I started Nutrisystem this week anyone tried it any success with it?

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First of all I started Nutrisystem this week anyone tried it any success with it? Many thanks for any response. Second question of mine... Gmorning gang,.

Yes, Im running a bit behind today. But I am here.

And ready to rock out a great day at 100%. Are YOU with me?.

You know that shorts weather is coming up fast and if you are lucky enough to live some cool place like FL.

You already probably have your shorts on!.

But ... we want to look good rite?.

Lets all make a commitment to looking better, feeling better and getting healthy and ready for spring. How many days do we have left? (Im sure lil Miss Alie could tell me lol) I am on board for this challenge~!.

What shall we call it? Spring Shorts Challenge? heh....

Tell me what you think and what you wanna lose by then ok?.

Happy Monday Folks!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Yeahhhhhhhhh for your first 2 bears .. those lil things always made me so happy!.

How was your weekend?.

Gosh I havent answered your questions either yet.

So many songs come to mind it's hard lol as well as movies ... but some of my fav's are the Rock, A time to kill and face off.

The music one is pretty difficult lol right NOW I am into little white church..

Lol g'morning have a great day at work!.

Morning darlink how are you hows the arm?.

Morning you.

How you doing? hows the back today? need some coffee? Im headed that way..

Comment #2

So.... everybody have a great weekend? Mine was wonderful, filled with yardwork, a new bike, a trip to the beach and a streaker! Good times......

Comment #3

LOL what did I tell you about streaking at the beach mikey?.


So my big valentines luncheon LMAO that is just a wee bit late will be going on ... this wednesday finally my first fund raiser for relay for life!.

Gonna be a busy busy week!..

Comment #4

Oh and my weekend sucked I worked so I'm really tired today got 4 hours of sleep yesterday w/no nap.

Lol went to bed 1030 last nite but couldnt sleep.

So I'm way dragging .....

Comment #5

So sorry you had a bad weekend and you are tired today..

Not me... I'm wired, jazzed, pumped, amped, fired up, jacked up, etc..

(maybe you need a shot of my rocket fuel)..

Comment #6

Don't have any photos yet... but it is a mountain bike. We have several trails just off the beach (quite sandy of course) and I like to ride a few miles along the beach when the waves aren't good enough to surf. Anyway, it is a Cannondale RZ One Twenty; really nice and a little pricey but I love it. I rode several miles on the beach yesterday then came home and washed all the sand off of it and re-lubed all the vital parts...

Comment #7

Ok back to work for me ... got lots done so far..

Comment #8

Got lots done so far today too... a very productive Monday for sure!.

Headed out to lunch; not really to get anything to eat, just to escape the insanity of it all! Be back soon... you kids behave yourselves!..

Comment #9

What fun is that.

Just got back from a meeting .. I was elected secretary of the group ... BLAH..

Comment #10

Very nice... I was elected to being secretary of the "bros", my life is chill...

Comment #11

You know this work thang getting in the way of me chatting with myNutrisystempeeps is not cool!.

Sorry it's been a heck of a nasty work day. My weekend was ok. Nothing super special..

My arms are hurting thanks for asking sweetie. I go for nerve testing 3/10. Then possibly more surgery..

Yah I'm so over this mess..

I want Mikey's positive vibe each and every day!.

We may go this weekend to see the new puppy. They are super cute! And you know who just got new furniture right?.

Ok kids I gotta get back at it so I can go home soon. Cya!..

Comment #12

I'm all for shorts! Even shaved my legs last night!.

Still kinda cold here to wear them outside but mentally I'm ready to toss the winter clothes!!..

Comment #13

Lol and just what do you do there? Hmmmm?.

I agree work gets in the way.

Aww I hope they find out something with the test on the 10th! sucks to hurt everyday ....

Lol yeahhh you shaved your legs!!! hows the body recovering? back to work? back to reaking havoc n stuff ?

Comment #14

Condolences sweety. That means you gotta take notes and compile distribute meeting agendas? Have fun with that!!.

I worked some place where we took turns. But that was a disaster...

Comment #15

I have been working from home. Not quite sure when I'll go back. I might try a day at the office this week or next to see how it goes..

Not quite back to wreaking havoc yet so the streets are still safe!!.

And I hope anyone having stock in lite beer knew to sell back when they put me in the hospital! That was an omen for a down beer market!..

Comment #16

LMAO you are so funny .... well glad your spirits are still up we love ya gf!..

Comment #17

I'm in!.


Ooo! New puppies! Puppies are SO cute! Like new kitties..

I hope they get the results back sooner than Mikey or Aeri got theirs back..

You shaved!.


Hi Alex & Linda!..

Comment #18

I'd like to introduce you all to my mom......

Comment #19

Hi, everyone. I'm Alie's Mom. Alie has told me so much about all of you...

Comment #20

Hey there!.

Welcome to ya!!.

And thanks so much for having Alie!! We sure are glad ya did!.


Comment #21

Hey Annie! I found something at the mall for you the other day.... hang on... let me find it......

Comment #22

Thanks. Me too. She's one of my best friends...

Comment #23

Hey timmy.

Hows you doing? must be busy boy today.

OMG ITS ALIES MOMMMMMMMMMM! how cool is that?.

Hi mom.

We just love alie to pieces .. shes like my right hand couldnt do it without her..

Comment #24

Lol it would take me a year of training my mom to get her in here LMAO..

Comment #25

You all are so kind... but really... it's my mom and I'm pretty sure she knows me so you don't have to pretend..


We had a quick walk-thru training session last night..

This site has a LOT of features so you really have to just play around and get used to where everything is..

How was Zumba? I think I may do some research and see if I can find it online somewhere reasonable and get it for the Wii. Although it may be better play on the Kinect..


Comment #26

How cool is that????? Hi Alie's Mom.

Welcome! Alie is the sweetest thing ever, I can only imagine you are the cause.

Good Morning Zonies!!..

Comment #27

I was just waiting for the paycheck in the mail.

HAHAHAHAHA .... zumba was funny we dressed up in 80's lol and did some funny dances it was good ... we now have 2 guys in the class too.

The dr here at the hospital now does it.

How cool is that?.

LMAO that resembles taco.

Morning darling ..hows you feeling today?..

Comment #28

Good Morning,.

Had a expensive day yesterday, I finally bought my recumbant bicycle. Probably should not have done it, but I have been wanting a new bike for a couple of years, and since my surgery, I was told I needed to get a recumbant..

I also sent off a check for a set of headers for the race car. Did not quite spend a thousand, but did come pretty darn close..


Comment #29

Hi ALie's mom, welcome to out little group, We will gladly listen to any funny stories you can tell us about Alie.


Comment #30

Dang tim.

Thats lotta money! but enjoy that bike! once my kids move out Im so working on a workout room!.

Lol I agree ... *snickers quietly..

Comment #31

Good morning All...I have been waaay to busy. Just havent had time to pop in! I miss you guys so much! Im going to try to hang around for a bit today...but it's gonna be another busy one...I can tell already!.

First off...DS1 has an abbreviated schedule for the next couple of days due to testing at his that means I have to drop DS2 at school in the morning (DH's schedule is not as flexible as mine or else he would be doing it)...that went fine until I got caught in traffic after leaving DS2's school...rollover accident a half hour ride to work took me and hour and a I'm super behind at work!.

Oh and to put the cherry on top...just got a call from DS2's ride home...her son didnt go to school so now I have to find him a ride home...double GRRRR.

Today is going to be massive!!!! No worries...right!???.

Welcome to Alie's mom!..

Comment #32

Oh girl !!!!!!!!! lol I havent been caught in traffic since we moved to KS and trust me I LOVE that ... cuz the traffic in AZ is insane for sure! Im having a highly stressful day for sure with DS2 .. but that is another story! hope your day improves!..

Comment #33

Aerie, are you saying the drivers in Kansa pull out of your way when they see you coming..

Comment #34

Blah ... crap afternoon ... the sun is out, light wind .. beautiful day .. I got spring fever..

Comment #35

Hello kiddos... hope everyone's day is super-dee-duper! Me? So far so good, I can't complain; well, I mean I could complain but what good is it really gonna do? Yea, my back still hurts, but I'm coping with it. Took a little ride on the elliptical machine last night while I watched "Bourne Supremacy" for the 18th time (I absolutely love the Jason Bourne trilogy)! Tonight I am taking my little cupcake all-star dancer Lexi to see a sneak preview of the movie "Rango"; we got special screening passes from some of Alex's connections! So, yea... me and my baby have a daddy/daughter date, I think I'm more excited than she is!.

Well, that about sums up my day. Oh yeah, work sucks and I want to be independently wealthy. Have a great Tuesday!.

Special mission of the day: Be sure to tell one of your friends today how special they are and how much you value their friendship!.

I appreciate all of you and think you're all awesome!..

Comment #36

Awww I remember them kinda dates w/my dad and treasure the memories now.

Good for you .... I appreciate you too!..

Comment #37

I'd like to thank everyone for their "hi's" and "welcome's". I appreciate it..

Sorry I don't have any stories I can put here about Alie. She may have a few about me..

Wanted to say that I was on Nutrisystem in the late 80's. The food wasn't as good as it is now, but I did loose 12 lbs then. Now I need to loose 40+. I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot more this time; especially with an excercise buddy...

Comment #38

Lol I thought it was cute!.

You're sending me a check???.

Lol @ dressing up in 80's gear. I think it's so cool 2 men are going.

Well good for treating yourself to suck a healthy gift!.

Oh, and the car part..

Oh no! I hope your evening is going better.

Ooo, another story?.

Let me know how it is... that's sweet spending qt with Lexi..

You all are VERY special to me.

Hmmm... I'll have to think of some..

And with all of these motivators, good friends and online tools.

You can do it!..

Comment #39

Long day, but a good day. I hope tomorrow is short cause I need some rest..

Hope everyone is having a good night!..

Comment #40

Good Morning Zonies.

It's a whirling windy Wednesday!.

Have a great one! I appreciate all of you too.

Come here - GROUP HUG!!!..

Comment #41

WOW.... explosive tension here in the office this morning!.

Emotions soaring and tempers flaring, could be a disasterous day indeed..

Seems our regional manager is on the way to the office and it's not gonna be pretty!.

Heads are gonna roll, I'll keep you posted!.

Oh yeah, happy Humpday!.

Mikey loves you!..

Comment #42


You can't type "heads will roll" and then say Goodbye..

Hope everything is OK..

Comment #43

Uh oh, that doesn't sound good..

Fingers crossed for good news Mike...

Comment #44

Gosh Mike - don't leave us hanging like that.

I hope it all worked out well...

Comment #45

My bad folks... didn't mean "Goodbye" like forever, I didn't get fired or anything..

At the last minute they (district manager & SE regional manager) invited me for lunch, so I had to leave rather abruptly. Didn't mean to scare you fine folks... all is good for now..

We did however have to let 2 people go today; technically we laid them off due to slow sales and the sluggish economy..

One guy was a truck driver who has only been with us for a short period of time, young guy and single; he'll be fine I'm sure. The other is a good buddy of mine, our tool salesman... we go surfing quite a bit together and he has 3 daughters; that's a tough one to handle..

They gave him a severance, but however you slice it, getting fired just plain ole sucks. So, there goes my happy Humpday... bummer dude..

Well, leme get back and do some work so my neck stays off the chopping block!.

You guys rock... keep doing what you do!..

Comment #46

You scared the begeezus out of us for a while there dude!.

Glad it worked out (for you)...

Comment #47

Barely peeking in ... just able to log on right now we had a huge luncheon for R4L today and raised almost $500.

Yeahhhhh! anyways I gotta get my work done now so see you all after zumba and i'll try to catch up then!..

Comment #48

Oooh we look forward to helping you along the way stay motivated!.

40 by summer would be NICE for me too!.

Ooo just in time for a group groping? erm I mean hug.

Yeah hug thats what I meant to say ... hope you are smiling today cutie.


I know right ... wtf was he thinking typing that.

Oh and hi rickydoodledo.

Did you meet alies mom up there ^^^^^^^.

We are glad you are still round !.

Hope your day has improved...

Comment #49

Ok so I think I am caught up on everyone.

I gotta tell ya ... I am exhausted and considering blowing off zumba tonite being on my feet working that kitchen for 7 hours today was brutal! I mean I wore comfy shoes my my legs are way tired.

The lunch we served was grand, manicotti, lasagna, roasted veges (that were to DIE for), an italian sausage/noodle thing lol, chicken fettichini alfredo, meatballs, garlic bread, tiaramasu, canoli and course the huge salad bar, 2 types of pasta and 3 types of sauces it was a feast for sure and that dessert was holy smokes *wipes drool from lips*.

I barely got my work done at my desk today lol ... but I did get it done and am thinking I smell like an italian resturant and I need a shower.

My hands are staind brown from the expresso stuff I was working with thats lovely lol..

But raised just about 500 bucks and I aint scoffing at that had over 78 ppl eat today that is AMAZING !!!!!!!!! was a good day indeed. I have my first deposit to make for our team ... I'm pretty excited about that as well...

Comment #50

Hey Kama! Am I too late for the hug?.

The wind was fine cause it was SO much warmer out.

Uh Oh!.

No sh*t!!!.

HI Rick! How are you and how's your fam doing??.


That does suck..

Good vibes out to them that they'll find something soon..


Aw... poor you!.

You should get some rest and put yer feet up.

I think that is amazing raising all that money! What a great team leader you are..

Lol @ you smelling like an Italian restaurant. That lunch sure does sound tatsy..

Comment #51

I woke up this morning about 45 minutes before I had to walk out the door so needless to say, I did not get a chance to stop in and wish everyone a good day. But I hope you all had one..

Busy day at work but it was a short day so I got to come home and start some things I planned on getting done..

Just me and the Chewster tonight so we get some quality time..

I think we'll play tug after dinner because he left me a note asking if we could. lol.

Time for dinner. So I'll be back in a little while...

Comment #52

Guess it's kind of dead in here tonight..

Going to watch a movie and then go to bed early. I think I need a little extra beauty sleep..

Good night!..

Comment #53

Wow... what the heck happens to everyone in here after dark? Do we all turn into vampires and werewolves?.

Anyhow, good morning! How is everyone this wonderful morning? I'm sorry... let me tone down the fluff... I'm exhausted,.

I want to crawl back into bed, I've got my dermatitis bumps in an odd place.

And I just don't want to deal with the public today. Who wants to play hookie with me???..

Comment #54

OMG a huge spanking for you!.

Glad you are ok, but it's a bummer that you had to let 2 go. Ok now come get a hug..

Wowzers! I want to come and eat your food! I'm drooling long distance.

Great Job GF!!.

Of course you are never too late for hugs and Saturday you can get a couple in person.

So how is chewie's handwriting?.

We do need to chat before Saturday sweetie, I can break out the tape measure if you need. I googled directions, we are over 2 hours away, and I'm not near the highway so it's a scenic ride..

So at the store last night I picked up a new foundation - Fit ME by Mabylline. Wow my skin looks flawless! DH said it was too pale last night, but in daylight it's almost a perfect match. It goes on pretty smooth, let's see how it lasts during a grueling day of meetings!.

Did I mention how much I love you Guys????..

Comment #55


I got the measurements offline and gave them to DH so I could make sure it fits in his Subaru..

I don't mind the scenic route. Gives my mind some time to wander..

2 hours? nbd.

I need some new foundation. Is that the new stuff? I may just get some from Sephora with my little Visa Rewards gift card. Not sure.. I'm sure you look fabulous!..

Comment #56

Buon Giorno miei amici!!.

Alie, my wife often leaves me sweet notes too... things like: "don't forget to take out the trash", "please stop by the store and get milk", "your son Tyson was an a-hole today, he's just like you","please quit leaving beer bottles all over your workbench in the garage", etc. Ah, true love, it's the little things....

Anyway my friends.... happy Thursday, one more day till the weekend! Whoo-hoo, I can feel it!!!..

Comment #57


You're too funny!.

I think every week I grow more fond of the weekend..

I may be starting to fall in love with it..

But that may just be spring fever... or puppy love...

Comment #58

Lol I did go home and put my leg up actually... my muscle in my one leg still bothering me I took it easy in class last nite not to mention the italian smell coming off my clothes was nuff to make me hurl LMAO.

Awww I went home and dang near passed out last nite sorry I didnt make it on.

I put ice on my leg then laid on couch and well that was all she wrote at that point lol.

Im totally down with a hookie day for sure !!!!!! sign me up.

Awww ty darling and you KNOW we love you too.

I need some new foundation I will have to check that out .. I just dont like anything that feels like thick on my face that make sense? enjoy your meetings.

LMAO that is funny!.

HAHAHAHAHAHH maybe it's a girl thing I do the same thing for DH too hahahahah you are a nut! ty for the laff this morning.

Hows you today? back feeling any better?..

Comment #59

Looks like it.

Good for you relaxing! I thought you were gonna skip Zumba last night.

Okay... hookie is on!.

I agree about the makeup...

Comment #60

I'm here for you ladies, all day every day (except the weekends) to provide comic releif and friendship!.

Sure would sure like to smell me a little Italinano last night, jus sayin!..

Comment #61

Two good things.....


My DM sends me emails yesterday after I left for work (keep in mind I was late to begin with.

) asking me to print a bunch of stuff for her to have today. Which aggravated me since I only bring my laptop to work with me on Friday's unless I know I have a bunch of things to print..

One of her messages said she was going to call me on her way to one of the stores. sent her a message back in response to one email asking her to call me ASAP..

No response..

I called her last night and left a voice mail. I sent her another email..

No response..

I check this morning and still no email response. I call her cell.. straight to voice mail. I call her house and leave a message..

No response..

I send her a text..

Now I'm getting really worried. This woman is ALWAYS working..

An hour later she.


Texts me back..

She took a sleeping pill when she got home last night and had just woken up. lol.


I have been checking out this site, uship after doing research to find a way to get Leia here after my sister decided she wasn't coming up. It would cost me over $300+ and 1-2 days to fly down there to get her and then fly back with her. And that's on Southwest! I won't even tell you how much American wanted to charge..

So I looked into driving which would take days off of work, gas money and borrowing someone's car to drive since I don't think ours would make it..

And then I found this site. You list your item (Leia), when you want it delivered, and the pickup/drop off location. The next morning I got a bid. Then I got another one. Then another. The second lowest bidder then put in the lowest bid.

I just booked her travel with someone who has 100% feedback, great reviews and it's only going to cost $250!.

I should be welcoming her to our home around the 14th!..

Comment #62

You do it well ... give yourself a raise.

Jus sayin.

Shoot Im like that everyday w/out sleeping pills.

What you doing today? if you say cleaning can you swing by my house I got a lil mountain of laundry that needs help.

Omg you ever try that wrinkle release stuff you spray on your clothes? That stuff is like magic in a bottle !!!!!!!!!..

Comment #63

Good Morning, or is it early afternoon.......what ever Hello.....Is it Wed the 9th yet!..

Comment #64

No but it is THURSDAY ... and that means 1 day closer to sitting on my BUTT the entire weekend doing nothing !!!.

Actually I lied.

I have company coming in town so I have to begin the massive cleanup of my house to make it acceptable for company plus they are sleeping in DS1's room.

That will take me a week as it is to get cleaned and stop the smell of a barn/garage in there lol ... yuck boys are nasty..

Comment #65

One are cleaning a boys room and you only booked one weekend to do it...........

Comment #66

Lol Eh... just hagning out... although I have a meeting with my DM at 1. Not cleaning. Nope. Not me..

I love that stuff! Had it for years cause you know I don't iron but once a year..

Hey Tim! Nope.. not yet but almost! Should we start a countdown for you??.

Hang on there missy!.

Didn't you just clean his room to make space for that waterbed?..

Comment #67

LMAO shush ... but you are prolly rite.

LMAO as if .. it was dirty the next day gf .. kids ROCK..

Comment #68

Lol I think it's just the male species in general...

Comment #69

Okay peeps... I'm out for now. See you in a while...

Comment #70

+10000000000000000000000000000 heh.

Have a great day.

Ok meeting in 30 min that should be good for an hour snooze LMAO..

Comment #71

So, what's going on? I just back from lunch break... had a special "appointment" I had to attend, also picked up a blackened tuna sandwhich while I was out. Kinda slow in here... I hate it like that. Isn't it such a bummer when work gets in the way of our social lives?.

So, good news... my epidural lumbar injection is Monday (hip hip hooray), hopefully that goes well and I can feel better. Maybe even well enough to catch a few waves (sshhhhhh.... don't tell)!!!!.

Anyway, if any of you decide to drop in... I will be here!..

Comment #72

Omg you better not be catching no waves mister! gonna hafta come babysit you!..

Comment #73

Only if the good doc says it's alright.... but in the meantime, I do need a babysitter!..

Comment #74

Lol oh Im quite sure you do.

Dang is it time to go home yet?..

Comment #75

I am sure Mikey has that new fandangle board, which the board will absorb all off the shock so that the boady does not get any abuse.......Right Mikey..

Comment #76

That's right Timmy.... only the best. Also, I have found out that Bud Lite Limes help absorb the shock. No pain, no gain!..

Comment #77

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