I wanna do Nutrisystem but I don't know how many points I need?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... I wanna do Nutrisystem but I don't know how many points I need? Thanks in advance for any response. My other question... Welcome to the very first challenge of the year 2011!!! We are calling this challenge ...This Year is Our Year Onward and Downward challenge! This Year is Our Year O&D Challenge, for short! Mouthful I know......but we want everyone who knows the Onward and Downward name to be able to recognize that's it's the same group of ladies...still chugging along! As always, newcomers are always welcomed to join us, no matter where we are in the challenge. This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread. I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!! We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Christmas feasting is over and the New Years parties are time to get serious and get moving! Let's get ready to be our skinniest and best for the new year of 2011!! This challenge will run from today until March 17th.....St. Patrick's we have just about 11 weeks (10 left) to work hard and get ourselves moving each day and eating better..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great upcoming year in 2011 and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next 10 weeks! Why not get support from one another as we journey through the next few months towards our ultimate goals..

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and March 17th, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members. I'll be posting a new thread each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

So what do you plan to achieve during this 11 week challenge?A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through the struggles for this upcoming year. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know eachother and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to..

This weeks question is:.

What new activity would you like to try (or return to) as you get to (or closer to) your goal weight this year?.

I'm looking forward to taking some horse back riding lessons. I haven't done riding since I was a young girl at camp, but I've always loved horses and riding them. I'm finally back at a reasonable weight and I've found someone who gives riding lessons. Come spring I'm going to treat myself to some lessons... at least for the spring. I'm really excited about it.

It may not be aerobic, but it definitely works on posture control/core control and balance...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Good morning all. Wanted to grab the thread and post my OWI - 1 pound this week. I'll be back later to catch up with everyone. Have a good day!..

Comment #2

Good morning, all! I'm enjoying an extended weekend as we have our first snow day of the season. Yippee! We only have about an inch of snow, but with the hills and curves in this area, schools don't take a chance with busloads of students. We are supposed to get a little more snow later this evening, so I would guess we won't be in school tomorrow either. Wednesday is iffy as well depending on how much snow we get and how low the temps go. Needless to say, I am enjoying the time off even while I worry about losing time to get kids ready for state tests in April..

To answer today's question, I am looking forward to getting back to using the treadmill regularly as well as my exercise DVDs. I am going to use this extra time off to work up to exercising again. I can walk for 15 minutes several times a day until I get back to being able to walk 45 minutes to an hour all at once. My knee is feeling better, so I think as long as I start slowly and don't try to do too much at once, I can eventually get back to exercising an hour a day..

Maryanne, I love your kitty pic! You sure have some cute babies. Thanks for sharing!.

Well, I need to post on a couple of other threads then I am off to the treadmill. Have a good day, all!.


Comment #3

My OWI won't be until Wednesday, but I think it will be around a 2 pound loss, which is HUGE for me in 1 week's time. I've really worked hard this week for it..

We had a light dusting of snow but not enough to cause any major problems here in the immediate Dallas/Fort Worth area. It's supposed to get very cold tonight, with temps in the teens and wind chills in the single digits. I really hate the cold, so I plan to stay inside until the cold eases up..

As for the question of the week I'd love to get back to ballroom dancing, but I doubt that my husband would be willing to do it with me. Almost 20 years ago we took lessons for almost a year. I loved it, he tolerated it. In the end we both got tired of the constant push from the school to get us to commit to spending more money for more lessons or sponsor the instuctors so they could go to competitions. So, even though I'd love to take more lessons, I doubt that it will happen...

Comment #4

Well friends, so far, so good. I've power and about 3 to 4.5 inches of snow on the ground. It's sleeting now, so no more snow expected.

My clinic did something it has never done before. We closed because of the weather. We close for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and this year for the first time for Friday after Thanksgiving) but other than that we are open all the time..

The temperature has been between 28 to 30 degrees.. the weatherman just said that with the wind chill it feels like 19 degrees here. Rannon and I took about an hour walk around the house and then back through the woods along the sewer line. It was beautiful. The creek that runs back there was frozen in places... not what you would expect in the South.

I took lots of pictures, it was so beautiful. My moose dog (mistranslated as (Norweign) Elkhound) is in 7th heaven. He had a great time walking with me, making doggie snow angles, licking the snow, etc. When we got back and I started shoveling the driveway he found a spot to lay down and was happily content to watch me struggle with the shovel. I got maybe a 1/4 to 1/3 of the driveway done before I got too cold and wanted to get some lunch and listen to the noon weather report.

I thought long and hard about whether or not to shovel..

I think it will probably make it worse tomorrow morning, but (I'm hoping) the chance of the driveway actually drying out and loosing the ice will be better on Tues. and Wed. if there is not so much that the sun is going to have to dry off..

I'll check back in later this afternoon/evening (if the power stays on... looking good for that at least)..

Onward and Downward!!!..

Comment #5

Congratulations!!! -1.0 Pounds!!!.

Way to Go!!!!.

Doing great Jen!!!..

Comment #6

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but I've started to think about trying running. It's not something I ever liked, but once the weather get's nice (or at least once I don't have to worry about snow / ice on the ground), I may just have to give it a try. There are a few of the Wii games or DVDs that have some running in place, and I have to admit that now that I've done that a bit, the idea is growing on me. I figure I can try out something like the couch to 5K program. If I hate it, I can always stop..

Tz, Horseback riding is a great thing to look forward. Personally, although I love to look at horses from afar, I've always been afraid of being on horesback. But I know that if you like riding, it is a really great thing!.

Maryanne, Congratulations - 5 pounds is FANTASTIC!!! Just think, you're half.

Way to that first bear!.

But you're right - we have to look at this as a new way of life, and the longer it takes to get to our target weight, the more time we have to learn how to manage this..

I hope you don't get too much snow. It's heading my way after you (they say tomorrow evening for us). Last I hear I'm in the 7 - 14 inch range, but it's still to early for them to really know. Ugh!.

Strength training is definitely a good goal. And why not think about ball room dance lessons as a reward for one of your milestones when you're closer to your target weight?.

And great photo of the kitties!.

Hi Lorie, glad that they decided to play it safe and let you have a snow day. I hope you don't get too much more snow!.

I'm glad your knee is feeling better. Good luck with the exercise!.

Pam, I can't wait to hear your OWI results, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's at least the two pounds you're thinking it will be!! I hope the cold does not stick around too long. I have a cousing in Dallas, and she talks about the ladies in her card game cancelling if it's 50 degress out. So I know those temps are really rare for you guys! I hope you can convice your husband to take some more ball room dancing lessons!.

Tz - I hope your power stays on, and that the sleet stops quickly. It's always tough to know when to shovel in bad weather, especially when sleet is involved. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you have an easy time dealing with your driveway in the morning. I'm glad to hear that the clinc played is safe and closed today! And it sounds like you had a great time at home enjoying the pretty scener!.


Comment #7

DH doesn't dance. I'm sort of envisioning one on one lessons with a hunky instructor. Maybe I watch Dancing with the Stars too much!..

Comment #8

Mini goal - tomorrow I do NOT plan to be one of those people eating ice cream and watching the Biggest Loser!!!..

Comment #9

Good morning, all! Another snow day and it is COLD! Brrrrrrrr!.

Jen and Maryanne - Congratulations on your weight loss! Keep up the great work!.

TZ - Your walk sounds wonderful! I hope you got your driveway cleared. I'm headed out to do mine after I finish here. I hope it counts as exercise..

If I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. I hope all of you are staying warm and dry. Spring WILL arrive eventually! Hang in there!.

One more thread to post on and then I'm off to clear the drive. Have a good day, everyone!.


Comment #10

Happy New Year Everyone!!!.

So many things happening that is out of my control. I almost forgot to check here and post to this week's thread..

Let's see, on Thursday of last week my mom was taken by rescue to the ER and diagnosed with Pneuomonia. Meanwhile I have been trying to get over a cold I got that Monday prior to Thursday. So am in ER with my mom - the nurses and doctors taking care of my mom would hear cough and tell me to see my doctor..

Yea, I'm taking care of my mom first at the moment..

I had to sleep the first night she spend there because she was really bad and I was scared for her. So I spent the night and the entire day the following day (Friday). That night she was doing a lot better due to the antibiotics so I went home and crashed. Saturday night she was discharged and she came home. She's doing really great but I finally crashed with my cold. I have no voice and my cough keeps me up most of the night but otherwise I feel ok..

So it's been really fun as you can see. Sorry to say I haven't been eating NS. I have been stable at 307.8 pounds. Can't wait until I'm ok so I can start againNutrisystem100%..

Maryanne I just love the picture of your new cat. It brought back memories of my black and yellow cats. I miss them so. Thanks for the memories..

Tz, so good to have you back. I'll be back to answer you question of the week later..

Hi to everyone else and I hope you are all doing great..

Have a great day...

Comment #11

Silvia so sorry you're ill and on top of that trying to take care of your mom! I wouldn't worry about eatingNutrisystemright now just concentrate on getting well and eating foods that will help you do that. Hope you're feeling better soon!..

Comment #12

What do I look forward to doing again or even trying? This will not be a routine event but a friend and I will be going parasailing while in Hawaii. I haven't done that for several years and she has not done it at all..

I've lost three pounds since July 1.I would like to lose a total of ten pounds by challlenge's end..

This is my beautiful cat checking out shoes I had bought:.

He hasn't been feeling well so I had to take him to the vet last night. This angel at home turned into an agressive little demon at the vet's office. I couldn't believe it!.


, there comes a time and place when we have to make decisions. Right now, possibly it might be good for you to focus upon yourself and your recovery as well as others. Don't kick yourself if you go totally off plan but do the best you can under the situation...

Comment #13

Maryanne, I never even thought of that. Hmm. With a hunky instructor in the picture, I might just think about ballroom dancing lessons myself....

Good goal - I'm sort of doing that - I usually have my blueberries and yogurt while I watch, but it's on plan, so I don't feel guilty!.

Thanks Lorie. I hope you were successful with your driveway and are back to being warm! Definitely counts as exercise in my book!.

Hi Silvia, Happy New Year to you, too. I'm sorry to hear about your mom and that you're not feeling well. I hope you're over you cold quickly!.

Jean, parasailing sounds like fun - enjoy it! And your goal sounds reasonable. Love the new kitty photo. It is amazing how different our pets can be when the get to the vets office! Hope he's feeling better...

Comment #14

Not much new here today. We're just waiting for the snow to arrive. Should be here in a few hours and snow through about mid-day tomorrow..

We haven't heard from Tz - I hope that means she got busy, that she's without power!.

Hope you're all well!..

Comment #15

Hello there fellow challengers. I am really going to make a better effort to get by here every day for at least a couple minutes!.

Everyone has done so well so far! Myself included!! I'll wait for tomorrows OWI...but from Sun to Sun 1/2 - 1/9 ....which was my first really Back to Basics week, 100%Nutrisystemagain after gaining about 3 pounds with christmas/being sick/no exercise for 10 days.......

.I was down -3.8 pounds!.

I agree gotta love those first weeks back! I buckled down and I'm kicking it with the exercise and very strict eating again and it's doing well. We'll see what the scale says in the morning..

I have to say that the exercise I'm most looking forward to trying again is RUNNING/JOGGING. I'm still working at it. I'm like you Jen I can run in pace w3ith the best of them. I usually warm up my doing really high knee lifts and running in place for 5 minutes before Zumba and bouncing from foot to foot. SO running should be a piece of cake. Somehow the nerves still have issues...but it's getting better and I'm making it around the track once before I'll keep trying and working at it..

Congrats to everyone who lost.......

Maryanne -5 pounds...fabulous!.

Jen -1 pound...great job!.

Pam - can't wait to hear your OWI too!.

Silvia - Take care of yourself and your Mom!.

Have a great night everyone...see you all tomorrow!..

Comment #16

Hi all..

Well, I had another day off work. We were told not to come in before noon, but then when the boss went into the ditch trying to get in around 10:00, she got permission to close down for another day. In fact, the clinic isn't opening until noon tomorrow. The late start is due to the refreezing of the melt that we will get again tonight. It got all the way up to 35 degrees here today, so we were getting melt, but there was very little sun or wind so if it couldn't run off it just sat there waiting for this evening. Super.

Thankfully, we got more snow and much less freezing rain that orginally expected so, I've kept power so far (knock on wood.

). The first time for a "winter storm event" since I've moved here. Usually I'm out of power for at least 3 days and have been out for up to 10 days. Not much fun..

I took nice walk yesterday and did get the drive cleared. The freezing drizzle we got last night was all melted by noon today, but it wasn't actually dry. So, I expect ice in the morning, but by the time I have to leave for work it should be fine..

I walked today up to the "main road" and that actually looked a lot worse than the roads in the subdivison. Not sure why. Watched lot of very scary people driving without slowing down or keeping any distance between them and the car in front of them. I wonder what they were thinking... you need so much more distance between cars in snow and even more with ice. (Okay off my soap box for now.


I hope those of you who were getting the storm today/tomorrow stay/ed safe and warm...

Comment #17

Good evening, all! Just a quick note before I call it a night. We don't have school again tomorrow, but I need to get my sleep schedule back on track. I am a night owl and have a tendency to stay up late when I don't have to work. It makes getting up at 5:00 a.m. difficult..

Sylvia - I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and that your mom is dealing with pneumonia. Take care of yourself and feel better soon..

Jen - My driveway is as clear as I could get it. The wind made it a difficult task. Even with warm clothes on, I could only stay out for short amounts of time. Then I had to come in and get warm so I could go back out again. Unfortunately, the city did nothing to clear our road. I guess we are supposed to shovel our part of the street now..

Well, I am off to eat my dessert and then head to bed. Take care, everyone, and stay warm!.


Comment #18

Congrats on your -5 lbs!.

And I loved seeing your cats, but could you do me a favor? I hate to scroll sideways to see all the posts. I have a 24" monitor, but I still have to scroll now because of your very large picture. Since we can edit our posts, could you possibly go back and remove the cat picture, make it smaller, and reinsert it? Thanks loads if you can..

Great job, Jen!.

So sorry about your mom, but glad she is better now. Now is the time to take care of yourself!.

And last but not least, I will be watching Wednesday to see how your OWIs go, Pam and Judy!..

Comment #19

Ann - I deleted the photo (no idea how to make it smaller) - hope that helps!..

Comment #20

Just placed my order. As for the question what I would love to do is shop again. I can't remember when was the last time I wanted to buy clothes. I used to be very thin, and I think that's what makes it harder. I see all the clothing styles I USED to be able to wear, and now I can't.

But all these sad thoughts will soon be GONE.....

Comment #21

Good Morning Everyone! Today was my OWI and I am pleased to report that another 1.2 pounds are gone! I actually thought it might be more, and it probably would have been but yesterday I went out for lunch with a friend. So not only did I eat off-plan yesterday but I also had to shorten my usual workout. I don't regret it at all, though my friend and I had a great time together so it was totally worth it. And I still get to post a loss, so I'm a happy camper today. My 20 pound bear is in my sights now, at long last!.

Hope everyone has a good day today. It's cold here, but no snow or ice to get in the way of doing what needs to be done, which for me today is laundry my least favorite chore. But if I don't do it, my DH and I will both have to start going commando, and that doesn't appeal to either of us!..

Comment #22


, congrats upon the weight loss. It may not have been what you desired but it is a loss and any loss is to be celebratedf..

We're snowed out again. We've almost never had this severe weather for so long until last year. The last time, before last year, that we had a bad winter was in 1978..

We're on mastery testing so all that material must be covered before the master tests at the end of the year. Since I was to work four days this week, it looks as if I'm losing four days of income..

I'm trying to do something positive with my captivity. I'm going through things to see what can go...

Comment #23

Just checking in as we have another snow day - our third for the week. It is very cold with wind chills below zero. It is expected to begin warming up by the weekend, so our snow/ice will melt just in time for more the first of next week - possibly..

Congrats to all who are losing/maintaining weight. Keep up the great work! I hope all of you are staying warm and dry. Lunch is ready, so I need to go for now. Have a good day, all!.


Comment #24

We got just an inch or so of snow. DH had to do the driveway at 4 am to go to work. By the time I got up all I did was the walk and porch. Not a workout at all. So I watched the end of biggest loser (the part after I went to bed last night) while on the treadmill for half an hour..

Doing pretty well so far on food. I got up early enough today that this is going to be a long day. Hopefully this won't be one of those "I'M SO HUNGRY" evenings...

Comment #25

I taught 7th grade math for 8 1/2 years. I remember those snow days! Enjoy! Since I work at home the snow doesn't impede my work day at all except if I have to shovel...

Comment #26

Last year was our worst winter since moving to Baltimore in 1980. It is what sparked my getting set up to work at home. Then I never went back..

Captivity? Good one!!..

Comment #27

That's encouraging all right!! Losing more than you gained over the holidays...

Comment #28

Thanks Judy! Glad you're making progress with your running and that you're back to your exercise - that's great. Congrats on the 3.8 pounds!!!.

Tz, glad that you still had power - I hope it stays on for you! We had a power failure here with the post Christmas blizzard. It was only for about 4 hours, and I had lights until about 9 PM, so not too bad overall, but still not fun. I'm glad to hear that you didn't have to brave the roads again today - hopefully the refreeze will melt before you have to go in tomorrow..

Lorie, sounds like a miserable time of shoveling. Hopefully the city will be by to deal with your road soon. Enjoy your snow day!.

Thanks Ann!.

Congrats Pam - that's fantastic!!.

Jean, I hope the snow ends soon for you and you can get out of "captivity". I'm sorry about the 4 days lost income..

Lorie, I hope you enjoy the snow day - sounds WAY to cold to go out and play in it! And hopefully that next storm will stay away!.

Maryanne, I'm glad the snow stayed light for you. Great job on the treadmill! I hope you didn't have a hungry evening!..

Comment #29

We ended up getting quite a bit of snow, but less than they were talking about. I'd guess it was around 10 inches after all. Luckily it was another powdery snow, so not too bad to shovel. And the wind waited until later, so it wasn't like the blizzard cleanup where you'd toss the shovelful and have half it blow back on you. At this rate, we're gonna have snow on the ground until July - the first two storms hadn't melted yet, so the piles are pretty high. Oh well, guess that's winter in the Northeast!.

Hope you all had a good day!..

Comment #30

It did stop the scrolling - thanks!.

Welcome to the challenge, mimi! Yes, the sad thoughts and the weight will soon be gone!.

Congratulations on a 1.2 lbs loss!.

As for me, I had to go to a potluck today, so I took cut up watermellon and tried to fill my plate with more salad and veggies than casseroles. Did better than usual, though not so good on staying away from seconds and some chocolate chip cookies (but passed up the brownies, and cake)...

Comment #31

Good morning, everyone! I started the day with Quaker Weight Control oatmeal. The rest will come later. I had been having either theNutrisystemmuffins or scones for a couple of weeks as I really love them. I decided it was time to shake up the routine just in case the body was getting used to the routine..

Ann, you managed well at the potluck. You went prepared and that is part of the key. With other items, you used moderation which is so difficult at that type of meal function...

Comment #32

HI ladies, just popping in for a minute! I am so hungry and breakfast is waiting for me. I wasn't able to pop in for my OWI I'll do it today.....

I held steady at 154.0 so that gives me those -3.8 pounds lost I already reported..

I realized that I've really slowed on the weightloss in the past 2 months and I need to get back to a more consistent loss that stays down. So back to my routine and the exercise every day. I still have some things getting in the way of keeping on the path..

PAM - WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO...........-1.2 pounds is awesome! Good for you!.

Okay off to get breakfast! Congrats to everyone for sticking with it!..

Comment #33

I had a three pound weight loss from January 1 to January 9. I'm hoping for a two pound weight loss on Sunday but chances are very good that it might be just one pound..

I really hate the thought of it because of the cold but I really should get out and shovel snow...

Comment #34

Wow Jean! Three pounds in 9 days is fantastic! Even if this WI is only 1 pound, you're still averaging 2 pounds per week. And the good thing about shoveling snow is that it's a great aerobic workout. And the cold helps you burn calories, so keep thinking about that while you're shoveling!..

Comment #35

Ann, Great job - just think about how well you did having salad and veggies - you could have bypassed that and had WAY more calories in the brownis and cake you skipped!.

Jean, switching around is a great idea. I need to do that more often - even if it's just switching around the times of day for meals (like switching lunch / dinner)..

Judy, Congratulations on officially losing the 3.8 pounds, that's fantastic!! I hope you find your way around those things that are getting in the way of keeping on the path. It is tough to get back to a routine after having been away from it, but I know you can do it!.

Jean, Congratulations - three pounds is awesome!! I hope you got that shoveling out of the way - just think - you can count it as exercise!.

Pam, good point about the cold - someone had posted an article about that on the boards at one point - how being cold uses more calories than being warm - although admittedly it wasn't very many. But I'll take every little bit I can get!..

Comment #36

I spent an hour shoveling, which about did me in. I came back in despite more to do. Midnight and I cuddled afterwards for me to rest, but I don't think I'm doing anymore today...

Comment #37

An hour of shoveling is A LOT. You definitely earned a rest, so enjoy that time with Midnight!..

Comment #38

Well, they are going to have school tomorrow on a two hour delay. The main roads are now acceptable but icy in spots; the secondary roads are still a mess. I've been called to work tomorrow, so hopefully everything will go well..

I've been 100% since the beginning of the year...

Comment #39

Congratulations, Judy, on -3.8 lbs - nothing to sniff at!.

Jean, I am so sorry for all of you having such weather problems. We are at -20 F. tonight, but we are used to it. No great snow storms, just cold...

Comment #40

Jean, fantastic job on being 100%!! I hope you got to school and home again safely!.

Ann, that's CRAZY cold. I know it's Alaska and all, but I just can't even imagine that temp, let alone getting used to it! Stay warm!..

Comment #41

Jen, just remember that most of the time in winter is spent inside, where it is nice and warm. Like air conditioning in summer where you are, perhaps, on REALLY hot days...

Comment #42


, the funny thing about cold is the tolerance level depends upon whether it is a wet cold or a dry cold. After a certain point, the body just gets used to the cold if it is dry. I think the approprpiate word is "numb," so after a period of time, the cold isn't noticed when outside..

I'm having my Oikus greek yogurt right now. I love that stuff but the funny thing is that regular yogurts never agreed with me but for some reason, I can eat this..

I know I'm down some this week but tomorrow is the official weigh in for me...

Comment #43

Ann, very true, but I think of having to be out to shovel snow, take out the trash, run errands, etc. and think I'd never leave the house!.

Jean, I have not tried Oikus, but I'm a big fan of Chobani. I'll have to look for that one to give it a try. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to have the results you want for tomorrow's OWI!..

Comment #44

Not much new here today. Was good and exercised for 90 minutes when I got up today. Then had a really quick breakfast and went to my older nephew's basketball game (he's 7). It's fun to watch the little guys play - they're pretty serious about it already. I had a bit of an NSV when I got there. My mom did a double take as I walked across the gym to where my family was sitting.

Not entirely sure I believed her, but it was nice to hear anyway..

Hope you're all having a good day...

Comment #45

HI ladies....

I've not done such a great job on my promise to stop by everyday and it's one of the reasons I'm having issues with staying on track....but I though I'd pop in and say good night..

Jen - I'm sure your Mom was telling you the truth. Hubby would tell me that sometimes. He said it was like just seeing me from far away and at the right angle or something, he suddenly realize how much smaller I really was getting..

Wet or Dry cold...Alaska cold is just too scary for me right now!.

Okay ladies...doing better. I did my zumba class and my weights and already hit my 2300 calories burn goal for today...with 2 + hours left to go! Good job!.

See you tomorrow ladies...I REALLY mean that!..

Comment #46

Well, by 6 p.m. I was ready to go to bed today! Got a lot acomplished with our work day, but it wore me out. The garage wall is built back again, the garage cleared out and a tarp laid on the ground (earth floor) ready for the new cabinets to be delivered Tuesday. We put all the scrap wood and cardboard in a pile for the guy who takes it away to recycle in his fireplace, piled up good cardboard boxes for my SIL to help her move from one house to another, and cleared out an area for a designated spot for DH to dump his work equipment when he comes home. My house is even fairly clean as I had to clean it up so I could feed the workers lunch. During the wall construction, DD and I did not have much to do, so we slipped away to her house and put the doors on her cabinets..

I am excited about my countertops. Yesterday I went to Lowes to make arrangements for the cabinet delivery. While I was there I looked at the display of the counters on sale that my DD and SIL told me about (they both took advantage of it). I discovered that my countertops had not been fabricated yet - they were waiting for the cabinets to arrive. So I was able to switch from mine to the sale counters and get a color I was unable to afford earlier. I saved so much making the switch, that I was able to change from a beveled edge to a small oogie which is what I wanted in the first place - and still save $600!..

Comment #47

I did work work yesterday and accomplished a lot. I'll probably do the same today. I think I've had a pretty good week. The scales will tell me tomorrow!..

Comment #48

Judy, Hang in there - Sounds like you're on track with your exercise. I know I definitely have seen a correlation between being on he boards and having an easier time sticking to my plan..

Thanks for sharing that about your hubby. Like I said, even if Mom was just being nice, it was nice to hear. But I think I do belive her. I think it's time to take some photos again - I never quite see my progress in the mirror, but photos seem to do the trick..

Ann, sounds like another really busy weekend for you. I'm glad to hear you were able to get the counters you really wanted and save some $!.

Maryanne, I've got my fingers crossed for your OWI - I hope you get the results you're hoping for. Can't wait to hear. I've got to do some work work today, too. But first I'm playing on the boards. Once enough time has gone by after breakfast, it's exercise time, shower, then work. At least I can work from home and not have to go to the office...

Comment #49

Today was my official weigh in day..

I lost 1.4 pounds last week.

Or 4.4 pounds since January 1..

I'm getting my exercise right now by watching QVC sell P90X. I see that there is also, thanks to Amazon, a program called Power 90 which helps people build up to using P90X...

Comment #50

Well, I got up today and did a 2 hour WIO session, as a penance for indulging last night at a birthday party for a friend. I had a great time at the party, but due to poor time management on my part, arrived hungry and ate far too much of the delicious food at the party. I don't really regret it because I won't be doing it again for a long time, but it was disheartening to see a gain on the scale this morning. I'm telling myself a lot if must be water retention, but either way I'm determined to get it off again. So today I'm back on plan, trying to really work on drinking all the water, and committing to staying on track this week...

Comment #51

Jean, Congratulations on the 1.4 pounds this week / 4.4 this year!! Great job. I keep thinking about trying P90X or Insanity when I get closer to goal. Don't think I'd be able to do either right now, but some day... I'll have to have a look at P90 and see if that's a possibility sooner..

Pam, good job on the exercise. Hang in there - You're right about your gain likely being water. You'd have to consume and extra 3500 calories to gain a pounds, and that's just not very likely! And you're taking the most important step - getting right back on plan today...

Comment #52

Congratulations, Jean! Way to go!.

Hang in there, Pam! You will get it off again in no time. I am sort of in the same boat with you!..

Comment #53

What a lovely group of people! I'd love to become a regular part of this group!.

I am, sadly, beginningNutrisystemagain for the 3rd time. I lost over 20 pounds the first time, then gained it back when I quit. The second time, I never quite committed to the diet... too much going on in my life to even notice what I was eating. This time, I am ready to focus on my diet and change it..

My first goal is to remain focused on the diet and to completely adhere to it. I have some goals for exercise and other wonderful things, but this is really my first and main goal..

I look forward to reading everyone's stories and sharing my own on our journey together!..

Comment #54

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