I uploaded my site to but now All I see it text, no pictures. T?

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My first question is: I uploaded my site to but now All I see it text, no pictures. T?.

My next question is: What are the facts behind this possible extension to be?..

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Your question was: I uploaded my site to but now All I see it text, no pictures. T?.

Here is the website for Image Online Design

Their website should bring you up to speed with their application for the .web TLD which has been pending since the selection rounds in 2000. On their website is this quote:.

"With the progress we have made in San Juan, were on track for the new applications and approvals policy to be ready for the start of 2008, and the introduction of new TLDs by mid-year.

Hopefully they will be given the extension as I registered several good names with them back in 1999. Perhaps we will being seeing .web within the next year or so?..

Comment #1

I don't think they will get it, but either way, we will probably know in the next six months...

Comment #2

I hope so. Sounds like a decent extension, much much better than the currently available alternatives. I would take a .web long before I would consider a .cc or a .ws...

Comment #3

Didnt you all know that .WEB is necessary extension needed for the internet to survive?..

Comment #4

This is the next best extension to .com IMO..

Comment #5

I heard that too, the internet is going to die if we don't have the .web!!!.

Lol, it would be a nice alternative imho..

Comment #6

Honestly, i'd probably grab some in landrush if it came out. sounds like a good ol' domainin' opportunity to me...

What I think is ironic, and not to bring .mobi into every thread... but some of the same folks that are so against .mobi for being an unnecessary TLD... talk about how .web would be such a great TLD.. yet all the same questions how would it get promoted/known among common people... allllll the same questions of "adoption" exist...

Comment #7

Perhaps Chris Ambler could bring us up to speed with what is going on out there? I'm sure he visits these forums all the time. No company deserves .Web more than IOD...

Comment #8

My answer to this is that people can instantly spell .web, also .web tacked on the end of HostGator name sounds like an 'extension' to the non domainer, you wouldn't have to explain to hard that the website is moneybrokers.web etc.

As with .mobi I was talking to my mom about HostGator extensions and I brought up that there is an extension called .mobi.

My Mom's answer was .what?.

I said .Mobi and she thought like .moby?.

And I said no it is like .mobi, it means for mobile phone web.

My mom looks at me kind of funny and says...Uh ok obviously not that impressed.

My mom is far brighter than me, she got over 90% in almost every subject at high school and in all subjects she chose to do at university, my mum did computer programming in the late 80's, my mom can speak multiple languages and can spell better than most people.

.mobi did not pass the radio test for my mom (My mom could not understand how to spell .mobi after I said the word).

.mobi confused my mom when I talked about what it was.

If my mom can neither understand nor spell .mobi, then very few normal people (non domainers) would have a chance..

Comment #9

I don't see the irony in it. I hate mobi, name, info, asia, eu, ws, cc ... but I love .web.

.web could be the next big winner!..

Comment #10

I do understand the .mobi/moby thing.

Web is definitely easier to spell... however, just because it's easier to spell doesnt mean everyone will instantly know it exists as a TLD... just like .mobi, .asia, .anything-new-that-people-dont-recognize-as-a-TLD.

I still get funny looks from some people when I tell them my email address, which is a .info.... some want to add .COM to the end of this and I have to explain, no, it's just .info and thats it. so really, it faces the same issues as any new TLD trying to gain traction. there is going to have to be some marketing plan, or the only way it will gain traction/recognition is gradually... very very gradually...

Comment #11

Your points are valid, the only positives for .web is anyone can spell it and I think non domainers may be able to (I can't read their minds) be able to tell it is a HostGator extension (like if they saw a bus drive by with whatever.web written on the side), I think they may understand, maybe not.

But then again I totally agree with and have witnessed friends add .com before after other extensions, because they don't understand what an extension is. They would probably go ''.

Adding .com after .info or what ever other extension is a big problem for a lot of extensions..

Comment #12

Eventually I do think the common person will come to recognize there are more than just .com, .net, .org out there. the interweb is young.. someday possibly when the common person hears "word.anything" it will be recognized as an internet address...

Comment #13

That would be nice if that day comes, for domains I own like, etc..

Comment #14

Just wondering - when will the whole speculative HostGator market collapse? ;-) I mean new TLD will NOT stop appearing and every next one devalues all existing domains, looks like inflation to me...

Comment #15

It certainly is not needed, a lot of people cannot stand .net and the average non domainer calls it the net. SO why are more domainers not buying .net.

And I firmly believe just my opinion that the top words will not be regged for $20 they will be auctioned off to the highest showed all new registries how to get more money out of the gate...

Comment #16

It does not devalue .com I assure you .asia did not devalue .com..

Comment #17

I fear the same... however, with .mobi you could use certain registrars and get top keywords for $60-80 during landrush. they wernt all required to have auctions... it was AWESOME! (and kinda a secret that not everyone knew about).

Then came .asia, and they decided it would be in their best interest to make landrush auctions mandatory for every registrar.

Smart, but less opportunity for domainers to do quick flips...

Comment #18

Now I understand people getting pumped up for .web I do especially new domainers, but I would not want to see people get pumped up, I believe the corporations will reg a ton in the sunrise every major brand and then generics get auctioned off for big $$$..

Comment #19

But is it gonna stay like that over time? 5-10 years down the road let's say. And what about .web - could be a good competitor to .com. But on the other hand why hasn't .net become a decent competitor? I think I know why: the word "net" is not fashionable anymore. "web" is fashionable nowdays, but how long will it stay so? The more I'm in domaining the more it feels like spinning a roulette wheel... Nothing more than gambling: same risks, same addiction. I think future laws will treat domaining as gambling Is it time to open stand-alone namesinos on high streets?..

Comment #20

No, the next step is you will be able to register a HostGator name at your local Wal-Mart on what used to be the create-a-card kiosk... remember those things?..

Comment #21

Maybe everything else gets devalued, web could devalue .net.

Never know vita it is like a roulette wheel to a certain extent. IMO..

Comment #22

They officially mention on that So they will be introducing new Gtlds anytime soon????? I doubt it...

Comment #23

HostGator hacks? Yes..

Serious domains? No.

I'd be up for registering stuff like spider.web and shooting.web or inter.web but purely for vanity, I would never see these taking off, maybe new comers to the internet might go for it (But only a few) but it's never going to be as popular as any current TLD...

Comment #24

I think .web would be the biggest challenge to the .com value yet. I would inherently love having .web names, but the side affects would be detrimental to the HostGator business - not because it's a new extension, but because it's a great extension.

If it came out, I don't think domainers would have any choice but to claim a small stake.

This isn't a .name, .me, or .asia - this is a .web.

It would have a huge impact and I really hope it doesn't get approved...

Comment #25

^ Righto, it's a very large degree about effective branding (for a moment here setting aside all of the other, well documented ISSUES currently clouding the "dot Mobey") ... and, as I've stated here on several occassion, the .WEB, like the highly-brandable .TEL, is short, concise, one syllable, and IMMEDIATELY recognizable (it's not forced and clumsy like the "dot Mobey", in other words), IMHO.

Still lots to learn about the .WEB (and highly brandable .TEL) ... both they both are very easily brandable, and will present a major league challenge to many new and newer extensions and their future viability - primarily the floundering "dot Mobey" in my judgement. Resources from the upcoming MASSIVE .MOBI Scraps will be redirected and reinvested in the .WEB/.TEL extensions at an alarming pace! D-day is the month of Septemer '08! Tick. Tock.

Just my two sense..


Comment #26

Jeff there is no way you can criticize .mobi the way you have and say there is a need for .tel...

Comment #27

Ok, now I'm curious what the common domainer says.

Who thinks .tel is "highly brandable"? please raise your hand.

...i will be back in 5 minutes.. somebody is calling me on my cellular telephone...

Comment #28

Hi Equity,.

I didn't say there was a need for the highly brandable .TEL ... simply that it's, like the thread topic's .WEB, short, concise, one syllable, and IMMEDIATELY recognizable (it's not long, two syllables, and forced and clumsy like the ".mobi"), IMHO.

Thanks for the post..


Comment #29

Ok But don't you think they are both not needed. I mean the average person calls it the net, as much or more than the web. NET has 1billion and half more google results than web. Why would there be a need for .web, and secondly for the new people who think cool maybe I can get Cars.web, that getting auctioned off for big $$$ IMO..

Comment #30

I agree that, just like the ".mobi", both the highly brandable .TEL and .WEB are not needed, IMHO. The point is that they are both infinitely more recognizable and instantly brandable ... which again illustrates the VERY difficult issues and challenges, in addition to it being wholly unnecessary and obsolete, facing the problematic "dot Mobey" from a pure branding perspective!.

PS. Good analogy with the .NET / .WEB, as well!.


Comment #31

Speaking of obsolete terminology (me wonders what age jeff is), my cellular telephone is still ringing off the hook.

I have to call the last person back.... they said something about going to their website at www.something.TELL.

Maybe they have something to tell me...

Comment #32

It is a poor choice of a TLD. Tel like telephony ?

I don't get the point of .web really. The web is just an Internet service along with E-mail, FTP, IRC, newgroups, gopher (for the veterans). It may sound cool but has no added value..

Don't forget that domains names predate the WWW..

Or maybe you want a TLD that can only be used for websites and not for E-mail.

Just like .tel is NOT for websites, it's an infrastructure TLD...

Comment #33

I think it's a lot like .net but I think most people will connect with .web better, it a natural extension in my mind.. Two reasong for this..web is not an extension yet and MS has a development package called .net.

I think .Web will be as big / bigger as .net very quickly...

Comment #34

It's already that easy... isn't it?.

The more 'new' extensions come out the more dilutive the effect on all extensions bar the main ones; .com, .cc, .net, .info, .org & .mobi.

I think that .info & .org values will always be capped by their restrictive market...web may be a good 2nd tier TLD for .com but .web has a similar meaning to .net whereas .com is out there on it's own.

.mobi stands in a position to take advantage of the mobilenet as it develops... so I believe that it will secure a market share (I just don't know how much yet).

The rest; spurious country codes where the country behind them has little economic activity of it's own are likely to be novelty extensions... a few names will prosper like ****.me / / etc.. for example....

It will take a few years yet but the public will, as Reece says; know that anything written / spoken as anything(dot)anything is a HostGator name / web address.. When that moment comes it will dilute the power .com has over the market because the search engines will have to remain effective - to do that they will need to return results from all extensions... one day dotcom will cease to be the default TLD for type in traffic because the odds of the user actually wanting to go there will become lower & lower over time (I'm talking years not months).

Just my take on it..

Dotcom will always remain on top... but whatever happens to the value of them is uncertain (IMHO) & if they retreat slightly then most or all other TLD's will retreat also.. especially once there are twice the number of extensions available than there are today..

It's not disimilar to phone numbers... we almost ran out of them!!.

I recall how many times the London Telephone code has changed in the last 25 years or so..

Each time was meant to be good for another few decades.. dial 01 for london.... dial 071 for inner london & 081 for outer london.... & the current dial 0171 for inner London & 0181 for outer London...

The same is happening with Domains as happened with phone numbers but I think there is a danger behind releasing to many more tiers of HostGator names (on new TLD's) if too many are released too soon...

Comment #35

Why do think they have got nowhere to date?.

It may be they will continue to unsuccessful for the same reasons...

Comment #36

Dot web.

Does not ring with me.

For the Internet.

Dot NET is already here, and yet it's not , how many use it?.

And yet they want another extension to extend your budget.

Nay I say, save the new extensions for another day that never comes..

Comment #37

I also agree. I'd rather have a .com, but i'd also rather have a .web before .net or .org for sure...

Comment #38

Oh dear jeff... I thought you might have given up by now...

The point is, that while one is having the most delightful of times in ones horseless carriage with ones driver around ones estate that one might happen to miss a telephony experience while one is out?.

Dot.towel or tell or whatever it is meant to be doesn't ring any bells... it means more as .tell (as in tell me about your web site) than it does as .tel (as in telephone) I think the last person to ask for the 'telephone' was my granny ;-).

Then we have dotweb... this makes as much sense as the dotnet (which is in theory a great TLD) but for whatever reasons the .net market isn't a patch on the dotcom market..

Of course we have mobey Dick the old whale... I bet that 5x the under 20's can tell you what mobi is to mobile phone than would know who mobey dick was... kids aren't interested in those old stories any more....

The internet is going mobile... it's going mobile on dotcom, .net & every other extension out there.. but the two most logical (global) TLDs do look to be .com & .mobi...........

Your sarcastic tones & ridiculous arguments about the problematic 2nd syllable & the oh so very long 4 letter TLD is just laughable...

I don't see too many problems arising from the UK's 5 character CC code... it's way up there at the top of the CC codes is it not (or thereabouts anyway) so that's 5 charactersc ou k (I suppose it's 4 characters if you don't count the 2nd(dot) but how do you pronounce it...

Let's try... dotcodotuk..


Dot (1st syllable).

Co (2nd syllable).

Dot (3rd syllable).

U (4th Syllable).

K (5th syllable).

I can't can't see that extension taking off can you?.

Oh... it already has.. next argument?.

Oh... brandability... I won't even start - it's not even worth the argument & to be honest Jeff... I know that you know that already!..

Comment #39

You're stating that the "dot Mobey" is more brandable than either .TEL or .WEB?!? I don't believe anyone, for a pure branding perspective, can say that's true IMHO.

Just my two sense..


Comment #40

Just about anything is brandable if you through enough money at it.

What is so special about the COM combination apart from the fact that it got adopted?.

Next silly argument please!..

Comment #41

^ Agreed.

The pure mathematics of this ... is that mTLD could auction all of it's "reserved" names, none would get developed - and they STILL wouldn't have enough money on hand to effectively brand an inherently flawed, long and clumsy "dot Mobey" extension!.

This is the cold, hard MATH that many of us have been noting here for some time!.


Comment #42

I agree.. it's certainly intuitive.. but we'll still have an uphill battle with people appending .com to the end...

Comment #43

Too little, too late.

Day late, dollar short.

What the world needs...another extension...

The term 'web' has certainly waned in recent years compared to 'net' for the internet.

Could be redundant in years to come....

In addition, 'web' is much less familiar to non-English speakers compared to 'net' - so it's basically just another extn catering to English speaking countries..

It's main disadvantage is compared to 10 yrs ago when companies started to get online and promote .com in a big way, .WEB won't have much marketing spend behind it.

Lemme see, GeneralElectric.web....

Nope - can't be taken seriously, seems mickey mouse, like something only a web developer would use.

Stick a fork in it - this one will only appeal to HostGator speculators..

Comment #44

I agree, Jeff.. I don't think .mobi will ever catch on. It's barely intuitive while both .tel and .web would be instantly recognizable...

Comment #45

I don't think it takes much imagination to see the possibilities of .web. It appears as though domainers are not going to stop the influx of new extensions and in many ways are probably helping them. Supporters of mobi or info or whatever know that with ever new extension their existing one suffers. I believe on CNO are protected from this effect. Everyone knows McDonalds and Burger King, Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Com and Net.

I myself..have not used any sunrise registrations for any extension. However..I would for .web..It's just a natural and the most intuitive extension ever. Even more so than com. I am not even sure most people know COM is Commercial. I am sure many consider it communicate or simply don't even know. web is web is web.

I would probably speculate mid $x,xxx into the extension myself.

And I would only pray that web would learn from the mistakes of mobi and NOT cash in from auctions. Long term this imho is only hurting them. Not every HostGator is usable with an extension. GE is a commercial entity...web would be more suitable for pure plays like.









All types of actions and usage terms would have strong potential...

Comment #46

I hope this comes out.....maybe me as popular as .com...who knows..

Comment #47

My personal belief is that there is going to be a melt down in Registrar fees. Most new Registrars are going to have to start literally giving domains away in the hope that they can create the illusion of gaining traction. I doubt if any other than dot Com are going to be able to hold registration prices are current rates. Even with dot Com it is like that much of the Anglophone long tail will wither and die...

Comment #48

I'm still thinking .info will eventually surpass similar .coms in some cases.web might too...

Comment #49

Wow. Most people have been saying that the only extensions worth it, .net, and .org and cctld's, and that all others are a waste of money and 'greed' monger extensions.Com, .net, and .org have been out there for 15-20 years or so, and the consensus (amoung domainers) is that - ".net is a 'couldn't get a .com' extension", that no one uses, knows or wants! Yet everyone seems to think .web is going to be a 'smash' extension!!??.

Another HostGator argument of point-counterpoints, quick flippers, junk name buyers, and newbie 'lessons' is all that another extension will bring, no matter what it's called! Public acceptance and usage 'will be not', for if they were willing to go for a 'second to .com' name, they would have done so with .net! They haven't been holding back waiting to see 'if' web becomes more synonymous with the 'internet' than net, or 'if' web will ever even be an extension!! For anyone to argue that a new extension is needed, any extension, either enjoys dilluting their current holdings, or is/will be, one of the above imho. (Though it's not the topic of this thread, one here still has got to add in his long deriding, insulting off topic comments just to show - he can get away with it!)..

Comment #50

I am somehow doubting that can be qualified as thinking in the sense that I use the word. May be in the sense that you are wishing or hoping, but definitely not reasoning in my book!..

Comment #51

The way you carry on Jeff I'd swear you're hyping .tel Please tel me, will you invest in it or .web if they come out?..

Comment #52

I just had a vision of the future,.

ALL corporations will have their own ccTLD.




And the HostGator names will be theirs for the making.

Take a screenshot, for this is the future..

Comment #53

Are you serious about .tel? I cant tell. hold on, my cellular telephone is ringing again...

Comment #54

To each their own, I guess.. we'll eventually see if I'm right or not...

Comment #55

Paul, I've clearly stated that neither extensions are needed (ie., unnecessary just like the ".MOBI") ... the context here, though, was their brandability - and at the end of the day, both the highly brandable .TEL and .WEB are light years ahead of the long & awkward "dot Mobey" insofar as being immediately recognizable and nearly instantly marketable, IMHO. ^ Exactly ... that's how I see it as well, Dave! The .TEL makes ".mobi" folks extremely nervous ... trust me, friends!.

Have a nice weekend..


Comment #56

Ok I will just say it: I dont know anyone in my age group or lower that still uses the word telephone.

Is this a TLD for the older crowd?.

Note to jeff: the .tel TLD isnt allowed to be made into websites... text-only contact information is allowed...

Comment #57

That is the initial indication, correct ... many very intelligent individuals - much smarter than you or I - believe that there may be a revised mission statement for the highly brandable .TEL as time passes (that may include full websites for unrestricted web browsing via mobile devices), and obviously prior to it's launch, IMHO.

More importantly, that (for now) it's a type of "contact information" platform ... that is NOT the context of this discussion of branding! You may have a reading comprehension issue, it's pretty common for those who spend too much time on their cellular telephones!.

Take care for now, friend..


Comment #58

As a .com and .mobi investor, neither .tel or .web makes me nervous. Yet again Jeff, you have completely misjudged me.

.mobi is very brandable, short for "mobile", instead of trying to build a brand off the very archaic "telephone".

.web will certainly find a home in the incestuous generic keyword HostGator community. Beyond that only time will tel.

I still would appreciate an answer to my question though Jeff, please tel me, will you invest in .tel or .web if they come out?"..

Comment #59

Nope, there will be no revised statement... it's in their agreement with ICANN.

And from their very own website, it reads: The .Tel will not:.

* Act as an alternate telephony addressing or dialing system..

* Conflict with IP addressing (IPv4 or IPv6), the PSTN or SS7 systems, or with current or future ENUM implementations. * Overlap or conflict with any existing top-level HostGator and their value-chains..

* Allow numeric-only domains to be registered, and therefore will not conflict with any national or international telephone numbering plan...

Comment #60

See my BOLDED below.. that's a shame. That could have been the most useful application...

Comment #61

I agree, the no numeric registrations rule does suck... most people still arnt aware of this.

I probably woulda went for some at least.....

Comment #62

^ I respectufully disagree, as I believe the "dot Mobey" to be VERY DIFFICULT to brand easily (ie., naturally) or effectively, IMHO. I'm really not sure, but I would say very likely doubtful ... Good information, but I'll wait to see the finished product at the time before making a final judgment IMHO.

I agree that it's very highly brandable!.


Comment #63

As always, I respect your opinion, Paul ... but this brandability problem for the ".mobi" will continue to linger and linger and ultimately weigh very heavily on it's effectiveness and the extension's viability down the road - over the exact same time that it will face increasing pressure and mounting challenges from other emerging .COM-based mobile technology advances (for instance; newer and better devices, auto-detection, and browser capabilities, etc.), in my view.


Comment #64

Just because you think it doesn't make it so...

Comment #65

Like all opinions, that's true ... but it in this case it's a very good bet that I'm spot on!.

Have a nice weekend, Paul.


Comment #66

Uhh, do you realize how foolish your sig looks!! You note to 'be cool and professional', then you promote companies you don't work for, or are even paying you to promote them! Then you don't even fully promote them!! Google has and , as does Yahoo have and, but you fail to mention those for them! On top of that, has and promotes, and also has, but again nothing! I don't get it, why not list all the various ways your free advertisers, can be accessed for mobile access, instead of trying to make it out like your promo's are the only way they do it! Aren't you doing them a disservice by not promoting them all???.

And I guess 'being professional' is deriding an extension that other members and peeps have invested in, in your signature while you note yourself as Staff Emeritus??!? Wow, now that is a good reflection back on the management and other staffers here!!.

Just thought I'd bring that to your attention, as you say you know what is and will work for mobile accessability...

Comment #67

You were - yet again - kind of all over the place there ... what was it, exactly, that you were trying to bring to my attention?.

One time and supposed "dot Mobey" "backer" Google is completely A.W.O.L. insofar as its, if it ever even had any, support for the fading extension, IMHO. Here is what the Google Mobile site says: Link:

Two years ago, I IMHO specifically said that one would have a better chance of seeing God hisself than Google ever putting it's name and row of ducks behind such a SILLY concept and ugly abbreviatin as the "dot Mobey" ... and here two years later, I'm looking pretty dang sweet (if I do say so myself)!.


Comment #68

Why on Gods green earth, does every discussion in this section turn into an argument over dot mobi?. a bridge and get over it!..

Comment #69

Cause that is the way Jeff likes and wants it to be!! We have been battling it for 2 years. If you'll notice he jumps in every thread with his 'dot mobey' comments and deriding! Look thru any argument thread!! He always brings his .mobi deriding into all threads! And then others ask 'why' he brings it up, and.. it's off to the races!! The thing is he's encouraged to do so here, as he is not stopped!.

Ps: I was only pointing out the ridiculousness of his sig. My apologies to others here for being off topic...

Comment #70

It's a "hot topic" right now ... in fact, on the record as one of the five HOTTEST TOPICS in the entire domainer community in all of 2007 (and, obviously, now beyond), IMHO. Point taken, but it'll take time - thank you for your kind patience - to talk it all through and to look closely at the HARD FACTS!.

Overall, I truly believe it's a healthy, balanced disussion (real money has been saved by REAL MEMBERS - I know this for fact because folks have PM'd me telling me so and thanking #1 Namepros!) ... but I can see the point about it all being, at times, a distraction here in the general HostGator Discussions area, as well. To that end, I think a good deal of what can be discussed here has been discussed, and I will do my part to refrain from commenting on stuff in this area unless it's new or in some other respect materially adds to any or most of key points already made of late, IMHO.

Thanks for your patience and understanding..

Goodnight for now and have a great weekend!.


Comment #71

It's not hot! It might be to you but I don't give a fat rats to be quite honest. I come to this section to find things out about different extensions and newer things going on in the industry, not to walk into a dot mobi shit fight.

There is a Dot mobi section Jeff...Go and make your feelings felt in there. To everyone else - stop biting when he dangles that carrot in front of you.

Wow, it's like listening to my three youngest children fight.

Can we get back to the .web extension?..

Comment #72

Post #10 here began the comparisons with the topic of the .WEB specifically with the ".MOBI" ... which is generally not a bad thing in the evolving discussion of new extensions and in providing general information to the Community, in my view. I have the PM's thanking me/us to prove it! Actually, it is exactly as I stated it above ... I'll send you the link via PM.

Again, however, point noted and onward and upward!.


Comment #73

I'll clarify then Jeff. It's not hot for some of us. Like I pointed out, I don't give a rats about the mobi extension. For those that are invested, well, I guess that's why they have their own dedicated section.

I do realize that someone had made a comparison between .web and .mobi early on in the peace. That's all fine and good and I wouldn't mind if the discussions were indeed balanced but mostly they are not. The turn into slanging matches which takes away from the actual benefit of any such a thread.

Anyway,that being said, I don't mind the sound of the .web extension if it does indeed see the light of day. I think it is highly brandable and has a chance to catch on. Like with any extension though, it depends on it's adoption by the big businesses on the internet.

Is it needed? I agree with Equity78 on this one somewhat - no, not really.

Like it was stated earlier people tend to say "surfing the net" which is why I don't really understand why not more .nets are regitered, and why this extension is needed at all.

I have to say though that with the spate of recent release extensions, this one actually makes more sense to me than most.

Just my opinion...

Comment #74

As has been said by a number of namepros members, new extensions just make .com stronger, more prestigious and even more desirable than it already is. Namepros member 4ltrorg said it well, by saying "the more new extensions released, just makes .com seem larger than life"..

Comment #75

I agree that .com isn't in trouble and will remain a strong #1 but I also think with the proliferation of new TLDs people will gradually get used to typing something other then .com for a change which is good for all of the alternatives.

Ps. Is Jeff and actual human or just a bot that comes and pastes the exact same mobi opinions anytime it is mentioned?..

Comment #76

Word man.

Coming back to the topic, the dotasia crowd will probably jump on it like it's the new dotcom and all the top keywords will be auctioned for top bucks. With all that said, I'd love to own just one dotweb (spider.web)..

Comment #77

.web can be a competitor to .com, that's what I think...

Comment #78

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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