I really need to loose weight. I'm thinking I'll join Nutrisystem. Any advice?

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My first question is I really need to loose weight. I'm thinking I'll join Nutrisystem. Any advice? Looking forward for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... In December, before starting Nutrisystem, I used to be size 16. Now I am size 12, depending on the cut of the clothes I can also wear size 10.

I pull them up/down without unbuttoning them. I can not wear any of my old shirts anymore, they hang lose on me, like I could wear a couple of sweaters under them. I was wearing XL shirts, now I fit in Medium..

It feels so good. I am just surprised that people who always notice when I wear a new dress, a new blouse, a new bracelet, have not noticed the weight drop. Nobody said anything to me, except one person (she was selling GS cookies at work and said smiling "You are losing weight, so I am not asking you, stay away from my list of cookies").

I wonder... is it possible that it is not noticeable that I am 30lb lighter? Because I really feel a huge difference from 200lb to 170lb now- maybe it's only me seeing/feeling it? Or maybe I was hiding it that well before? I am doing this for myself and don't realy care about what other people think, it's just surprising how people around me notice when I get new shoe laces, but they dont notice the big change...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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Oh, it could be a lot of things...have you discussed with anyone your efforts to become healthier? If not, they may feel that recognizing your loss would only acknowledge/point-out that you were overweight to begin with? I know for me, the people whith whom I shared that I was going to tryNutrisystemwere very supportive and commented early on in the process; those I didn't share my efforts with didn't say anything until I'd lost about 40 pounds - one not until I'd decided I had lost as much as I wanted (80 pounds in a year) - it was rather amusing since it was the kind of response I got from the people who know when I'd lost about 20-30 pounds.... Just one day out of the blue he asked what was going on and I said, "What do you mean?" and he just motioned up and down his body to indicate the change I'd undergone. I'm pretty sure he noticed before (...or maybe not...) but who knows??.

Bottom line is, while it was wonderful to have people acknowledge my progress, ultimately I was doing it for me. If I'd been doing it for someone/anyone else, I probably wouldn't have managed to keep it off nearly as well since I shed the pounds I no loner needed..

The funniest thing is, even when people were really vocal about the changes that I was experiencing, I had a hard time recognizing them. It took many months after losing the weight to even be begin to recognize the change in myself. Yes, of course I knew I'd lost weight, and that I had to replace an entire wardrobe of clothes...more than once...but I still.


The same and oddly enough.


Myself the same way that I'd been for years - 80 pounds overweight..

I hope people will begin to acknowledge your weightloss so that you can experience that positive reinforcement - it feels fantiastic! BUT, I hope you won't let their failure to do so stop you from becoming healthy.

For you.


Good luck!..

Comment #2

Pam, I aspire to be able to express myself as well and succinctly when I grow up!..

Comment #3

LOL, I was just sitting here thinking "I wish I'd said it as well as Vickie did!"..

Comment #4

Hi There. I just wanted to share something with you. About 8, 9 years ago, I lost about 60 pounds (unfortunately, slowly put it back on). But when I was losing that weight back then, where I worked, everyone noticed and I received LOTS of compliments. I was the same size as you. But things were different back then and I think people said things without even thinking about HR issues..

This time around, I've lost 40 onNutrisystemand 10 pounds just before I started NS, so a total of 50 pounds in about 8 months. I have noticed that this time, while losing that weight, I didn't receive nearly the amount of compliments as I did 8 years ago. In fact, the few people who have said anything have started the sentence with "I know it may not be politically correct these days to say this, but you're looking really good"..

I think these days, there's just so much fear of harassment or getting called into HR for saying something that may offend someone. Heck, now you can even be called into HR for offending someone who may have just overheard a conversation and the comment wasn't even directed at that person. So, that may be what's happening in your case. Not sure where you work. I work in a law firm... but my husband does not, and he says it's the same way where he works.

It's hard to even comment now if you like what someone is wearing! LOL..

I do get lots of comments from people who know me but I don't work with them. So, anyway, hoping that makes you feel a bit better; that it may not be so much that people aren't noticing, rather, they don't want to offend...

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In my office when the weight loss was dramatic enough that it had to be noticeable, people would whisper to me "you look like you have lost weight - is everything ok? Was it deliberate?" Once everyone knew I was deliberately losing weight, they felt free to compliment me on it...

Comment #6

I would never mention it to someone else unless they told me they were dieting. I'd feel rude. To me, "You've lost weight" always communicates an undertext of "Boy were you fat!".

What I do say when I notice someone's lost weight is, "You look great!" So if anyone's said anything like that to you lately, maybe they've noticed...

Comment #7

Good Morning all....

Pam: You rock...your posts are fantastic and I always learn so much from them emotionally. Your post is just what I needed since I'm a little down (just a little bit) that on my 7th month I haven't reached my goal. I always hoped that by my birthday (April 25) I would lose my 50 pounds, but we'll see. Thank you so much for your inspirations..

As far as people noticing weight loss, it's funny that sometimes people will tell you "I think you have gained some weight", but not tell you when you have lost it. In my case, I've had more people tell me if I had gained, and very few that I've lost. For me, it's always so difficult to say something negative and I rarely do; however, it gives me such pleasure to accentuate the positive ALWAYS..

Anyhow I started this diet to try to be as healthy as possible for me so that I could be 100% for my grandkids and children. I'm going to be reaching the big "60" next month and I was just petrified that my weight had gotten so out of control. God willing I plan to stay on theNutrisystemdiet until I reach my goal and be happy when people comment in a good way, or be prepared for "Oh, you've lost weight, you're not ill are you? hahaha.

Health is wealth and my wish for all of you is an abundance of it!..

Comment #8

Like Tricia talked about, I work in an office where it's unusual for someone to comment on something so personal. For example, I've been going through a divorce (should be final soon, finally!) and I've told only a few people in the office, the few I'm close to. One day a few months ago, I sat at my desk and cried all day long. I should have gone home, but I had work to do. I tried to keep to myself that day and no one other than those who are my friends said anything to me..

It's the same with my weight loss. If I tell someone I've lost 40 pounds, then they can comment, otherwise it wouldn't be appropriate to make such a personal comment to someone in the office. I work very closely with senior management at our company and one of them is a good friend, but he doesn't say I.


Great. He says, "You're.


Great!" People have been making comments about my lunches lately (wow, that looks like a healthy lunch, good for you!) and I think it's because they've noticed I'm losing weight are wondering what I'm doing..

On the other hand, Girls' Night Out was at my house Friday evening and my new (two sizes smaller!!.

) jeans had arrived that day, so of course I wore them! At one point I had to bend over to pick up something I'd dropped and the friend who was talking stopped mid-sentence and said, "Jayne! Your butt looks so skinny!" It almost brought me to tears, I was so happy!..

Comment #9

I agree with everything said aboveand yes, the work environment has changed so much that people are more careful what they say. Also, some people carry their weight better than others and manage to dress to cover it better. Since a lot of mine was in front and up top, I was able to disguise it better than others could. I found that when I went down a size in clothes and got something that fit, usually someone would mention that I looked great or could tell I had lost weight. The people you see every day don't notice it as much as someone you haven't seen in a while. All that said, it is fun to get compliments but you are doing it for you, not them so enjoy it and the compliments will come! Pam, I loved your list but my very favorite is the double take I still have when I walk by a mirror at the store or a window and see my reflectionI have to stop and take a double look to be sure that is really me. So, others might not notice but I sure dolol!..

Comment #10

Thank you all for your posts. It's not that it brings me down when they dont notice - I have my own list of real victories (Pam, thank you again!). It's just that it surprises me when people see the new feather on the hat, but don't notice the new hat...

Comment #11

I enjoyed Pam's list, too. Yesterday I went to Nordstrom Rack to get a couple blousesmine are so baggy now! Yay! For the first time in years, I walked right past the plus sizes and over to the "regular" sizes. But, the whole time I was pulling XLs off the rack and holding them up, there was a nag in my head telling me I was an impostor. Then I realized I needed to be pulling Ls not XLs. I told that voice to just shut up and let me enjoy it! I purchased two new blouses, both in a size large!.

Later, I cleaned all the 2Xs out of my closet and unboxed clothes that got put away when I'd gotten too large to wear them. They're now hanging in the closet. I can't wait until I get to the boxes in the very back..

Once I reach my goal, I'll do some serious shopping. In the meantime, I'm excited to be back in some clothing that I used to absolutely love! Hello, old friends...

Comment #12

I agree with the previous posts regarding the work place....I can always count on an honest comment from my daughters, they will tell me if I gain and if I have lost......they never hold back......

Comment #13

One more thing to think about - when people see you every day the change is less noticeable. They see the new clothes and think that is why you look great...

Comment #14

OMG!!! You must have read my thoughts because I have been thinking the same thing the past few days even to the point of thinking maybe the scales are wrong and I really have not lost 33 lbs because the only one who has said anything is my mom. Yes some of my clothes are loose but some of it seems to be not much different, oh the games our mind can play...

Comment #15

I will second the comment about people who see you everyday. The people who have noticed for me and said something have all been people who saw me before I lost weight (11 lbs for me right now, but lots of inches!) and then see me now and notice..

With people I see at work everyday, only one gal noticed and that was only because my pants were getting baggy in the butt! When I replied that I'd lost 11 lbs, a guy I worked with said, "Oh, is that what it is? I could tell something was different, but I didn't know what." ROFL..

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Three people have said something to me about losing weight. Two were adults who commented after I had mentioned that I had lost weight. Both of them responded something to the effect of "It shows in your face.".

To that I have to agree; my weight loss shows in my face, neck and arms. I'm still wearing the same size I wore 30 pounds ago; it is just a little looser but not loose enough to go down another size..

The third person who said something to me was a student last fall. Students haven't learned to censor their comments at times. On the first week of school, a student said, "Have you lost weight?"..

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