I totally screwed up my Dukan Diet plans to lose weight!!? help!?

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Got a quick question: I totally screwed up my Dukan Diet plans to lose weight!!? help!? Thanks for any answer. My other question... I'm looking for recipes that use Dukan Diet Hot Cocoa Mix in them and are also Dukan Diet friendly. I bought a month of overstock and all the desserts are hot cocoa mix. I'm not that keen on hot cocoa, especially in the summer..

Cooking is my nemesis and the microwave is my best friend. If necessary, though, I can cook. Also, since I'm a newbie, if you could let me know what's been used from the meal planner, I would be totally grateful!.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any recipes!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

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The chocolate milk/shake sounds so good. I was wishing today that I had chocolate milk...

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The chocolate shake works nicely - I have mixed Dukan Diet Hot Cocoa with some banana, crushed ice, and a cup of water and it makes a nice shake. If you want Chocolate Milk, Soy Slender has a chocolate soy milk that is quite good..

Comment #3

Hey Lynn!.

Thank you for the ideas. I especially like the "glop". When I did a search in your recipes for something with cocoa mix, I didn't come up with anything. Maybe I did something wrong. It wouldn't surprise me. Could you send me on the right path?.

Also, mtk5283, I love the idea with the banana. I wonder how it would taste with a little peanut butter added. I've always peanut butter and banana together..

Now, the only thing I need is a blender. I burnt mine out trying to make homemade cat food. It was a good idea and the cat loved it, but it was just too thick to blend...

Comment #4

I am so glad to hear there is another way to use the cocoa!!! It sounds delicious too. May try the chocolate with yogurt tonight..


Comment #5

I use it to make a smoothie with fruit and use it as my dairy/protein & fruit serving...

Comment #6

Check Dessert file think I put recipes for the Hot Cocoa with those for the Shakes (now discontinued by NS) because to me they were pretty much interchangeable....

Yep - blender is useful - lmao see also the Update file for drinks & smoothies - some ideas there that would work with the cocoa mix....


Comment #7

All I Can sey is Yummmmm thanks for the suggestions..

Comment #8

Now I can go pick up some of the Hot Cocoa that I saw at Big Lots..


Comment #9

Hey all!.

I tried the chocolate glop last night and was trying to figure out how to get rid of the yogurt tang. I added 2 tbsp FF Cool Whip and a 1/2 pkt. of Sweet 'N Low. It toned it down only a little. Does anyone have any ideas how to make it less tangy?.

Before you mention smoothies and shakes, I still don't have a blender yet..

Also, Lynn, I still didn't see those recipes you mentioned. Maybe I'm blind and they're sitting right in front of me, but I'm having another lost coffee day (couldn't remember where I put it) so it wouldn't suprise me...

Comment #10

Lmao did you go to my blog (link in sig below) - check the Dessert file (Shakes & Cocoa section) should be right after the puddings section I looked and there isn't much there (only one page), since shakes are pretty much shakes to me and adding different fruits is pretty self-evident, so I didn't "collect" many the Update file has a bunch of drinks (hot & cold), so you may want to look there too, but some of them really need a blender (don't work just poured over ice)....

For the yogurt "tang", I can't suggest much, what kind did you use??? the original poster's "recipe" used Yoplait Boston Cream Pie I think that one is tasty and not too much tang, but then again, I like yogurt....

Personally, I just mix a packet of the Hot Cocoa with a pot of coffee and add some ff 1/2 & 1/2 and a splash of Davinci/Torani sf syrup - pour over ice and call it tasty... lol....

Good luck.


Comment #11

Hey Lynn!.

I used vanilla yogurt (missed where it said boston creme pie). I like your idea about mixing it with coffee and sf syrup. I'm watching an item of 3 bottles of Torani on eBay. What are the most commonly used flavors in these recipes? I definitely want chocolate, but what else would you recommend?.

Oh, just to let you know, I'm watching a blender on eBay too..

Thanks in advance!..

Comment #12

Oh oh you're asking for a dissertation when you ask me about the DaVinci/Torani syrups - I have probably 2 dozen of them - fruit flavors, nut flavors, variations on caramel and chocolate I get several of the Safeway house brand flavored coffee beans (Choc, Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut) and alternate them, adding sf syrups that "fit" the coffee flavor... lmao....

This week's favorite to add to coffee is DaVinci's German Chocolate Cake - a bit of choc, a hint of caramel & coconut - VERY tasty in coffee.

Then again, I like to add White Chocolate & Macadamia or DulceDeLeche (this one is good with apples, chop up add syrup & nuke til cooked) I also like Torani's Almond Roca (almond & chocolate) but not as much since I've never been that fond of almond flavorings....

For basic recommendations - the Chocolate is good (I actually don't use it that often - get the WF Chocolate Syrup and use that in shakes/smoothies), Caramel is ok (a tad strong, I prefer milder butterscotch or dulche de leche) a lot of folks like the Raspberry (mix in the blender you don't have with yogurt or milk & fruit - any berry fruit will work actually) the Hazelnut is also good and versatile (like in coffee and to flavor nuked apples) Coconut is fun (another reason to buy blender) when mixed with milk or yogurt and pineapple and a bunch of ice to make legal Pina Colada.

Hmmmm got a few hours???? roflmao I get fruit flavored (both DaVinci & Torani - just depends on what's easiest to find) and add to frozen or fresh fruit, nuke to make compote to use instead of pancake syrup on pancakes or the bundt cake or to add to fruit & yogurt & ice to make fruit smoothie (when frozen = sorbet), or to add in any combo I can think of (some did NOT work - lmao) to plain soda/seltzer for Italian Sodas - lots of fun, especially with a small bit of real fruit juice....

Good luck on the Blender I killed mine a short while ago and got similar replacement (so I could keep using old containers) - basic, cheap Hamilton Beach at, pretty inexpensive....


Ps in my earlier replies I DID say Vanilla Yogurt, cause that's what I remembered, only picked up on the Boston Cream Pie when I double checked which section I'd put the recipes in......

Comment #13

Lynn, it's so funny that you mentioned German Chocolate Cake. That's one flavor I asked the seller about because, as a kid, it was the cake I always ask for for my birthday. I also asked about the Almond Roca. I had a friend when we were in grade school who used to always give me the candy version for gifts. Absolutely loved it!!.

Regarding the blender you keep picking on me about (LOL), when I talked to my Dad earlier, he said I don't need a blender. His reasoning is sound because it has to do with really not having the money to spend. I'm bummed!!.

Since the "clop" recipe really calls for Boston Cream Pie and not Vanilla (which I bought 8 of), I'm hoping you can come up with an idea (that doesn't use a blender) to try and get the tang out. Do you think if I made it sweeter it might help? Being I'm not domestic in the kitchen, I have no concept of how to create recipes. Please give me any other ideas you might think of to reduce the tang (remember, no blender). All help will be greatly be appreciated!!!..

Comment #14

Well here's the original post about the "glop" (I never COULD remember what she called it, hence my nickname for it - lmao)....

The Perfect Solution for the Hot Cocoa.

Posted by: Molly on 04/06/06 at 01:19 AM.

I take the desert hot cocoa and mix it with Yoplait light "Boston Creme Pie" flavored yogurt (dairy saved from earlier in the day), put a little fat free whipped cream. Almost like a French silk pie, much better than just drinking it.

Now, about the tang you already tried the coolwhip - so that part got covered and won't help and I don't think the difference between Vanilla yogurt & the Boston Cream Pie is all that great - the cream pie is basically vanilla yogurt with a tiny bit of butter + rum flavorings (by the way the Davinci ButterRum syrup can be fun - smells & tastes a lot like the lifesavor candy of the same name - but is a tad overpowering unless used in small doses) so you might try a drop of flavoring (if you have them) otherwise, I'm thinking add some more sweetener since the Dukan Diet cocoa isn't all that sweet I'd say add some WF Marshmallow dip, but unless you have it around, it's not worth getting (pretty awful unless you mix it with stuff) sorry, if I think of anything that doesn't involve buying more stuff, I'll let you know.

And I didn't mean to bug you about not having a blender - was more laughing at myself because all the things I thought of required one and so weren't much help....

Good luck.


Comment #15

Hey Lynn!.

First off, don't be sorry about picking on me because of my lack of blender. It made me smile. You'll be happy to know that I'm going against my Dad's wishes and I have a bid on one at eBay. I also won 3 Torani Syrups German Chocolate Cake, Almond Roca & Banana. I'm sure that once I'm armed with these, I can conquer any tang. LOL! Anyhow, now you can tell me those ideas that involve a blender..

I'm gonna try it again tonight, but I'm not gonna freeze it. When I did it last night, I left it in the freezer too long and couldn't even scrape any of it off with a spoon. I thought I did something wrong. Well I ended up putting it in the fridge for a couple of hours so that it softened somewhat. I just seem to always be making more work for myself than there needs to be. Don't know why especially since I hate to work around the house..

Please keep me informed. I'll let you know if I won the blender or not. Type to you later...

Comment #16

The magic-bullet-like personal smoothie blender at Big Lots is only $22. I've heard it works fine. Of course I realize you might not even have $22 plus tax to spare, but thought I'd mention it.....

Comment #17

Hey parityanimal!.

Thanks for that piece of info. I greatly appreciate it. I ended up winning the "OSTER BLUE 10 SPEED BLENDER- KEEPS FROZEN 6 HOURS" for $21.12 which includes shipping, handling and insurance. If I'm lucky, I might have it by the end of next week. I can't wait. The thought of milk shakes and smoothies is making my mouth water! LOL! Just what I need slobbering all over the place...

Comment #18

Hey Lynn!.

As you can see by my previous post, I won the blender so now you can hit me with all of those wonderful recipes - OK?.

I tweaked the Glop just a bit last night and it tasted better than the night before. I made it the same way blend together vanilla yogurt, Dukan Diet Hot Cocoa Mix and 2 TBS FF Cool Whip. With my first attempt to get rid of the tang, I used half a pkt of Sweet 'N Low. Last night, I used a whole pkt. It definitely toned down the tang. I think I'm gonna add melted peanut butter and see what that does.

The flavors I got were "German Chocolate Cake", "Almond Roca" and "Banana". Any one of these flavors would probably be an asset. Any thoughts?..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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