I resigtered a domain at godaddy. I published website today when I put the URL aparked godaddy page ?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: I resigtered a domain at godaddy. I published website today when I put the URL aparked godaddy page ?

My next question is: What do you reckon it will go for ?

1 hour 35 to go.


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Your question was: I resigtered a domain at godaddy. I published website today when I put the URL aparked godaddy page ?


NP-Complete problems rule in the world of discrete mathematics. $11,000 is cheap too. I would have bought it just for the math geek in me. I am guessing it sold for a lot more... and if not I will kick myself.


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As far as I can tell you can't see a history record of all the bids you have been it at NameJet (like you can at snapnames).

Namejet is VERY STRANGE to say the least !.

WTH ?? - Now it is showing in my Backorders with current bid of $10,000 ??? - showing as > Wish List.

Another one that finished around the same time is also back in my backorders showing 1 less bidder than were actually in the auction ??.

I'm confused i'm obviously missing, misunderstanding something here - any ideas ?



Comment #2

This happened to me in an Enom auction. I was apparently shilled, and then the winning bidder didn't want the HostGator so it went to the next highest bid. I wrote and complained about the auction, saying that if it was shilled then that means previous customers in the bid were being shilled in a silent auction. They canceled the auction. The next day Enom auction turned into Namejet but took the old software with them. I spoke at length (and wrote) to Namejet on the phone on opening night about their software, and to Enom the night before the big switch in Enom / Namejet.

Again it has it's high points and low points, but I bought several things through Enom.


Comment #3

Sounds like the auction has completed. Wish list are the domains not in pending delete, or pre-release status, ie. just the domains that are currently registered. Since this one is registered now, it's on your wish list...

Comment #4

Problem is you cannot remove this name now from the wishlist, and you'd be backordering $10,000 all the way until the next expiry comes around. So, your initial bid is $10,000 If it's a private auction, you can see how much it went for by going to "Reports"..

Comment #5

Wait - this would mean that I am forever bound to pay my backorder bid for the HostGator should it drop sometime in the future?? Surely this can't be true. I reread the T&C but nothing was said explicitly about this. This must be wrong, think of the accumulated sum of your bids if you keep bidding for new ones.....

In fact, nothing is said about what will happen if you don't get the domain. I just backordered a "pending delete" domain, it dropped and now it is on my "wish list", but there was no message from NameJet informing me of the (apparently negative) result of my backorder...

It says you can cancel your backorders if you have only made a minimum bid. Well, I made the minimum bid for this one, but there is no option to cancel...[EDIT: I found the link and successfully removed the backorder, but what if it hadn't been the minimum bid?].

It's very confusing.

Another thing I don't like. Correct me if my logic fails me, but the public auctions are for domains that were successfully caught, but the highest bidder failed to make the payment. As I understand the public auction is then started with the second highest bid (highest losing bid) as the starting bid amount.

Now, to me this sounds like overpricing will be overrepresented in the public auctions. If the highest bidder failed to make good on his bids, then chances are he was a shill bidder or otherwise got buyer's remorse. So it's quite possible that the starting price in the public auctions are already too high - in effect, the HostGator has been appraised by the auction, and found not quite worth whatever it was bid up to....


Comment #6

Cool, Thanks, found it - It went for $20,100 - I'd much prefer Discreet for that price.

I also found a tickbox in Setting > My Preferences > that says.

Pending Delete Preferences - Keep lost Pending deletes in my Backorders.

It was already unticked so it looks like it may be doing the opposite of what it should do ??.

You can also switch off those annoying triple email lists they send you.

One day I might figure nameJet out.

Ooooh yeah !.


Comment #7

I'm glad you can! The boxes are unchecked in my account, yet I still receive them every morning!..

Comment #8

About not being able to remove the backorders above minimum bids, I've already sent them an email. You can read it here. It's stupid, but thats how they work at the moment.

Will follow up closely on this ticket with them..



Comment #9

I would'nt think it's a deliberate scam - They can't think for one minute that people will accept that ! They can't be that stupid IMO.

It must be just a serious glitch waiting to be ironed of many.

Keep us informed though and if need be maybe we can all send them an email, I will thats for sure !.


Comment #10

UPDATE > Looks like NameJet have fixed the problem Josh - You can now delete those names in the wish list, no matter what price you had placed on them.


Comment #11

Good thing- thanks for the update Gazzip.

Also looks like winning names on NameJet means that it will become harder and harder to keep track of all the accounts at various registrars...


Comment #12

So far I have only won two at NameJet they both were enom names, I seem to have been spending alot of time lately transferring names around to try and clean things up - pain in the butt.


Comment #13

The $20,100 price does seem more like a discreet price than a discrete price. Only a math geek like me could love discrete.


Comment #14

LOL, yeah it does, maybe they did'nt notice the difference.


Comment #15

Funny, when I first saw the name I didn't even make the discreet connection. Discrete mathematics is my career for the most part, using techniques in math and physics to solve hard (NP-Complete) problems in math. Most of the advanced math world can identify with a name like, and could care less about being discreet about their interest in discrete.


Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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