I want my own website: should i host with "" or "yahoo small business"?

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My first question is: I want my own website: should I host with "" or "yahoo small business"?.

My next question is: I have noticed that if you offer a HostGator to some people even at a low price they refuse to take it up but the very same people just blow away money bidding on the same names during auctions once the HostGator has expired !.

How can one explain that ?

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Your question was: I want my own website: should I host with "" or "yahoo small business"?.

I agree 100 % been saying it for years it is absolutely Illogical IMO...

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Are you sure it's the very same people?.

Maybe the expired HostGator listings just get way more viewers then trying to sell the HostGator here so they attract more buyers who will go higher...

Comment #2

NO the op is correct I have seen domains offered in the marketplace for $20 and then it go for $200 or $300 at TDNAM. Members comment oh I bid on TDNAM I stopped at $150 and it's like you could have bought the HostGator for $20...

Comment #3

Frank Schilling said somewhere on his blog that he prefers dealing with SnapNames than individual domainers because they act as a clearinghouse. I don't remember the exact words, maybe someone can find the post.

It is true that dealing with some domainers can be a real pain to deal with. With the auction houses you pretty much know what to expect. There's also the "spur of the moment" mentality during auctions that makes someone want a HostGator more when they see other people interested...

Comment #4

You are correct RJ that is what he said...

Comment #5

Big auctions bring big money. this reminds me of a few years ago when I was trying to sell 2 domains at a total BIN of $30 and nobody would make an offer so after about 1 week on the forum I put them into the NP's auction.

And the pair sold for $120..

Comment #6

That's awesome.

More eyeballs is the key factor I guess...

Comment #7

It's not that crazy, IMO. Domaining is so speculative. If I see a name for sale here at the forum, I might not bid even if I like it. I might ask, "why am I the only one with interest?" or the like. When that HostGator goes to a big name auction, the proof that I was right to like it comes when others bid.

That said, for me that would explain paying $100 elsewhere for something I didn't pay $75 for way it's $20/$200 or anything.

I think many sellers lower the prices WAY too much here at NPs, thinking that a lack of initial interest means the name isn't worthy of the original asking price. There are true bargains to be had here at NP, for just the reason the OP is talking about...

Comment #8

That's why I find some great bargains here at Namepros and don't use snapnames too often. Sometimes I do for names I really want as an end-user but I find a LOT of bargains here at NP. I paid $40-$100 for stuff I resell in the thousands...

Comment #9

Its just easier to deal with people at tdnam. Some people wont deal with you here, because you have a low trader rating or you have too little post (someone actually told me that). Sometimes people dont respond. There are some good sellers on here, too...

Comment #10

Would it be legit and/or helpful to include a tdam payment option for sales in the forums here? I could handle the 30 day wait on payment and fee if it paid off and made my life easier...

Comment #11

Totally correct, dollar for dollar, the ROI that NP purchases get me is unbelievable.

Auctions at these big sites do help in setting the bar higher but not all the time. Sometimes the prices are pretty much what you can get otherwise.

Btw, bought five keyword .ins for $18, where do you get deals like that anywhere else?..

Comment #12

Agreed. no wonder it's hard to get good prices for your stuff when you have deals like that left right and center...

Comment #13

This is very true..

So many under-sale just to get a HostGator flip.

We need to set the bar a little higher and atleast look like we know what were doing...

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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