I want to buy a domain name and sell it. In Godaddy you can do this only after 2 months time. What a?

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My first question is: I want to buy a domain name and sell it. In Godaddy you can do this only after 2 months time. What a?.

My next question is: Is dot Com king forever or all going to change after ICANN shake HostGator industry next year? New internet HostGator names in 2009: ICANN..

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Your question was: I want to buy a domain name and sell it. In Godaddy you can do this only after 2 months time. What a?.

If it's all filled up if that happens then we will all look for another "king"..

Comment #1

Except Jesus.

The King of HostGator extensions will always be .com IMO, unless HostGator names totally stop existing, until then and if then, .com will always be number 1 IMO..

Comment #2

At the end of the the day, even though dot com is king, it means nothing if you don't have a HostGator name that is highly brandable or a strong keyword or niche.

Registering is pointless even if it is dot com.

Instead of asking the the same question over and over, why not ask...what's the next big niche and can I register a dot com that is keyword strong and brandable?.

Dot com is and always will be king....that's why people waste lots of money every year just to have matter how crappy..

Comment #3

Not if your into video .... then it's .tv..

Comment #4

What's youtube's extension?????????.

It doesn't matter. Dot com = king..

Comment #5

Yep... He is the "King of Kings" (and a great dot com HostGator too, parked, I really should do something with it).

Good answer raredn...

Comment #6

I am sure if you ask The King of Kings what to do with the domain, he will show you in time.

I am guessing you have done that already though..

Comment #7

He's God.

Btw, .com is king ofcourse. I was just saying that it's reign as king might not last forever...

Comment #8

For the time is a king..but for long..."NO".

It is only a virtual product..

Comment #9

I did to be honest, but I have heard Kumbahyah sung before and did not know it's true meaning.

Thought I would put the translation up for others to understand what it meant too..

Comment #10

I tend to study up on things related to stuff I don't believe in.

Thanks for the honest answer...

Comment #11

Actually I think the last time I heard Kumbahyah sung was when I was a kid, something to do with school or camping something like that..

Comment #12

I think there are already enough obscure extensions. 95% of internet users have only heard of COM/NET/ORG. I don't think any more extensions will do anything except dilute the pool after the big 3...

Comment #13

Thor could kick Jesus' ass.



I mean... I don't think .com will be king forever. Not even Beowulf could be king forever...

Comment #14

Tlds Popularity depends on how Google and other search engines spot it.

If, unlimited Tlds come to reality, I can see booming SEO business, more people will pour dollars and gold rush for fresh names begins once again! Guys; get ready to start HostGator registrar...

Comment #15

For me .com's are and will be leading the way, after that comes country specific tld's...

Comment #16

I have not seen any evidence of that happening so far.

The only thing Thor has going for him is 'Thursday' as far I can see..

Comment #17

Depending on Thursdays outcome, you might wanna reserve time this weekend for church, lol.

In these times of uncertainty we need faith.... ;/..

Comment #18

The trend of the network devolope !.

For us ,that's a good option..

Comment #19

Both very good points.

IMHO, as long as we have the current HostGator name system we have now, .com will be king. It will only be unseated if/when we lose extensions completely.

.Com has age on it's side. It has familiarity from every Internet user.

I've heard people argue that .web would be a better alternative than .com, which is "supposed" to mean "commercial." If you ask me, www.address.web sounds like something that would come out of the Department of Redundancy Department if we're using "www" to mean "world wide web" and we have "web" as the extension, you're making an unnecessary repetition...

Comment #20

.Com has been the web standard since Al Gore created the internet.

To even speculate the probability of .com losing it's "King" title in the United States during the next 50 years (or at least until the baby boomers and Gen Y are gone) is absurd.

Take a look at this list of every available TLD. Although many look promising, the reality is: the general public simply won't adapt to the widespread use (at least not enough to overtake "The King") of these TLDs.

That's not to say that these new TLDs won't be profitable... it's just that in this battle of David v. Goliath, Goliath (.com) WILL win...

Comment #21

In America I can see this being the case in general, especially with established brands. I don't think I will live to see the day that ESPN will switch from .com to .biz.Mobi is slightly different in that some established brands are using it for their mobile web naming convention. But still we're not going to wake up one day and find redirecting to when browsed on the PC.

In other nations, especially emerging markets, it's a whole different story. Asia, and Africa in particular are so late to the internet that their ccTLD's are what they are using and is and will be a part of their cultures moving forward. One case in point, the largest University in Uganda, Makerere University does not use a .com, .org or .edu domain, their address is We here in American may wonder who cares, but that is one of many emerging markets, there over 30,000 students a year learning a different HostGator naming convention than most of us even know about. Oh, and they speak English there BTW so it is not a language thing.

Where is the mobile phone company with the most subscribers? China. Do they really care about .com? It's a big world out there folks, the internet isn't what it was 10 years ago and it won't look the same in another 10. Forever is a long time.

For many .com = .america or .BigBiz and are happy to use their country code for their own markets, it makes perfect sense to them.Com is the most widely recognized and established TLD, but there is room for others and time doesn't stand still. When you're the biggest, it's easy to get complacent about the efforts of others around you. You'll still be big but others will be big also. Who's bigger? Who cares. What matters for me as an investor is who will grow the most and in many respects I think .com is pricing itself out of the market...

Comment #22

Great post, scandiman. Rep given. I think an open mind in this market is essential...

Comment #23

Most people ideally forget about http://www thing in coming tlds storm! Good point...

Comment #24

.com is king until now and we are his followers. (domainers)..

Comment #25

What is this friggin Bible Study. Thought I was on the wrong site...

Comment #26

Coca-Cola #1 soda.

McDonalds #1 fast food chain.

Microsoft #1 software.

There are things that as long as the genre/technology does exist will remain at #1. I believe dotcom is one of those things. Unless technology changes where the way we surf the internet differently and we no longer use extensions then dot com will forever be #1...

Comment #27

We don't have "www" any more, which means "web" isn't a tautology...

Comment #28

I think that is an excellent point about .Com Jesse, some things just don't go away as number one.

Quote from Labrocca:.

Coca-Cola #1 soda.

McDonalds #1 fast food chain.

Microsoft #1 software.

Plus of course .Com #1 HostGator name extension IMO..

Comment #29

I thought Christians had the opposite state of mind. Believe something is true until proven wrong - then sometimes even after...

Comment #30

No, on all subjects of interest I research the for an against and any other information thoroughly, I am not a just take someones word for it type of guy. By the way who has proven us Christians wrong.....

Comment #31

No one has proven Scientologists wrong. JK.

I am not a religious person in general. But have no problem with people believing what they want. To each his own...

Comment #32

I completely agree - but the whole "God is real unless you prove otherwise" attitude is a bit ridiculous, in my opinion. It's not so much the faith part of it that bothers me, it's the fact that they have such a closed mind on everything else.

No, I'm not saying all Christians are that way, but the ones that are that way are the ones that bother me. Similar to the sense that I'm not at all racist, but I can't stand the people that throw the "racism" complaints around every chance they get...

Comment #33

"God is real unless you prove otherwise".

That is not why I believe in Jesus/God.

I am only recently turned Christian, 15th of June this year to be exact. I was so far in darkness (including delving in wrong places), that I have actually had run in's with real demon spirits, so for me when I asked Jesus to be the intercessor for my sins, lord and saviour, it was out of real life experience with the spirit world, wanting to be free of my demons, not out of blind faith. You can look at that anyway you want, but there will be others who will read this and they will understand, as they are in the same place I was LOL Thanks Brad.

Tom Cruise has IMO LOL, Kind of a living example of what not to do..

Comment #34

Yes we believe therefore we practice what we believe.

Who do you think is the idea behind .COM giving even the wisdom for the whole idea of domaining? I assure you you can point at any human being but I tell you it's not human. Yeah I know you will still lead me to a human being but who created him, gave him wisdom, gave him strength, money..

It's the idea of first, who's first?.

God is first and last. Beginning and Ending and Alpha and Omega...

Comment #35

All good things come to an end?.

What goes up must come come down?.

Like others have said the internet is still relatively new.I dont doubt that things will change and keep changing.Technology will keep progressing.People want what is most conveniant and simple for them to use.Domainers will just have to adjust and keep adjusting as things will inevitably keep evolving.Who knows one day maybe there will be no domainers(there were alot of gold miners in the gold rush days).When the tape cassette tape was first out people probally couldnt imagine all of the electronic wonders that we have today,(or go even further back)(I just used tape cassette as example because it is closer in time,to show how much things have changed so fast).Well I could go on and on ,I think everyone gets the point.Every great thing has it's time,enjoy it while it is here,feel blessed that you are able to be a part of it,try to get the most out of it while it lasts,because it will not be king forever.I dont see it being dethroned anytime soon though...

Comment #36

Some things may not have changed but most things do.

The internet came on the scene about 15 years ago.

Are many of the #1's today the same as the #1's 15 years ago?.

#1 Auto Manufacturer.

#1 Computer Manufacturer.

#1 retailer.

#1 Airline.

Things change. Nothing really is a sure thing, except death and taxes...

Comment #37

Good insight. Anybody that thinks markets don't change should google "tulip market commodities". Things come and go. I am long .com right now since it appears *somewhat* stable for the *near* future. I was also long silver contracts in the commodities market when Bunky Hunt tried to corner the market in late 1979. Got out in time with huge profits (thank God), and by early 1980 the silver market had crashed.

There is another old saying in the markets:.

"There are three kinds of animals in the markets, and only two make money. Bulls make money, Bears make money, and Hogs get slaughtered.".

"To everything there is a season".

A time to go long, a time to go short... yada yada yada..

Comment #38

Who gives a flying %^&*! As investors it really doesn't matter one jot! - it is the growth of the stock that is important.

This obsession with 'Com is King' by many on this board misses the point entirely. It seems to be posted again and again as if it's a kind of mantra which needs to repeated as often as possible to ward off a potential doomsday scenario. Or maybe it's just a comfort thing.

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Zinc, Copper, Coal, Oil, Wheat ... which is the best investment?.

Personally I don't know, but to blindly pick platinum for the sole reason that it's the most expensive is madness. And that's what people seem to be doing with our fearless leader - King Com. Crazy! (IMHO of course!)..

Comment #39

.COM may be in a season,.

IMO I think there will have to be other big pointers on the internet to point to the end of .COM's reign as king of the net. Like something as drastic as type in to search engine traffic to such a degree or such a change of technology, that HostGator extensions (as a whole) become irrelevant. IMO something that big would have to take over the market for .com to be dethroned..

Comment #40

Exactly why I've gotten involved in .mobi. With so many companies pouring billions of dollars into mobile web, trying to be the major players in networks, hardware, OS and mobile search, it made total sense to me to invest in an extension tailored for the mobile web. Just sharing my own investment thought process, I hope no one derails this thread into a pro/con mobi fight, save it for another thread...

Comment #41

Yes .Com is king for now.

BUT too many times I have seen people buy some crappy Name because it is a ".com" rather than some better marketable/usable keyword friendly name in another gTLD..

If the proposed changes cause .com to be devalued, so will every other gTLD.

As for any existing Gtld /TLD replacing .COM , do not make me laugh.

.net No Phishing allowed.

Org Not organised enough.

.biz Not Business Oriented.

.info Not enough Information.

.US Not even the Yanks want them.

.MOBI Call me when you sell one..

.Asia Nice place to Visit, You just wouldn't buy one..

Comment #42

The differences though between computers or airlines are vastly different from extensions.

Each of your examples requires a technology. Like I said..unless the way we use extensions change via technology the dot com will be #1. Mobi fans swear that a "mobile internet" is going to be that change for example.

Cars and computers have vastly changed over the decades.

My examples of McDonalds and Coca-Cola are closer because food and drink technology are the same. So unless we start eating food in cube form we can continue to expect McDonalds and Coca-Cola to remain on top. It's why Warren Buffet invested deeply into these companies and it paid off in spades.

You have to view where the mindset is at. Dot com won't be unseated by any upstarts. The idea of it makes me laugh.

If you want to have a religious discussion at least have it part of the HostGator discussion.

For Christianity ...Catholics are by far the #1 faith. For every split in Christian churches do you think it hurts the Roman Catholic Church or the various Christian faiths more? One billion Catholics...and then there is the rest. The other Christian faiths can't even be counted properly.

If you open up the TLDs it will just be chaos and people want order. That order will be CNO (Com, Net, Org)...

Comment #43

No other extension will ever have it's legacy and power. It's got worldwide recognition in the global marketplace as a symbol for internet commerce. It transcends the language barriers unlike .info, .tv, .name, .me or any other extension that they could come up with in any language because people worldwide recognize recognize it as being synomous with the internet. It can be used by any person, from any country, for anything for just a few dollars a year.

Google has over 25 billion results for .com (the letter I has 10 billion and the letter A 20 billion.) It's been the leader since the beginning of the internet and it's still the leader. Almost every major corporation has a .com domain. Further, those whom were late to the game often will pay big bucks to aquire a .com or start a UDRP action to aquire a .com.

With the above considered, I feel pretty confident that .com will remain king for quite some time...

Comment #44

Yes but do you agree that if they could have that "better marketable/usable keyword friendly " HostGator in dot come it wouldn't be best? That's what makes it king. Doesn't mean other TLD's are worthless. It just means dot com is #1, will remain #1, and I see few reasons to think otherwise.

I love .net's myself and find it a great alternative to grabbing a good solid name at a discount. I agree that getting a solid friendly keyword is great BUT...when I have a success in a non-dotcom I start to really wish I could obtain the dot com. If I have success it a dotnet and the dotcom is parked. You can quickly see that their numbers rise in accordance to my dotnet traffic. This tells me one thing. That people type the dotcom often.

Is dot com worth it's price? Maybe...maybe not. I am well aware of the tulip craze and reference it myself often. However I fail to see the significance of it compared to something that drives business and information like nothing else. It's like saying that TV was going to be the death of radio. It didn't.

Again..unless there is going to be a technology change in how we surf the internet you can expect dot com to be #1 for a long long time...

Comment #45

Yes , exactly my point.

Like for like the .com is best , but Do not buy any trash just because it is a .COM.

How many times have you seen someone buying a collections of CRAPPY .com's.

When better (& cheaper) Quality non .com alternatives are available.

Or buying a Hundred Crap .com's when 1 QUALITY 5 star .com would be a better investment..

Comment #46

.asia will be the king, dot com will have no opportunity when there's .comfor joke certainly...

Comment #47

, I guess in a way you are right worldstar, to .asia fans, .asia is King... You can not deny the .asia domainer fan clubs obvious love and enthusiasm for the .asia extension..

Comment #48

It has to do with new technology and the uses. I think the entrepreneurs in the 1990s are now probably rich enough to say "its time to sit back" and not scrambling to make money as the newbies in 2008.

Dot com the first ever extension and widely used in the USA. However we already see changes such the Europeans using their own extension in Europe and expect the same in Asia. Dot com is the king in the USA but not in other region of the world.

I expect to see a lot of changes in new technologies and uses on the online world.

Technology is the future...

Comment #49

I'm not contending that .com will or won't be unseated, I'm simply saying that there are opportunities outside of .com, and often these upstarts are in fact better investments in terms of growth. That is what I care about, not who is bigger. So are you contending that these companies will represent the best growth opportunities in their industries moving forward? Using your analogy please consider these facts.

Worlds largest church building - Nigeria - Seating 50,000 with outside overflow of 250,000.

Worlds largest church by congregation members - Seoul, South Korea - over 800,000 members.

US largest Church - Houston Texas - seats 16,000 (former Houston Rockets stadium) with 2 Sunday services.

None of these are Catholic.

Not interested in a religious debate, just pointing out that while the Roman Catholic Church may have the most denominational members worldwide, the major growth and activity has been elsewhere with those not so concerned about their denomination.

Again, growth in my investments is what I care about...

Comment #50

Here is another gimmick.

Is .Sex the New .Com?

Comment #51

There goes all PREMIUM sex related .COMs ... the internet is getting.

Catalogued. New era is upon us. Billions in value will exchange hands..

Comment #52

IMO Dot com will remain king but it's influence and relative popularity will continue to decline as more TLD's are released, however dot com will always be regarded as generic for the internet...

Comment #53

O rly?.

I think the confusion will make .com stronger.

Of course .god and .jesus ( maybe even .scientology) will be strong....

Funny how none of the .god faction seem to think of .family first......

Comment #54

Worlds Largest Christian Church is Catholic

And your point btw?.

No one disputes that you can't have success outside of dotcom. The thread is about dotcom being King forever. You have stated nothing that would argue against that...

Comment #55

I'm with Scandiman on this one. I don't care if .com will be the largest TLD or not. It is not my invention and unfortunately I did not get in on the ground floor..

What matters most for me and I think most others is return on investment and right now I believe .asia will provide a higher percentage profit IMO.

So .com may fetch the higher prices for eternity but a lower ROI and unfortunately you can't eat prestige...

Comment #56

Again I say .tv is the way to go , the internet is becoming more visual..

Comment #57

Everything online is not about visual, many other factors need to count. Tv is trend and trends keep changing. Sex is there to stay on top like .com as long as we people exist, and then comes the others visual, video, tvs and cam and unlimited...

Comment #58

Um, not quite, seats 18k in the building vs 50k in the church in Nigeria. Maybe the Nigeria building wasn't built in 1990 which is when your reference dates to. That being the biggest globally doesn't mean you're the biggest locally. Actually, that is inferred often. 'Dotcom is king...don't bother with anything else'. It's a blinders mentality many unfortunately have.

I'm redefining "king" for me as what is the king of ROI. Today, I don't think it is dotcom.

It's a big world out there folks, .com may be biggest globally now and in 10 years but the king in China, Japan, Korea, or the Arab speaking world may look completely foreign to us Westerners. With the advent of IDN TLD's from the recent ICANN ruling, that may represent one of the biggest growth opportunities looking forward, and I won't be able to read a single one of them...

Comment #59 top of dnj so maybe things are about to the man in street see more good developed sites like tv,org,info .but I only see good com sites now as yet not seen my kids on and org info or tv sites,..

Comment #60

I think American kids are going to use .TV to choose their politicians.

Take a look at what this billion dollar corporation is doing.

Comment #61

Excellent. For *any* investment, it is not about value, but the rate of change of value and leverage that is important.

The thread title here was "Is dot Com king forever?". Forever is a long time. In my earlier statement in this thread I was comparing it to other things that were perceived at the time as being permanent changes in value, like the silver futures market in 1979 which had an incredible run-up in late 1979 and crash in early 1980. The bulls/bears/hogs comment above was about knowing when to take a profit, and I did just that before the 1980 crash - I wasn't a hog investor but took a huge profit before the probability of correction became significant. There is another old market saying that "you can't go broke by taking a profit". In other words, don't be a hog investor.

We have seen economies rise and fall, powers rise and fall, etc. Rome at one time ruled the world. Great Britain at one time ruled the world. While America (and I am an American) rules the world both in power and economics, we are now seeing a shift in world economies. It would be naive to think that a shift can take place in power and economics without some impact on trivial little things like strings of characters in whatever language.

As I said above, I am still long .com since I think there is potential appreciation there, but to say this will never change is naive, and I am ready to switch strategies as necessary. I am officially "neutral" on introduction of new tld's. Maybe some of my premium .com's will take a hit as a result, maybe not. My job as an investor is to find the greatest ROI, as Scandiman stated above.

The *best* you can hope for in investing is to maximize the *expectation* of ROI. Basically you want to have a balanced portfolio, and adjust that balance according to estimates of probabilities and other metrics of outcome, like:.

Probability of stock market decreasing.

Probability of stock market increasing.

Probability of world economies shifting (and where they shift to).

Probability of democrats winning.

Probability of republicans winning.


You then assign assets to the above scenarios and compute the expected outcome. You don't put all your investments in the area with greatest probability, but divide the assets to achieve the greatest expectation of value. Google "portfolio theory" for further information... and learn some math to protect yourself...

Comment #62

So that's your big point? Not really relevant to the thread since we are discussing one thing. Is dot com king forever. If he isn't your king that's good for you. If you want to say that you do well in other extensions then so be it. I also do well. Inferred by whom? I don't see anyone saying that you can't make money outside dot com.

This "blinders mentality" you speak aren't a mobi fan by chance are you? Those are the only domainers I can think of that believe in such a mentality. It's either mobi rocks or nothing.

Hmm..I think I am done here. You can't claim it's king and then say well it's not important. Your perspective is flawed...

Comment #63

I'm a fan of things I think have growth potential. In 1993 I thought HostGator names would be big, lots of people thought I was nuts. In 2006 I thought .mobi names had a lot of potential, a lot of people think I'm nuts. In 2008 I still like .mobi and also think IDN TLD's have a lot of potential, many will think I am nuts.

Not sure why you want to turn this into bashing a mobi enthusiast. My worst .mobi sale represented a 13x ROI in one year. My best is over 40x ROI. I like those kinds of numbers. My developed .mobi sites are generating traffic and revenue. Lousy parking rev though, at least with the providers I have tried.

I like geo domains primarily but also am branching out to real estate, finance, sports, and other HostGator segments as well. If you think that looking at ROI is flawed that is your prerogative. Others in this thread seem to understand what I'm trying to say. Dotcom is king today but forever is a long time. The world is changing and the emerging markets don't care about .com.

Dotcom is king today but tomorrow is what I think is important. Dotcom may serve as a way to preserve value and provide some growth but for me it does not represent the greatest growth opportunity looking forward. I think it is naive to think something even as dominant as .com will remain dominant forever...

Comment #64

These markets already have their own country codes now and most have for years (although the release of IDN.IDN will be something else for them to look forward too).

On to what other countries think of .com.

People I know here who are from China and in China itself, know the .com extension 'extremely well' and like it. As do Bosnian people, Russian people, people in Turkey, Greek people, people in India and people from other counties that I know 'personally'.

I am even half slavic myself.

So saying the emerging markets don't care about .com is 'not factual'. Do you think when people from another country visit a .com web address they don't notice that it says .com at the top of their browser. Everyone knows .com, thats the reality..

Comment #65

That's exactly what I'm referring to. I totally agree with you that there is awareness of .com in these markets today as well as their ccTLD's but I expect IDN.IDN to change things dramatically in those markets as they finally get to shed the Latin characters that are not a part of their languages...

Comment #66

I am one of the people who along with you is looking forward to the release of IDN.IDN..

Comment #67

Everyone knows .COM will only be the king for so long. I am not sure how it can possibly compete with .FART..

Comment #68

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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