I use to make my website i have coded the homepage and posted it now how do i make secon?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: I use to make my website I have coded the homepage and posted it now how do I make secon?.

My next question is: Hi everybody,.

This is really good news for me, but I just feel a little bit worried.

I registered the HostGator for some months ago. And at that time, I got the HostGator just because that is the good name, there was NO NEWS about that domain.But now, there is the airline company, just opened with that name. I am worrying that there is the way for them to get back the domain?.

Thank you very much..

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Your question was: I use to make my website I have coded the homepage and posted it now how do I make secon?.

The name HostGator name is like Country + Jet, is it generic?.


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If it is a country name, I say you're okay...

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You help me a lot my friend.

Is it ok if I build the website about Jet News and give the option "This Site is For Sale". Is it ok?..

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Be careful with broad generalizations. Consider this below:.

Word Mark JET PERU.

Mark Drawing Code (1) TYPED DRAWING.

Registration Date December 18, 1990.

Tarr status page:

Note the Typed Drawing code on Jet Peru, which is the older version of the modern "standard Character claim".

In this particular case, a mark owner might argue that "Peru Jet" is confusingly similar to "Jet Peru", and likely win that part of the argument. Another point is "when was the name of the airline first used in commerce?" since it might have been using the name in commerce prior to the registration.

Offering a HostGator to a business holder of the same name is frequently used in arguments of bad faith, so be careful with what you do both on the site, and in contacting potential buyers.


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If you wanna be super extra safe, then just point the domains name servers to no-where.

You can put something like.

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I registered the .net version on 2007-03-25, and when I checked back on August, the .com is available (maybe expired), and I registered it on 2007-08-20 so that I have the "combo" of .com and .net.

In the end of Nov, 2007, there was an airline company which annouced with that HostGator name!!! (I am happy and worrying too).

Some fact:.

The company is still not in business yet. (They just announced that the airline will operate soon with the notified budget).

The company is not in North America.

I am using to make the information website about Jet, airlines... and there is the option : this site is for sale on WhyPark.

Thank you for any adivices..

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I would think you should be fine as you registered the name before the company opened up. But then again, I'm no TM expert.

Hopefully they approach you to pay you some big $$$ for this name..

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Thank you.

I am still looking for more advises...

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What are you worrying for? You are legitimate owners of your domains.

You needn't worry about any possible grabbing of your domains, since you have registered and owned those two domains earlier than the other business party, when the time there was no such name enterprise formally set up.

Now, what would you do for the domains? Parking? Leasing? Selling? Or developing? If you want to develop those two domains, be cautious to select contents, keywords and links...

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How do you know this? Perhaps the name had a mark in the country of origin. I agree that the new owner *appears* to be in a strong position, but until the facts come out (in court or UDRP) you just never know for sure.

Just be careful..


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I am using WhyPark to build the Jet News website. On the website, I posted an article to show the difference between my domains and that company.

Instead of using the website for sale, I changed to contact us.

Am I fine on what I am doing now?.

I am worrying because that company in on the strong position (big budget). I will treat you guyz after these worries are over. :d.

Thank you for your advises The name is still now not trade marked in the country of origin. The name is still now not trade marked in the country of origin..

Thank you for your advises..

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I wouldn't even mention their name on my page if I were you...unless you want to put a disclaimer that says "We are NOT affiliated with XXX Jet."..

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I'm sure the people at

Will appreciate your traffic Might want to double check that, not too sure how that works,.

But I'm sure the company didn't just think up the name yesterday!..

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That is just a normal name (example US Jet - I have no idea about this name), and there were no media information before I registered the domains.


Someone contacted me for the HostGator (it maybe the company), but really low prices, and I refused.

After seraching, I know that the company has the other domains:

Thank you for any advises..

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It cost them $1500 to file a UDRP claim, plus several times that for lawyers to do the paperwork. I think you have a good claim on the name, from what you say, but it would cost you also to fight a claim, even if you win. Just some things to think about as you negoitiate.

I wonder about these companies that announce their name and then try to buy the domains. I hear Apple had to pay a million for

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IPhone could not go into Canadian market unless they gotta buy the "iPhone" trade marked by a Canadian company.

For iPhone and my HostGator names, the company chose the name and maybe they think about the costs of getting back the HostGator because by the time they announce the new product, the domains were registered already!.

Thank you for your advise..

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