

Ewwwww, everytime I feel an itch I have to check to make sure it's not a bug! And we are going back for the weekend....The funny thing is, I am a pretty tough chick, but I.


Bugs! I guess I am just going to have to get over it.....

Anyway, Katie, it sounds like you are going to have an exciting summer with your daughter!!!.

I wish her much luck finding a job!.

I have been reading all the comments about discontinued/low inventory items. Have you guys had any problems with your orders? I haven't so far, except for food I wouldn't order coming for my free weeks. But I am a bit afraid of what my next order will contain. I think I ordered about 10 flatbread pizzas, and I worry about what they will substitute with...I know everyone has different taste, but it really does seem like they are getting rid of some VERY popular meals and it just doesn't make any sense. Especially if they are taking so long to add new choices...Like don't you wish they still offered Caramel Corn?!!!!! Why on earth would you discontinue something like that?!!! Oh well, I am not in charge......

I hope you are all doing well. I have been trying to check in or at least come and read the comments. We have been very busy for the past couple of weeks...Typical when the weather improves! Have a great night and I will check in again tomorrow!..

Comment #62



Yes, that would have freaked me out something awful. NOT a bug person. I don't mean to sound alarmist or anything, but I've heard some terrible things about Lyme disease. Since it did actually bite you (I've found them on kids and dogs before they've bit, but never after they've latched on) do you think you should at least talk to your doctor? I did google it, and one website said that if you've been bitten, you should at least talk to your dr. Just my thoughts! I worry a lot!.

Daughter got the job yesterday. She starts Monday. They promised her a lot of hours, we'll see. She's not taking any chances tho and has some applications out yet at some other places. She needs to save a good chunk for next year!.

The one thing I've read about the orders is that if they send you something you don't like (a substitution, NOT a free item), then you can exchange it free. With my first order they sent me a ton of the breakfast and lunch bars. I really don't like the bars much, so I called them and exchanged all of them for what I wanted. I did have to pay the shipping, but it was worth it for me. You can't do that with the free food tho. With that, you get what you get, period.

Have fun at your campsite this weekend! Spray yourself for those tics! And check Otis too!..

Comment #63

Morning Ladies!.

Sheila, sorry to hear about the tick.

Katie, glad your DD found a job! Yes, mine still lives with me.

But I like having her here for now...she's an asst. manager at Pet Supermarket.

Hope you both have a great day!..

Comment #64

Hey Debbie - does your DD get free cat food?? I tried to get my son to apply at PetSmart so we could get the discounts, but he wound up getting a job at Target instead - they don't even sell the food we get our cats. Oh well!..

Comment #65

Katie...she gets 1 large bag a month of Nutro food.

Plus all her discounts...sure comes in handy..

Comment #66

Debbie - do you know how to post a picture on these boards? I have a pic in my 'puter that I want to post on the other forum that I post on, but I don't know what format it needs to be in? does .jpg work?? Do you just copy/past? or how do you do it? If you know, thanks!!..

Comment #67

Katie...jpg should work. Post it like you did your dog's pic?? What you should do is put your pictures in a Photobucket account, then you get the 'code' needed to post. Did that help any? Photobucket is free and easy...

Comment #68

Thanks Debbie - it worked!! I was able to post the picture!..

Comment #69

Happy Saturday! Just stopping by to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!.

We are off to the campsite for the weekend. The weather forecast is looking great! Have a good day.....

Comment #70

Sheila - hope you have a wonderful time - we'll talk to you when you get back. Weather colder here, but at least no rain! Going to buy a weather radio for the storm season. Have a wonderful weekend...

Comment #71

Hi ladies! Sorry to not post in so long. I did have a wonderful birthday and 15th wedding anniversary all in one week! I did pretty good with eating out, but I did have a glass of wine...however, yesterday was a really bad day for me. I could stop eating and none of it on the plan.

I'm not sure why I did it, and today I just feel fat and tired and old. This too shall pass as "they" say..

I see you guys are still doing really well - congrats! Tomorrow is my day to weight to but I'm thinking I'll pass until next week after yesterday..

Temps here in Phoenix are over 100 for 6 days in row now. Summer has arrived..

How do you guys post your weight ticker on your postings? I love the teddy's also, but can't figure out how to do that..

Well, I need to get back to work. I just wanted to stop in and say GOOD MORNING ALL! Have a great day..

Shooting for 100%Nutrisystemtoday!..

Comment #72

Good morning ladies!.

Nice to see you again Dorothy. Don't worry about a day off of plan. We can't go back and change it. Just get back on track and forge ahead, right? I strayed twice this week, once to take my DD out to lunch and on mother's day dinner. However, I do believe I still stayed within calories, so I'm hoping not too much damage was done ??? My weigh in is tomorrow also. Not really looking forward to it.

Debbie - hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day..

Sheila - hope your camping was fun!.

Have a wonderful day ladies!..

Comment #73

Hey Sheila - I got my 3rd shipment today..

I had ordered 2 NutriChocolates - they substituted something else for those because they were out, but they gave me something I like anyway, so I was OK with that..

I also had ordered 2 Apple Cinnamon Oatmeals. They substituted for those 1 thing that I like and 1 that I'm just OK with..

Therefore, there were 4 substitutions on my order, and only 1 that I'm not real happy about, but I'm not upset enough about to call or send it back. I guess that's not too bad..

I've decided I'm going to start adding in my own meals slowly this month, and maybe order just 1 more month ofNutrisystemnext month, then I'm going completely off theNutrisystemfood. That'll be 4 months and I'm getting more comfortable and I know what I need to do, and I know I can't be on this stuff forever (it's already getting a little boring for me)..

Chat with ya soon...

Comment #74

Hey Ladies! I hope you had a great Mother's Day!.

We had a pretty good weekend-Saturday was mostly work: we finished moving all the stone that was delivered to our campsite last week. Then we had a nice dinner. The first nonNutrisystemmeal I have eaten in two months! Grilled steak (my piece was very small!) and I had a salad and no potatoes! (And too much beer) Sunday morning Eric made breakfast (steak, potatoes, eggs, bacon, toast) for himself and his mother while I ateNutrisystempancakes, Morningstar Farms sausage and pineapple. I made the mistake of tasting the potatoes, and from that point on all I wanted was food I shouldn't eat (peanut butter sandwich, bacon, real mayo, real cheese, all those good fatty things that made me FAT). I came home in a not so great frame of mind. After coming here and reading some of the comments, and of course, eating 100% back on plan today, I feel better (except that I was very hungry today!).

3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners) so I have been having a hard time allowing myself to eat ANY meal off the plan! Oh NOOOO, now they're uneven, since I ate a non-NS dinner on Saturday!.

I really think I will survive! I have been trying to pawn off some of the undesirable meals on my husband, but he won't eat them! He has not been following any kind of diet since I started this, but he had a doctor's appointment today and they discussed him losing weight, so maybe I will get a diet buddy at home just when I am ready to start making my own food! He is a great cook too, he just needs to lay off the oil and sauces!.

ANYWAY, DEBBIE!!!!! Congrats on the weight loss!.

I went to your other thread to check because I knew this was your weigh in day! Way to GO!!!! I don't expect much tomorrow, but that's ok, I think I am just needing to re-focus and add some exercise.....

Katie, I hope you enjoyed your sushi last night....I am glad the subs on your order weren't too bad! I am keeping my fingers crossed. But if they sub with things I don't like, I will just call and get free food! My account history indicates I am getting my 10 lb bear this order too. Woo hoo! (Not as big of a deal as it was a few weeks I getting jaded?!.


Ok, I am going now; sorry for the attitude. Hopefully tomorrow when I check in I will be in a better frame of mind!..

Comment #75

Good morning! Weighed in today. Lost .6 lb. I will take it! My goal for next week's weigh in is to get at least 15 lbs lost!.

Have a great day!..

Comment #76

Good Morning Sheila, Katie.

Thanks Sheila! I'm so proud of myself for actually sticking with this! WTG to you too...we will get there!!.

Katie, hope you do well today too..

My monitor died on my personal computer so I am on my work computer..i can only get on before work (don't tell lol) I hope to get a new monitor by Friday..

Have a great day..

Comment #77

Wow you guys are really doing well with your whole motivation and determination to stay on plan. I'm into month 3 and I am finding that it is getting earier to cheat on weekends. I think I need to go backover some of the mind set information..

Well, against my better judgement I did get on the scale today...I shouldn't have! Between the cheating on the weekend and my monthly upon me I gained 2 lbs!!!.

Now I feel like poop. Guess I best pump up the exercise all week and drink more water to try to flush this out. Truth be told all I really want to do is curl up in bed and sleep for a week. I know, monthly pitty pool party for one. I wish I had you guys bright outlook - I'm hoping it rubs off on me!.

I'm glad everyone had a nice weekend! Keep smiling.


Comment #78

Hey ladies - just checking in - running out the door to do some errands, my daughter is having a birthday party this weekend, we need to order cake, get some gifts, stuff like that..

Lost 1/2 lb. Whatever. Very frustrated. Spoke with a nutritionist at my doctors office - she looked at my food logs and her opinion is I'm not eating enough. I guess I've been averaging between 900 and 1200 calories - I thought that was about right, but again, whatever. I'll just keep chugging along.

Congrats to Sheila and Debbie! You guys are doing great, and you really are my inspiration!.

Dorothy - I'm queen of the pity parties, but tomorrow is a new day!.

Have a wonderful evening.I'll check in again tomorrow. Wed is my 1/2 day at work and I have more free time!!..

Comment #79

Katie! You lost weight this week! I know the small numbers are frustrating, I am there too....and still, I am not exercising.

I think you are doing great with the walking. Did your nutritionist give you suggestions on what else to eat? Don't give up!.

Dorothy, I know when I first started, I was CONSTANTLY coming here to read all the different posts. It really helped me stay motivated. You'll get there if you keep trying! I know my last few posts have been pretty negative/unmotivated sounding, but I really want to succeed and make this a lifelong change, so even when I feel discouraged, I refuse to give up this time. You CAN do it!.

Gotta go...have a good day!..

Comment #80

Katie, Sheila: Thanks for the pep talk, I'm hanging in there. Pumped up my exercise to a full 60 min's last night and I'll do that all week to see if next week brings a ray of sunshine when I get on the scale.


I have to run, my grandson has a school play today so I'll be leave work early today! Anyway I best kick it into high gear so that I can as much done as possibly while I'm here..

Have a great day all!..

Comment #81

Hey Sheila - I'm not giving up. I'm just resigning myself to small losses at a time. It's frustrating, but the alternatives are remaining too heavy, or continuing to gain and gain and gain, or crash dieting and losing a bunch, but gaining it all back plus some. None of which are too appealing. I will keep on! Like I said, I do feel better with the eating less and exercising more. I just wish the results were faster..

The nutritionist really liked theNutrisystemdiet, she has had other clients on the program and Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. She said that those were all good, balanced, reasonable programs. She didn't tell me what to eat, specifically, just that I needed to eat MORE. I usually skip the veggies at lunch altogether (usually just have theNutrisystemmeal and some cottage cheese 1/4 c low fat) and that's it. I usually skip the afternoon snack too, or just have like a piece of fruit if I'm starving. She told me to quit skipping and to add more veggies in.

She suggested moving my dinner salad to lunch, and having veggies with dinner. She also was pleased that I'd started exercising, but kind of hinted that I should be doing more, like adding a light weight program..

Debbie - got that computer monitor taken care of yet??.

Dorothy - did you drink all your water? Did you get some exercise? Are you feeling better???.

Have a wonderful day!..

Comment #82

Hey Katie, I was told by a senior member to eat more protein and less dairy to jump start the weight loss again. They also told me me to eat all the food on the plan, but that it didn't matter when I ate it, as long as it was all consumed each day. I was like you and didn't eat the veggies or snacks for about 4 weeks and the weight loss slowed and then stopped and I'm now in reverse! I'm hoping to get back on track and break the 200 mark by the end of the first week of June. Good luck changing it up some, I know I have my fingers crossed!.

Exercise is in my plan this week, as is extra water. So far so good today, 9 glasses of water and it's only 2pm!!.

Later all!..

Comment #83

Good evening ladies! I hope you are doing well. Food is okay, water is too low, exercise is nil..

I got my 3rd delivery today and everything was just right, down to the red bear! I even got all the pizzas I ordered even though they said they were being discontinued. Yay, especially since I think this may be my last order. Eric is beginning to change his eating habits after talking to his doc, so I may have more support at home now, and can start eating "regular" food again! It's not that he was unsupportive, we just ate separate meals, he sort of overlooked theNutrisystemfood, he cooked pretty fattening things for himself, etc. He has noticed the weight loss (the other day he said "where'd your butt go?".

But believe me, it's still more there than it should be!) but I also feel like he doesn't understand why I can't do it without buying theNutrisystemfood. Maybe doing it together will open his eyes. Years ago we lost weight at the same time and it was so much easier having someone in it with me!.

ANYWAY, Katie, your calories sound really low!! At the risk of sounding like everyone else, you shouldn't be skipping your veggies and snacks! Especially as much as you have been exercising...EAT, girl!!! (wait, isn't that how we got here?!!!.

) As for working out with weights, I did do that along with cardio when I lost the aforementioned weight years ago, and I was in GREAT shape and lost the weight pretty fast. I was doing Power90 religiously 6 days a week and walking almost every day also. It really does help, if you have some small weights you may want to try something.....

Dorothy, how was the play?!..

Comment #84

Evening all!.

Glad your order was all intact Sheila! And you got your bear! Fabulous!.

Youngest daughter's birthday was today (and yes, she got her laptop). We ate out, but I checked their website before we went and chose my order and besides two bites of a potsticker, I think I stayed within plan. Lots of sodium though, so I'm going to drink lots of water tomorrow to flush all that out. But it was a lot of fun. She's getting so big. She's taller than me now (I'm only 5'3") and I never thought I'd see that day..

No exercise for me today. Oh where, oh were has my motivation gone? Somebody give me a good kick in my ample backside..

Yes, Dorothy, how was your play??..

Comment #85

Good Morning Ladies!.

Katie, I should have my new monitor tomorrow.

My daughter is taller than me also lol like you i'm only 5'4 and she's 5'8.

Sheila, Congrats again on getting that red bear in your food! I wish I could get excited about exercising but I can't.

This is my Friday...hope you have a great day..

Comment #86

Good morning all! The play was just the cutest 3rd grade play ever! It was the Rain Forerst Revue. I can't believe how creative people are when it comes to make outfits - just amazing..

Boy, ya'll are sure little one's - 5'4"...I stand 6'1". However, with my back and the loss of 1 disk already I'm sure I'll be getting shorter with every passing year..

Congrats on getting your bear Sheila!..

Comment #87

6'1"!!!! How lucky you are to be so tall! Aren't elementary plays just the cutest. Have you exercised today Dorothy? I haven't been able to get away from my desk yet, but I am planning to walk tonight as the weather is just perfect. Still working on my water. I've only had 16 oz so far today and the day is 1/2 over!.

Debbie - how did you get such a tall daughter!! My oldest is only about 5'2", drives her crazy to be so petite..

So, what do you guys eat for protein? When I need a protein/dairy, I usually grab a glass of FF milk, or some cottage cheese. How about you guys? I don't see peanut butter on the list, is that a protein or a fat? Hmmm, thought I'd try to cut out some dairy and substitute protein like Dorothy recommended, but don't know what to eat!!.

Well, it's after 2 and I still haven't had my lunch veggies or dairy/protein and haven't had any snack - going to head to the kitchen and at least have myself a V8!!.

Check in later!..

Comment #88

Hi Ladies! Just to complete the conversation, I am between 5'5" and 5'6". I have short legs, so some petite pants fit depending on the cut. Dorothy, I always wanted to be a bit taller and have long legs but my genes took care of that!!.

Katie, I eat a lowfat string cheese almost every afternoon for protein. I also buy the low fat packaged turkey lunchmeat and have that sometimes. It is easier to figure out a serving of this than getting it at the deli. I also sometimes buy the cottage doubles (Breakstone's here in PA; maybe Knudsen elsewhere?) for a combo of protein & fruit. Somewhere in all these boards I read they were ok. 2 fat free hot dogs (ball park beef ff dogs are really good, even cold! Salty, but I don't have a problem with sodium...Most days I save breakfast protein so I can add it to my dinner, especially if I am having pizza! If I eat a saucy meal at lunch, sometimes I just add 2 T parmesan, or some pre cooked chicken breast. Hope this helps!..

Comment #89

Lowfat cheese sticks! duh! I've got tons of those in the fridge for the kids. I'll grab one of those. But isn't that considered dairy?? Debbie had talked about the FF hotdogs before. I'm gonna get some of those and try them out. I LOVE salty. I'm more of a salty person than a sweet person even.

Walked 4 miles tonight, even under the threat of rain. Feel a lot better, always do after I move myself. Got all 64 oz of water in too. Just short on 1 veggie and 1 fruit today. Does anyone ever find it difficult to get ALL the food in? My calories were over 1200 today, and I feel kind of guilty. But I didn't eat anything off plan...

It's funny how you get a picture of somebody in your head. Sheila, I would never have pictured you so tall. I have pictured you more my height with long brown hair. LOL..

Comment #90

That's funny, I have blonde hair!!!.

I guess we should probably put a picture on our pages or post one here, but I am so lazy with the computer stuff, I can't get myself to do it! Also, we have a tendency to take pictures of everything but ourselves, so I don't really have many recent ones (which is not such a bad thing!!!)..

Oh yeah, I misread your post and didn't realize you were asking for PROTEIN ideas! I guess some were dairy! I just tried to think of all the things I eat. Not much variety but easy stuff! I don't usually have a problem with getting my food in, but I use V8 ALOT to fill in the lunch veg cause I rarely want a salad for lunch....

Still not exercising. Gonna try to get into it this weekend and see if it carries over. I decided not to beat myself up over it, and aim for AT LEAST working out weekends! Water is easy since I have a 32 oz container for work and 32 oz cups for home-two and done!.

How are all the sports activities going? Winding down now that school is almost out?! I can't believe it's almost Memorial Day already...time is just flying by..

Gotta go eat breakfast, have a good day!..

Comment #91

Hi Ladies!!.

I use low fat string cheese for my protein and for my fat I have 6 almonds every night..just love them.

Katie, i'm not sure where my daughter got it from..her father isn't tall (just an a$$) LOL But my nephew is 6'7.

I bought a new monitor this morning..came home and took it out of the box and it is sooooo small.

I'll be taking it back in the morning for a bigger one..

Comment #92

Debbie - Well tallness certainly runs in your family! LOL Bummer about your monitor, it's always a hassle to return stuff. My daughter's new laptop has just an 8" screen, I didn't realize how small that was til she took it out of the box, but she really likes it, and for her purposes it's really just perfect..

Sheila - oh dear. You're gonna be sorry you asked about the kids sports.

Youngest has finished track, so now she starts her summer tennis league, clinic 3x/wk for 2 hrs/day (and man do they SWEAT) and then league play 1 day a week, for like 2-3 hours. Son also finished track, and is now back in the pool. He will swim 2 1/2 hrs per day after school until June 1, then he goes back to 2-a-days, 2 hrs in the morning then 2 1/2 hours in the evening (including weights and running) - High School swimming is just really brutal - and he'll do that until end of summer, then go back to just evenings once school starts until actual swim season starts which is November thru February which is just a blur, they swim so much, mornings, evenings, weekends..crazy. But he loves it and he's in phenomenal shape. Middle daughter has started her spring training for golf, she'll golf league all summer and work with a pro a couple to 3 times a month (it's very expensive, just depends what we can afford.

) and she'll do the Pepsi tournaments as they come up. Then her season starts first day of school and runs til early November. My oldest is in college now but she signed up for a bunch of spin classes at our club (CRAZINESS!!!!!!), so she'll be getting up at 5 am for those this summer. My husband is a runner, so he runs several times a week around our lake, plus goes walking with me. And me? I complain about walking 4-5 nights per week. So you see, I don't get much sympathy around here for my weight issues, but that's OK.

Will check in later- have a great day!..

Comment #93

Checked in yesterday but was feeling sorta b itchy. Made a snide comment on another thread that I had to go back and delete after starting to feel guilty, so I thought it was best not to post anymore yesterday!.

Holy cow, Katie, your family is ACTIVE!!! No wonder you are always running around. You must be exhausted!!!! (good excuse not to exercise!!!!.


Eric is starting to get VERY motivated to lose weight and has begun making comments about how in a month I will be mad when his weight loss is larger than mine. Do I hear a challenge?!!!! Oh, what's the use, he WILL lose it faster than I do, it's just nature! I am just glad to have a partner in this now. He is not eating NS, but I shopped today for all lowfat/fat free stuff, veggies, fruits and alot of meatless stuff. (we LOVE meat, and won't stop eating it, but for a protein serving, the stats are way better on that stuff, and most of it is pretty good!) He even said to go ahead and throw out all the bad stuff in the fridge! Yay!.

Maybe it will really stick this time!!!!.

Anyway, I have to clean the house, so better get going....Have a great day!..

Comment #94

Oh boy, that sounds plain WRONG!! I meant an at home partner! You guys have been SO supportive and I couldn't have made it this far without you. But I have also needed my husband's support, and didn't really feel like I had it until he decided to lose weight too. It was almost like (silent) disapproval, which he denies feeling, but I sensed. Now I wonder if he just wasn't mad at himself for not taking the step when I did two months ago...ANYWAY, sorry if I hurt your feelings, I really didn't mean it the way it sounded......

Comment #95

Hi Sheila! I knew exactly what you meant. The support on the boards is great, and I certainly could not do half of what I've done without all of you. But I really envy you your support at home. I just don't get that here. I'm very happy that my family is very athletic and I support them all that I can, but they just don't understand my struggle at all. They're not mean or critical or anything, they just don't get it.

My husband has literally said in the past, "I'm gonna lose 10 lbs this week." And then DONE it. It's very aggravating. But I'm so glad I have all of you to lean on here, you guys/gals are the best!.

Been a crazy busy weekend. Daughter's b-day party went well. Did massive amounts of laundry and cleaning, but didn't get out to do my walking. Will pick it up better next week, now that things will start slowing down again. Made my family tonight a big batch of chicken enchiladas with white sauce and spanish rice..then ate my vegetarian lasagna like a good girl. Stayed on plan, but had my glass of red wine..why can't I quit you?? LOL.

Have a lovely evening - will check in again tomorrow when I have time...

Comment #96

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